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Chapter 711: Gathering at Infant Shriek

“Is that Jiang Chen kid trying to commit suicide? Infant Shriek is a one way street. The deeper one goes, the more terrifying it becomes. If he really entered Infant Shriek, then he’s only cutting off his own path of retreat. Even if we don’t kill him, he won’t be able to hold out on his own. He’ll scurry out by himself,” an Eternal Celestial Capital member was quick to point out the advantages. While he sounded like he was talking about Jiang Chen, he was actually trying to give Gong Wuji a reminder. At the same time, he also doubted if the pair of wandering cultivators they were chasing was really Jiang Chen and his companion. If he really was Jiang Chen, he should be speeding along the path to Veluriyam Capital, not dallying around Infant Shriek. He couldn’t shake the feeling that Holy King Gong Wuji might have made an error in judgment this time.

Naturally, Gong Wuji understood the connotations as he coolly glanced at the man, “You don’t need to doubt anything. I don’t speak without good reason. If I wasn’t confident in my decision, would I have left the other two pairs behind and focused the bulk of our forces on this target?”

Gong Wuji couldn’t be bothered to explain any further. He waved his hand and said, “We depart!” This time, he had made better plans and brought more men with him. Moreover, he had made all kinds of preparations to capture Jiang Chen. He had even prepared restriction talismans to specifically counter escape talismans. Gong Wuji refused to believe that he would fail to trap Jiang Chen again with such powerful talismans in hand and the help of so many emperor realm domains!

He’d brought five emperor realm cultivators from the Eternal Celestial Capital alone and about a dozen or so Great Scarlet Mid Region sect heads as well. Each one was an emperor realm cultivator. Although these sect heads were only initial stage emperor realm, that didn’t change the fact that they were still emperor realm cultivators. An emperor realm cultivator could crush a sage realm cultivator as easily as snacking on beans. Even if Jiang Chen was an exception to this rule, Gong Wuji refused to believe that he could escape again!

The Eternal Celestial Capital hadn’t travelled far before the Ninesuns Sky Sect showed up in droves. It was obvious that the Ninesuns Sky Sect had requested reinforcements from all sides and gathered many experts in just three days time. They too boasted a dozen or so emperor realm cultivators. Two more cultivators around Elder Hao’s level had joined the group as well. One of the middle-aged cultivator had a sharp countenance and eyes that brimmed with the greatest killing intent of them all.

“Elder Hao, are you sure this direction is right?” The middle-aged cultivator asked.

“Are you not confident in my abilities, ole brother Cao? We Ninesuns Sky Sect may not have a clue where Jiang Chen was, but following Gong Wuji’s men is still well within our abilities.” Elder Hao was obviously wary of this middle-aged man.

“I hope that idiot Gong Wuji isn’t chasing after the wrong person!” This middle-aged man was named Cao Meng. He was Cao Jin’s uncle and the strongest person in the Cao clan. His cultivation wasn’t in any way weaker than Elder Hao’s.

Cao Jin had been the Cao clan’s brightest hope, their chance to rise within the Ninesuns Sky Sect. However, he had suddenly perished for seemingly no good reason. Naturally, Cao Meng had been thrown into utter despair by this outcome and had a bone deep hatred of Cao Jin’s murderer. Although he still wasn’t sure if Jiang Chen was the murderer of his nephew, Cao Meng wasn’t going to let a suspect go free!

Elder Hao reminded him, “Ole brother Cao, Jiang Chen is of the utmost importance. We need to capture him alive and interrogate him later. We must place the sect before our personal grudges. Once we’ve figured out all the mysteries behind this kid, the sect won’t stop you from doing whatever you want to him.”

Cao Meng paused for a moment and nodded, “I understand my priorities.”

Elder Hao seized the opportunity to add, “Our main obstacle in catching Jiang Chen this time is the people of the Eternal Celestial Capital. That Gong Wuji…”

Cao Meng harrumphed coldly, “If Gong Wuji doesn’t recognize the situation, I don’t mind sending him on his way to the next life. What do you say, big brother Sun?”

A fat man next to Cao Meng chuckled, “Of course I will obey your instructions. After all,  you’ve so kindly invited me to fight alongside you. Gong Wuji? Do us brothers really need to fear someone like him?”

This fat man was Cao Meng’s sworn brother. They shared almost the same level of strength, and he was a good friend that Cao Meng had purposely brought along to help him. The Ninesuns Sky Sect’s overall strength now surpassed Gong Wuji’s side. Cao Meng was pleased to see his old friend showing him this much face. He responded to Elder Hao, “We shouldn’t tarry any longer. Let us catch up to them quickly.”

Elder Hao nodded, “Judging from their route, they’re probably heading for the northwest. According to our map, there’s a dangerous valley in that direction. I believe it was called Infant Shriek.”

“Who cares about some dangerous place? I refuse to believe that the Swordland Region would a place dangerous enough to threaten first rank sect experts of the Upper Eight Regions like us,” Cao Meng was so anxious to take revenge for his nephew that he couldn’t wait even a moment longer.


At the entrance of Infant Shriek, Jiang Chen carefully extended his consciousness and displayed a gratified smile on his face. “Gong Wuji, ah Gong Wuji, thank goodness you’re not completely stupid. You’ve actually shown up according to the clues and flaws I’d intentionally left behind for you. Good, very good.”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. He had arranged countless Goldbiter Rats along the way to act as his eyes and ears. Even if Gong Wuji had somehow headed off in the wrong direction, Jiang Chen would’ve figured out a way to bring him back to the his carefully baited path. “Hmm? There’s another party of pursuers other than the Eternal Celestial Capital? The Ninesuns Sky Sect! I knew it would be them. Haha, just as I thought, these two sects haven’t given up on me. I guess they’ve temporarily set aside their grudges to aim their wrath at me?”

Even as Jiang Chen’s thoughts spun, he immediately guessed that the Ninesuns Sky Sect and the Eternal Celestial Capital must not have reconciled with each other. This also meant that it was impossible for them to cooperate perfectly with each other. The situation had become even better for Jiang Chen. After all, the two sects would now be tripping over each other.

“Miss Huang’er, are you interested in venturing into this dangerous valley with me?” Jiang Chen very courteously asked for Huang’er’s opinion.

Huang’er smiled charmingly, “We have travelled through countless rivers and mountains. Why would I possibly fear a single valley?”

They exchanged smiles and then shot straight into the valley as two rays of light.

The Eternal Celestial Capital showed up roughly fifteen minutes later.

Gong Wuji unleashed his consciousness in full and inspected the surroundings for a moment. A joyful look sprung onto his face, “This is the place. They were here just fifteen minutes ago. The tracker mark shows that they have already entered the valley.”

“Are we really going inside, my lord?” The cautious Eternal Celestial Capital expert asked again.

Gong Wuji was furious, “Are you afraid?”

The man smiled wryly, “I’m just worried that…”

“There’s nothing to be worried about. I’ve arranged everything properly this time, so what is there to be worried about? The biggest reason we failed to capture Jiang Chen again and again was because we were overcautious! This time, we must be firm and see our plans through to the end! We must capture Jiang Chen at any cost!” Had Gong Wuji just been on a path of personal revenge, his emotional state may have denied him the charisma to lead a group two thousand strong into this dangerous place. However, he knew very well that one of the reasons he desperately needed to capture Jiang Chen was because of the boy’s connection to the Paramount Realm.

He might not be completely sure that Emperor Featherflight’s inheritance was in the Paramount Realm, or that Jiang Chen even had anything to do with Emperor Featherflight’s inheritance. But even if there was the tiniest connection between the two, he had all the reason in the world to take Jiang Chen into custody!

The expert noticed that he wasn’t going to be able to stop Gong Wuji. He also knew that he might be killed on the spot if he were to go against Gong Wuji’s wishes right now. Left without a choice, he could only charge into the valley with Gong Wuji. Those of the Great Scarlet Mid Region sects didn’t think too deeply about it. If Gong Wuji himself had gone in, what reason did they have to stay outside?

The people of the Eternal Celestial Capital hadn’t entered the valley long before the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s group charged into the valley as well. The normally desolate and uninhabited Valley of Infant Shriek instantly became rather crowded and noisy.

Jiang Chen and Huang’er quickened their pace for a little. After scanning their surroundings, Huang’er couldn’t help but remind Jiang Chen, “Sir Jiang, this place is incredibly dangerous. There are dangers lurking around every corner.”

Jiang Chen smiled, “That’s exactly why I had you refine a drop of cicada blood. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have dared to let you accompany me into this dangerous place.”

The cicada’s blood was immune to all poison, and this valley was chock full of poisonous things and creatures. However, the stranger a place was, the higher the likelihood that it contained all sorts of precious and rare herbs. It was no wonder that some pill masters couldn’t resist entering such places even though they knew of its dangers. Huang’er was just about to say something when something registered on her consciousness. She blurted out, “They’ve caught up with us.”

Huang’er’s consciousness was extremely powerful. She quickly discovered that a large group of Eternal Celestial Capital members was approaching them.

“Mm, I’ve been waiting for quite a while now. Let’s keep walking.” Jiang Chen extended his consciousness fully and searched his surroundings. At the same time, he told Huang’er, “Miss Huang’er, please don’t use your consciousness unless we don’t have a choice. You only need to follow me for now.”

Jiang Chen didn’t wish for Huang’er to use her consciousness. Hearing how certain Jiang Chen was, Huang’er found herself very willing to believe in him at this moment, even though she normally didn’t like relying on other people. She followed Jiang Chen as they travelled faster and faster.

The pursuit went on for a while, and before they knew it, they’d progressed several hundred kilometers into the valley. Jiang Chen observed the surrounding terrain and found that they were surrounded by dense forest and valley mist. It looked like a world of illusions.

“About time,” Jiang Chen suddenly smiled as he halted.

“Hahaha!” Gong Wuji’s wild and cruel laughter suddenly rang through the air. “Jiang Chen, you brat! I have no idea what you were thinking by coming into such a place, but I guess it no longer matters. You will not escape me this time!”

Coming out of the valley mist, Gong Wuji stretched out his hand, holding the restriction talisman in his hand. At the same time, shadows shot out of the mist to land around Jiang Chen and Huang’er, sealing off the land within a five kilometer radius. One, two… a total of twenty or so emperor realm cultivators had completely sealed off their escape routes. Gong Wuji stared straight at Jiang Chen, “Don’t bother trying to hide yourself or talk your way out of this, brat!”

Jiang Chen laughed leisurely. He wasn’t surprised at all by Gong Wuji’s appearance. “I guess you aren’t too stupid after all, Gong Wuji. I thought it’d take you a while to find me here,” Jiang Chen didn’t bother trying to deny things.

When Gong Wuji heard this, his blood pressure skyrocketed. Although he was a fourth level emperor realm cultivator, he had been played for a fool again and again. He’d been truly enraged for a long time. And now this kid was obviously up a tree, but he was still putting on an act as if he was impervious to everything. This only made Gong Wuji even more furious. You are just a small fry in a fourth rank sect. How dare you still pretend to be calm before me, a holy king?

He felt that Jiang Chen should be trembling all over and begging for mercy on his knees. He should be the epitome of disgrace, snivelling for his life.  But no, Jiang Chen had chosen to speak with a tone that suggested that he had been waiting for them for a very long time already. How could Gong Wuji not be enraged by this? “Brat, you think talking tough is going to save you!? Fine, let’s see how long you can keep up the act! I’ll soon make you regret being born in this world!”

Gong Wuji cackled sinisterly as he started to walk forward.

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