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Chapter 660: The Sacred Sword Palace Withdraws

Although Wang Jianyu was quite a distance from the ring, he was actually capable of hauling Wang Han straight off the stage. As fast as Jiang Chen’s Galaxy Slash was, he just wasn’t as fast as Wang Jianyu.

As a result, Wang Han was yanked out of the way of the strike when it arrived, and the crowd erupted. Jiang Chen demonstrated immense grace and withdrew his hand seals, smiling faintly as he looked at Wang Jianyu. Without a doubt, someone would make trouble for the sect head without his prompting.

Indeed, Palace Head Dan Chi slammed his hand down on the table and rose to his feet. “What do you mean by this, Wang Jianyu? This is a battle to the life and death, how dare you interfere?!”

“Ole brother Wang, you’ve certainly gone against the rules here.” Xiang Wentian didn’t remain silent either.

Honored Master Tian Ming also shook his head, “Quite inappropriate, quite.”

Even Wei Wuying of the Walkabout Sect shook his head with a sigh, “In a fight to the death, the heavens hold our fates. Sect Head Wang, your actions were in defiance of the rules.”

Wang Jianyu was coldly irate in the face of such criticism from all sides and snorted, “I know I broke the rules; I don’t need your reminders. My Sacred Sword Palace will withdraw from the Myriad Grand Ceremony here and now. Will that do now?”

According to the rules, interfering in a battle would cause any results from that sect to be negated. Thus, it was a wise decision for Wang Jianyu to immediately withdraw from the Grand Ceremony. None of the others had anything to say after this quick and resolute decision. Wang Jianyu however, glared at Dan Chi. “Dan Chi, I’m quite curious, is this Mu Gaoqi truly a disciple of your Regal Pill Palace?”

Dan Chi smiled faintly, “What, are you trotting out that act again? Speak frankly if you can’t afford to lose; don’t waste everyone’s time.”

Wang Jianyu laughed heartily, “Are you feeling guilty? I only asked you one question; what are you so nervous for?”

Jiang Chen had also made his way off the ring by now and flicked a glance at Wang Jianyu. “Sect Head Wang, are you going to suspect me of being of the demon tribe? Do you want to test my bloodline?”

This was a tried and true ploy that the Sacred Sword Palace liked to use. Wang Jianyu snorted coldly, “Don’t get too cocky, you brat. Dare you say that your inheritance comes from the Regal Pill Palace? Pardon my ignorance, but when did the Regal Pill Palace’s heritage rise to such heights?”

“They were fortuitous occurrences I gained when adventuring outside; what about them? Do I have to report to your Sacred Sword Palace about everything I run into?”

Wang Jianyu had nothing to say to that. Jiang Chen flicked a glance at Wang Han, “Wang Han, you used up quite a bit of your luck this time. But scrabbling for your life like this today, what kind of breakthroughs do you think you’ll have anymore in martial dao? Today’s shame will haunt you forever, and you’ll wish you’d died here. At least you would’ve died with honor.”

There were always winners and losers when it came to sparring, and they wouldn’t necessarily become internal demons. But to Wang Han, today’s events were very likely to become one of his internal demons. After all, regardless of how the battle’s flow had seemingly flipped between the two, Jiang Chen had used an almost humiliating manner to trample and crush Wang Han’s confidence. This kind of internal demon was the most difficult to remove, because the opponent had already burrowed into your soul and thoroughly defeated you.

Wang Jianyu’s aura burst out when he saw Jiang Chen provoking Wang Han. He almost wanted to crush the Regal Pill Palace disciple right where he stood.

Dan Chi stepped in front of Jiang Chen, his voice turning cold, “Wang Jianyu, do you want to take the field yourself?”

The heavyweights of the two sects started to slip into battle stances.

“This is nonsense!” Xiang Wentian roared loudly. “Wang Jianyu, your Sacred Sword Palace has already been eliminated. Don’t try to stir the pot anymore, unless you fancy becoming the public enemy of the Myriad Domain!”

“Right, don’t be too extreme in your methods Ole Brother Wang. Leave some space so that we can all meet each other happily in the future.”

Wang Jianyu was livid as a look of hate crossed his face. He glared at all those in the Regal Pill Palace before huffily backing into a corner, not leaving just yet. Even if they had been eliminated, he didn’t want to leave like this. Wang Han’s defeat had left everyone in the Sacred Sword Palace hanging their heads. In particular, Jing Feng was rather dejected. As the second genius in the Sacred Sword Palace, he’d had certain expectations for this time’s Myriad Grand Ceremony. His goal had been to make it into the top five and thus be able to enter the third and final level of the Paramount Realm. But because of Wang Han and the sect head, all of the Sacred Sword Palace disciples’ efforts had been in vain. Their scores had been erased and they were kicked out of the ceremony. However, although he didn’t want to accept this state of affairs and was dejected, he didn’t dare show it. Wang Han was Wang Jianyu’s direct descendent, his grandson, after all. He would never sit by and watch Wang Han be killed.

The breathtaking battle had treated the audience to a fantastic show, and they all felt thrilled by what they’d watched. The second round had been delayed for this match, and now that it was over, the matches resumed. However, after Wang Han and Mu Gaoqi’s battle, everyone’s appetites had been enlarged and although there were many exciting fights in the second round, they just weren’t as appealing in comparison.

The various strategists of each sect however, still continuously lectured their disciples. Those disciples had all been eliminated earlier, but each match was a rare learning opportunity. All of the sect heads wished for their disciples to benefit immensely from this occasion, so they didn’t find the second round boring at all. As exciting and a good show as a classic match-up was, it wasn’t possible for every single fight to be so thrilling and stunning!

The top thirty two were determined after the day’s second round, and the list of names from the Sacred Sword Palace was erased, making room for those behind them. Thus, when the list of the top 32 came out, there were suddenly three fewer sage realm geniuses, leaving only ten. But folks naturally didn’t view Mu Gaoqi as a seventh level origin realm genius anymore. They placed him in the ranks of the sage realm geniuses.

The Regal Pill Palace’s luck still held in the second round, with all five advancing. Although Nie Chong had surrendered, he’d made it in on virtue of the now smaller list and was lucky in his second round, helping him make it into the top 32. Even with the Sacred Sword Palace out for the count in the top 32, the list was still mostly made of fourth rank sect disciples. The Great Cathedral occupied ten spots, Dark North Sect seven, Walkabout Sect five, and Regal Pill Palace five. This accounted for twenty seven spots out of the thirty two, and if it wasn’t for the Sacred Sword Palace being eliminated, none of the fifth rank sects would have had the chance to advance at all.

The third round would thin the competition from 32 to 16, and Jiang Chen had been listed as a seeded opponent this round, making for three seeds from the Regal Pill Palace. Ling Bi’er had drawn a ninth level origin realm opponent, and Nie Chong unluckily picked another sage realm cultivator, finally halting his movement upwards.

The battles were becoming fiercer and fiercer, but no further dark horses appeared. All eleven sage realm geniuses, including Jiang Chen, had advanced into the top sixteen. The remaining five spots went to two from the Great Cathedral, Ling Bi’er of the Regal Pill Palace, one from the Walkabout Sect, and one from the Dark North Sect. There was no one not from a fourth rank sect, and this result surprised no one. Making it into the top 16 was a mission that a fifth rank sect couldn’t complete, unless they too had a sage realm genius.

The day was just about over after three rounds of matches, and the remainder would conclude on the third day. The spots for the Paramount Realm would also be divided up on the third day. According to the rules, all those on the rankings would be able to enter the Paramount Realm. Candidates would be able to enter different levels according to their rankings. There were nine levels to the Paramount Realm, which was the reason for the further division of candidates.

That night, Jiang Chen sat cross legged in front of Dan Chi,  the two communicating with their consciousness.

“Was I too impulsive today, Palace Head?” Jiang Chen wasn’t actually apologetic, but just wanted to ask this out of respect for Dan Chi.

Dan Chi was very pleased with Jiang Chen’s performance as he smiled, “I like your impulsiveness. Cultivators should not hide and cower in the shadows when it’s time to fight for glory. You did well today, and stamped the mark of our sect on the scene.”

“As long as it doesn’t impact the palace head’s overall plans,” Jiang Chen sighed.

“Overall plans?” Palace Head Dan Chi’s voice also sank when he spoke of the greater picture. “The Myriad Domain is currently a pile of loose sand. What greater picture is there to speak of? There are only contests over pride. The Sacred Sword Palace acts like a rabid dog, constantly provoking others and inciting trouble. Jiang Chen, truth be told, I really have a forbidding feeling.”

Jiang Chen also had a foreboding premonition, but no one knew what would happen in the future. They could only take one step at a time. Jiang Chen was only here for the Paramount Realm in any case, and he would make it in no matter what. When he saw that Jiang Chen wasn’t speaking, Palace Head Dan Chi suddenly sighed, “Jiang Chen, if something happens in the Myriad Grand Ceremony this time and you have a way out, you should leave first. Don’t pay any attention to us.”

“Palace Head, why say this?”

“There’s nothing for it. If such a devastating disaster really does arrive, the more you wish to save everyone, the more you might be caught up in it. I only hope that you leave with the Regal Pill Palace’s spirit and maintain a wisp of hope for us. When the day comes…”

Jiang Chen hastily stopped the palace head, “No more, Palace Head. Even if something happens, I trust that we’ll have a way to handle it.”

Dan Chi smiled and felt his spirits lift, “Right, I believe you. You and I both aren’t the sort to live premature lives. We are both highly blessed. I believe that the foundations of the Regal Pill Palace won’t fall in my hands!”

Dan Chi was a man of great vision after all. Although he was momentarily in a lull, he quickly adjusted his emotions. “Right, Jiang Chen, I have a mission for you after you enter the Paramount Realm.”

“What mission?” Jiang Chen was curious.

“Keep an eye on Jun Mobai,” Dan Chi responded faintly.

“Keep an eye on him? Why?” Jiang Chen started.

“I suspect that he’s a spy.” Grave solemnity was apparent even in Dan Chi’s silent message.

“What? Jun Mobai, a spy?”

“Indeed. One of our elder brought him back when he was a baby, and I’ve observed him silently for a while. Although he covers it up well, there’s a seventy to eighty percent certainty that he’s an undercover agent.” Although Dan Chi’s tone wasn’t one hundred percent certain, there wasn’t much hesitation in it. This matter was practically truth in his heart.

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