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Chapter 743: Elder Zhuo's Great Admiration

The self-confidence on Jiang Chen’s face, his easy calm and temperament—even someone as experienced as Elder Zhuo couldn’t find the barest hint of a flaw. Ease and confidence weren’t the only things he saw from Jiang Chen’s eyes. He felt a trace of sincerity in those depths. In comparison, Elder Zhuo disliked the pill master at Wei Tiantong’s side. That fellow might be a man of few words, but there was also the trace of something deceitful and sinister just simmering beneath the surface. This feeling was something very unwelcome for someone with such upstanding righteousness like Elder Zhuo. If he didn’t have something to request of the pill master, he’d want nothing to do with such a person.

Wei Jie was very quick witted. Seeing Elder Zhuo waver right then, he knew this was a weak point he could take advantage of. He hastily spoke up, "Elder Zhuo, perhaps your esteemed self isn’t aware of certain things yet. Last time I left home, a traitor of the house plotted against me and poisoned me with Ninelaugh Golden Buddha Powder. No pill master I found could treat it. In the end, Brother Zhen was the one who rescued me from the very brink of death. I happen to suspect Wei Tiantong’s pill master to be the one who poisoned me."

"What?!" Elder Zhao naturally didn’t know such a secret. He was utterly flabbergasted when he heard, amazement etched on his face. "Jie’er, are those words true?"

Wei Jie didn’t beat around the bush. "May the heavens judge me and strike me dead if there's a single false word."

How would Elder Zhuo still doubt Wei Jie after he swore on the heavens? The elder was dumbstruck for a moment. He knew Wei Tiantong had long wanted to usurp Wei Tianxiao's position, but he never would've imagined Wei Tiantong would act directly against kin! Internal competition was one thing. Everyone could compete based on their skills and abilities; there was nothing untoward about it. However, directly using poison against family was crossing the line, something Elder Zhuo couldn’t accept no matter what the circumstance.

Elder Zhuo’s mouth quivered with his reaction. He was clearly stupefied by the news. He couldn’t help but think to himself. If Wei Tiantong was that vicious, could he really lead the house to glory if he were truly to seize power? Would there really be space left for others?

Jiang Chen suddenly spoke then, "It seems that Elder Zhuo has truly been kept in the dark. Perhaps you think you owe Wei Tiantong a favor because he can help solve a difficult issue for Sir Mo, therefore you have no choice but to stand with him? Perhaps you’re not aware that this affair was Wei Tiantong’s scheme from the beginning?"

Elder Zhuo was struck completely dumb when he heard this. "What do you mean by this?"

Jiang Wei smiled faintly. "Sir Mo has outstanding potential, while House Wei has solid foundations. He should have been almost certain to break through to fourth level sage realm. Why did a problem suddenly arise?"

"Why?" Elder Zhuo was dazed by Jiang Chen’s tone. Wei Mo was definitely among the top three in House Wei when it came to natural talent. There was no reason for a lethal bottleneck to appear at the earth sage realm.

"It's very simple. It’s because that evil pill master interfered with Sir Mo," Jiang Chen responded faintly.

Elder Zhuo shook his head vehemently. "Impossible! This old man doesn’t know about Jie’er’s poisoning, but our Mo’er definitely suffered no poison. I am certain of that." Elder Zhuo didn’t doubt Wei Jie’s matter, but he was a little doubtful about Jiang Chen’s words. He felt that the other was trying to use scare tactics.

Jiang Chen smiled. "Elder Zhuo, when did I ever say Sir Mo was poisoned?"

"What then?" Elder Zhuo blinked.

"Sir Mo’s cultivation technique should be one that follows the path of extreme yang. Yang energy is already predominant in his body. That person merely used some medicine to stimulate it. Something like that is no poison, so how would it have been detected? Sir Mo already has an excess of yang, and isn’t married either. If you give him some things to stimulate his yang, what do you think will happen?" He turned his attention to Wei Mo, "Sir Mo, do you perchance feel dry and hot everyday, and have trouble keeping your internal demons at bay? Perhaps you always feel hyperactive, wild thoughts galloping through your mind and have trouble focusing on anything?"

Wei Mo blushed beet red with shame, but nodded. Jiang Chen secretly snickered to himself, because Wei Mo’s symptoms were simply the most common issue for a young man: unsated sexual desire. Something like this wouldn’t have been much of an issue for someone else, but for one who cultivated a path of extreme yang, it was simply adding fuel to a flame. It was similar to the diagnosis Jiang Chen once gave Ye Chonglou’s mount. The Five-Winged Dragon-Phoenix had been in a similar situation. The only difference was that the Dragon-Phoenix’s problem was a normal physiological one, whereas Wei Mo had had his normal physiological issues magnified by someone with malicious intent.

In the world of martial dao, many cultivators had the misconception that relations between men and women would disturb their pure inner yang, that it lead to a waste of their internal energy. This saying wasn’t necessarily untrue, but that the so-called pure yang was something unique to those with innate pure yang constitutions, which could only be found in one out of untold millions. Ordinary cultivators, even those cultivating a path of extreme yang, wouldn't necessarily have to avoid the matters between men and women. There was even less of a need for someone like Wei Mo.

When cultivators reached the ultimate realm, the most profound truths were the simplest ones. Let nature take its course. Someone like Wei Mo was of the proper age to begin with, and he was cultivating a technique of extreme yang on top of that. His qi and blood were more vigorous than most, hence he had equal needs to match. Add someone maliciously enlarging his need, the original glass of need had become a bucket of need. It would have been strange if an issue had not arisen. If the issues then continued to persist for some time, even his dantian and his qi ocean might collapse, to say nothing about breaking through the earth sage realm.

Elder Zhuo’s expression went through all sorts of changes. He felt extremely conflicted upon seeing Jiang Chen precisely identify Wei Mo’s symptoms in a few words. He was both hopeful this person might help solve Wei Mo’s issue, but worried that he was merely babbling nonsense and might end up harming Wei Mo’s future. If presented with a choice, Elder Zhou was definitely willing to stand on Wei Tianxiao’s side. After all, Wei Tianxiao was House Wei’s legitimate lord. To follow Wei Tiantong went first against his convictions; second against propriety, since Wei Tiantong wasn’t legitimate; and third, according to Elder Zhuo’s own observations, Wei Tiantong’s designs were devious—he was absolutely not the best choice for House Wei.

"Brother Zhen, is there a way to solve Brother Mo’s issue?" Wei Jie asked.

"Young master Mo's issue isn’t very serious. I only fear Elder Zhuo doesn’t trust my humble self and is willing to be led by the nose instead. What can I do then?" Jiang Chen smiled.

Wei Jie watched Elder Zhuo with a profound look.

Wei Mo actually responded, "Grandfather, your grandson knows that you did some things against your conscience for my sake. I trust the friend Brother Jie invited over." Facing this group of straightforward young men, Elder Zhuo’s face suddenly flushed a little red, feeling a little hot. He even had trouble directly looking into Wei Jie’s eyes.

"Grandfather, I shouldn’t speak out of turn about major house matters. I know nothing about fifth uncle’s character either. However, I’ve had some dealings with fifth uncle’s son, Wei Xiu. That person is not a good soul. If you truly have to choose a side between the house lord and fifth uncle, then your grandson firmly supports the house lord," Wei Mo solemnly declared, making his stance known.

Jiang Chen laughed out loud. "Very well! Sir Mo's words alone are enough to make me help him this once, no matter Elder Zhou’s decision!"

Listening to Jiang Chen, Elder Zhuo suddenly revealed a firm expression. "Jie'er, Pill Master Zhen, if Mo’er’s issue can be resolved, then this old man is willing to stand behind the house lord and help set things right in House Wei, even if I have to sacrifice my life, be torn to pieces and crushed!" The old man finally made his resolve and expressed where he stood.

"Very well!" Jiang Chen clapped his hands and smiled. "In that case, trust my humble self with Sir Mo’s issue. I guarantee Sir Mo will break through without a problem in one month."

"What?" Elder Zhuo and Wei Mo were both taken aback.

Even Wei Tiantong hadn’t spoken so firmly. They'd only hemmed and hawed about decreasing the dangers of breaking through to earth sage realm and increasing the probability of success. But this "Pill Master Zhen" Wei Jie had invited over actually dared to offer such guarantees, and even had the guts to set a time frame? Guaranteed to break through within a month? These words sounded like empty talk no matter how one thought of them!

Jiang Chen knew that his words were more than a little shocking. He smiled faintly nevertheless, "Sir Mo should already be aware of his own potential. In truth, he has already prepared as much as he needs to. It’s nothing more than some malicious individuals using him and creating some setbacks in his body that caused a trace of an internal demon to appear in his consciousness. These issues are all easy to solve. I can cure his ills merely by prescribing him a secret recipe and giving him two pills."

"Is it that simple?" Elder Zuo asked, astonished.

"It wasn’t a large matter to begin with." Jiang Chen waved it off, staring at Wei Mo instead. "However, Sir Mo needs to stay far away from Wei Tiantong’s people during this time, especially that sinister pill master. The excessive stimulation of yang within your body is all due to him."

"This means they single-handedly orchestrated this plan?" Wei Mo’s face suddenly turned cold.

"I can’t fully say that, but I’m at least ninety percent confident." Jiang Chen turned to Elder Zhuo, "Elder Zhuo, you have to carefully look after those in your residence during this time. Even if Sir Mo is fine, they can always act against someone else if they want you in their clutches."

Though Elder Zhuo was a little skeptical, he still leaned toward believing this pill master deep in his heart. Between Wei Tianxiao and Wei Tiantong, Elder Zhuo would definitely put more faith in Wei Tianxiao. Wei Tianxiao might not be very outstanding when it came to competency or charisma, but one could never accuse him of being treacherous. He would never commit such acts.

"I have to thank Pill Master Zhen in advance then. Let this old man say it again. As long as Mo’er can recover, I’ll definitely stand behind the house lord without wavering!" Elder Zhuo resolutely declared his stance.

Wei Jie said with a sigh, "Brother Wei’s matter is resolved, but Elder Feng is still in the dark. It’s regrettable. Wei Tiantong has already betrayed him, yet he’s still feeling deeply grateful, toiling away for him. He’s being taken advantage of."

Elder Zhuo blinked. "Are you saying that Elder Feng…"

Wei Jie sighed, "Elder Feng’s temperament is even more obstinate. I haven’t paid him a visit yet. But according to Pill Master Zhen’s analysis, his situation is most likely also some funny business caused by Wei Tiantong’s sinister pill master. Nothing untoward has ever happened in our house for all these years, but the younger generation of the family have all met with one mishap after another in recent months. Isn’t that too much of a coincidence?"

These words were like a bolt of lightning for Elder Zhuo, shifting his expression through a variety of changes. The elder fixed Jiang Chen with a deep gaze all of a sudden. "Pill Master Zhen, how certain are you of solving Mo’er’s issue?"

"I am a hundred percent certain about helping Sir Mo. If an accident were to happen, Elder Zhuo may hold me accountable." Jiang Chen’s eyes were sincere and resolute at the same time.

Wei Jie also chimed in, "Since Brother Zhen says he is a hundred percent certain, then if an accident is to happen, I am also willing to be punished together with him. Beaten or killed, Wei Jie will utter no complaint no matter what Elder Zhuo chooses."

Elder Zhuo could see that both of them were completely sincere. He also sighed, "Very well, very well. Wei Jie, your old man has fathered a good son. Trust the ones you call upon, and don’t call upon those you doubt. This old man will accompany you in your madness. Let’s go. I’ll take you to Elder Feng and put in a good word for you!"

Clearly, Elder Zhuo’s mood had been infected by those young men. He had been seized by the sudden urge to act with the recklessness of youth. When all was said and done, the elder wasn’t willing to see House Wei in Wei Tiantong’s hands, and he was even less willing to see House Wei switch their allegiance and rely on the Majestic Clan. Something like that would tarnish House Wei’s good name forever. They would be seen as betraying the Coiling Dragon Clan. Even more so, they would become the object of ridicule amongst the nobility in the Capital!

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