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Chapter 615: Disbandment of the Tristar Sect

Fortunately, this was Jiang Chen. His power of perception was extremely strong. Adding that to the memories and knowledge he gained from his previous life, he faced no difficulties at all when trying to understand the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect’s formation techniques. After all, the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect was strong, but ultimately incomparable to the level in which Jiang Chen had been in in his previous life. The knowledge that Jiang Chen possessed from before still far surpassed that of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect.

Therefore, Jiang Chen did not face any trouble when deciphering the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect’s formations. Even if there were occasionally some difficulties, he did not need to meditate much on them. Some slight thinking was enough for him to master the formation entirely. This advantage allowed Jiang Chen to take to formations like a fish to water.

If it was any other youth in the Divine Abyss Continent, even if the strongest prodigy of the Upper Eight Regions entered this place, they would need at least one or two hundred years to completely master the inheritance left by the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect. Only Jiang Chen was qualified to complete everything in the span of three years. Because his knowledge reached far and wide, he stood on a platform above everyone else. To put it in perspective, this was akin to asking a Titled Great Emperor to decipher some sage realm techniques. There was naturally no difficulty. But if it was an origin realm cultivator was asked to solve a sage realm technique, the level of difficulty would naturally be enormous.

In this lifetime, Jiang Chen’s cultivation resources could not compare to those top tier prodigies, and neither could his physical conditions and upbringing. But his memories of his previous life gave him a unique advantage that no prodigy could possibly match.


The Myriad Domain had been rather chaotic recently, and the eye of the storm was the Tristar Sect.

Strange things had begun to happen repeatedly to the sect starting roughly three months ago. One day, a certain elder of the Tristar Sect, who had shut himself in secluded cultivation, was suddenly mysteriously struck by lightning. He was instantly killed, his body burnt into a crisp. A few days later, the gates of the Tristar Sect were shattered after being suddenly struck by numerous meteorites. The most exaggerated event was that several days after that, the high level experts of the sect were holding a conference in the main hall of the sect when countless blows of lightning struck the hall like torrential rain. A full third of the experts were killed by the lightning! If sect head, Zhu Changsheng, hadn’t reacted quickly enough to pull another elder in front of him as a shield, he would have been killed on the spot as well.

After that, it seemed that various heavenly tribulations would fall on the Tristar Sect every few days. Their members were constantly killed. Even after they sealed off various areas of their sect, these areas and the restrictions on them were still destroyed.

The death counter of the Tristar Sect’s high level experts and geniuses kept rising. The entire sect was enveloped in a sense of danger. They didn’t know which deity they had offended to repeatedly incur this kind of heavenly judgment. Only those who had taken part in Mt. Rippling Mirage Pill Battles knew very clearly that the sect must have violated its heavenly oath, hence resulting in this heavenly tribulation.

The heart of every Tristar Sect member was gripped by various suspicions and terror. It was to the extent that some heavyweights of the sect could no longer endure this kind of atmosphere. They secretly left behind the medallions signaling their sect membership, departed the mountain and bid farewell to the Tristar Sect.

“Sect Head, I’m already old and no longer useful to the sect. Please allow me to depart. Even if you refuse, I will leave quietly on my own.”

“Sect Head, just what kind of shady business is being conducted here? Our Tristar Sect is suddenly the recipient of this heavenly judgment without rhyme or reason? Did you all swear some kind of heavenly oath or make a promise on Mt. Rippling Mirage and break it?”

“That’s right, Sect Head, you must give us an explanation. Otherwise, we can only leave the Tristar Sect for other sects in order to preserve our lives.”

“Yes, who can endure this kind of thing every few days? How can we cultivate when we’re living in fear?! We could be struck dead by lightning at any moment!”

“Indeed, what’s the point of staying in the sect when suffering from this kind of fear? I might as well become a rogue cultivator.”

Various elders of the sect stepped forth one by one to discuss leaving the sect with Zhu Changsheng. He and Elder Tanlang were troubled, but could not speak their mind. They obviously knew where the problem lay but how could they say anything about it? Just as Zhu Changsheng was stammering, trying to think of a more glorious-sounding excuse to defuse the situation, a loud rumbling echoed from outside the gates.

The entire Tristar Sect shook heavily again. Rumble, rumble.

The entire Tristar Sect tottered as though it would collapse at any instant. Someone hastily reported in a while later, “Sect Head, things are looking very bad! Mt. Brightmoon has been struck by lightning and many of the sect’s leading geniuses have perished.”

Mt. Brightmoon could be considered the Rosy Valley of the Regal Pill Palace. It was a place where only geniuses of origin realm and above could enter. These geniuses, including Zhu Feiyang, all temporarily lived atop Mt. Brightmoon. In this period of time, misfortune after misfortune had fallen upon the Tristar Sect. Zhu Changsheng had been praying all along that this heavenly judgment would pass quickly. But judging from the current situation, this retribution wouldn’t stop at all!

Previously, many had been injured and killed, but most of them had been the sect elders, some of whom did not care about sect matters at all. This kind of old fellow only enjoyed sect resources without contributing much. It was fine if they died. Truth be told, Zhu Changsheng didn’t feel very heartbroken at all. But the young geniuses represented the future of the sect. If too many of the geniuses  on Mt Brightmoon died, the Tristar Sect would really be done for.

Although they were no longer called the Tristar Sect, but rather the Tristar Division, the essence of the matter remained the same. How many people did Zhu Changsheng have under him, how many geniuses, how much resources—these were all cards that he could use to bargain with the Ninesuns Sky Sect. If the people he commanded perished, leaving only a leader behind, what use would he be to the Ninesuns Sky Sect then? In that case, what would he have to bargain with the Ninesuns Sky Sect?

At this moment, Zhu Changsheng was truly a little regretful. He really shouldn’t have revealed the secret of the ancient herb garden. Although he had believed Weizi Kua of the Ninesuns Sky Sect, which was why he’d removed the name of the Tristar Sect and accepted the position of a division master to become the Tristar Division, this matter had not been publicly announced. Without a public announcement, this matter was only accepted internally and not by the world.

Zhu Changsheng had previously thought this would be enough to evade heavenly tribulation. Who would have thought that he was only deceiving himself in trying to deceiving others? By now, he really felt that he had dug his own grave.

The most depressing thing was that by revealing the secret of the ancient herb garden, he had dropped a rock on his own foot. Not only had he not received any benefits from the Sky Sect, their one remaining sky rank herb had been extorted from them by Cao Jin, along with a few stalks of earth rank herbs. This situation really made Zhu Changsheng want to cry.

However, in the face of such mass unease, Zhu Changsheng knew that things would truly go sour if he did not put his foot down. He kept pressing his hands downwards as he called out, “Everyone, please calm down for a moment. I guarantee that I will give all of you answers in three days time. Please wait patiently for three days. If the sect has still not answered your questions then, you are free to do as you like without my obstruction.”

Elder Tanlang also replied off on the side. “Everyone, please wait patiently for a bit. If we have still not defused the situation after three days, I, Tan Lang, will take my own life to take responsibility!”

Only when they agreed to this did the complaining elders slowly begin to calm down. Zhu Changsheng glanced meaningfully at Tan Lang before the two of them entered the interior side by side. Elder Tan Lang grumbled angrily the moment they entered one of the secret rooms. “Envoy Weizi, we cannot wait any longer. We need to announce the Tristar Sect’s change in allegiance right now. If not, I’m afraid this heavenly tribulation will never cease!”

Weizi Kua replied coldly, “Announce it now? The Sky Sect has made our plans for such a long time. If you announce it now, wouldn’t that be laying your cards on the table early? What would the Sky Sect do then?”

The veins on Elder Tan Lang’s neck pulsed in his anxiety. “Since the Sky Sect has planned for so long, just when are you going to reveal your plans?! If you’re not going to reveal it now, are you going to announce it all after the Tristar Sect has been exterminated? What would be the point of your plans then?”

Weizi Kua calmly replied, “Laying all our cards down is not possible. The only thing we can do now is to break up the sect until the day we reveal our plans…”

“Impossible! We can’t possibly break up the sect. How would we be qualified to discuss things with your Sky Sect then?!” Elder Tan Lang began to rage.

“Not possible?” Inspector Wei’s tone grew icy. “Tan Lang, are you teaching me how to conduct my matters?”

Elder Tan Lang pushed on despite his difficulties.. “My Tristar Sect has suffered crisis after crisis up to today. Your Sky Sect must at least answer to that, right?”

“I have already told you what to do. Go gather the main members of your Tristar Sect and secretly inform them that you’re part of the Sky Sect from now on. Then, announce that you’re dissolving the sect. When our Sky Sect’s plans have been completed, you can remake the Tristar Division. You have no other choice apart from this.”

Zhu Changsheng’s mouth was filled with bitterness. He truly regretted what he did now. Not only did he regret revealing the secret of the ancient herb garden, he was even more remorseful—what had possessed him to accept the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s poison? To become a pawn of the Ninesuns Sky Sect? However, it was difficult to dismount from a tiger. The Tristar Sect could only allow the Ninesuns Sky Sect to manipulate them as the former pleased.

Weizi Kua was actually fully aware of the Tristar Sect’s sorrows. After all, the Tristar Sect had revealed the secret of the ancient herb garden, but in the end, their only sky rank herb had been snatched by Cao Jin. It was truly a little unjustified to force the Tristar Sect to bear the consequences of revealing their secret. However, Weizi Kua did not dare to meddle with Cao Jin’s actions. Cao Jin had happily returned to the Ninesuns Sky Sect after taking the sky rank herb.

On the other hand, he had to think of ways to appease the Tristar Sect. When he thought carefully about this, he also felt wronged by the situation.


An explosive news rocked the entire Myriad Domain after three days.

The Tristar Sect announced that they were disbanding. From then onwards, the name of the Tristar Sect would be removed from the Myriad Domain! This shocking news seemed to spread like wildfire throughout the entire area in an instant. The other five great sects considered what misfortunes had previously fallen on the Tristar Sect, and added that to the news of their disbandment. On top of that, there was also the assault on the Regal Pill Palace as a result of the leak regarding the ancient herb garden. When all of these were put together, the other five great sects immediately understood that the traitor who revealed the secret of the ancient herb garden must have been the Tristar Sect.

With this, tumultuous waves began to ebb and flow within the Myriad Domain.

The Grand Cathedral immediately sent out messages to the other great sects, gathering them to massacre the Tristar Sect as punishment for their betrayal. But by the time they hurried to the sect, they discovered that the Tristar Sect had already become ruins. The members of the Tristar Sect had disappeared without a trace, and not even the hint of a shadow was in sight. It was as though the hundred thousand disciples of the Tristar Sect had suddenly evaporated from this world.


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