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Chapter 664: A Physical Battle to a Civil One, A Battle of Grace

“Look, what’s that?”

“Are… are those scales?”

“Oh… my… defensive scales are appearing around Jiang Chen. Are those… dragon scales?”

“What does this mean?”

“What does this mean? Dragon scales! Mu Gaoqi has the bloodline of the dragon race?!”

“Dragon bloodline? How’s that possible? Does the Divine Abyss Continent even have dragons?”

The audience instantly boiled over with excitement. Not even the old fellows amongst them could keep calm anymore. Their vision was naturally better than the youngsters, so they were able to confirm that it was indeed dragon scales that appeared around Jiang Chen.

Dragon scales!

That meant he possessed the bloodline of the dragons! The heritage of the dragons was very broad, and all their descendants would have immense potential even with the slightest, most diluted dragon bloodline. Even the Great Cathedral had never possessed a real dragon bloodline. Thus, when they saw the sparkling dragon scales materializing around Jiang Chen at that moment, they were all struck dumb with shock.

Xiang Wentian was also swaying slightly. “This… Mu Gaoqi, why does he have the bloodline of the dragons? How is this possible?”

“This child is too stunning!” The family head of the Sacred Lion family exclaimed with astonishment.

“Elder brother Xiang, we must bring this child to our Great Cathedral no matter what the cost. With the bloodline of the dragon race, our Great Cathedral can absolutely dominate the Myriad Domain and even become a third rank, possibly second rank sect!” The family head of the Sacred Ape family couldn’t help but speak up agitatedly.

Everyone of the Great Cathedral were on their feet in incredulous agitation. In the face of a dragon bloodline, all talk of the Imperial Jade Seal and Guardian Dragon Seal paled in importance. Those two items were just tokens that conferred legitimacy for rebuilding the Myriad Domain. However, a genius with a dragon bloodline was a potential that could step into the emperor realm without a second’s doubt.

With such a genius, why would they need to worry about rebuilding the Myriad Empire at all? They could even found their own dynasty! Over on the Regal Pill Palace side, Elder Lian Cheng’s face had changed greatly. He knew Mu Gaoqi was of a high rank innate wood constitution, but when had he gained the bloodline of the dragons as well? They hadn’t seen this when they’d tested him last time!

However, something like a bloodline may truly not be identified properly when testing for potential. Shen Qinghong murmured to himself, “Incredible, truly incredible. I really was a frog at the bottom of the well before. To think that junior brother Mu Gaoqi has had such fortuitous occurrences!”

Jun Mobai wasn’t one to speak much normally, but he laughed ruefully now. “This kind of fortune truly makes one envious. Good thing I didn’t try to put myself forward just now; he would’ve trampled me into the ground!”

Although Ling Bi’er didn’t say anything, waves of shock were still crashing in her heart. She knew that Jiang Chen was amazing, but she was still rocked by astonishment when it came to a dragon bloodline.

Palace Head Dan Chi had also not anticipated this scene either. He’d never thought that Jiang Chen would possess a dragon’s bloodline! This was an unanticipated delight! The purity of Jiang Chen’s bloodline looked extremely high as well. It was magnificent and imposing, obviously no ordinary dragon race bloodline. It could possibly even be one from the true dragons!

What were true dragons? They were the proper and noblest bloodline of the dragon race! Their heritage had been carefully guarded and passed through the generations to ensure no losses in purity! Even the coolly composed Huang’er was shocked to her core as she watched Jiang Chen. “Elder Shun and I were both mistaken. Sir Jiang’s secrets are far deeper than Elder Shun had guessed. Elder Shun’s eye for talent is truly astonishing.”

Huang’er smiled as she looked at Jiang Chen, a slight smile appearing on her face. A few stray thoughts crossed her mind and an unknown trace of anticipation grew in her heart. With Jiang Chen’s bloodline and potential, she couldn’t help but think of a few things; things that allowed her to feel a few hints of sweetness in her heart. Some things that she hadn’t dared think of before suddenly seemed to dip towards the realm of possibility.

Up on the stage, Xiang Qin had completed his advance into fourth level berserk and once again started his furious assault. Jiang Chen drew deeply on his dragon bloodline and raised his strength by several times over in an instant. The two figures madly collided against each other on the stage to give rise to an astonishing momentum. They seemed to be akin to two rampaging demon-gods.

A fourth level berserk of the Sacred Elephant family attacked with abandon, shaking the heavens and earth with the force of the ancient sacred elephants. On the other side, although the dragon bloodline had only barely awakened, the immense and magnificent presence it exuded, as well as that tremendous aura, was able to fully suppress the opponent’s momentum. This development nearly made Xiang Qin spit blood in frustration.

He was already performing above and beyond his usual abilities in going fourth level berserk. He’d thought it to be but a matter of minutes before he’d overwhelm his opponent. But, who would’ve thought that his opponent would have a dragon bloodline! The bloodline of the sacred elephants was strong, but there was a noticeable difference between that and one from the dragon race.

Not only had he not gained the advantage after going fourth level berserk, but now he was even worse off than before. He couldn’t break through the other’s dragon scale defenses at all. In addition, the offensive capabilities of the dragons were nothing short of heaven-defying. Jiang Chen seemed to be able to break through the very air with any random swipe, and any careless punch seemed capable of obliterating the sun, stars, and moon. Xiang Qin could just barely manage to take Jiang Chen’s blows before they’d called upon their bloodlines, but now he didn’t even dare to do so.


The crazed battle began to lean in a certain direction as Xiang Qin’s attacks started dwindling in exchange for more time defending. Pretty soon, his offense was completely sealed as he desperately focused all his efforts on evasion, slipping past Jiang Chen’s punches by the skin of his teeth.

This scene left the audience slack-jawed with shock. Now that the match had progressed thus far, they finally believed that Mu Gaoqi was truly an incredible heaven defying genius. Judging from the situation, unless Xiang Qin had an equally heaven defying ability, there was no possible way for him to emerge victorious.

Although Xiang Qin was on the defensive, he didn’t fall into a panic. He could still hold onto his position, but he was just quite anxious at the moment. He was in a dilemma. Do I use the power of the totems? Or do I stop here?

“Do I really have to use the power of the totems?” Xiang Qin hesitated. However, the fire and spirit of a cultivator made it impossible for him to forfeit calmly. He gritted his teeth and decided to go for it. He would win this time even if he exposed the power of the totems!

“Mu Gaoqi!” Xiang Qin roared loudly.

Jiang Chen smiled slightly and jumped backwards in a show of good grace. “What’s up?”

The crowd beneath the stage erupted in noise when he did this. Mu Gaoqi was too cute, wasn’t he? Why had he backed off in the middle of a pitched battle just because the other had yelled at him? Was he giving his opponent the chance to catch a breath by taking a step back!? One didn’t need to be quite so generous with a show of good grace, did they?

Palace Head Dan Chi also smiled ruefully. He didn’t understand why Jiang Chen had given Xiang Qin the chance to breathe either. He should’ve kept his current momentum and hurled his opponent off the stage. Otherwise, Xiang Qin still had trump cards! The power of the totems were the Great Cathedral’s fiercest strength, the strongest trump card that raised their battle strength to its pinnacle.

Xiang Qin likely hadn’t thought that his opponent would allow him a chance to speak by taking a step back either. The bold fellow felt a bit awkward in the moment. He’d never been one to take unfair advantage of a situation, so when he saw the other back away, he felt that he was benefiting unfairly. He raised his hand to scratch his head, “Mu Gaoqi, I’m surprised by your strength. I have one last trump card. If you can face it as well, then I’ll concede.” Xiang Qin was benefiting from a small advantage, so he issued a reminder to the other to allow him mental preparation as well.

Jiang Chen smiled, “I’ve heard that your Great Cathedral can draw power from the ancient totems.”

“Exactly, it’s the power from the ancient totems. I’ve also borrowed the power of the Sacred Lion, Sacred Wolf, and Sacred Ape family totems. This means you’ll face all four of them at the same time.” Xiang Qin was as straight as an arrow, but the degree of his candor made all the Great Cathedral folks shake their heads.

This battle was different from the shrill screaming match with Wang Han. These two sides were very friendly, a battle between gentlemen. Although the audience felt this to be quite the novel development, they had to admit that only this battle between two top Myriad Domain geniuses was worth watching. Even when lives were on the line and genuine emotions running high, they still stayed above petty trickery. This was a true genius!

The elders of the various sects all held this as a standard by which to educate their disciples. The young geniuses of the Myriad Domain were also conquered by their actions and words. Mu Gaoqi had been quite honorable in stepping back, and Xiang Qin’s candor in admitting that he was going to use the power of the totems from all four Great Cathedral families was no less honorable.

There might be a bit less blood and gore in this final match, but it was a heartwarming match. Sparring between geniuses shouldn’t be such a bloody, messy affair. This was the proper attitude to have. Even the leaders of the sects unconsciously nodded in this moment, quite approving of this situation.

Jiang Chen was silent for a moment, then flicked out the Soldier Rosary Beads. Six mortal sage realm golden-armored warriors hit the ground at high speed, dropping into a battle stance.

Xiang Qin shook his with a slight smile, “That’s not enough.”

Jiang Chen nodded, still smiling, and flicked his fingers again. Another three earth sage golden-armored warriors hit the ground and materialized.

Xiang Qin could only stare in astonishment before he could recollect himself. “Perhaps… this might be enough… to create a draw.”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily and flicked his fingers again, sending forth a sky sage realm warrior. He had three sky sage realm warriors; this was just the weakest. And yet, however weak it was, it was still a sky sage warrior. Jiang Chen didn’t want to reveal the two stronger ones just yet.

“How about this? If this still won’t do, then I’ll have to forfeit,” Jiang Chen smiled.

The entire scene was silent for a moment, so still that even a pin drop could be heard.



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