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Chapter 659: The Utter Domination of Wang Han

Even the Regal Pill Palace’s Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Lian Cheng were filled with sudden emotion, to say nothing of anyone else. Palace Head Dan Chi was mainly sighing over the fact that Jiang Chen was indeed truly worthy of Elder Shun’s high regard. There was no doubt that Jiang Chen was going to become a star in one brilliant stroke today. This strengthened Palace Head Dan Chi’s intentions to keep Jiang Chen in the Regal Pill Palace and pursue Elder Shun’s path. If Elder Shun returns in the future, I’ll cast all considerations of face aside and beg him to take me as his disciple. I don’t care even if I’m just a nominal disciple.

By now, Dan Chi could almost say with certainty that Elder Shun was an emperor realm expert, or even a Titled Great Emperor! Meanwhile, Elder Lian Cheng was feeling very jealous. He could never imagine that the personal disciple Elder Yun Nie cared for so greatly would possess such wondrous martial dao talent too.

Seriously, what the hell? Is my position as the hallmaster of the Hall of Might just for show? This Mu Gaoqi, if he was this strong in the first place, why did he go to Elder Yun Nie and ask to be his disciple and not mine? The more Elder Lian Cheng ruminated, the more sullen he became.

Shen Qinghong and the others were completely numb. They had been utterly shellshocked by Mu Gaoqi’s almost endless pool of skills. Shen Qinghong suddenly discovered that Mu Gaoqi might very well replace Jiang Chen as the true number one genius in Regal Pill Palace. Meanwhile, for the first time in the entire Grand Ceremony, one could find disbelief in Jun Mobai’s eyes. Countless questions regarding Mu Gaoqi swirled around him. Ling Bi’er trembled slightly, barely mastering her excitement.

Up in the ring, Wang Han stood, dumbfounded. How could this be? Why was this brat able to deal with any move he dished out?

“Are you cheating, Mu Gaoqi?” Wang Han gritted his teeth.

“Cheating? Isn’t winning by numbers exactly what you wished for? I’m just giving you a taste of your own medicine. It seemed only appropriate to satisfy your desires.” Jiang Chen smiled calmly. He was too lazy to bicker with Wang Han.

Wang Han couldn’t help himself anymore. A low growl turned into a full roar as madness flashed in his eyes.  He snapped his fingers, and the previously still Giant Icebears burst towards Jiang Chen in a sudden charge. He was obviously trying to use their enormous bodies to crush Jiang Chen and the golden armored soldiers. However, Wang Han had obviously underestimated the combined combat strength of those soldiers.

Jiang Chen had summoned these golden armored soldiers from the Soldier Rosary Beads. They were refined as an imitation of human cultivators, and Jiang Chen could control these immensely strong soldiers in any way he wanted. They were completely different from the primitive Giant Icebears. Moreover, these six golden armored warriors obviously outnumbered their opponents. How would they possibly allow these giant bears to approach Jiang Chen?

The warriors paired up to pick off an Icebear. They quickly broke up the trio and gave each one a thorough beating. The Icebears might be ferocious, but they weren’t as flexible as the golden armored warriors that were built to imitate humans.

The Giant Icebears could only passively take blows as they desperately tried to hold off two soldiers each. It didn’t take long before the three giant bears were howling in pain. Wang Han’s face was livid as he watched the battle, feeling so irritated that his eyes were about to spit fire. If only he had his sword, he would’ve hacked this damnable opponent several hundred times over and minced him into meat paste.

Jiang Chen was unruffled despite the commotion. He calmly watched the lively battle. He knew that there was no way these three giant bears could hold on for long, not to mention that Jiang Chen had only summoned the six weakest units from his Soldier Rosary Beads. He could also summon the earth sage realm and sky sage realm warriors if needed.

When Wang Han saw Jiang Chen crossing his hands across his chest so leisurely, he grew even more furious. How dare you look down at me? Wang Han was so infuriated now that he threw aside any idea of holding back.

He formed a hand seal and opened his palm. Rays of cold light swirled into existence on his palm. Once they’d accumulated, he flung them into the sky where they transformed into a mountain of ice. Unsatisfied, Wang Han formed another seal, gathering more rays of cold light that he then threw into the sky. He repeated this another eight times. The rays formed another layer atop the previous layer until the mountain had a total of nine layers. Significantly taller than its first iteration, the mountain hovered imposingly between heaven and earth, and brimmed with a shocking amount of ice energy and power. It looked like it alone could hold up the sky.

Wang Han leered, “Close your eyes, Mu Gaoqi. Die content in the knowledge that you’ve forced me to reveal my ultimate trump card. No matter what or who, all living beings will be crushed under this nine layered ice mountain!”

Truth be told, this nine layered mountain of ice was incredibly imposing. Even those beneath the ring felt oppressed by the mountain, even they were quite far away from the battlefield. It felt like their souls were in danger of crumbling under the repeated waves. As for Wang Jianyu, he was full of smiles when he saw Wang Han summon the nine layered ice mountain.

In his mind, the outcome of the battle had been decided the instant the summon had been a success. Wang Jianyu had to admit, it was a pity that Wang Han had been forced to reveal his final trump card. He would be at a slight disadvantage when he fought for the championship at the end. But there really hadn’t been any other choice. If he couldn’t surpass the wall that was Mu Gaoqi, that what championship or finals was there to speak of?

Moreover, who cared if he used his trump card? Even if his main competitors saw this, they still might not necessarily be able to break through it. After all, this nine layered ice mountain was made out of the ultimate power of ice, the ultimate power of gravity and a tremendous amount of strength. Even an earth sage expert would be suppressed by this attack, much less Mu Gaoqi. Even a sky sage expert might suffer an enormous loss if they weren’t careful.

“Sigh, this Wang Han is unbelievable. It’s as if he has an endless amount of trump cards. This is more than a little unfair to Mu Gaoqi!”

“Yeah. There’s not much glory to be earned even if he did beat Mu Gaoqi in this way!”

“Mm, he had revealed all of his trump cards. He probably doesn’t stand a chance against Xiang Qin now.”

“It’s unfortunate that this black horse will have to retire soon. Mu Gaoqi had seriously given us too many exciting surprises.”

“Don’t say that. Who knows, maybe Mu Gaoqi still has a trump card? Who can say what will happen next?”

“That’s true, Mu Gaoqi had given us plenty of pleasant surprises so far. Who’s to say he doesn’t have more beneath his sleeves?”

The audiences spiritedly discussed the battle for a time. They had even greater expectations for a continuously changing battle in the ring.

“What do we do, Palace Head? This nine layered ice mountain…”

Palace Head Dan Chi pondered and said, “This nine layered ice mountain is extraordinarily powerful. Even an earth sage expert would suffer an enormous blow if they were forced to take on an attack of that caliber. Let’s just watch for now.”

Right now, Dan Chi was hoping that Jiang Chen would give him another pleasant surprise. If Jiang Chen could deal with Wang Han’s Giant Icebears, then he might not necessarily falter in the face of that nine layered ice mountain. As expected, Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Wang Han’s smug face, “Now what do we have here? Is this the grave that you’ve prepared for yourself? I have to admit that it looks pretty spectacular.”

Everyone beneath the ring felt lightheaded when they heard his words. This Mu Gaoqi sure was composed in the face of such a situation! They couldn’t believe that he could still crack a joke in this situation. Or… could it be that he still had a trump card just like the others had predicted? In that case, this battle would surely be very interesting. This battle had already risen to the level of the final match of this Grand Ceremony.

“Brat, you should rein in your tongue. I, Wang Han, guarantee that this is the last chance you’ll even have to spout nonsense! Face your doom!” Wang Hang viciously brought his hand down, bringing the nine layered ice mountain to slowly descend on Jiang Chen. It was so large that as it drew closer, it looked like the sky itself was collapsing on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, “How unfortunate. I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you.”

Not only did Jiang Chen not make a move to evade the enormous mountain of ice, his aura flared as his golden body grew even bigger. He grew to a twelve meter tall golden giant in an instant.

He extended a glowing hand and summoned the magnetic golden mountain. An even more majestic golden mountain appeared beneath the nine layered ice mountain.

“What is that?”

“No way! He’s practically slapping Wang Han’s face.”

“It most definitely is! Wang Han summons giant bears, he summons golden armored warriors. Wang Han summons an ice mountain, he summons a metal mountain. This is a tooth for a tooth, not giving up an inch of ground!”

“This golden mountain looks so majestic. It’s just as strong as that nine layered ice mountain!”

“Wang Han has quite met his match this time.”

“This Mu Gaoqi is truly astounding. It would seem that Regal Pill Palace is overflowing with geniuses lately.”

The audiences’ exclamations kept coming one after another. They had all been conquered by the flow of this battle. Every change in the battle’s development had taken their emotions on enormous ups and downs. As Jiang Chen’s image grew larger, just like the audience, Wang Han too nearly doubted his eyes as the magnetic golden mountain appeared. He almost thought that Jiang Chen was purposely messing with him!

Don’t tell me he has all the skills I have?

Why does this all look so ridiculous?

Wang Jianyu finally lost his cool and yelled, “Wang Han, be careful! There’s no need to keep fighting!”

Wang Jianyu was truly a sky sage realm expert. His perception of danger was extremely sensitive, and he’d immediately detected a great amount of danger from Jiang Chen. He couldn’t help but warn Wang Han. Wang Han was not only the top genius in the Sacred Sword Palace, but also his direct grandson. If anything were to happen to Wang Han, then all of Wang Jianyu’s efforts would go to waste. It was an incredibly difficult task to nurture a successor as outstanding as Wang Han.

However, Wang Han was furious when he heard Wang Jianyu’s advice. Even the sect master doesn’t believe I can win? Suddenly, Wang Han’s irritation boiled over. He roared loudly and swung both arms down, “Die, Mu Gaoqi!”

The nine layered ice mountain crashed down fiercely on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen didn’t bat an eye as he casually waved his arm. The magnetic golden mountain turned into a beam of golden light as it shot towards the nine layered ice mountain.

The golden light broke straight through the nine layered ice mountain’s first layer. Golden light flashed from within the ice mountain as it bounced around inside. The flashes continued as the ice mountain still fell through the air.

When it looked certain that Jiang Chen had no hope left, a loud rumble echoed through the air. The golden flashes winked out for a second, and abruptly exploded outward like a supernova. The nine layered mountain shattered into a million shards. Shattered ice fragments rained down on the ground, the combatants, and the stunned audience. Jiang Chen opened his palm, and the magnetic golden mountain, looking none the worse for wear, shot towards to him in a beam of golden light, gently coming to a stop in the middle of his palm.

“What other trump cards do you have, Wang Han?” Jiang Chen smiled as he stared at Wng Han. This nine layered ice mountain was Wang Han’s final move. He’d never imagined that it would ever be broken by his opponent, let alone turned into fragments like an eggshell. A hint of panic finally flashed across his face.

“If you have nothing else to pull out, then I’ll send you on your way!” Jiang Chen drew a slash in the air with a finger, and a terrifyingly powerful air current streaked towards Wang Han’s neck. “Galaxy Slash!”

His attack was aimed at Wang Han’s neck; he’d  made up his mind to reap his life by beheading him.

How could Wang Jianyu possibly maintain his composure at such a moment? Without warning, he unsheathed a sword and threw it towards Jiang Chen’s Galaxy Slash. At the same time, his other hand grabbed at the air, pulling Wang Han forcibly from the arena.

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