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Chapter 756: The Young Lord of a Clan

Just when the situation was looking a little awkward, a new disturbance suddenly started from the crowd. A path automatically appeared in the crowd. A young man dressed in expensive brocade walked over while being escorted by several guards. Jiang Chen immediately recognized this young man at first glance. It was the Wang family descendant he'd seen back at the entrance to House Wei's shop, the son of the Majestic Clan lord. No wonder he had showed up in such a high profile manner!

"You're here, Brother Wang. This House Wei boy is a savage! I think he needs a good beating," Tong Kun shot a malicious glare at Wei Jie.

The young lord of the Majestic Clan slowly walked over. He carried with him the bearing of a superior, so much so that even Jiang Chen was secretly inwardly surprised. This young lord of the Majestic Clan actually seemed to be as powerful as the Ninesuns Sky Sect's true disciple, Cao Jin!

If the descendent of a clan could possess the cultivation level of one of the ten true Ninesuns Sky Sect disciples, then what about the seven emperor's successors and the true emperor level young lords of Veluriyam Capital? For a moment, even Jiang Chen was impressed by Veluriyam Capital's strength. He had only a vague idea as to how much stronger Veluriyam Capital was compared to a first rank sec for the longest time. It was only now that there was a real comparison that he understood it for real.

Although the young lord of a clan possessed great status, they were ultimately incomparable to the greatest young geniuses of Veluriyam Capital. The seven emperors were the rulers of Veluriyam Capital, and the young lords beneath them should be the true greatest geniuses in the entire Veluriyam Capital. If this was true, then Veluriyam Capital's strength seriously wasn't empty talk.

Although Wei Jie's seventh level sage realm cultivation was quite impressive, his bearing and radiance was overshadowed by this Majestic Clan young lord. This Majestic Clan young lord was obviously well versed in creating an atmosphere for himself. The moment he appeared, he immediately gave off the aura of a protagonist and caused everyone around him to give way before they realized it. This alone showed that this Majestic Clan young lord was no ordinary person. One had to know, only the successors of the seven emperors and the emperor level young lords were normally qualified to receive such treatment.

"Wei Jie, isn't it?" The young lord of the Majestic Clan swept a glance across Wei Jie. "Are the likes of House Wei planning to cause trouble at Joined Ridges Pavilion? Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Don't bring trouble down on yourself," Once done, he immediately walked past Wei Jie as if the latter was made of thin air. The young lord couldn't even be bothered to lift an eyelid.

This scene angered Wei jie so much that he was one moment away from spitting blood. What do you mean bring trouble upon ourselves? It was the Majestic Clan's dogs who were causing trouble? This is the pot calling the kettle black!

Jiang Chen was so angry that he smiled in response too. He had seen plenty of shameless bastards such as the Eternal Celestial Capital and the Ninesuns Sky Sect. But he had to admit that he had never seen someone quite as shameless as Wang Teng until today. He actually inverted the facts and accused Wei Jie of being the troublemaker who'd brought trouble on himself. "A thief's bite sinks three inches into the bones. Did you learn something new today, young master Wei? The pot is calling the kettle black!" Jiang Chen sneered. His words were so loud that everyone present looked stunned by the outburst.

Is this guy really a House Wei pill king? How bold is he to openly contradict a clan's young lord? Isn't he just making himself miserable? As expected, Wang Teng's footsteps came to a sudden halt. However, he didn't turn around as he frowned and yelled, "Who the hell are you to speak out of turn?"

"Who the hell are you then? Since when are you qualified to point fingers at House Wei business? Are you a judge? Or are you the master of Veluriyam Capital?" Of course Jiang Chen wasn't going to back down from this confrontation. He had seen people at least ten times better than Wang Teng. There was simply no way that a show off like Wang Teng was going to intimidate him.

Wei Jie obviously hadn't expected Jiang Chen to stick by him so strongly. Now that things had come to this, he dared not showed weakness either, "Wang Teng, House Wei is not your subordinate. You've gotten the wrong family if you're in the mood of scolding people. Anyone present today who isn't blind would know that we aren't the ones who picked the fight. If you're planning to slander our House Wei and sully our name, then I can tell you that you've made a mistake."

Wei Jie's attitude caused great satisfaction among the crowd. The fight is on. Rumors were rife now that House Wei was planning to rebel against the Coiling Dragon Clan and pledge allegiance to the Majestic Clan instead. Although the news didn't sound all that likely, there were some rumors that were pretty plausible. Now it would seem that this was not the case.

Wang Teng's expression darkened, "Oh? Are you going to teach me how to behave, Wei Jie?"

Wei Jie was just about to speak when Jiang Chen stopped him and smiled faintly in response, "Whether you want to behave as a man or as a dog has nothing to do with us, so please keep your decision to yourself. If you're that eager to flex your muscles, you may do so after your family has become the master of Veluriyam Capital, but that act is completely pointless for the nonce. We aren't the type to suffer your nonsense. This is Joined Ridges Pavilion, and not even you can act as you like here."

Wang Teng's expression turned stiff. He seriously didn't expect someone with a silver tongue like Jiang Chen to show up in support of Wei Jie. He had thought that he would be able to overwhelm Wei Jie with the momentum he had built. At very least, he thought that silencing Wei Jie wouldn't be a problem at all. However, not only had his plan had ended in utter failure, he had even been ridiculed by his opponent and shamed greatly.

Wang Teng's face chilled, and he was just about to scold Jiang Chen and Wei Jie when another person suddenly walked over. His tone was indifferent, "I see you haven't grown up at all since we last met, Wang Teng. What, is it really that fun to flex your muscles at those beneath you? Is it really that enjoyable?"

Everyone at the scene fell silent when he said these words. Another great figure had shown up. He was young lord Ji San of the Coiling Dragon Clan. He was also one of the most outstanding young genius besides the young lords of the seven emperors in Veluriyam Capital!

Young lord Ji San's sleeves danced gently in midair, and he appeared both charismatic and charming as he waved a paper fan in his hand. He was dressed in a set of loose, elegant robes that gave him a graceful and prominent appearance. When Wei Jie saw young lord Ji San, he went forward and greeted him politely, "Wei Jie greets young lord Ji San."

Young lord Ji San was a member of the Coiling Dragon Clan, and he was at the very least Wei Jie's boss in name. It was impossible for him to sit by and do nothing when he saw this. House Wei was the Coiling Dragon Clan's subordinate in name no matter what. If he, a member of the Coiling Dragon Clan, were to sit by and do nothing while Wang Teng bullied House Wei, then it wouldn't just be smearing House Wei's reputation, but the Coiling Dragon Clan's too. Therefore, young lord Ji San had absolutely no reason to overlook this confrontation.

Wang Teng himself seemed to realize that he would gain the upper hand now that young lord Ji San had arrived. Therefore, he sneered and said, "Ji Ole Third 1, House Wei nearly killed your clan's old man, but I see that doesn't stop you from protecting your subordinate."

He was naturally referring to the old incident where House Wei's former pill king had caused the Coiling Dragon Clan clan lord's illness to worsen. Anyone else might not know about this, but Wang Teng wasn't ignorant of the incident.

Young lord Ji San said coldly, "If you want to fight, then all you need is to say the word. I'll keep you company as long as you like. But do keep those empty outbursts to yourself, Wang Teng. I can't bring myself to stoop that low."

One must say that none of these clan members were easy pickings. Young lord Ji San had forgone bickering and challenged Wang Teng to a fight the second he noticed that the situation was disadvantageous for him. He couldn't be bothered to talk nonsense with Wang Teng, and his method of dealing with him was simple, violent and direct. By now, the members of other clans had shown up as well, and the members of Joined Ridges Pavilion soon showed up too.

"Please, both of you, show the Joined Mountain some face. Today's auction is about to begin. You can vent all your grievances on the auction instead. I am sure that everyone will look forward to it." This mediator was none other than the young lord of Joined Ridges Pavilion.

He was close acquaintances with both people, so he couldn't take either sides. Left without a choice, he could only act as the mediator between the two. Thankfully, Joined Ridges Pavilion's reputation possessed some measure of weight, and be it the Coiling Dragon Clan or the Majestic Clan, none of them were willing to offend such a heavyweight without good reason. Young lord Ji San raised a cupped fist salute,  "I shall give Joined Ridges this face."

Wang Teng sneered at did the same, "I have no intentions of causing trouble at Joined Ridges Pavilion either."

Joined Ridges' young lord chuckled, "Thank you for your understanding. The auction is set to begin, so please come into the hall! I hope that you've all brought enough spirit stones, and that you will spend them happily, hahaha!"

This young lord of Joined Ridges Pavilion was obviously the type who was very good at doing business. He was also good at speaking in public, and he gave off a very smooth air.

Young lord Ji San cast a glance at Wei Jie and nodded. He didn't say anything else and walked into the hall. Wei Jie himself understood that there was no need for him to explain anything to young lord Ji San in this situation, so he smiled at Jiang Chen once and the two entered the hall together.

There was great meaning behind the auction's seat arrangements. The seats of the great clans, ninth rank aristocratic families and eighth rank aristocratic families were all reasonably arranged. No one could pick any fault from the arrangement even if they wanted to. House Wei's seat was among the ninth rank aristocratic families, and they were considered as one of the more famous families too.

Since the participants of this auction were all forces of Veluriyam Capital, the organizers didn't bother too much with privacy. They hadn't prepared any private, secret rooms for any powers either. There were some important auctions in which processes were managed with tight security. In those type of auctions, every power that participated in the auction would be given a private room. This was to keep the participants separate and protect their safety. Today's auction didn't need such a measure, however.

The auction quickly began after everyone had taken their seats. To everyone's surprise, the young lord of Joined Ridges Pavilion had made a rare appearance as the host of the auction. This demonstrated just how much effort Joined Ridges Pavilion had put into making this auction grand. "Everyone, today's auction is a little rushed, but we've notified all reputable powers in Veluriyam Capital," The young lord smiled as he spoke with a clear and bright voice, "There are plenty of things that will be auctioned in today's auction. My only hope is that you've all brought enough spirit stones to show off the grace of wealthy powers to us Joined Ridges!"

Jiang Chen sent a message to Wei Jie, "Is anyone from the seven emperors attending this auction?"

Wei Jie shook his head, "The seven emperors sit high and above their thrones, and they very seldom get themselves involved in the worldly matters of Veluriyam Capital. The same goes with their successors. The seven emperors can obtain their successors anything they want, so they don't need to worry about such matters at all."

Jiang Chen gave the thought a moment and agreed with Wei Jie. The successors of the seven emperors were the topmost existences in the entire Veluriyam Capital. There was no need for them to fight for the things they needed personally.

Where would one find a resource in the entire Veluriyam Capital that wasn't earmarked for their needs first? They only needed to ask if they wanted anything, there was no one beneath them who dared withhold the goods they requested. It was at this moment the young lord of Joined Ridges spoke up once more, "Today's auctioned item is a space lockdown glyph. The initial price of this item is one million saint spirit stones. All bids must not be lower than increments of ten thousand saint spirit stones."

San = three in Chinese ↩
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