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Chapter 594: Returning with Arms Full of Loot

After all, they were all part of the Myriad Domain’s six great sects so the other sects weren’t willing to just watch the Sacred Sword Palace perish here.

Elder Xiang Gan spoke up, “Sage nephew Jiang Chen, the grudge between the Sacred Sword Palace and the Regal Pill Palace…”

Jiang Chen cut him off before he finished his sentence, “Elder Xiang Gan, no one should try and be the peacemaker here. What did I say when Wang Han was swaggering in front of me previously after receiving his earth rank herbs?”

Everyone stared at one another, not knowing what Jiang Chen meant. Only Wang Han stared at the ground in embarrassment, dearly wishing for a stone to hide under. When he had originally been showing off in front of Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen had said there would come a time when Wang Han would beg Jiang Chen to take his earth rank herbs. How could he not remember this clearly?

Meanwhile, off on the side, Mu Gaoqi’s blood was frothing with excitement. Jiang Chen was still able to speak to these heavyweights with such ease, and even toy with them as he pleased. What could be considered the true demeanor of a genius? This was a true genius! By this point, Mu Gaoqi was willing to prostrate himself before Jiang Chen in admiration.

Mu Gaoqi quickly followed up when he heard Jiang Chen’s question. “My Brother Chen has previously said that Wang Han would end up begging him to accept his earth rank herbs. Wang Han replied that Brother Chen was daydreaming.”

Wang Han was red-faced but could not retort. Although his heart was full of teeth-gnashing hatred, there was no way he could act on his anger. He knew that this wasn’t the time to flare up. If he exploded in rage now, it was tantamount to condemning all the lives of the Sacred Sword Palace members into the abyss.

“Jiang Chen, killing someone is but a simple matter. What are your conditions for selling your antidote to the Sacred Sword Palace? Just give us a price. A slice or a dice is all the same. Be more straightforward about it!” Elder Chen said indifferently.

Jiang Chen’s voice was likewise apathetic. “Does this count as begging me?”

The ashen-faced Wang Han suddenly stepped forward and bowed before Jiang Chen. “Jiang Chen, my mouth was previously cheap and dirty. You are a truly magnanimous gentleman. Here are all my earth rank herbs, please accept them.”

This Wang Han was unexpectedly aware of when he should bow and submit. At this moment, he had actually managed to overcome his mental hurdles and bent his back to Jiang Chen in surrender.

Even if everyone knew that his actions weren’t heartfelt, it was still quite a large change for an arrogant genius like Wang Han to humble himself. Jiang Chen also felt slightly surprised and glanced coldly at Wang Han. Though he saw that the corners of Wang Han’s eyes were about to erupt in furious fire, Jiang Chen remained unconcerned. He had never been afraid of Wang Han and if it wasn’t for the greater picture, he simply did not want to give the antidote to the Sacred Sword Palace. However, Jiang Chen was quite aware that if he really withheld the antidote from the Sacred Sword Palace, then he wouldn’t just offend the Sacred Sword Palace, but would incite hostility from all the other sects as well. They might even covertly band together to suppress the Regal Pill Palace. Such was human nature. Although Jiang Chen was not at fault, it was human nature to sympathize with the weak. And in this matter, the Sacred Sword Palace was undoubtedly the “weak” side.

“Alright, Jiang Chen, the grudge between the Regal Pill Palace and the Sacred Sword Palace does not need to be resolved through this matter. Why don’t you sell them the antidote?” Elder Yun Nie spoke up in an attempt to persuade him.

Jiang Chen nodded, “Since that’s the case, then here’s my price. I’ll take your two sky rank herbs and two-thirds of your earth rank herbs!”

This price caused everyone to suck in a breath of cold air. They all looked at the Sacred Sword Palace, clearly waiting to see if they would accept such a price. This price was obviously much higher than the other sects’, who needed to pay only one sky rank herb.

The Sacred Sword Palace on the other hand, needed to pay up both their sky rank herbs for the antidote. This wasn’t that surprising however, considering the hostility between the Sacred Sword Palace and the Regal Pill Palace. At the same time, everyone else was secretly glad that Jiang Chen had given them some leeway instead of enforcing such  a ridiculous price.

If Jiang Chen had hardened his heart and asked for all their sky rank herbs, everyone would have had no choice but to pay such a price in exchange for their lives. Thus, those who originally still had grievances all felt a bit better. In retrospect, these transactions were all voluntary. They were the ones asking Jiang Chen to sell the antidote and not Jiang Chen forcing them to buy. Those from the Dark North Sect felt especially good. Originally, they had felt Jiang Chen was unreasonable as he had still asked for half of their earth rank herbs despite their two sects’ good relationship. It wasn’t until they compared themselves with the other sects that the Dark North Sect realized how much face they were given. The Sacred Sword Palace wouldn’t even be able to keep a single sky rank herb!

Elder Chen seemed to have expected that Jiang Chen would give such an extortionist price. His complexion was ashen as he stared at Jiang Chen, “Fine. Jiang Chen, we accept this price. The Sacred Sword Palace has really underestimated you!”

Jiang Chen ignored the looks of those in the Sacred Sword Palace as they gnashed their teeth and smiled faintly, “Everyone, the prices have been set, but our deals have yet to be completed. In order to proceed with our transaction, I need a promise from you all.”

“Promise?” Everyone was suspicious.

“I’m not a fool who will take blind risks. Although this transaction entails you begging to buy my antidote, I know that your hearts aren’t satisfied. In fact, some of you are already plotting how to take care of me after you receive the antidote. Apologies, but I won’t give you such an opportunity.”

Jiang Chen had calmly calculated every step from beginning to end. As he swept his gaze lightly over the various elders present, Jiang Chen spoke evenly, “Therefore, I need you all to swear a heavenly oath that afterwards, you won’t use this matter as an excuse to create trouble for or bear resentment towards the Regal Pill Palace. If anyone troubles any members of the Regal Pill Palace regarding this matter, then they will be punished by heavenly tribulation.” Jiang Chen wasn’t purposely trying to make things difficult for the others. But since he had started this matter, he must wrap things up cleanly and not bring downfall to the Regal Pill Palace.

Hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Elder Yun Nie also nodded, “Yes, this is a transaction made of free will. You don’t have to purchase the antidote if you have any grievances, but no one is allowed take their anger out on our Regal Pill Palace due to this matter.”

Elder Xiang Gan smiled wryly, “The Great Cathedral has already acknowledged our bad luck regarding this. On behalf of the Great Cathedral, I swear that we will not use this matter as an excuse to find trouble with the Regal Pill Palace. Otherwise, may I, Xiang Gan, be struck dead by heavenly lightning!”

Although Elder Xiang Gan was normally domineering, he still had a bottom line and clearly understood that Jiang Chen was not at fault in this matter. If he was in Jiang Chen’s position, then he would only have been more ruthless and taken all the others’ sky rank herbs. By charging only half, Jiang Chen could already be considered benevolent. Continuing this dispute would be disgraceful.

Moreover, since they had previously sworn a heavenly oath not to reveal anything regarding this ancient herb garden, anyone who raised a fuss over this later on would bring down heavenly tribulation upon their entire sect!

After Elder Xiang Gan swore the oath, the Dark North Sect elder also laughed. “Needless to say, Jiang Chen has shown us much face. Our Dark North Sect is filled only with gratitude, completely free of resentment. But since sage nephew Jiang Chen requires an oath, then this old man swears that…”

After the Dark North Sect, the third to step forward and swear their oath was actually Elder Wu Hen. Elder Wu Hen had a face full of dejection as he smiled ruefully at Jiang Chen, “Sage nephew Jiang Chen, this old man has been highly intelligent for my entire life, but yet I always end up with my hands tied when it comes to you. This time, I’ve thought things through: don’t bully the youth when they’re poor. From now on, I will neither find reason to make trouble for you nor trouble the Regal Pill Palace over this matter. If I renege on this oath, then may I suffer heavenly tribulation!”

Elder Wu Hen’s words induced some surprise from the other elders. It seemed that Elder Wu Hen and Jiang Chen had some unspoken history?

The Tristar Sect’s Elder Tan Lang released  a long sigh, “Who would imagine that so many old fellows would be helpless in front of a youth? I have to say, Jiang Chen, you’ve really caused this old man endless astonishment. Fine then, I, Tan Lang, vow on behalf of the Tristar Sect that after receiving the antidote, we will not find trouble with the Regal Pill Palace over this matter. If we renege, may heavenly lightning strike me down!”

After all the four great sects had sworn their vows, the remaining fifth rank sects naturally dared not dally and stood to swear their oaths. Although they hadn’t obtained that many earth rank herbs, they had still received some.

Finally, only the Sacred Sword Palace remained, but they were obviously reluctant to swear the oath as the Sacred Sword Palace and the Regal Pill Palace had already completely fallen out with each other. Jiang Chen frowned and said, “It doesn’t matter if the Sacred Sword Palace doesn’t want to swear the oath. If you want to make trouble for me, I, Jiang Chen will keep you company anytime.”

The relationship between the Sacred Sword Palace and the Regal Pill Palace was akin to fire and water, so Jiang Chen did not care whether or not they swore the oath. Even without this matter, they were already life and death enemies. With these oaths, Jiang Chen was reassured that there would be no future problems and thus traded the antidotes for spirit herbs from each sect. Jiang Chen did not take any covert actions with the antidotes and straightforwardly handed them out one by one.

“Everyone, don’t blame me for not reminding you. Although the antidote can cure the Miasma’s poison, this Miasma is still extremely overbearing you should avoid exerting yourselves in the short term. Otherwise, if the poison breaks out before it is purged by the antidote, then not even the heavens can help you.”

When they heard Jiang Chen’s reminder, everyone turned pale and quickly sat down on the spot to refine the antidote.

Seeing this, Jiang Chen threw a look at Elder Yun Nie. “Well then, the Regal Pill Palace will take our leave.” Elder Yun Nie laughed.

As the Dark North Sect had also taken the antidote earlier on, they also laughed, “The Dark North Sect will also take our leave.”

As the two sects quickly departed the scene, the other four sects could only stare at each other, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Obviously, the unexpected development this time had given them a heavy sense of helplessness. They were unable to do anything despite being extorted of so many spirit herbs by a young cultivator.

After walking a while, Jiang Chen suddenly paused and headed over to the nearby Dark North Sect. He took out all the earth rank herbs he had previously received from them.

“Friends from the Dark North Sect, I was previously forced by the situation to take your earth rank herbs in order to set an example in front of the other four sects. Our two sects have always had a good relationship so how could I sit back and watch you die? Please take back these earth rank herbs. I, Jiang Chen, am definitely not one to loot a burning house.”

The Dark North Sect all glanced at one another and then stared at Jiang Chen. They felt more and more that they were unable to see through this kid. The head elder laughed, “Jiang Chen, these earth rank herbs are a reasonable payment for saving our lives. You don’t have to be so polite.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen took a single earth rank herb, “Since that is so, I’ll accept this one. I definitely can’t accept the others.”

After saying this, he left the other herbs on the ground and rejoined the ranks of the Regal Pill Palace. Elder Yun Nie could not help but sigh in admiration at Jiang Chen’s demeanor and strategy. By first receiving and then returning the spirit herbs, their Dark North Sect allies could not help but be grateful towards the Regal Pill Palace. It had to be said that Jiang Chen had played his hand to perfection!

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