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Chapter 596: Each With Their Own Plots

It was not long after the Walkabout Sect had left that Elder Wu Qi came up to Elder Wu Hen and said, “Daoist Wu Hen, as I see it, the Great Cathedral and the Tristar Sect aren’t going to just let things go. Although they are bound by their heavenly oaths, they are keeping their eye on the Sacred Sword Palace. If that sect succeeds in their revenge, then they will still have a chance to strike. How about our Walkabout Sect also…”

If this was Elder Wu Hen from a few days ago, this kind of reminder like this wasn’t even necessary as he would have already considered different angles and calculated the best strategy. But now, he had no such inclination or interest, so he just lightly smiled, “Wu Qi, have you noticed? Despite the fact that we’ve all been focused on this child for the past few days, none of us were able to do anything to him? This time around, he even managed to fool everyone by being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“So what? He was just lucky.”

“Lucky?” Elder Wu Hen smiled nonchalantly, “In the world of the strong, you can be lucky once, but definitely not twice or thrice. I can guarantee that the Sacred Sword Palace will definitely be unable to deal with Jiang Chen. And if they keep underestimating him, they might even eat another loss! Let’s go, our Walkabout Sect shall not meddle in these muddy waters any longer.”

As Elder Wu Hen was a very shrewd and thoroughly wily old fox, he was able to assess the overall situation without losing his presence of mind. He saw in Jiang Chen an obscured potential. Through his foxy old eyes, this Jiang Chen was definitely not someone whom those in the Myriad Domain could suppress. This child would surely shine brilliantly in his own time.

Unless one could instantly kill him on the spot, forming an enmity with someone like him would lead to endless trouble. Hence, Elder Wu Hen felt that there was no need to continue their feud since the Walkabout Sect had managed to resolve all grievances with Jiang Chen. Otherwise, the Walkabout Sect would never have a day of peace when this child grew into his own.

Past events had already proven that the younger generation of the Walkabout Sect, whether it was Wei Qing or Wei Xing’er, were unable to contend with Jiang Chen despite currently having stronger cultivation. Although there were other talented youngsters in the Walkabout Sect, they still lacked a certain temperament compared to Jiang Chen – the ability to conjure clouds and summon rain with the flip of a hand.

Undoubtedly, Jiang Chen’s previous prudent planning regarding the use of the antidote as a bargaining chip had caused even a vindictive person like Elder Wu Hen to give up on his feud and make a clean break. It wasn’t that he was a magnanimous person, but that he could identify from the details that Jiang Chen had a kind of potential incomparable to that of his peers. Thus, although Elder Wu Hen had guessed Wei Qing had died at Jiang Chen’s hands, he didn’t even bring that up. Firstly, Wei Qing wasn’t his descendant; secondly, although Wei Qing had been talented, his frivolous character rendered him unable to accomplish great things. There was no need to create waves for him.

After the Walkabout Sect left, the Tristar Sect’s members who thought similarly to the Great Cathedral also decided that they were going to be the oriole behind the mantis stalking the cicada.

Elsewhere in the jungle, after Elder Chen formed several hand seals and blew a few whistles, a few green butterflies quickly flew over. Their wings were gossamer thin, and looked oddly like two swords.

“Sword Butterflies?” Wang Han’s eyes lit up upon seeing these butterflies. He had heard that the Sacred Sword Palace possessed a marvelous butterfly that could act as their eyes and ears, but he’d never seen one before.

The butterflies fluttered down to rest on Elder Chen’s arms. Though it was unknown what communication method he was using, he soon revealed a pleased expression. “The Regal Pill Palace has left, but one has remained. From the Sword Butterflies’ description, it should be Jiang Chen. This kid actually wants to explore alone!”

Elder Xi was also overjoyed. “The kid hasn’t left?”

Killing intent burst forth from Wang Han’s eyes. “He hasn’t left? That’s wonderful! Truly, a person will not die unless he seeks death. No matter what, we must slaughter this kid!”

Elder Chen nodded. “Elder Xi, take everyone else and leave. I will remain.”

Elder Xi was surprised. “Why?”

Wang Han was also anxious. “Elder Chen, Jiang Chen has also humiliated me greatly. If I don’t personally kill him, my heart won’t be at peace. The others can leave, but I definitely won’t!”

Elder Chen had a frosty expression. “What? Do you wish to disobey this seat’s order?”

Elder Chen was a cultivator of the earth sage realm and thus had an incredibly strong aura. In the face of this pressure, rapid changes flitted across everyone’s expressions.

Elder Xi quickly said, “Brother Chen, please calm down.”

“Humph! Do you think I don’t want to bring you all? It’s just that since this kid is operating by himself, bringing more people just makes it easier for him to notice our traces. Plus, do you think those old foxes, Xiang Gan, Wu Hen and Tan Lang, will just simply leave?”

Elder Xi showed a bewildered expression, “What do you mean?”

A cold light danced in Elder Chen’s eyes. He spat out fiercely, “If my guess is correct, they must be tracking us so that they can take the easy pickings..”

When Elder Xi heard this, his expression slightly changed as he suddenly understood what Elder Chen meant.

“Although they’re unable to touch the Regal Pill Palace after being bound by the heavenly oath, they know we aren’t restricted. Thus from their perspective, we’re the perfect target. As long as we take care of Jiang Chen and snatch the spirit herbs, they will definitely all jump out one after another!”

Elder Chen gnashed his teeth. Although he could guess that this would happen, he had no way of changing the outcome. Colliding head on with the three other sects would only result in a lose-lose scenario. The best way was to pretend he was still unaware of them and then immediately escape after he secretly succeeded in chasing down Jiang Chen. As long as he left Mt. Rippling Mirage, the others would have no way to publicly start anything. They knew there were only two days remaining and every moment was precious regardless of their schemes. Elder Xi was also an intelligent person, so he nodded. “It is indeed better with fewer people. We will be responsible for luring the other three sects away and leave Elder Chen to pursue Jiang Chen alone.”

Since even Elder Xi had spoken up, Wang Han had no way of contradicting both elders no matter how reluctant he was.

“Elder Chen, after you catch that thief, Jiang Chen, please cut off a few pieces of flesh for me!” Wang Han’s tone was full of resentment.

Elder Chen smiled indifferently. “Let’s go, Jiang Chen has dishonored our Sacred Sword Palace far too much. When he falls into my hands, he’ll be dreaming if he wishes for a painless death!”

When he saw Elder Xi look at him, Elder Chen knew what the former was thinking and sent him a silent message. “Rest assured, Jiang Chen managed to grab so many sky rank herbs. If I get them back, there will naturally be a portion for you.”

Elder Xi nodded after hearing this promise. “Alright. I’ll take the others to lure the other sects away. You be careful of that little beast’s counterattack.”

The corners of Elder Chen’s mouth quirked into a chilling smile. He was a sage realm expert pursuing a fifth level origin realm youngster. If he really ended up being counterattacked, then he really didn’t need to show his face in the Myriad Domain anymore. “Let’s go!”

After Elder Chen finished saying these words, he whistled softly and the ghostly Sword Butterflies started leading the way. Obviously, these incredibly perceptive butterflies had long since tracked down Jiang Chen’s whereabouts. Elder Xi led the others towards the outer areas.

A quarter hour later, the Great Cathedral once again appeared in this spot. Elder Xiang Gan inspected the area, while another elder belonging to the Sacred Wolf family sniffed the air with a solemn expression.

“Martial Brother Xiang Gan, the Sacred Sword Palace seems to have guessed that we’re tracking them and are trying to avoid us. They were here before but from here onwards, they have started to conceal their aura.” This elder was Elder Na Zhi from the Sacred Wolf family, who had a strong tracking ability.

“Are there any clues?”

“Well, there are some traces. They tried to hide their tracks but should be heading towards the peripheries.” Elder Na Zhi replied.

“Go, follow them!” Elder Xiang Gan waved his hand and commanded. But he sneered just as his voice faded, “You guys go on first. I have something to take care of.” Saying this, Elder Xiang Gan’s figure flashed and streaked towards a dense patch of forest in the west. He soon landed in a place a dozen miles away. There, the Tristar Sect was stunned by the sudden appearance of Elder Xiang Gan.

Elder Xiang Gan glared frostily at the Tristar Sect, “I will only warn you once. Stop following us. Don’t blame this old man for being impolite if there’s a next time!”

Elder Xiang Gan’s strength was extraordinary, and he was much stronger than even the strongest member of the Tristar Sect, Elder Tan Lang. Coupled with the Great Cathedral’s usual threatening influence, the Tristar Sect was embarrassed but they could not ignore his threats. They had lost track of the Sacred Sword Palace, so were following the Great Cathedral instead, hoping to share in the spoils a little.

“Heh heh, old brother Xiang Gan, perhaps there’s a misunderstanding here?” Elder Tan Lang chuckled. “We’re just hurrying along on our own journey.”

Elder Xiang Gan sneered, “There’s no need for your slyness. This old man isn’t interested in playing word games with you. Remember, this can happen only once with no exceptions. Otherwise, all of you can stay here forever.”

Menacing, tyrannic, straightforward. Elder Xiang Gan coldly swept his gaze over their faces before  he sped away.

The Tristar Sect could only stare at each other in dismay. The livid Elder Tan Lang helplessly grit his teeth while staring at Elder Xiang Gan’s departing figure. But since he couldn’t beat the other, he could only pinch his nose and endure.

“This old brute is too cocky!” Zhu Feiyang spat out. “There will come a day when he won’t be able to be so arrogant.”

Elder Tan Lang took in a deep breath. “Never mind. That old man is simply too tyrannical, even more overbearing than the patriarch of the Sacred Elephant family. It’ll be too troublesome for us to keep following them. Let us leave!”

They could only give up since they couldn’t beat the Great Cathedral in this. There were only two days left anyways, not to mention if they could find the Regal Pill Palace, it wasn’t even clear if the Sacred Sword Palace would be able to beat the Regal Pill Palace. Besides, the Regal Pill Palace certainly should have left after receiving so many good things. Thus, after much deliberation, Elder Tan Lang decided to give up pursuit.

Jiang Chen had taken the long way around and left some Goldbiter Rats as sentries along the way. He suddenly halted as he received some surveillance information from the Rats. “The six great sects are all rather remarkable. If I had been a bit more careless and didn’t leave the Goldbiter Rats as watchers along the way, I might really have fallen into their traps.”

Jiang Chen was secretly amused as he gained a deeper understanding of the intricate schemes between the six great sects of the Myriad Domain. However, instead of being troubled, he was secretly pleased. From these Goldbiter Rats’ reports, he knew that the other sects wouldn’t team up to oppose the Regal Pill Palace. As long the Regal Pill Palace wasn’t dragged into this whirlpool of a mess, Jiang Chen had nothing holding him back.

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