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Chapter 593: An Exorbitant Price for the Antidote

Pressure built in everyone’s hearts as even sage realm cultivators were hard pressed to remain unmoving in the face of impending death. Those of the Sacred Sword Palace were even more desperate. They were well aware that they had long since formed a death grudge with the Regal Pill Palace, and they had previously mortally offended Jiang Chen. Even if Jiang Chen was willing to hand out the antidote, he likely wouldn’t sell it to the Sacred Sword Palace even at a high price.

A crazed look flashed through Elder Chen’s eyes. “Everyone! This Jiang Chen has ulterior motives! He has resolved himself to torture us to death and then conveniently pick up our treasures! When it comes down to it, we have nothing to lose! Even if we all go down together, that’s still better than his Regal Pill Palace profiting from everything! We’re dead either way! Are you all willing to let the Regal Pill Palace watch us die and then rob us of our items?!”

Nothing to lose!

This was the only way out in the face of no alternatives. Elder Wu Hen of the Walkabout Sect stared at Elder Yun Nie. “Daoist Yun Nie, does your Regal Pill Palace truly want to force us to this step?”

Elder Yun Nie didn’t know what Jiang Chen intended, but he had to step forth at this time to gloss things over. “Jiang Chen, we’re all compatriots in the Myriad Domain, leave them some hope,” he sighed lightly.

Jiang Chen hadn’t planned on really seeing things through either. If he really did want to see them dead, he wouldn’t need to have revealed the existence of the Miasma at all. He could just pick up their treasures after they’d died from the poison. Logically speaking, that would’ve been the best outcome.

However, Jiang Chen knew that if they all died from the poison, those in the outside world would blame the Regal Pill Palace no matter how the sect tried to explain things. They might even unite to mount a crusade against the Regal Pill Palace, turning the sect into a public enemy. Therefore, after considering the issue carefully, Jiang Chen felt that he couldn’t be that heartless in this matter. The reason why he had not relented to their demands was actually because he wanted Elder Yun Nie to be able to play the good cop, and he to play the bad.

Jiang Chen pretended to think for a moment before nodding, “Since it is Elder Yun Nie’s instructions, I dare not disobey. However, are all of you certain you want to buy my antidote? That I’m not forcing you to do so?”

Elder Xiang Gan of the Great Cathedral spoke up at this time, “Sage nephew Jiang Chen, since out of everyone here, you were the only one who could see the problem with this island, you absolutely have the right to speak. Us old fellows can only admit our defeat. My Great Cathedral is also willing to offer half of our earth rank spirit herbs.”

“My Tristar Sect is willing as well.” Elder Tan Lang chuckled.

“Then my Walkabout Sect is naturally willing as well.” Elder Wu Hen had been silent all this time and now looked at Jiang Chen meaningfully. In his mind, Jiang Chen had now grown even more mysterious. He couldn’t help but sigh. Why did a kid with such perverse talent have to belong to the Regal Pill Palace, and not his Walkabout Sect? Come to think of it, Palace Head Dan Chi had been the one to discover Jiang Chen back in the sixteen kingdom alliance. He had been the one who’d shown great vision, whereas numerous others in the Myriad Domain had reacted like they were watching a joke back in the day when the Regal Pill Palace had allied itself with the Precious Tree Sect.

Even though Elder Wu Hen was standing in the opposing camp, he had to admit that Dan Chi had made quite a good move there.

Those of the Sacred Sword Palace however, had all frozen in place. It wasn’t that they weren’t willing to offer up half of their earth rank spirit herbs, but there was no way that Jiang Chen would sell the antidote to them. Hence, they dithered about in place, at a complete loss of what to do. Originally, they’d wanted to unite the other sects against the Regal Pill Palace, but that strategy hadn’t held up to the test at all. How would the other sects think like the Sacred Sword Palace and fatally offend Jiang Chen when their lives were on the line?

Even as all of the heavyweights looked at him pleadingly, there wasn’t a ripple of emotion in Jiang Chen’s heart, nor  was there any hint of sympathy or pity. These fellows were only acting like this because of the circumstances. They might very well erupt in open hostility the second after they acquired the antidote. Naturally, Jiang Chen wouldn’t give them the antidote that easily. The momentum and initiative would no longer be in his hands as soon as he did so.

“Everyone, I won’t beat around the bush. The price for the Dark North Sect’s antidotes was indeed half their spirit herbs, but that was the price for friends. Why is that? Because apart from them, all of the other sects have behaved in a non too friendly manner. Therefore, apart from the Dark North Sect, no other sect can enjoy this discount for friends.” He spoke in a measured tone.

Everyone was taken aback by these words, their expressions turning bitter a scant second later. It seems that Jiang Chen’s appetite is more than half of the earth rank spirit herbs!

Elder Xiang Gan took a deep breath. “Sage nephew Jiang Chen, I was unhappy just now, but I didn’t step forward to fan the flames. Even if you don’t give us the price for friends, you’ll give us at least a fair price, right?”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly and nodded. “Since Elder Xiang Gan has spoken, I’ll give you a fair price. One sky rank spirit herb and half of your earth rank spirit herbs. Ah yes, I’ll also throw in Brother Xiang Qin’s pill for free. He doesn’t need to split his earth rank spirit herbs.”

“What?!” Elder Xiang Gan’s tone turned frosty as he stared at Jiang Chen. “You’re certain? Sky rank herb?”

Jiang Chen’s expression was cold. “This is the first price I’m setting. If you make me restate the price, then it won’t be just this much.”

He’d had a decent impression of Elder Xiang Gan before this, but Jiang Chen had been somewhat disappointed with his performance just now. Therefore, Jiang Chen’s price gave face only to Xiang Qin and not much to Elder Xiang Gan.

Elder Xiang Gan was incensed. He had never imagined that Jiang Chen would demand such an exorbitant price. This was profiteering!

“My Tristar Sect will pay this price!” Elder Tan Lang quickly spoke up when he saw that Elder Xiang Gan was silent without a word. He’d offended Jiang Chen terribly just now. If he wasn’t more proactive now, the price might be even higher when it was his sect’s turn.

“Heh heh, but that isn’t the price for your Tristar Sect.” Jiang Chen flicked a noncommittal glance at Elder Tan Lang. He grinned, “Nevertheless, I won’t be too hard on you. One sky rank spirit herb and two third of your earth rank spirit herbs. Take it or leave it, just tell me your decision. No room for negotiation.”

Zhu Feiyang of the Tristar Sect couldn’t help but fly into a rage. “Jiang Chen, you’re raising the price for no reason at all! This is a complete scam!”

Jiang Chen laughed coldly. “Don’t get me wrong, everyone. I’m not asking for you to buy my antidote. Refine the antidote for yourself if you can.”

Refine the antidote now? Even if they had an inkling how to do so, Jiang Chen had likely taken all the necessary ingredients.

Elder Tan Lang’s expression was very dark as he grit his teeth lightly and replied, “Alright, as you say. One sky rank spirit herb and two thirds of our earth rank spirit herb.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “Alright, please wait to one side.”

“Why do we need to wait?” Elder Tan Lang was in a hurry to get the antidote.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give the antidote to you before the poison takes hold.” Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry at all. He shifted his gaze to the Great Cathedral, then the Walkabout Sect. As for the Sacred Sword Palace, he couldn’t even be bothered to look at them.

Elder Xiang Gan finally sighed with resignation. “Alright, I was wrong this time and got taught a good lesson by a youngster. It will be as you say then, one sky rank spirit herb. My Great Cathedral obtained eighty earth rank spirit herbs in total, taking out Xiang Qin’s ten makes for seventy. Half of that is 35 herbs, correct?”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “That’s correct.” He then casually waved his hand. “Those of the Great Cathedral please also wait momentarily.” Looking at the Walkabout Sect again, he asked, “What say you, Elder Wu Hen?”

Elder Wu Hen started. He’d thought that Jiang Chen had long since viewed the Walkabout Sect on the same level as the Sacred Sword Palace, but here he was asking them. He frowned, “What price would sage nephew Jiang Chen like to propose for my Walkabout Sect?”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “I clearly delineate between my grudges and gratitude. Your Walkabout Sect has offended me deeply, but I should still give you the chance to make a transaction. I will name my price only once, it’s up to you whether you want to buy or not.”

Ultimately, Elder Wu Hen was still a worldly person, and he relaxed slightly when he heard that Jiang Chen was willing to sell the antidote to him. After all, if they did not obtain the antidote, they were dead without a doubt. It was impossible to expect them to research what the antidote was and refine it in the short amount of time left. However, Elder Wu Hen was a bit worried that Jiang Chen would ask for an exorbitant and unacceptable price. So, he looked at Jiang Chen again after reconsidering multiple times. “Jiang Chen, we can settle all of our previously grudges as long as you give us a fair price.”

Elder Wu Hen had finally realized that Jiang Chen was no ordinary person after experiencing so much. He was clearly not a character that Elder Wu Hen could take care of himself. As opposed to continuing to oppose him, he might as well be forthright and beg for reconciliation.

Jiang Chen stared at Elder Wu Hen for a long time before finally smiling slightly. He’d used the Psychic’s Head to observe Elder Wu Hen just now and discovered that the old man actually really did want to make up with him, likely because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to best Jiang Chen. As for why he was begging for reconciliation, he was likely asking Jiang Chen to not set too exorbitant of a price.

Jiang Chen nodded lightly. “I’d planned on taking both sky spirit herbs, but since Elder Wu Hen understand the principles of what is right or wrong, your sect can enjoy the same price as the Tristar Sect.”

He wasn’t an unfeeling sort of person. Elder Wu Hen’s attitude clearly indicated that he was giving up on his pursuit of Jiang Chen and forgoing his plan of seizing the Cloudpine. This indirectly meant that he was forfeiting. Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to go with the flow and give the Walkabout Sect a fair price. Originally, he’d wanted to take both of their sky spirit herbs, but abruptly changed his mind and left them one to give them some hope.

Elder Wu Hen sighed lightly. “I am immensely grateful for this.”

He was of also aware of Jiang Chen’s meaning. All along, he’d wanted to rob Jiang Chen’s sky rank spirit herb. But now, Jiang Chen hadn’t taken away both of the Walkabout Sect’s sky spirit herbs, he was indirectly returning them a herb. When all was said and done, the Walkabout Sect would still have one sky rank spirit herb remaining. Elder Wu Hen both admired Jiang Chen and felt resigned that he could only admit defeat.

Thus, there was only the Sacred Sword Palace left. The few sect members felt extremely awkward and kept shooting looks filled with pleas for help towards the Walkabout Sect and Tristar Sect. They obviously hoped these sects would still speak up for them.

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