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Chapter 714: Complete Annihilation?

Formation could be split into death and life formations. Although Jiang Chen couldn’t manipulate the formation disk that flexibly, the Major Artifice Formation did possess some variation of changes. The formation disk vibrated slightly and switched the core of the formation into a different direction. This completely wasted all of Gong Wuji and Elder Hao’s previous efforts.

However, a simple change like this wouldn’t hold the enemy down for long. This was because the enemy had figured out the real intention behind the formation and that it was illusory. That was why they could search for the formation’s core without the slightest concern. As expected, the formation core couldn’t be hidden from the scans of an emperor realm consciousness, no matter how he moved it.

“It’s unfortunate that I can only use twenty percent of this formation’s true power. If it was a fully powered Major Artifice Formation, I would confound even a Titled Great Emperor.” Jiang Chen himself was feeling sorry for the formation. If the ancestors of Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect learned how he was using their Major Artifice Formation, they would probably shed tears on its behalf. He was humiliating the great formation the way with his current usage.

Jiang Chen didn’t mind this for now. The real Major Artifice Formation at its peak contained all sorts of real and fake artifices that were ultimately all illusory. It could captivate a person and make them lose themselves forever in the long river that was the formation. In fact, it could even crush a person’s consciousness directly. Of course, Jiang Chen could only dream of conjuring such effects with the formation right now.

“Kid, I’ll admit that you have some skills! But this is all your final struggles!” Gong Wuji’s voice rang crazily in his ears.

Cao Meng’s sinister and hoarse voice followed right after, “Brat, I will extract your soul and refine it for 49 days straight for the killing of my nephew! I will make you suffer to the point you’d wish that you were dead!”

His hatred was not in anyway less than Gong Wuji’s. The scene before their eyes suddenly blurred as the formation vanished in the blink of an eye. The valley appeared before the crowd once more in the next instant. It was as if what they’d gone through just now was just a dream. The formation vanished, and the space returned to normal.

Everyone returned to their original place, but felt that they’d gone through an innumerable amount of time between entering and exiting the formation. When these emperor realm cultivators landed back on their feet, they were all dumbfounded by what they saw.

Out of the three thousand men both sects had brought over to hunt down Jiang Chen, all those were not at emperor realm or above had collapsed to the ground. Every one of them looked like they’d fallen into deep sleep. Their faces were peaceful, and they looked like they were in a deep and comfortable slumber.

“Why is this?” The sect heads were all emperor realm and had been pulled into the formation just now. They never expected to see this scene after exiting the formation. They all looked stupefied like they had just seen a ghost.

Gong Wuji was furious, “What are you doing? All of you, on your feet now!”

Cao Meng was also shouting over the other side, “Are you all pretending to be dead or something? Get up, get up!”

It was no wonder they were yelling the way they did, because a single sweep of their consciousness informed them that these people were very alive and in control of their minds. It was true that their consciousness were quite weak, but it was normal to have a weak consciousness when a person was asleep. However, they couldn’t help but feel a chill in their hearts as they yelled at their men.

Every one of these people were sect elites. They wouldn’t have fallen asleep without good reason. There must be a trick behind all of this! Gong Wuji had fallen for Jiang Chen’s tricks countless of times. Already used to Jiang Chen’s schemes, a nightmarish feeling blossomed from the bottom of his heart once more.

Could it be…

Gong Wuji abruptly recalled of the day Jiang Chen had single handedly taken out hundreds of Great Roc Sect and Thundernote Hall disciples with three successive attacks.

“Poison?” This terrifying word was something Gong Wuji absolutely didn’t wish to face, but it’d still popped up at first light. This situation couldn’t possibly be caused by anything else by poison!

As expected, they weren’t able to wake their men no matter how they tried. Moreover, their consciousness were growing dimmer and dimmer like candles burning to the very end. They were all rapidly being extinguished.

“Jiang Chen!” Gong Wuji could finally restrain himself no longer and vomitted a mouthful of blood! The Major Artifice Formation hadn’t dealt him any harm, but it’d completely triggered the fury that was stored beneath his bones. The clot of blood that had been stuck inside his chest for a very, very long time had finally came spewing out of his throat! A first rank sect holy king and a middle level emperor realm expert had literally vomited blood out of sheer anger!

This scene shocked all the Eternal Celestial Capital and Great Scarlet Mid Region emperor realm experts. They all cried out, “Lord Gong!’

“My lord, please take care of your health!”

Elder Hao and Cao Meng actually couldn’t find the urge to take joy in Gong Wuji’s misfortune. On the contrary, they were actually feeling sympathy for a fellow caught in a similarly miserable situation. Elder Hao’s heart was bleeding when he stared at the floor of unconscious people. Everyone he had brought with him were elites of the sect.

If they couldn’t wake up in the valley, then it wouldn’t be long before countless vicious beasts would pounce over and devour their bodies to the bone. Even if there were no vicious beasts around here to feed on them, they were most likely dead without a doubt without the right antidote, judging from the way they were being attacked by the poison.

“Elder Hao, the only way we can explain ourselves is to capture that brat!” Cao Meng said fiercely.

Elder Hao nodded, “That brat must be nearby! Use your emperor realm domains and cover the space. He can’t have gone far.”

Gong Wuji roared loudly, “Find him! Find him now! Find that brat right now!”

It was at this moment Jiang Chen appeared on a stone slab several hundred meters away from them.

“There’s no need to look for me. I’m right here,” Jiang Chen’s smile was as collected as ever.

However, his calmness was incredibly offensive to Gong Wuji. Gong Wuji grabbed his restriction talisman and crushed it immediately. There was a resounding boom as in the air in the vicinity emitted ear piercing noise. It sounded like countless giant locks had been bolted around the place. Every bit of space in the surroundings was locked down completely.

“Kid, you won’t escape this time even if you grow wings!” Gong Wuji said through gritted teeth.

“You sure are a big spender, Gong Wuji. You would waste a restriction talisman even when you are at death’s door. You really live a good life, hmm?” Jiang Chen smiled casually and then shot a glance at Elder Hao, “Hao, I know you have a restriction talisman too. This is the moment of final brilliance in your life, so you better use it now before you miss the chance to do so.”

“Utterly shameless boasting!” Blood rushed to Cao Meng’s head as he clenched his fists and yelled, “Allow me to deal with you!”

Jiang Chen stood unmoving as he stared down Cao Meng with a disdainful look on his face. It was as if Cao Meng was just a prancing clown that was absolutely beneath his attention. It was at this moment an emperor realm cultivator abruptly clutched his head with both hands and stumbled on his feet. He almost sounded like he was talking in his sleep, “Not good, why do I feel so sleepy? My consciousness is a complete mess… Ah!”


Another person joined the crowd on the ground. Where there is a first, there will be a second. The emperor realm cultivators behind Gong Wuji began collapsing on the ground continuously, like plague-ridden chickens and ducks.

“You…” Although Gong Wuji was a mid emperor realm expert, a holy king of a first rank sect and an experienced and knowledgeable person, even he was stunned by the bizarre sight happening right before him at this moment. The initial emperor realm cultivators behind Elder Hao weren’t faring any better than Gong Wuji’s men either. They were all staggering about like drunk people before they ultimately collapsed on the ground.

“Not good! We’ve all been poisoned!” The Sun surnamed expert next to Cao Meng abruptly blurted out as his face turned pale. He hastily assumed a sitting position after saying this and attempted to drive out the poison invading his body.

The moment Cao Meng’s consciousness probed outwards, he immediately noticed a near indiscernible shadow surrounding his consciousness like black clouds covering the sky. They had enclosed his consciousness completely. “The hell are these things?” Cao Meng was scared out of his wits. He too assumed a sitting position and fought to drive out the bizarre poison that was invading his consciousness.

Gong Wuji and Elder Hao had also sensed the same thing. They turned as pale as if they’d seen a ghost. Gong Wuji raised his eyebrows and glared at Jiang Chen, “Are you the one who caused all this?”

Jiang Chen smiled indifferently, “Don’t you think your question is a little too naive?”

Gong Wuji said furiously, “What are you looking so pleased about, brat?! I still have the power to kill you even if I’m poisoned! Hand over that antidote right now if you’re smart about it!”

“Jiang Chen, give us the antidote and I will guarantee your survival!” Elder Hao also said heavily.

Jiang Chen laughed and said, “Oh dear, I’m soooo scared! Are you two threatening me?”

Gong Wuji could sense that that shadow encroaching steadily closer. The moment it entered his mind would be the moment the poison took him. “Elder Hao, let us not fight each other anymore. Let’s kill this kid and snatch the antidote first before we discuss anything else. Is that fine?”

No matter how much enmity they shared with each other, they had no choice but to set aside past grievances and work together in order to survive. Elder Hao nodded seriously, “That is how it should be!” He then stared closely at Jiang Chen, “You have one last chance, Jiang Chen. Hand over the antidote, and we will guarantee your life! Otherwise, not even ten of you can endure the full power attack of two mid emperor realm experts!” His words might be fierce, but it was obvious that it was more bark than bite. They weren’t even sure at the moment if they could kill Jiang Chen, even if attacking at full force. If he simply activated his formation again and delayed them for a little, their attacks wouldn’t land on Jiang Chen, forgetting thought of all else.

As expected, not only did Jiang Chen not look afraid in the face of their threats, but he even stared mockingly at them. “The antidote? You guys are still daydreaming about the antidote with the current situation? Did I hear you wrongly, or are you simply too naive?” Jiang Chen’s expression abruptly turned cold, “Did you ever imagine that you would one day struggle between the line of life and death when you attacked Myriad Domain and destroyed my sect? If you haven’t, then this is your last chance to experience it!”

The duo wore extremely ugly looks on their faces when they heard this.

“You can stop dreaming about an antidote. Not even the greatest pill master in the Continent could make an antidote in time to save you now! This is the poison of Divine Befuddlement Miasma. It is colorless and odorless, and this place contains a high concentration of it. Are you satisfied with the burial ground I’ve chosen for you all?”

The Divine Befuddlement Miasma? Elder Hao and Gong Wuji shook as all color drained from their face the second they heard this. Cao Meng and Sun abruptly abruptly opened their eyes. There was actually deep fear in them. Sun sighed sorrowfully, “Cao Meng, you’ve killed me this time!”

However, Gong Wuji was shouting madly on top of his lungs, “Impossible! If this truly is the Divine Befuddlement Miasma, then why aren’t you poisoned? Don’t tell me that the antidote you created at Mt. Rippling Mirage works here as well?”

The Divine Befuddlement Miasma was special in that each strain possessed a different toxicity. It had to be treated accordingly as different miasmas required vastly different antidotes. It was very true that the antidote he created at Mt. Rippling Mirage wouldn’t work on the mutations here. However, Jiang Chen didn’t need an antidote in the first place. That was because both Huang’er and him had refined the cicada’s blood and was impervious to poison!

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