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Chapter 617: Ninth Level Origin Realm

“Envoy Weizi, as of today, our Tristar Sect no longer exists, our territory is divided and our resources raided. It can be said that we possess nothing. Just… just when will this set up of yours be complete?” Zhu Changsheng grumbled like a nagging wife. He’d recently been living a rat’s life, hiding hither and thither everyday. It was really difficult for him to continue remaining calm.

Weizi Kua smiled faintly, “It should be finished soon. How long until the Myriad Grand Ceremony?”

“Myriad Grand Ceremony? There should be about nine months left. Could it be, the Sky Sect’s plans are… are to suppress the five great sects during the Myriad Grand Ceremony?” Zhu Changsheng’s face was filled with doubt.

Weizi Kua shook his head casually. “It would be too boring if the plan was that simple. Sigh, the Ninesuns Sky Sect had originally raised your Tristar Sect with plans of obtaining insider cooperation from you. Who’d have thought… that our plans would lag behind present circumstances. But that’s fine. When the time comes, you’ll still be able to stand out and represent the Myriad Domain. Division Master Zhu, relax, your sacrifice has been noted by the Sky Sect. When the time comes, your reward will definitely be greater than your present loss!”

Zhu Changsheng’s mood turned despondent instead. “Envoy Weizi, there’s only you and me here. Can’t you give me even a little hint? Moreover, in my opinion, if you’re just seeking to suppress the five great sects, why do it at the Myriad Grand Ceremony? I keep thinking that if that was your Sky Sect’s plan, the plan would be far too simple. Moreover, you wouldn’t need to wait that long.”

Weizi Kua’s tone turned grave. “Do you think so little of the Sky Sect’s intellect? Whatever ideas you have, do you think the Sky Sect hasn’t thought of them?”

“Then… then just what kind of plan is it?” Zhu Changsheng decided to smash everything and ask until the matter was clear.

Weizi Kua sighed, “Division Master Zhu, it wasn’t time to tell you yet, but since you’ve asked, I’ll reveal a little bit. This is only between you and me. The other members of the Tristar Sect have no need to know. Too many chefs spoil the broth, if our secret is revealed, neither you nor I can bear the burden of the consequences.”

Zhu Changsheng responded gravely. “Don’t worry, Envoy Weizi. Am I, Zhu Changsheng, the kind of person who cannot recognize the weight of a matter?”

“Alright. The Sky Sect has settled on the day of the Myriad Grand Ceremony. The reason for that is because that ceremony holds special meaning for the Myriad Domain. Even until today, every sect in the Myriad Domain has remained unresigned to the reality that their domain has declined. In their hearts, their dreams of rebuilding of the glorious Myriad Empire have never been shattered. Does Division Master Zhu agree with me on this?”

Zhu Changsheng nodded. “It’s true. Although no sect has said it, I reckon that ambitions of rebuilding their glorious era are all on their minds.”

“In order to rebuild the glories of yesteryear, what do you think the Myriad Domain lacks the most?” Weizi Kua smiled as he asked.

“Lacks the most?” Zhu Changsheng laughed ruefully. “To tell the truth, too many things are lacking. Firstly, heavyweights who can shoulder the area. Without some emperor realm heavyweights, rebuilding the glorious era is naught but a dream. Actually, after the Great Scarlet Mid Region’s assault a few hundred years ago more or less pillaged every valuable resource of the Myriad Empire. Hence, as of now, the Myriad Domain is at the very bottom in terms of resources amongst the Lower Regions. Another thing would be our number of young geniuses waiting in the wings. Although each sect is doing their best to nurture geniuses, their numbers and aptitude is a far cry from what they had been at the peak of our glory…”

In the end, they lacked heavyweights, resources and talent.

Weizi Kua replied with a smile, “Everything you said can be detected by a discerning eye. But you’ve missed the most important point.”

“Oh? Then, please educate me.” Zhu Changsheng was rather curious since he’d thought that he presented a well-rounded argument.

“To return the Myriad Domain to its former glory, the most important is to re-establish the empire, re-establish a royal family. Let me ask you, in the current Myriad Domain, which sect fits the bill the most and possesses the most resources?” Weizi Kua returned his question.

“In terms of power, the Great Cathedral is top. But they’re only stronger by a hair. They don’t have the absolute power to rule.” Zhu Changsheng said subconsciously.

“That’s right. Then what the Myriad Domain lacks now are talents and qualifications. There is no one who possesses more qualifications than the others.”

Zhu Changhsheng nodded. It was true that none of the various sects of the Myriad Domain possessed absolute power to make their words the law. As of now, if one sect spoke of re-establishing an imperial regime, it would be simply impossible to persuade the other sects to follow.

“We definitely lack qualifications. But, how is this related to your plan?” Zhu Changsheng asked.

“I’ll tell you all of this slowly. Since you lack qualifications, then we will provide this qualification. I heard that when Myriad Domain was destroyed by the Great Scarlet Mid Region, the two most important tokens, the Imperial Jade Seal and the Dragon Seal were lost without a trace. The Great Scarlet Mid Region searched everywhere but could not recover them. There is such a thing, no?” Weizi Kua was completely at ease.

Zhu Changsheng nodded. “Yes, there is.”

“Then, if these two things showed up during the Myriad Grand Ceremony, will the people of the Great Scarlet Mid Region possibly just sit back and watch?” There was something sinister lurking in Weizi Kua’s words.

“The Great Scarlet Mid Region has seemed to stop interfering with the Myriad Domain’s matters in recent centuries,” Zhu Changsheng replied.

“The reason they haven’t interfered is because they feel that the Myriad Domain will never rise again. The domain never be a threat to their power again. If the Imperial Jade Seal and Dragon Seal show up again, someone will certainly talk about rebuilding the Myriad Empire. If that happens, will the Great Scarlet Mid Region still ignore the Myriad Domain then?”

Zhu Changsheng was left speechless. The Great Scarlet Mid Region wasn’t afraid of the Myriad Domain but they didn’t want their enemy to rise from the ashes again. The best way was to severe every possibility of revenge at its roots. Zhu Changsheng could vaguely guess at the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s plans. To put it plainly, they were planning to incite the Great Scarlet mid Region into once again butting heads with the Myriad Domain, after which they would step in and collect their profits.

In that case, not only could they berate the Great Scarlet Mid Region in the name of justice, they could also establish a presence in the Myriad Domain under the righteous flag of assistance.

Zhu Changsheng laughed ruefully, “Such a painstakingly-crafted plan could have been put into action a few hundred years ago when the Great Scarlet Mid Region first ransacked the Myriad Empire.”

“Wrong! That event happened too fast. The Sky Sect didn’t have time to respond. In addition, the Sky Sect was entangled with several other powers and could not spare any remaining energy to interfere. And the Great Scarlet Mid Region destroyed the Myriad Empire in the name of revenge. Their cause was justified so the Sky Sect could not blame anyone. But if the Great Scarlet Mid Region invaded again several hundred years later for no proper reason, that would be encroachment. This nature would be different. There would sufficient reason for the Sky Sect to interfere then.”

Zhu Changsheng had been spontaneously enlightened as he suddenly understood the details of the plan. To put it plainly, in this plan, not only the Tristar Sect, but also the various sects of the Myriad Domain and even the Great Scarlet Mid Region had become the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s pawns. The Sky Sect had woven a marvelous web using the threads of malice between the Great Scarlet Mid Region and the Myriad Domain.

It had to be said that this plan was not only subtle but also guaranteed to work.

The Great Scarlet Mid Region didn’t need any preparations because the moment they knew of the reappearance of the Imperial Jade Seal and Dragon Seal in the Myriad Domain, they would definitely involve themselves. They would not allow the Myriad Domain to rise and start again.

The Sky Sect had chosen the Myriad Grand Ceremony as the core of this plan. The grandiose Myriad Grand Ceremony commemorated the Myriad Empire and reminisced its glorious age. It paid homage to the Myriad Empire and relived its wondrous history. This was a provocation for the Great Scarlet Mid Region. If the Great Scarlet Mid Region had not looked down on the sects of the Myriad Domain, they would have invaded long ago.

Once the Great Scarlet Mid Region discovered the reappearance of the Imperial Jade Seal and Dragon Seal, wouldn’t they be bound to suspect that Myriad Domain harbored goals of revival? In that case, it’d be a wonder if they didn’t come interfere in the Myriad Domain then.

Although Zhu Changhsheng understood the overall plan, there was still a point of confusion for him. “Envoy Weizi, the so-called Imperial Jade Seal and Dragon Seal, have they already fallen into the Sky Sect’s hands?”

Weizi Kua laughed raucously before he shook his head. “How could it have fallen into the Sky Sect’s hands?”

“But… but then, aren’t these two items the heart of the plan? When the Myriad Grand Ceremony comes, aren’t these two items going to resurface?”

“Objects are inanimate, but humans are not. Those two things might have long since disappeared from this world. Since the original objects haven’t been seen for hundreds of years, it’s not difficult to create two identical copies. What these two objects represent is far more important than their actual use. To put it plainly, we want to use the meaning behind these two objects. As for whether they are real or fake, that’s secondary.”

Zhu Changsheng was dumbfounded. He finally understood why the Ninesuns Sky Sect was this calm. Wasn’t it quite easy to create two duplicates?


Another half year has passed within the sacred grounds of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect.

Jiang Chen had gained so much from his daily cultivation that he felt completely immersed in his training. Although he’d been trapped here for over a year, Jiang Chen seemed to forget about his surroundings the moment he entered a cultivation mindset. He might desire to leave this place with all his heart, but cultivating in this place made Jiang Chen feel like a fish in water.

In another half a year, his power had once again surged through another break through.

Ninth level origin realm!

Two months ago, Jiang Chen had once again transcended the natural order to step into the ninth level origin realm. In the two months since he’d broken through, Jiang Chen had been working his hardest to join the ranks of peak ninth level origin realm. As of today, he had already caught up to Shen Qinghong in terms of pure martial ability, a mere half step away from sage realm.

However, although they were both at the peak of ninth level sage realm, Jiang Chen was far superior to Shen Qinghong in terms of both combat ability and knowledge of the dao. Through this roughly two years of cultivation in the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect, Jiang Chen had experienced an explosive growth in his combat ability.

His arts had been reinforced in every way. The treasures he’d received had also continuously opened up new avenues of power. As of today, Jiang Chen could face even Ding Tong head on without fear if the latter was still alive, to speak nothing of first level sage realm cultivators like Wang Han.

Even if he couldn’t triumph in victory, he certainly wouldn’t be defeated. His chances of victory should be fifty-fifty. Even if Jiang Chen might not be a match for sky sage realm experts, he could definitely cut a graceful escape path.

“I still have nine months to break through to sage realm, receive the inheritance and master the key of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect’s overall formation. Then, I can leave this place and return to the Regal Pill Palace… I must, must make it in time for the Myriad Grand Ceremony.” Jiang Chen had been working hard towards this goal for two years. He had a nagging premonition that something enormous would happen at this time’s Myriad Grand Ceremony!

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