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Chapter 716: Famed Throughout the Regions

The person in charge immediately became more cautious after hearing Jiang Chen's words and cautiously put away the storage ring in front of Jiang Chen.

"Please rest assured that we will deliver these items to the Great Scarlet Mid Region within a month, no matter the cost. Speaking of which, to whom specifically should we deliver this package?"

"The Great Scarlet Emperor," Jiang Chen replied indifferently.

The other party was startled. He glanced at Jiang Chen but refrained from speaking further. Delivering things to the imperial household was no big deal for them—it was simply another bit of business. They would have to put in some extra effort to bring the package into the palace, but there would be no problem. There was no reason to refuse this easy business, especially since the commission was so generous.

Jiang Chen did not tarry at Prospering Dragon City after he finished his business. There was still much ground to cover between Prospering Dragon City to the Veluriyam Capital. He didn't have the luxury of taking it easy right now. Now that the pursuing forces from the Eternal Celestial Capital and the Ninesuns Sky Sect had fallen at Infant Shriek, any lead or piece of information linked to him had been extinguished. This was a rare opportunity for the duo to pick up the pace and leave their eventual pursuers in the dust.

Jiang Chen and Huang'er's journey had become much more relaxed without the two first rank sects clinging onto him like maggots. But he was well aware that this respite was merely temporary. The two sects would soon muster up another group and the journey would once again become arduous. They had to take advantage of this period to cover more ground.

Although the two first rank sects had been temporarily cut off at the knees, the wandering cultivators were still as passionate as ever. The hefty reward was obviously still very tempting.

Even though news of the two sects' demise at Infant Shriek hadn't yet spread, Jiang Chen reckoned the news would start circulating pretty soon. The higher-ups of the two sects would surely dispatch men to investigate the sudden disappearance of their people. By then, it wouldn't be too hard to trace their footsteps to Infant Shriek. There was simply no way to keep it hidden. Jiang Chen deduced that the higher-ups had probably finished investigating this matter by now. It was just that such news needed to be kept under wraps. After all, this matter was an enormous disgrace for the two first rank sects. No less than three thousand men and several emperor realm cultivators from the two sects had been wiped out in their entirety. This matter would surely did them to become a laughingstock if word were to spread.

Therefore, Jiang Chen had not relaxed his vigilance during this peaceful phase. There was bound to be even more trials on the journey ahead. Fortunately, Jiang Chen and Huang'er were able to enter closed door cultivation for a few days after leaving Infant Shriek, during which they refined and erased the Eternal Celestial Capital's tracker mark. Otherwise, they would become living targets for the Eternal Celestial Capital wherever they went.


Time drifted by. Over twelve days had passed by the time Jiang Chen appeared at Prospering Dragon City. Great changes were taking place again at this very moment. Information regarding the annihilation of the two sect's forces had finally leaked out from the communication blockade. This news immediately caused an enormous uproar in all the neighboring regions.

Two first rank sects, along with a large batch of fourth rank sect cultivators from the Great Scarlet Mid Region, with a force that totalled three thousand strong had been completely obliterated! And they'd only been chasing two! Jiang Chen's fame immediately spread across the entire realm. The two supreme first ranked sects instantly lost all prestige. They had been dragged down from their high pedestal for the moment and pummeled down the earth. They soon became an object of ridicule for the wandering cultivators.

The wandering cultivators were frantically rushing to capture Jiang Chen for the bounty, but deep down, they were still sympathetic towards the weak. The first rank sects were abusive and tyrannical. They had invaded the Myriad Domain to ravage its sects and demolish their foundations, killing and pillaging without restraint. This was an undeniable fact. And as such, to the wandering cultivators, Jiang Chen's counterattack was a cause for admiration and worship. He was an absolute god of retaliation!

Jiang Chen's name was soon on everyone's lips. This also caused most of those bounty hunters to have second thoughts about hunting Jiang Chen and eventually dispelling their ambitions. It became clear to them that this bounty was not for them to claim. What could these wandering cultivators do against someone who was able to decimate even a first rank sect's army of three thousand? What qualifications did they have to hunt him down?

Jiang Chen's name resounded above and below the streets, taverns and teahouses. He soon became the most discussed topic among wandering cultivators, so much so that he became a bonafide legend. However, many were pessimistic about Jiang Chen's future. His chances of survival were rather slim after provoking the absolute fury of the two sects. But then again, what of it? The future notwithstanding, a youth of the Myriad Domain being able to perform so many magnificent feats was sufficient for his name to be spoken of throughout the generations! It was enough to become a legend of the Divine Abyss Continent!

"A true man should be like this, living life on a grand scale!" A wandering cultivator slapped the table in a tavern and exclaimed with great contentment as he emptied a large bowl of wine. Tens of thousands of similar scenes were playing out everyday in all the neighboring regions. Jiang Chen had suddenly become a figure of worship to the countless wandering cultivators, a hero to the discontent masses who were resentful of the mighty sects—a shining beacon of grassroots retaliation!

In contrast to the wandering cultivators, the sects of the various regions were overcome with unspeakable astonishment and shock. The journey from the Myriad Domain to the Veluriyam Capital spanned territories of many major powers, several of which were invited by the Eternal Celestial Capital and Ninesuns Sky Sect to help them pursue Jiang Chen. Many of them were delighted to accept the invitation of a first rank sect. There was no logical reason for them to refuse. The positive returns were obvious if they could get a first rank sect to owe them a favor through easy effort. The Swordland Region's Tai-ah City was a prime example. They'd cooperated wholly with Gong Wuji and the Eternal Celestial Capital, offering them much assistance. But all the invited forces were shaken after this incident.

This was especially true of Tai-ah City, but the time for regrets had past. Although Tai-ah City had not dispatched troops into Infant Shriek, they had put in significant effort towards Jiang Chen's capture within the city. It was clear that they had mortally offended Jiang Chen, and although Jiang Chen didn't seem to have the power to retaliate at the moment, if by any chance he was able to survive this tribulation and grown into his own, Tai-ah City will inevitably reap the retribution they had sown today.

Perhaps in ten, twenty, fifty years…

The head of Tai-ah City was extremely depressed, obviously unable to accept this truth. Gong Wuji and Hao Yi were both mid emperor realm. The troops with them were all elites of their respective sects. They were much more powerful than the elites of Tai-ah City. Although investigations had reported that they were poisoned by the Divine Befuddlement Miasma, it didn't change the fact that they were completely wiped out. This Jiang Chen, whom he'd never met before, had taught the head of Tai-ah City a lesson that would forever leave a deep impression on him. From delivering the sword to playing the two sects off against each other, he'd held everyone in the palm of his hands. All his schemes had fallen into place one after another, locking together perfectly.

Jiang Chen's methods, level of foresight, and degree of situational control caused the head of Tai-ah City to shudder with fear. This doesn't look like a young man's methods at all! This was even more terrifying than the Titled Great Emperors who'd roamed the world for hundreds of years. The head of Tai-ah City had to admit that he'd accidentally provoked a potential calamity that might one day annihilate the city. In addition to his worries, the continuous investigation from the Eternal Celestial Capital and Ninesuns Sky Sect were also causing him great distress.

As soon as the two major powers discovered the fate of Gong Wuji and Hao Yi, they immediately dispatched men to investigate the matter. Although they didn't levy blame on Tai-ah City, they were evidently dissatisfied. The valley of Infant Shriek fell under Tai-ah City's jurisdiction. The destruction of the forces from the two major sects could more or less be attributed to Tai-ah City's failure to provide them with sufficient information. Although the two sects had brought this calamity upon themselves, Tai-ah City couldn't absolve themselves of all responsibility.

Comparatively speaking, the Great Scarlet Mid Region was even more anxious. The moment news of Gong Wuji's death reached them, the entire Great Scarlet Mid Region was plunged into a state of incomparable shock. Gong Wuji's demise signified the death of all the troops they had sent to hunt Jiang Chen. Those groups consisted of a major portion of the Great Scarlet Mid Region's elites.

All fourth rank sects had mobilized at least two thirds of their elites, while the third rank sects had also sent a token force consisting of several experts to assist. Even the royal family had dispatched some supporting personnel. If all of them had truly met their end, then the foundations of the Great Scarlet Mid Region would be severely undermined with an immediate reduction of a third of their strength.

The Great Scarlet emperor was also quite restless after hearing the news and wanted to ask the higher-ups of the Eternal Celestial Capital about this matter. But, he was ultimately unable to muster up this courage.

A report was delivered to the royal palace that day. "Your Majesty, we have reports from the Swordland Mid Region. Someone has come to deliver an item that he claims is of the utmost importance to the Great Scarlet Mid Region and requires Your Highness to receive it personally. Due to the significant nature of this matter, we await Your Majesty's decision."

"The Swordland Mid Region?" The Great Scarlet Emperor immediately thought of Gong Wuji and Jiang Chen. He enquired hurriedly, "Where is that person?"

"He's already outside the palace."

"Send him in immediately!" The Great Scarlet Emperor surmised that it should be some important information from the Swordland Region. He couldn't wait a moment longer to hear it.

"This humble messenger from the Coiling Dragon Mercenary Group of Prospering Dragon City greets the Great Scarlet emperor." The messenger was not from the Great Scarlet Mid Region. He didn't prostrate, but merely bowed in greeting.

The emperor wasn't in the mood to fuss about formalities at the moment and only asked, "Honored messenger, we've heard that you come bearing an important item?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. About one month ago, a certain person tasked us to deliver an important item to the Great Scarlet emperor. He warned us repeatedly that the item must be delivered into Your Majesty's hands."

"What is it?" the Great Scarlet emperor inquired.

"Our rules forbid us from checking the items entrusted to us unless the client explicitly allows it. The seals within are intact. Please inspect it, Your Majesty."

The Great Scarlet emperor knitted his eyebrows. "Where is it?"

"The item is within. Please accept upon inspection," the messenger respectfully passed over a storage ring.

The royal guards immediately took the ring. They reported to the emperor only after repeated inspections for restrictions or hidden attacks. "Your Highness, there are no abnormal restrictions or poison within."

"Open it. Let's see what's inside," the Great Scarlet emperor ordered with a wave of his hand.

The mercenary messenger cupped his hands, "Now that the item has been delivered with their seals intact, this humble one would like to be excused."

The emperor naturally didn't keep him. He gestured for the guest to be shown out. Stored within the ring were a number of large crates. In fact, there were a full ten of them. The several large crates had intact seals on them, indicating that they hadn't been probed.

"Open it," the emperor ordered.

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