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Chapter 637: The Young Master Has Ascended to the Sage Realm?

One had to say, although Palace Head Dan Chi’s strength was nothing more than a wisp of smoke in front of the Ninesuns Sky Sect, his ambitions and magnanimity, as well as vision, were all things that were worthy of Jiang Chen’s admiration. It was a true achievement for a sect head to be such a martyr, even temporarily. Only those who could be so resolute and decisive held the truest hope of reaching the stars they aim for.

“Palace Head, although the Sky Sect is strong, they still pale in comparison to the ancient sects. I trust that if the Sky Sect purposefully suppresses the Myriad Domain, it will be reviled beneath the heavens. Even if it is capable of consolidating its power in short order, it will not be able to hold onto that power for long.” Although Jiang Chen didn’t know what the Sky Sect’s plans were, he believed that the Divine Abyss Continent wasn’t a place where they could simply could dictate order. What he was most worried about wasn’t the Sky Sect, but the legendary ancient demon race. Moreover, his worries weren’t without ground.

He’d once returned to his old home, the territory of Jiang Han, in the Eastern Kingdom. He’d run into an odd event on its lands, discovered by his younger cousin Jiang Yu. The spirit herbs on a certain patch of land had ripened overnight. This matter had left a deep impression on Jiang Chen, and he’d sent men to investigate. Although the investigation hadn’t been very thorough, it was enough to indicate various types of strange sealing power hidden in that area.

Jiang Chen had been weak back then, so he hadn’t looked deeply into the matter. However, even then he’d been able to conclude that it was a gravely ill portent. So now that he thought back on it, it was quite possible that the sixteen kingdom alliance was a place where the demons were sealed.

Looking at it more closely, it was now apparent to him that the omen was quite frightening. If it took shape, it was possible that even the Myriad Domain, much less the Eastern Kingdom, would not be able to bear the results. In addition, Jiang Chen had bumped into a spirit creature called Mang Qi in the Boundless Catacombs when undergoing the Hidden Dragon Trials in the Eastern Kingdom. That had also been a strange place.

It looked like Mang Qi had been sealed there since ancient times, but it was still alive. How many years had passed since then? If Mang Qi was merely a first level spirit realm creature, how could it live for so long? The lifespans of spirit creatures were longer than humans, but not to such a ridiculous extent!

If he thought about it carefully, the Boundless Catacombs that Mang Qi had resided in were also full of peculiarities. Jiang Chen could almost be certain now that the spirit creature’s display of power back then had just been the barest tip of the iceberg. Its true strength was absolutely not that simple. A spirit realm creature from the ancient times would never be able to survive the ravages of time to live until now. Even the king of tortoises wouldn’t live for so long. It seemed that the Eastern Kingdom had truly hidden many bizarre riddles. Back then, his ability only in the true qi realm, Jiang Chen only had a shallow understanding of most things and hadn’t delved deeply into them. With what he knew now, a careful appraisal of the events had revealed all the inexplicably bizarre points. Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t forget that he had a promise with Mang Qi that he would try to save it from its seal, “The Great Formation of Myriad Souls Confinement”.

“The Great Formation of Myriad Souls Confinement?” Jiang Chen’s eyelid suddenly twitched as he remembered something.

Palace Head Dan Chi started when he saw Jiang Chen’s strange action. However, Jiang Chen didn’t say anything as he grabbed at his head with both hands, thinking furiously. He hadn’t had much of an impression when Mang Qi had first mentioned the “Great Formation of Myriad Souls Confinement”. But now that it had crossed his mind once again, he remembered that the journals of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect had mentioned this formation. They’d spoken of an exceedingly strong sealing formation that the sect hadn’t been able to set up by its own strength alone. The notes had said that the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect had combined efforts from a few other formation sects to set up a “Great Formation of Myriad Souls Confinement”. As he connected the dots, Jiang Chen suddenly felt sweat pour down his back.

“Can it be… can it be that Mang Qi is one of the ancient demons…” Jiang Chen felt that he’d plunged into an icy cavern. He really did feel a cold draft on his back. He’d made a heavenly oath that he’d help Mang Qi break free! If that spirit creature was really of the ancient demon race… then hadn’t he been tricked by Mang Qi?!

However, Mang Qi had also sworn that if Jiang Chen helped it break out of its shackles, it would recognize Jiang Chen as its master and listen to the boy’s bidding. He too had sworn a heavenly oath.

The more Jiang Chen thought, the more of a headache he had. However, with things the way they were now, there wasn’t much point to thinking too much about this now. His current level of strength wasn’t enough to evoke more than a lazy swat from the Ninesuns Sky Sect, much less the ancient demon tribes.

“Palace Head, we need to make quite a few preparations in advance of the Myriad Grand Ceremony.” Jiang Chen brought the topic back to the upcoming event.

“Mm. The Grand Ceremony is in half a month. I’ll make some preparations during this time. Jiang Chen, you’ll be the focus of attention. Don’t reveal yourself for now, let’s make our decisions accordingly later.”

Jiang Chen’s status was exceedingly awkward at the moment. Those of the six great sects would be holding a certain prejudice against him because of what’d happened in the ancient pill garden. Jiang Chen’s name had also entered into the Sky Sect’s vision time and time again. Perhaps that sect already had their eyes set on Jiang Chen. Thus, Palace Head Dan Chi didn’t want Jiang Chen to easily expose himself.

Jiang Chen wasn’t much interested in the Myriad Grand Ceremony. However, there was a martial sparring aspect to it in which the winners could enter the Paramount Realm. He was really looking forward to the realm.

The Paramount Realm was where the emperor realm cultivators in Myriad Domain history released the essence of their lives in their last moments, leaving behind the purest essence of their martial dao. Such a place would have traces of the cultivator’s martial spirit. It would be a fortuitous occurrence to any cultivator who could inherit the martial dao comprehension of an emperor realm cultivator. Jiang Chen naturally wanted to go try his luck.

Although he had the memories of his past life, there was much Jiang Chen didn’t understand about this world’s experts. Since he had the opportunity to understand them further, Jiang Chen didn’t want to pass it up! The two agreed in the end that if no other mishaps arose, Jiang Chen would participate in the Myriad Grand Ceremony.

“Jiang Chen, the sect has been arguing nonstop the past couple of days over the sky rank spirit herbs that you’ve gifted to the sect. Let’s not announce your return just yet, I’m afraid Elder Lian Cheng will want the sky rank spirit herbs in your possession.” Although Palace Head Dan Chi knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t necessarily afraid of Elder Lian Cheng, he still didn’t want the two to erupt in open hostilities out of consideration for the sect.

It didn’t matter to Jiang Chen either way, and he smiled. “I’ll return to my residence and then make a trip to senior sister Bi’er’s residence. I promised to help cure her father’s poison three years ago. Who would’ve thought that this matter would drag on until now!”

“Haha, good! A man’s word is worth its weight in gold.” Dan Chi looked admiringly at Jiang Chen and clapped his disciple’s shoulder. “Go on back first!”

Jiang Chen rose to take his leave. When he reached the mouth of the Rosy Valley, he had no other recourse but to pretend that he was Mu Gaoqi to fool the guards. They didn’t take a close look at him either, just seeing a figure flash by in front of them.

“Eh, was that senior brother Mu Gaoqi just now?”

“I think so, but when did senior brother Mu Gaoqi become so fast?”

“I think it’s weird too. I heard that senior brother Mu Gaoqi is in closed door cultivation, attempting to assail the sky origin realm. Are the rumors false?” The guards chattered at each other as they were completely baffled by the situation. If Mu Gaoqi was in closed door cultivation, why would he appear at the mouth of the Valley?

When it came to Mu Gaoqi, the guards’ tone were full of respect and reverence. They weren’t talking about the cowardly and shrinking Mu Gaoqi of yesteryear, but a true top genius of the sect. The sect had fully excavated Mu Gaoqi’s potential as an innate wood constitution, and had tailored a cultivation path for him to greatly enhance his martial dao level.

Over the past two years, his innate wood constitution had been aptly developed and he’d bounded from third level origin realm to the point of trying for the sky origin realm. His rate of improvement was the most furious one in the Regal Pill Palace in the last two years.

Equally crazed was Tang Hong of the Precious Tree Sect. After undergoing a baptism in the wood spirit spring and receiving many benefits from Jiang Chen, his already strong potential had once again taken a large step forward. Add his decidedly mad bent when training to the mix and he too had made large strides forward to peak fifth level origin realm in the past two years. His cultivation level was catching up to Lordmaster Ye Chonglou!

However, Ye Chonglou was different from Tang Hong. Although both had been baptized in the wood spirit spring, Jiang Chen had gifted dragon blood and crystals to Ye Chonglou. The latter’s miraculous rate of improvement had been because he’d refined the dragon blood. On the other hand, Tang Hong had made it to the fifth level origin realm purely on the basis of excavated potential. This kind of cultivation speed was one that even the best geniuses in the Regal Pill Palace might be hard pressed to match.

When Jiang Chen arrived at the entrance to his residence and saw everything in order, his heart settled with relief. Over the past two years, he’d been most afraid that something might’ve happened at home.

Thankfully, everything was still peaceful.

Huang’er was playing the “Ethereal Soothing Melody” within the residence when her strings of her qin suddenly vibrated. A trace of delight flashed through her clear eyes as she dampened the strings with both hands, then ran out barefoot. “Sir Jiang?”

Jiang Chen smiled to see Huang’er walk out barefoot. “Miss Huang’er, your ‘Ethereal Soothing Melody’ has truly reached the peak of an ethereal realm after two years.”

Huang’er laughed softly, “You’re finally back.”

Figures began to dash out from the residence one by one. It was first Ye Chonglou, then Gouyu and Xuetong, then all the other personal guards… everyone was delighted to see Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, you… you…” Ye Chonglou stared at Jiang Chen, surprise brimming from his eyes. “Your cultivation…”

“Congratulations to Sir Jiang for ascending to the sage realm.” Huang’er smiled charmingly.

Everyone was stunned, and then was immediately overcome with joy. It’d been two years since they’d seen the young master, but now that they had, he was already in the sage realm! One had to the know that even the most exemplary genius, Shen Qinghong, had only broken through to the sage realm in the past two years. Jiang Chen had only entered the Rosy Valley three years ago, and had only been first level origin realm then. But now, three years later, he was of the sage realm!

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