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Chapter 663: The Power of Bloodlines Shocks the Audience

Everyone of the Great Cathedral was looking at the ring with incredulous eyes, never mind Xiang Qin. They were fully aware of Xiang Qin’s close combat ability since they were all of the same sect. Apart from Yue Baize of the Great Cathedral, not a single person of the younger generation of the Myriad Domain was capable of standing up to Xiang Qin in the arena of close combat. Even Wang Han, the strongest of the lot, was no exception.

Xiang Qin, frustrated beyond measure, punched one last time before clawing at the air, hauling out a peculiar weapon. A long handle ended in two chains, from which hung two golden metal balls. This was a flail; one of the most imposing weapons in single combat, it relied solely on brute force and strength to crush opponents. The flail had its own imposing aura, as if thousands of ancient elephants rumbling forward in a charge, an inexorable and untiring momentum radiating outwards.

This seemed to be the most primitive kind of attack, but it also encompassed an art of the Sacred Elephant family. The heavy golden balls looked like they were being tossed around carelessly, but in fact, there was a profound mystery embedded within them. However, Jiang Chen didn’t plan on using any weapons. You want to compete on basis of brute force and primitiveness? My golden aura will take on all comers!

This kind of attack wasn’t a simple one of physical force. What was more frightening about it was the presence of a devouring power behind it, a type of power that could devour space. This energy would eat away at both the energy in the space as well as the space within the ring, slowly but surely cutting off the opponent’s escape routes.

Jiang Chen saw through this, and while he was slightly surprised, he also started attacking furiously as well. Since Xiang Qin wanted to compete on the basis of brute force, then he would help Xiang Qin get a taste of the strength behind the golden aura!

Jiang Chen’s body streaked around the ring like a golden beam, darting to and fro across the stage so quickly that no one beneath it could see where he was headed. Xiang Qin’s flail seemed to almost hit him a few times, but like a lively fish, the golden balls slid off Jiang Chen’s golden aura. To Xiang Qin, it felt like he was using his bare hands to catch a slippery fish, and he couldn’t quite get a good grip. It was frustrating almost to the point of helplessness; he almost had the urge to spit blood.

At the same time, although Jiang Chen’s boxing aura wasn’t as abundant and surging as the one from his flails, each blow that landed almost made Xiang Qin vomit blood. It was apparent that Jiang Chen had increased the power behind his blows.

Bambam, bam! After taking a few combos of punches, Xiang Qin’s flail technique started to show signs of disorder. Indeed, the Sacred Elephant family was known for their strong defense, thick skin, and their armor. But Jiang Chen had strengthened his boxing aura to the point where his heavy blows were causing serious discomfort to Xiang Qin. Before long, Xiang Qin was forced right to the edge of the ring. Xiang Qin’s eyes were staring widely as he huffed loudly for breath.

The flail was trailing on the ground, yet he still held on to them as tight as he could. A wild stubbornness was writ clear across his face, “Good, good! To think that the Regal Pill Palace had someone like you! Someone who could put me at a disadvantage in close combat! However, just because you can triumph over my regular form doesn’t mean you can do the same when I’m berserk!” He hadn’t just been posturing for effect, as he tapped a few of his major acupoints as he spoke. As his fingers left the last acupoint, small arrows of blood sprang out from all of them.

He reached out and grabbed the blood arrows, using them to send ripples through the air. The ripples soon materialized into strange runes, some of which were definitely of the exotic animalistic variety. These runes shot into Xiang Qin’s skin and blood vessels, lighting up his body. Before long, Xiang Qin was covered in a faint light as the runes vibrated and danced just above his skin. Without warning, he suddenly unleashed a bestial roar.


This savage howl really did seem to be one of an ancient, violent beast stirring awake. The wild ferocity that it encompassed within caused the blood of the young geniuses below to roil. They felt the earth shake and heavens darken, and almost wanted to vomit from the feeling.

It was as if a demon-god had awakened within Xiang Qin’s body. The aura that this roar radiated was that of half human and half ancient beast, giving others a terribly violent feeling.

“His bloodline’s gone berserk!”

“Oh my gosh! The Great Cathedral is truly frightening! His bloodline could go berserk so easily!”

“Xiang Qin is too impressive, he’s the first genius of the Great Cathedral alright!”

“Did you all see? He tapped his acupoints four times just now, that’s fourth level berserk!”

“Fourth level berserk? It’s possible to go that high? I’ve heard that it’s impressive to just have someone’s bloodline go berserk already.”

“Mm. Anyone who can incite their bloodline to go berserk is a genius. To complete it to the second level is a first rate genius. I’ve heard that Xiang Qin and Yue Baize had completed it to the third level, but who would’ve thought!”

“Who would’ve thought that Xiang Qin can already reach fourth level berserk!”

All of the geniuses below were struck speechless for a moment. They knew that they would be hard pressed to fight against a regular Xiang Qin, much less a Xiang Qin who had gone fourth level berserk. The Sacred Sword Palace was watching off in the far corner. Wang Jianyu had to admit that even Wang Han would have had no chance going up against a berserk opponent, not to mention that this likely wasn’t Xiang Qin’s strongest form.

“Gaoqi, be careful, he’s fourth level berserk!” Palace Head Dan Chi couldn’t help but call out a loud warning.

“Berserk?” The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth twitched. He could tell that Xiang Qin’s strength had absolutely reached fifth level sage realm after he’d gone berserk. This was several folds stronger than the strength he usually had. Jiang Chen had to look upon Xiang Qin’s rampaging strength with respect. However, he had yet to feel fear at this development. On the contrary, he suddenly remembered a brother he’d made during the selection process of the four great sects, named Liu Wencai. Jiang Chen had felt a yet sleeping power in Liu Wencai’s body. Thanks to Xiang Qin, he now recognized what kind of power it was. It was the power of a bloodline, and it seemed the depths of the one brewing in Liu Wencai’s body was equally fathomless. Jiang Chen guessed that Liu Wencai had the same ability to cause his bloodline to go berserk as well.

“I heard that his Myriad Spirit Sect had the ability to ally with the Great Cathedral last time. I wonder why he isn’t part of the Great Cathedral’s entourage?” His thoughts took another spin and Jiang Chen remembered that Liu Wencai had only been a spirit realm cultivator back then. Even if he’d broken through to the origin realm by now, he still wasn’t strong enough to participate in this ceremony. However, Jiang Chen believed that given enough time, the depths of Liu Wencai’s potential wouldn’t be any less than that of Xiang Qin’s.

I just wonder if the Great Cathedral will be able to excavate his full potential. Jiang Chen was no stranger to causing a bloodline to go berserk. This was an art of the beast tribes. As a family of sacred beasts, the Great Cathedral not only had the various human bloodlines, but had also assimilated numerous sacred beast bloodlines throughout the generations. Therefore, it wasn’t a surprise that they possessed this ability.

This was actually quite common in the martial dao world. Jiang Chen himself had assimilated the bloodline of the ancient golden cicada and refined the blood of a true dragon. As he watched the berserk Xiang Qin, Jiang Chen could tell that his opponent’s aura had taken a noticeable jump in power. He was struck by a sudden thought. You want to compete on power of bloodlines? Then let’s compete!

Jiang Chen had refined the dragon crystal and blood in the forbidden area of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect, so he now possessed the evolutionary bloodline of the dragon tribe as well.

The dragon race was the royal tribe of old, and unquestionably one of the strongest bloodlines in existence. Their aura, defensive skills, and evolutionary abilities of their bloodlines were extraordinary. One could say that all cultivators lusted over their bloodlines. The notable exceptions were superb experts who had no need to use a bloodline to enhance their own strength. But, if one had to use a bloodline of another race, then the bloodline of a dragon had no peer. It wasn’t the only choice, but one of the very best.

It was a testament to the dragon’s bloodline that even if Long Xiaoxuan hadn’t awakened much of his heritage, as the descendent of a true dragon, the purity of his bloodline was enough to enable any cultivator to ascend to the emperor realm. Even if Jiang Chen hadn’t had any other fortuitous occurrences or the memories of his past life, the dragon crystal and blood alone would’ve propelled him into the emperor realm.

This wasn’t exaggeration;l it really was that amazing.

Xiang Qin was also quite strong to have entered a berserk state. The Sacred Elephant family actually counted as an ancient family as well. The bloodlines of the sacred elephant race wasn’t that much lower than the ancient dragons. However, the Great Cathedral family was obviously not of the most orthodox bloodline. So although Xiang Qin’s bloodline was currently fourth level berserk, it still wasn’t enough. He’d have to go reach ninth level berserk to be able to enter the emperor realm. As for Jiang Chen’s dragon bloodline, he didn’t need to think of going berserk at all. He’d be able to reach the emperor realm as long as no accidents happened.

When those watching beneath the stage saw Jiang Chen simply standing there and not preventing Xiang Qin from entering his berserk state, they all felt it to be a great shame. If he’d made a move to prevent his opponent from finishing the process, then the odds of victory would’ve been much greater.

“Mu Gaoqi is underestimating his opponent far too much.”

“Right, there’s no way he doesn’t know what fourth level berserk means!”

“Hmm? Wait, look at Mu Gaoqi…”

“He… is that the power of a bloodline?” The voice trembled, astonishment causing his voice to break.

“Eh, I think so. Those ripples of energy are indeed ones from a bloodline.”

“Right, it’s the power of a bloodline. But he doesn’t seem to be going berserk. The power of his bloodline seems to be more pure and peaceful.”

“Yeah! Why do I feel that although he hasn’t gone berserk, his bloodline seems to exude more of an awe-inspiring feeling?”

“It’s an aura! This is absolutely the aura from his bloodline!”

Those watching beneath the stage all started yelling from surprise. There were simply too many bizarre things that Mu Gaoqi seemed capable of, and every new occurrence was more shocking than the last. He’d already been quite ridiculous in that fight against Wang Han, but to think that he still had trump cards in his fight against Xiang Qin! What kind of endless supply of trump cards did he have? Also, he was simply too tricky of an opponent. He seemed to be able to respond in kind whenever his opponent pulled out an ultimate move. Was he doing all this on purpose?


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