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Chapter 595: A Solo Operation

Since Jiang Chen had suddenly received roughly a hundred earth rank spirit herbs, he naturally did not care about twenty or so from the Dark North Sect. Not only would he be making a magnanimous gesture in returning their spirit herbs, he would also strengthen their loyalty to the Regal Pill Palace. If the Regal Pill Palace really needed to request a favor from the Dark North Sect in the future, the latter wouldn’t be able to idly sit by on account of the favor he’d granted them in saving their lives. So it was without a doubt that Jiang Chen’s actions had not only won Dark North Sect’s friendship, it had also solidified the close relationship between the two sects.

Indeed, the head elder from the Dark North Sect sighed. “Daoist Yun Nie, the Regal Pill Palace will surely enjoy great fortune in the future due to Jiang Chen.” He raised his hands in a cupped fist salute towards Jiang Chen. “Sage nephew Jiang Chen, our Dark North Sect will remember this debt of gratitude. Please let us know if we can help you in the future.”

The others of the Dark North Sect also raised their hands in cupped fist salutes towards Jiang Chen. After exchanging a round of pleasantries, the Dark North Sect was aware that Jiang Chen must have a great deal to speak about with Elder Yun Nie about so they took their leave. When they did, that was when Jiang Chen took out the five sky spirit herbs and about a hundred earth spirit herbs that he’d just obtained. “Elder Yun Nie, according to the rules of Mt. Rippling Mirage, half of this needs to go to the sect. I’ll take two of the sky spirit herbs and half of the earth spirit herbs. The rest is for the sect.”

Elder Yun Nie was rather embarrassed by this. “Jiang Chen, how can we possibly accept this?”

Jiang Chen remained resolute. “I was merely taking advantage of the opportunity I was given. If I hadn’t handled things well, then I would have brought trouble to the sect instead. Therefore, I will only feel at ease if I offer this up to the sect.”

He thought a little more before he took out half of the Sage Fledgling Grass, placing the grass into an old storage ring and giving it to Elder Yun Nie as well. “Elder, this is half of what I received before.”

Elder Yun Nie accepted the ring. When he examined it closely, his heart skipped a beat. Sage Fledgling Grass!

It really was the Sage Fledgling Grass, and there looked to be at least two or three thousand blades! Then had all that Wang Han spoken of been true? Although Elder Yun Nie was surprised, he did not speak frankly, but only looked at Jiang Chen with some surprise.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “It was just a lucky opportunity. I don’t need that many for myself. Palace Head Dan Chi has always said that he has a grand ambition. I might not be able to serve him until the end, so take these as another source of strength I can provide for the sect.”

Jiang Chen had spoken similar words back when he offered up the Longevity Pill. Elder Yun Nie was shocked and silent for a long while. His heart was full of a multitude of feelings as he looked carefully at Jiang Chen, unable to find the right words to describe the latter.

This young man had brought him so much shock, surprise and wonder again and again. Even discounting those three sky rank herbs and half of the earth rank herbs, just these three thousand blades of Sage Fledgling Grass were more than enough to cultivate a dozen sage realm experts for the sect. This was an absolutely sensational amount of wealth! However, receiving this wealth was secondary. The most important thing was that Jiang Chen was actually willing to give away so many things in one go. This disciple’s character and magnanimity had continuously shocked Elder Yun Nie.

Jiang Chen had previously utilized the Miasma’s antidote to manipulate the overall situation and used various tactics to isolate the five other great sects so that they were unable to come together to contend against the Regal Pill Palace. Each sect had been met with a different strategy. Faced with Jiang Chen’s sophisticated methods, Elder Yun Nie had been simply rooted to the spot in amazement.

Such a talent was unique even in the entire history of the Regal Pill Palace, much less during Elder Yun Nie’s lifetime. Though Palace Head Dan Chi had also accomplished much in his younger years and was considered a genius amongst geniuses, Dan Chi’s history couldn’t be compared in the same breath with Jiang Chen’s radiance.

After Jiang Chen had given these spirit herbs to Elder Yun Nie, he took out the Aletheia Icegrass and Scarletheart Fruit he had previously harvested and gave them to Ling Bi’er. “Senior Sister, these two spirit herbs, along with the Tranquil Jade Sumi and Thousandmesh Jaderoot you previously obtained comprise the four necessary ingredients for your father’s antidote. Hold on to these for now.”

When Mu Gaoqi saw Jiang Chen acting like this, he asked curiously, “Brother Chen, do you still have something else you need to do?”

Jiang Chen nodded, “I still have some things to take care of, so you all should leave first.”

Hearing this, Elder Yun Nie couldn’t help but walk over, “Jiang Chen, although everyone is constrained by their heavenly oaths and can’t deliberately make trouble for you, there are definitely some people who will still target you…”

Of course, Jiang Chen was well aware of this. However, there were only two days remaining and he was still quite curious about that sacred altar. If he left without answers, he would feel terribly unjustified.

He just felt that the secret hidden within the sacred altar was far more precious than some mere earth sky rank herbs. Since he was already here, he refused to leave empty-handed. Otherwise, the next opportunity to enter would be three thousand years later. Would he still be in the Myriad Domain after three thousand years? Jiang Chen didn’t have to think hard to know there was no chance of that happening.

Originally, Elder Yun Nie had wanted to add a few more words of advice. But after thinking about it some more, he didn’t try and sway Jiang Chen any further. He only gave Jiang Chen a simple look, “Take care.” He knew that this kind of maverick genius was destined to be unconstrained by normal rules and convention, and already beyond his control. Since Jiang Chen had already made up his mind, Elder Yun Nie knew nothing he could say would convince him otherwise.

Ling Bi’er also felt a bit of loss and surprise when she saw that Jiang Chen would not be leaving with everyone else. But due to her introverted character, her face revealed no emotions as she gazed at Jiang Chen and lightly said, “Junior brother, be careful.”

Then, she paused for a moment before giving Jiang Chen her two unused escape talismans. “These are for you.”

Jiang Chen nodded with a smile and accepted the escape talismans without any pretense. He then waved good bye to everyone present.

“All of you should also leave quickly, since running into the other four sects would be inconvenient.” When he finished saying this, Jiang Chen’s body flashed and disappeared.

Elder Yun Nie shot a deep and meaningful glance towards the spot where Jiang Chen had vanished. Then, he suddenly smiled and waved his hands, “Let’s go, we’re leaving this ancient herb garden. After we leave, we’ll immediately find the transportation matrix and depart this island straight away.”

Without a doubt, the spirit herbs that Jiang Chen just gave them had caused the Regal Pill Palace to become the biggest winner of this expedition to Mt. Rippling Mirage. Their harvest was comparable to the other sects’ combined total, as just their sky rank herb collection was equal to that of the other sects. The third level of the sacred altar had twelve sky rank herbs, and the Regal Pill Palace had originally been assigned two. Jiang Chen had extorted another five herbs through trading the antidote, of which three had been given to the sect, totaling five sky rank herbs for the Regal Pill Palace. As for Jiang Chen keeping two for himself, Elder Yun Nie was naturally fine with that and even felt that Jiang Chen had kept too little.

With such an enormous harvest, the Regal Pill Palace would certainly not stick around. The sooner they left, the safer they would be.

Roughly half an hour later, the Great Cathedral, the Tristar Sect, the Walkabout Sect and the Sacred Sword Palace had finished refining the antidote, and left the lakeshore to arrive on the outskirts.

Elder Chen of the Sacred Sword Palace was full of indignation, “Everyone, we’re all been played by that little bastard Jiang Chen. Will you all just forgive and forget?”

The other three sects’ people all smiled faintly. Each of them were wily old foxes who knew that the Sacred Sword Palace wasn’t saying this out of a sense of justice, but trying to incite them against the Regal Pill Palace. This sort of manipulation was seen through very easily. Elder Xiang Gan smiled indifferently, “Brother Chen, if you have other plans, that’s your own business. All the Great Cathedral did was engage in a simple business transaction with Jiang Chen.”

Although the Great Cathedral was domineering, they couldn’t really consider Jiang Chen to have cheated them in this matter. To be blunt, it had been Jiang Chen who had saved them. If it was the Sacred Sword Palace who had the antidote, it was likely they would’ve been even more ruthless. They might have even just concealed the matter and waited for everyone to die from poison before cleaning up the spoils. Hence, even though the Great Cathedral was very jealous of Jiang Chen’s spirit herbs, they disavowed these thoughts as they’d already sworn a heavenly oath.

After all, Jiang Chen hadn’t robbed them blind and even left them some herbs in the end.

Elder Chen sneered, “This one is a bit surprised that old brother Xiang is being so reasonable… Elder Tan Lang, Elder Wu Hen, what do you two think?”

Elder Tan Lang said coldly, “The heavenly oath has already been sworn. What can we do about it?”

The Walkabout Sect’s Elder Wu Hen also did not want to continue to fight. He had a hunch that if they continued entangling with Jiang Chen, they would still be the ones who would suffer a loss in the end. Thus he smiled darkly, “Elder Chen, if your Sacred Sword Palace wants to go make trouble, just go do your thing.”

“Can it be that Elder Wu Hen is not going?”

Elder Wu Hen laughed, “This old man is neutral.”

Neutral my ass! Elder Chen almost blurted out but managed to hold the words back in the end. Seeing that the Great Cathedral and the Walkabout Sect had both given up, Elder Chen also knew that his attempt at provocation had failed.

“You all made a heavenly oath, but I did not. You guys go first then!” Elder Chen had obviously hardened his heart to make trouble for Jiang Chen.

“Let’s go.” The Great Cathedral’s Elder Xiang Gan did not want to keep wasting time with Elder Chen and led the Great Cathedral in a quick exit.

The Walkabout Sect also left quickly under Elder Wu Hen’s leadership.

Elder Tan Lang from the Tristar Sect sighed. “Elder Chen, with the heavenly oath restraining us, I’m afraid I can’t accompany you.”

Elder Chen just sneered and waved his hands, not even bothering with perfunctory words.

“Elder Chen, don’t blame this old man for not reminding you. Jiang Chen has definitely left long ago after receiving so many treasures.” Elder Tan Lang chuckled and left with the Tristar Sect.

As Elder Chen watched them leave with a darkened face, Elder Xi next to him walked over, “ Brother Chen…”

“Don’t worry right now. Let’s leave this place first.” Elder Chen waved his hand. Under his leadership, the Sacred Sword Palace members disappeared in streaks of light.

Not long after the disappearance of the Sacred Sword Palace, the Great Cathedral once again appeared in the same spot.

“Elder Xiang Gan, why did we return here?” asked an elder from the Great Cathedral.

Elder Xiang Gan laughed lightly, “We have a heavenly oath restricting us while the Sacred Sword Palace does not. If the Sacred Sword Palace succeeds, we can then ‘ask’ them for the herbs. That wouldn’t be contrary to our oaths, right?”

When they heard this, the others were all shocked and had to admire Elder Xiang Gan’s cunning – the older the ginger, the spicier it was!

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