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Chapter 633: Jiang Chen’s Departure

There were quite a few nice things in Cao Jin’s storage ring. Apart from the two emperor level spirit equipment of the Ocean Cover Sword and the Moonshatter Awl, there were many more precious items. Multiple martial techniques, all sorts of pills, and quite a few talismans. There was even a sky rank spirit herb and a few earth rank spirit herbs!

Jiang Chen wasn’t that enthused about the martial techniques since he had all sorts of divine systems already in his mind, so he could tailor any sort of technique he cared to practice for himself. As for the pills, although the pills of a first rank sect were quite good, they weren’t to the point where they would cause Jiang Chen to drool over them. It was rather the sky and earth rank spirit herbs that had given Jiang Chen an unexpected delight. Of course, what he liked most were the dozen or so talismans.

They were all different types; some for attacking, some for movement, and some for defense. Although there weren’t any as incredible as the Apocalyptic Darklightning Rune, the level of these talismans weren’t that low either. Jiang Chen unceremoniously put them all away. These would become vital tools in his arsenal when he faced off against enemies in the future.

As for the fatty’s storage ring, it greatly depressed Jiang Chen. The fatty had come prepared, so his storage ring was empty. There was almost nothing of any value. Jiang Chen was so irritated after finding out that he almost threw it away. The second rank pill king he’d killed off first had had the same thoughts as the fatty. His storage ring was almost empty as well because he’d been afraid some accident would happen. His ring only contained some of the spirit herbs he’d harvested since entering the mountain, apart from his identity medallion as second rank pill king.  

“It looks like these two were also on their guard against Cao. They didn’t bring any of their treasures with them.” Jiang Chen identified the crux of the problem after a brief moment.

He wasn’t overly excited about doing away with the three invading Sky Sect disciples. Matters wouldn’t end because they’d perished, and in fact might even worsen things from here on. The instant the Tristar Sect had revealed the secret, the Myriad Domain was destined to no longer enjoy peace. Destroying these three might’ve just added fuel to the flames. However, Jiang Chen had had no other recourse. These three would’ve killed him had he not killed them. Jiang Chen wouldn’t have disregarded his personal safety out of consideration for the Myriad Domain, not to mention that the Sky Sect’s designs on the Myriad Domain wouldn’t stop just because Jiang Chen refrained from killing these three.

“That these three could enter the forbidden area means that the formation on the outskirts of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect has really declined in power since ancient times. Otherwise, it would be exceedingly difficult for even an emperor realm expert to forcefully crack open a rift in that formation.”

According to the notes in the sect’s journals, the formation on the outskirts could defend against Great Titled Emperors at the very least. Only empyrean cultivators would be able to break through the formation on the outskirts. But now it looked like the various blockages in the spirit veins powering the formation, formed as the aeons passed, had still affected the formation’s power in the end. Before Jiang Chen had seen those notes, he’d thought this formation was everlasting and enduring.

Using the three Sky Sect disciples as a standard, Jiang Chen understood that the formation on the outskirts was at less than a tenth of its peak form, possibly even less than one twentieth. But, it wasn’t beyond repair. As long as he could unclog the spirit veins beneath the formation and repair the fragmented parts, the formation could still return to its peak condition. However, it wasn’t something that could be accomplished in one night, and Jiang Chen naturally had no time to attend to it now.

Besides, the three fellows had only barged into the ancient herb garden, such had been their limits. This was only the very outskirts of the ruins of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect. Its true heart would only reveal itself after going through the formation on the altar. Even Great Titled Emperors would have almost no hope of barging in, much less these three young disciples.

Jiang Chen still decided to leave the mountain and return to the Regal Pill Palace for a look. Having been absent for two years, he really was impatient to go back.

In a secret location of the Ninesuns Sky Sect. Tens of thousands of soul lamps dotted the room.

They all belonged to the most important personages of the Sky Sect. The highest of them were naturally the heavyweights of the sect, such as the sect head, elders, manor heads, high level inspectors, and the division heads of the larger divisions. The soul lamps of the young geniuses were located to the right. The elders’ lamps were tinged green, and the young geniuses, a red hue.

This location was one of the forbidden zones of the Sky Sect. Entrance into this location required a special medallion, and those in charge were higher level administrators.

On this day, the patrolling administrator suddenly heard a sharp crack as a red soul lamp shattered. Whenever this forbidding sound rang out, it meant that one of the sect had perished. Those who could have a lantern here were all important people in the sect. They were either heavyweights or geniuses, the present and future of the sect. Therefore, every lamp being taken care of here was very important.

When the administrator heard the lamp shatter, his heart jumped and he took a hasty look at the name on the shattered lamp. It was Shi Zhen.

“Shi Zhen? Second rank pill king Shi Zhen?” The administrator’s heart spasmed. When it came to Shi Zhen, he was at most a psuedo first-rate genius in terms of martial dao, but absolutely the pinnacle when it came to pill dao. It was why he had the right to place his soul lamp here, and in a position closer to the front at that. The further ahead one’s placement was, the higher their position.

The administrator sighed when he saw Shi Zhen’s soul lamp shatter. Sigh, a second rank pill king! Such a young pill king absolutely had the ability to ascend to sixth, even seventh rank pill king! The heavens envy the talented. What a pity for Shi Zhen.

Although he was surprised, the administrator wasn’t in a hurry to make a report. He planned on notifying his superiors only when his shift was over. After all, although Shi Zhen’s position wasn’t low, it wasn’t to the point where the sect had to tremble because he’d perished. As a Sky Sect disciple, it was a common thing for one or two to be lost when they travelled about outside. No one usually minded if their status wasn’t too high up.

Half an hour passed, and another crisp shattering sound rang out. The administrator’s heart spasmed again. What’s going on? What kind of day is this? Why are there two lamps shattering on the same day?

It was a very rare occurrence for two lamps to shatter on the same day. This would only happen if the sect was at war, but the sect hadn’t declared war on anyone recently. The administrator scrambled for a look and saw that it was formation genius Wu Zheng who’d fallen.

“Wu Zheng? That fat head with the big ears? Wait, this kid is more cowardly than a rat, and more cautious than a fox, how could he…”

The administrator almost wondered by now if a mistake had been made. Fatty Wu Zheng was like a turtle, and usually kept his head and limbs inside his shell.

“Odd, so odd. A pill dao genius and a formation genius. Am I seeing ghosts?” The administrator murmured to himself, his expression growing ugly as he wondered if he should make an early report. After all, it was a bit out of the ordinary for two geniuses to perish in one day.

However, he immediately discarded this thought. After all, he had a great responsibility to look after the soul lamps, and it was a great taboo to leave his station for no reason. “Forget it, the life and death of these two aren’t enough to affect the sect’s fortunes. There’s no need to overreact. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence?”

After much waffling, the administrator held fast to his decision to make the report after his shift was over. However, the stunning matters still weren’t over with. Just as he’d regained his calm, another soul lamp shattered with a crisp sound.

The lamp that shattered this time caused the administrator to leap straight up in the air. It was one in the first row of the young geniuses! When he took a closer look, he saw that it was one that was ranked ninth!

“Cao Jin? Cao Jin of the ten great disciples?” The administrator couldn’t remain calm anymore. He’d realized that something major had happened. Three young disciples had perished within a day. He could overlook the first two, but the third was no trifling character. He was one of the ten great disciples! Someone perishing on this level would absolutely send ripples throughout the entire sect.

After all, there were more than a million young geniuses. Those who could emerge from their countless number to make it into the top ten were incredible, whether in terms of potential or fortune. It was absolutely a grave matter that a genius of that sort had fallen, not to mention that Cao Jin had a venerated master. He was the personal disciple of Elder Chen Lei, one of the four venerated elders of the Sky Sect. The four venerated elders were second only to the sect head, the grand inspector, and on par with the vice sect heads. That such a personage had finally raised a disciple who ranked in the top ten, but had now perished for seemingly no reason—the administrator felt horrified at the very thought. He didn’t even know how to make the report.

However, he knew that he couldn’t drag this matter out. The longer he did, the more trouble he’d be in. And so, he didn’t hesitate and instructed one of his men, “Keep watch over this place, I’m making a trip to headquarters.”

“What?! Say that again!” Elder Chen Lei almost thought something had gone wrong with his ears when he heard the administrator’s report.

“I… I… this subordinate was keeping watch over the soul lamps and saw that… Sir Cao Jin’s soul lamp had shattered.” The administrator’s teeth were chattering in the face of Elder Chen Lei’s terrifying aura.

Elder Chen Lei surged to his feet . A look that seemed like it would devour everything shot out of his eyes as he grabbed the administrator, flying towards where the soul lamps were kept.

Fifteen minutes later, Elder Chen Lei’s enraged howl reverberated throughout the entire sect. Various heads poked out of residences, as members of the sect began to wonder. Exactly what incredible thing had happened in their sect?


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