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Chapter 671: Huang’er Sounds the Warning

Jiang Chen stood at the border of the transcendent region, taking a moment to observe. The entrance into the transcendent regions seemed a little different than the ones that had led into the inner region and the outskirts. But, try as he might, he couldn’t quite put his finger on what that subtle change was. “Forget it, I’ll go in first.” He didn’t dwell on it too much, and sprang through the entrance.

Nothing untoward happened as he took his first steps into the transcendent region. It didn’t seem to be all that different from the inner region, other than the fact that the deathly stale atmosphere seemed even thicker. The inner region was already stifling, but there didn’t seem to be a difference between the transcendent region and hell. Jiang Chen couldn’t detect the slightest trace of life anywhere around him.

“No wonder the palace head said that there was nothing here. Not even those weird plants seem to be growing here.” Jiang Chen lifted his eyes to scan the yellow sands and dirt in the distance. He seemed to have truly entered a land of boundless desolation, completely devoid of life. He suddenly understood Palace Head Dan Chi’s feelings. Not even Jiang Chen with his broad knowledge from his past life wanted to linger too long in a place like this, much less Dan Chi. Jiang Chen estimated that even he himself wouldn’t hold out for ;longer than a month. The others wouldn’t last ten days.

He almost wanted to retreat, but decided to forge onwards. After all, he’d already made his way here, so he should make the most of his time. There was no reason to come and then immediately withdraw. There had never been such a notion in his vocabulary. He’d either not make a decision, or follow it through its very end once made. The transcendent region was so bizarre to begin with, and he wouldn’t believe it if there was truly nothing more to it.


Just as Jiang Chen entered the transcendent region, Ling Bi’er happened to enter the inner region at the same time. She’d dithered on the outskirts for three days looking for Jiang Chen, but had come up empty-handed. She knew that she shouldn’t be depending on a man so much, but ever since entering the Paramount Realm, the idea that she wanted to spend some time alone with Jiang Chen had grown ever stronger. She knew that it was an embarrassing thought, but first love is ever insistent on its desires.

However, she was a smart girl. Given the vast desolate wilderness of the Paramount Realm, it would be impossible to find Jiang Chen. There was no difference between finding him and searching for a needle in a haystack. After re-focusing her attentions, she decided to attend to her search seriously. Cultivators only had one chance in their lives to enter the Paramount Realm. In thirty years, it would be another batch of young geniuses who would enter; she wouldn’t have a chance to come again.

“Junior brother Jiang Chen is so strong now that he can take on the entire Sacred Sword Palace by himself. I was stronger than him before, but now I’ve fallen far below him. I must find a legacy in the Paramount Realm to increase my own strength. Even if I can’t catch up to his footsteps, I must be able to keep track of his back.” Ling Bi’er had a frosty personality, but she had a headstrong streak hidden deep within her bones. To a certain degree, all cultivators shared this characteristic, and Ling Bi’er was no exception.


Outside the Paramount Realm, by the rings.

It’d been a full day since the geniuses had entered the Paramount Realm. Palace Head Dan Chi was sitting cross legged on the floor, but he wasn’t relaxed. Although the Regal Pill Palace had won the championship of the rankings, he wasn’t overjoyed either. He also didn’t raise the topic of the Imperial Jade Seal or the Guardian Dragon Seal.

If it’d been in the past, he would’ve surely been highly interested in these two items. But at this moment, the Great Cathedral wasn’t talking about them, so he wasn’t talking about them. It was as if that conversation had never happened. He only wanted to peacefully await the geniuses exiting the Paramount Realm. As for rebuilding the Myriad Domain, it wouldn’t be something that could be accomplished overnight. He wouldn’t be against it if the Great Cathedral wanted to do it, but he didn’t want to take up the mantle right now. The timing wasn’t right yet.

Dan Chi suddenly heard footsteps next to his ear and saw a figure in a veil and cloak approach. He recognized the mysterious person as one of Jiang Chen’s followers. Jiang Chen had never introduced the follower, so although Dan Chi was curious, he hadn’t asked. The person suddenly walked closer and spoke in a low, slightly hoarse voice that seemed to have been altered. “Palace Head Dan Chi, how many days did Elder Shun spend in the Regal Pill Palace?”

Dan Chi trembled involuntarily when he heard this question, “What?”

“Don’t worry, Elder Shun is my kin. He taught you the defensive method you used against the Sky Sect disciple the other day, right?” The person speaking was naturally Huang’er. But how could Dan Chi know that Huang’er was Elder Shun’s junior? He stammered and stuttered for a moment, “Who are you?”

Huang’er’s tone was indifferent, “Never mind who I am, Palace Head Dan Chi, I mean you no harm. I’ve come to warn you that large numbers of enemies have arrived around the rings. You’re already surrounded.”

“What?!” The palace head leaped up, an incredulous look in his eyes. He stared at Huang’er, half believing and half suspecting in that moment. Their words had been exchanged privately, but his sudden movement alarmed the others. They began to look over with questioning gazes.

“Don’t doubt, there are many who’ve come, at least several hundred to almost a thousand. Their ranks include absolute experts who outnumber you three to five times over. They also have emperor realm cultivators with them.” Huang’er’s tone remained composed. She was sending her words silently, so only Dan Chi could heard them. “Palace Head Dan Chi, there’s no need to conceal things now. I was the one who helped you beat back the Sky Sect disciple that day. You can refrain from believing me, but you must trust Jiang Chen.”

“Jiang Chen?” Dan Chi started.

“Yes, Jiang Chen is my benefactor and Elder Shun my elder.” With Huang’er’s strength and position, there was no need for her to be so polite. But she’d always preferred polite peacefulness over threats. Her tone was still coolly composed even in the face of this juncture, without the normal attitude of “take it or leave it”.

“How long until they arrive?” Dan Chi took a deep breath to settle himself.

“They’re already here but they’re still making preparations. Now is the time to make it out. If you’re any slower, none of you will be able to leave.” Huang’er responded faintly.

“Make it out? What about the ones in the Paramount Realm? What about Jiang Chen?” Palace Head Dan Chi shook his head. “I won’t leave.”

Huang’er stared at Palace Head Dan Chi with her clear eyes. “You will die if you don’t leave right now. Even Elder Shun’s pointers will be futile. After all, you spent only half a month with him at most, I’m guessing.”

Palace Head Dan Chi didn’t know what to say in response to her scarily accurate guesses about Elder Shun.

“Tell everyone to leave now, I can help you in the shadows for a bit and counter a few blows from them. You don’t need to worry about Jiang Chen, I’ll stay here to wait for him.” Huang’er’s tone was measured and calm, belying the urgency in her words. As for the dire situation, she had a plan.

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