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Chapter 698: More Unexpected Events Arise

“Speak!” Gong Wuji was a senior executive of a first rank sect, a majestic holy king of the Eternal Celestial Capital. He was an existence that could personally dictate the fates of those in the Upper Eight Regions. Who would’ve thought that such a person would be forced to restrain his temper before this sage realm cultivator? It wasn’t difficult at all to imagine the boiling resentment in his heart.

“First, I want all of you to get the hell out from Regal Pill Palace territory!

“Second, you will bring back each and every one of the prisoners you’ve captured with the fastest speed possible. You have one month. For every missing person, your grandson will personally donate an organ to their memory. Remember, you have only one month!

“Third, you will return each and every item you took from this place. If not, your grandson will also suffer for each missing item!” Jiang Chen didn’t want to speak too much. He calmly looked at Gong Wuji silently after stating his three demands. He hadn’t made any absurd requests. All of Jiang Chen’s conditions were fully within Gong Wuji’s authority to agree to and fulfill. Just as Gong Wuji was worried about his grandson, so was Jiang Chen worried about those of his sect and fellow disciples.

Gong Wuji’s countenance turned dangerously dark as he digested the demands. He would’ve retorted straightaway had that infernal Regal Pill Palace disciple not stated that there was no room for negotiation. He had the ability to fulfill each and every one of these three conditions, but it would cause him a great deal of humiliation. He would’ve made this trip in vain if he agreed to all three demands, not to mention the disgrace he would be subjected to when he returned. But this was his only grandson. If he didn’t agree to the terms and the other party decided ‘to hell with it all’, it would be too late for regrets.

“Jiang Chen, this seat can consider fulfilling your conditions. But how can I trust you to release Gong Qi afterwards?”

Jiang Chen replied indifferently, “I told you already not to haggle. Pull back all these useless troops and deliver the prisoners and items—then we can negotiate. Remember, you have one month.” He gave a leisurely peal of laughter and left the arena looking completely at ease. Gong Qi was dragged along behind him, and Huang’er demurely followed. He didn’t go anywhere, but headed directly for his own residence in the Rosy Valley.

He had an obligation to remain at the Regal Pill Palace now as one of its only remaining disciples in residence. The ones who should be showing themselves out were those people, now that he had a bargaining chip in hand. “Oh and one more thing—if these people don’t get the hell out, I don’t mind coming out to kill a few of them every now and then. Feel free to stick around if you lot have no fear of being killed or maimed.”

Gong Wuji really wanted to rush in and murder Jiang Chen after watching the young man walk off cockily into the sunset. But he didn’t dare take the bet. He knew he had a good chance if he charged in, but he could not afford such a gamble. If for some reason, he slipped up even once, then he and his beloved grandson would be forever parted by death.

“Sir Gong, this brat is far too insolent…” The sect head of the Thunder Note Hall approached with hopes of currying favor.

“Get out of my sight!” Gong Wuji was not in a good mood. It was just as the sect head of the Thunder Note Hall had thought, the former had decided to take it out on them. The sect head of the Thunder Note Hall was the very picture of wry acceptance—he dared not retort and could only retreat obediently.

“Master Gong, please set aside your anger. Saving the young master takes the utmost priority,” The head of the Giant Roc Sect stood out at this point to play the good man.

“Jiang Chen!” Gong Wuji’s eyes seemed to spout flames as he gazed at Jiang Chen’s fading silhouette. He clenched his fists so hard that his joints cracked, as loudly as stirfried beans. “Your two sects will move your men out of Regal Pill Palace territory!” Despite his overwhelming fury, Gong Wuji dared not challenge Jiang Chen’s temper.

“Yes, sir.” The two sect heads dared not disobey. It was very possible that Gong Wuji would personally kill them if Jiang Chen mentioned that he wanted them dead. Leaving this troublesome area at the fastest possible speed might not be a bad thing for them. Moreover, Jiang Chen had announced that he didn’t mind coming out to kill anyone who remained. This was likely not a bluff, considering his strength.

“Leave everything you have plundered. Remember, don’t even think about playing petty tricks. If any part of this goes wrong, I don’t mind sacrificing both your sects,” Gong Wuji’s tone was frost and steel.

The two sect heads were near helpless, but could only respond with due respect, “Yes, sir.”

The head of the Great Roc Sect still wanted to gain some favor. “Sir, those captives should have arrived at the capital by now. I suggest we contact them right away. If we drag on and encounter some setback, we might delay the more important matters.”

Gong Wuji nodded rigidly and motioned with one hand. “Understood. The two of you may withdraw.”

Jiang Chen observed the retreat of the Thunder Note Hall and Great Roc Sect from a high vantage point in his residence. Killing intent still surged in his heart. “I’ll let you lot leave for now. But the day that I take the fight to the Great Scarlet Mid Region will be your doomsday!” His killing intent did not recede, but instead concentrated, growing ever more potent. He repeatedly reminded himself to endure; to be patient, to bide his time. Even so, he still had to fight the urge to rush out and start a massacre.

One had to look at the greater picture!

Jiang Chen could only pinch his nose and endure for now.


While Jiang Chen was silently resisting his urge to kill every Scarlet Mid Region cultivator in sight, the flames of fury burned uproariously amidst those of the Thunder Note Hall when they learned that Ding Rong had perished. The sect head’s wrath surged to the skies. He stood at the border of the Regal Pill Palace territory and gritted his teeth, “Jiang Chen, you killed our successor! You and our Thunder Note Hall now have an irreconcilable feud, to the death!!”

The Thunder Note Hall sect head did not mind the deaths of Zhang Ole Third and the disciple surnamed Feng. But Ding Rong was his successor, one of the three strongest geniuses of the Thunder Note Hall. Ding Rong’s death was as painful to him as having half his heart gouged out.

“Sect head… things don’t look encouraging. We have news from the capital,” An elder hurriedly approached the sect head during his outburst.

“What is it now?!” The sect head of the Thunder Note Hall had a distorted expression as he lamented the loss of Ding Rong.

“Those at the capital have tortured and interrogated the prisoners already. They found two sky ranked spirit herbs and a batch of earth ranked ones. The recipe to the Longevity Pill has also been obtained.” The elder’s expression was grave.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” The sect head of the Thunder Note Hall replied absentmindedly.

“But… But after getting everything they wanted, the prisoners were no longer of any value…”

“Don’t tell me they’ve been killed?!” The sect head’s tone grew heavy.

“They haven’t been killed… yet. But they were all sold to the Veluriyam Capital just a few days ago.”

“Veluriyam Capital?” The sect head’s voice hitched., “Do you mean the Veluriyam Capital from the Upper Eight Regions?”

“Yes.” There was only one Veluriyam Capital beneath the skies.

The expression of the Thunder Note Hall sect head turned rigid after receiving this confirmation. But contrary to expectations, an evil smile split his face, “That also means that the deal between Master Gong Wuji and the brat has… gone down the drain?”

The elder nodded with a complicated expression, “That would inevitably be the case.”

The sect head more or less held some resentment towards Gong Wuji after being repeatedly humiliated. It was just that he dared not express it. But now, he was feeling secretly delighted since the deal had gone awry. He almost rejoiced at Gong Wuji’s plight. Aren’t you very capable? Didn’t you scold us like dogs? Now that things have turned out this way, you can only wait to collect your grandson’s corpse!

The Thunder Note Hall sect head was not a placid and easygoing person. There was no way he wouldn’t bear a grudge after being humiliated so by Gong Wuji. He was a sect head after all, and it was certain that he would feel upset. He couldn’t vent this resentment directly, but it was natural for him to gloat in secret. He decided to throw caution to the winds now that things had reached this stage.

The Giant Roc Sect also received the news from the capital soon afterwards. The news, of course, reached Gong Wuji even faster than either of the two. Gong Wuji almost fainted after receiving this information. It was still possible for him to rush over and make amends if the prisoners had been sold to any other major power. But the Veluriyam Capital was one of the top powers in the Upper Eight Regions. Their formidable strength wasn’t the least inferior to first rank sects, despite not being one themselves. They might even be more powerful!

The Veluriyam Capital was a bright and transcendent pearl embedded in the map of the Upper Eight Regions. No first rank sect, kingdom or empire dared to provoke it, since it was almost a legend in the Upper Eight Regions. No one clearly knew how many Titled Great Emperors they had, and no one was privy to its inner workings. History spoke of many first rank sects challenging the Veluriyam Capital. Yet, there they stood, as strong and mysterious as ever, while their challengers had disappeared or suffered irreparable losses to the point where they were removed from the list of first rank sects. As such, even first rank sects dared not provoke the Veluriyam Capital.

There were a number of publicly recognized major powers in the Upper Eight Regions, and the Veluriyam Capital ranked among the very top. So much so that the Veluriyam Capital was recognized by those in the region as having the foundation and strength of two first rank sects! Therefore, Gong Wuji did not entertain any thoughts of redeeming the prisoners after they’d been sold to the Veluriyam Capital.

He knew it would be nothing but a fool’s errand. The Eternal Celestial Capital was a first rank sect, but the Veluriyam Capital had no need to earn their favor.

Sudden apprehension struck deep within his heart. He could not fulfill Jiang Chen’s terms if he was unable to bring back all the prisoners—that meant the doors had closed on any possibility of negotiation. The only way left was to outsmart him.

As soon as the idea struck him, he rushed towards the border of the Regal Pill Palace territory and rounded up the experts of the Thunder Note Hall and Great Roc Sect. He stared meaningfully at the sect head of the Thunder Note Hall and said indifferently, “Sect Head Lei, everything happened because of Ding Rong from your Thunder Note Hall. I can overlook this transgression, on the condition that Gong Qi is safely rescued. I believe that both of you have received news from the capital. The possibility of negotiating with Jiang Chen is now no more. Our only path left is to rescue the hostage by force. I hope both sect heads will prove their sincerity in this regard.”

The sect head of the Thunder Note Hall had already cursed all of Gong Wuji’s ancestors several times over in his mind before Gong Wuji finished. But he could only spout compliant reassurances, promising that he would spare no effort to rescue Gong Qi. Someone in the crowd spoke up, “Sir Gong, this Jiang Chen schemed against us all by pretending to be Ding Rong. Why don’t we pretend to be prisoners from the Regal Pill Palace?”

Gong Wuji laughed coldly. “Do you think that devious rogue Jiang Chen doesn’t have a mouth? Do you think he won’t ask questions of his friends? You’d be exposed after a mere couple of questions if he had the mind to check!”

Gong Wuji immediately overruled the proposed strategy.

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