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Chapter 623: Challenging the Tower of Inheritance

Jiang Chen had completed all his preparations as he stood beneath the foot of the tower of inheritance. He would challenge the tower, receive the inheritance, and leave the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect’s sacred grounds. Jiang Chen entered the tower while keeping these goals in mind.

Jiang Chen felt like he had entered into another independent world upon entering the tower. Inside the tower was enshrined a statue in the likeness of one of the ancestors from the Ancestor Cliff. The statue seemed full of wisdom. There was a smile on his face with one hand forming a mudra. He stood in the middle of this floor and looked at the surrounding walls. There were various strange tadpole-like runes carved on the walls. As Jiang Chen inspected the runes, they levitated into the air and started wiggling like countless moving worms.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen found that the surrounding area had been locked down. The entire tower was now completely isolated from the outside world, and the door he entered through had vanished utterly. The floor beneath Jiang Chen shook in the next moment, and he lowered his head to see himself standing in the center of a circle. An enormous turntable that was divided into eighths radiated out from the disk.

A voice sounded out from the ancestor statue at this time –

“Successor, welcome to the tower of inheritance. By entering this tower, you’ve proven that you’ve reached the initial requirements of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect in terms of strength, comprehension and affinity. Whether you can become the successor of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect’s heritage will depend on your following performance.

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