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Chapter 582: Being Framed

Without a doubt, Wang Han’s words had a great effect on those cultivators fighting the wyverns. They quickly deployed various arts as if they were on stimulants, swiftly beating the wyverns black and blue.

It was apparent that those previous displays of intense fighting were all just an act. All of the elders had been idling on the job, and merely going through motions with no one exerting themselves. But after hearing Wang Han’s news, everyone all wanted to know the truth of the matter and so naturally stopped holding back, deploying their strongest moves.

With so many sage rank cultivators fully displaying their abilities, how could the two wyverns, equivalent to the human sage rank, be their match? Faced with the many vicious attacks, the wyverns soon fled with despondent shrieks echoing for miles.

These elders were completely disclined to give chase, and all dropped back to the ground like dumplings falling into a pot. Their attitudes fully exposed the fact that the thousands of Sage Fledging Grass had deeply stirred their interests. No one was willing to miss out despite not knowing whether things were true or false. Normally, even a few dozen of Grass would be considered a great wealth, the notion of thousands was setting their blood on fire. Who was still interested in playing with those wyverns?

Seeing this scene, Jiang Chen could not help but laugh inwardly. These bunch of old codgers are all so wily and deceitful. The previous fighting seemed so intense, but in fact everyone was holding back. No one was truly calling on their full strength at all. They were all bestirring others to action and scheming against each other. It seems the internal struggles of the Myriad Domain are very severe indeed. Jiang Chen also knew that these elders would be covetous of the Sage Fledging Grass and make trouble for him. Fortunately, I’ve already prepared for this. Jiang Chen was thus pleased but remained silent.

Elder Wu Hen from the Walkabout Sect was hiding amongst the group of elders, but constantly glaring at Jiang Chen with ill-intent. He was also very surprised. What kind of dog shit luck does this Jiang Chen have? First he finds a sky rank herb and then he discovers thousands of Sage Fledging Grass? Is this kid born with innate fortune?!

Though Elder Wu Hen’s heart was ablaze, he also felt very conflicted. Should he question Jiang Chen directly or remain silent? If he brought up the matter, the sky rank herb may be exposed. Even if there were thousands of Sage Fledging Grass, it’d be impossible for all of them to fall only into his hands. But, if he didn’t use this opportunity to find fault with Jiang Chen, then it would be even more difficult to make trouble for Jiang Chen after they left Mt. Ripping Mirage. Thus, Elder Wu Hen was suffering from incredible inner turmoil.

Contrarily, the Sacred Sword Palace’s Elder Chen stepped out and accused loudly, “Elder Yun Nie, everyone knows that your Regal Pill Palace shields its own. However, protection shouldn’t be so blatant, right?”

Elder Yun Nie scoffed. “What blatant? How can we compare to your Sacred Sword Palace’s shameless protectionism?”

Elder Chen gestured impatiently. “Everyone here was working hard to fight off those two wyverns, yet your disciple was silently gathering a fortune. That isn’t proper!”

“Right, Elder Yun Nie. It can’t be that everyone is obligated to help out your disciples when they cause trouble!” Tristar Sect’s Elder Tan Lang added on.

“Could it be that everyone wants to dump this crock of nonsense onto our Regal Pill Palace just because of Wang Han’s one-sided allegations? Is it reasonable for there to be thousands of Sage Fledging Grass to exist?” Elder Yun Nie aggressively refuted.

An elder from the Walkabout Sect immediately stepped out, “If this wasn’t true, I don’t think sage nephew Wang Han would make something like this up out of thin air.” This elder was called Wu Hui. Since he wasn’t aware of the sky rank herb, he instinctively stood out to confront the Regal Pill Palace.

In but a moment, the Sacred Sword Palace, the Walkabout Sect and the Tristar Sect seemed to have allied together to pressure the Regal Pill Palace. Elder Yun Nie smiled faintly. “We still have three days left. If everyone wants to stand around here flapping their mouths, then this old man is willing to accompany you all.”

An elder from the Dark North Sect’s tried to smooth things over, “I think it’s better for us to stop squabbling about this. Whether it’s true or false, everyone has their own fortunes here in Mt. Ripping Mirage. Jealousy will not cause others’ fortunes to become yours. In my opinion, everyone should be figuring out how to reach that cluster of islands.”

Having a deep friendship with the Regal Pill Palace, the Dark North Sect would obviously not add insult to injury. Instead, the elder’s words were trying to give Regal Pill Palace a way out.

The Sacred Sword Palace’s Elder Chen retorted coldly, “The Dark North Sect and Regal Pill Palace are like one family. Just because you want to be magnanimous doesn’t mean everyone else needs to be generous. This Jiang Chen attracted those two wyverns here and caused everyone to exert themselves in chasing them off, yet he still monopolizes the thousand blades of Grass? How can there be such a thing? As I see it, sharing in responsibilities means sharing in rewards. Anyone who puts forth their strength should be rewarded for their efforts. Doesn’t everyone agree?”

These words had great appeal as the importance of the Sage Fledging Grass was really too great. Even the Great Cathedral was keeping silent. Although they had previously benefited from the Regal Pill Palace with regards to the Longevity Pill, the thousands of Sage Fledging Grass had aroused their greed.

Elder Xiang Gan stood there smiling without a word, evidently not intending on smoothing things over. It was actually Xiang Qin who opened his mouth, planning on speaking out on Jiang Chen’s behalf. Unfortunately, he had to swallow his words upon seeing Elder Xiang Gan’s glare, and could only scratch his head and look at Jiang Chen apologetically. Xiang Qin was actually rather grateful towards Jiang Chen for refining the Longevity Pill and helping his grandfather, Xiang Wentian, gain a few hundred more years of life.

Thus, although the Dark North Sect stood on the Regal Pill Palace’s, they seemed quite forlorn. The other three great sects were united while the Great Cathedral was tacitly agreeing to all this on the sidelines. Great pressure was being brought to bear on the Regal Pill Palace.

Seeing this situation, Elder Chen became more audacious. “Since everyone has no opinion, Elder Yun Nie, is the Regal Pill Palace planning on going against the collective will?”

An elder nearby also jeered, “The Regal Pill Palace sure has a big appetite to try and swallow thousands of Sage Fledging Grass. I’ll be blunt. Can you take it all? Are you not afraid of choking to death?”

Elder Tan Lang from the Tristar Sect was exasperated. “Yun Nie, in our Myriad Domain, there truly isn’t any sect willing to go against the collective will. If Jiang Chen hadn’t attracted those two wyverns here, then all those thousands of Sage Fledging Grass could be considered his own good fortune. However, since everyone ended up putting forth effort, then the herbs should be divided up.”

“Right. The herbs should be divided up. Yun Nie, stop wasting everyone’s time!” Walkabout Sect’s Elder Wu Hui blustered.

Elder Yun Nie also felt that this was all quite troublesome. But just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted by Jiang Chen’s carefree laughter. “Everyone here can be considered my seniors, so normally I would remain silent. However, this Wang Han has always been hostile towards our Regal Pill Palace. Wouldn’t the world laugh their heads off if they heard that a single accusation from him has spun everyone in circles?”

Jiang Chen then calmly added, “I’m merely a fifth level origin realm cultivator. Do you think I have the ability to not only face off against the two wyverns and snatch the thousands of Sage Fledging Grass, but then also frame Wang Han? Aren’t you all thinking too highly of me?”

Everyone paused upon hearing these words. The wyverns needed only one move to completely oppress the fifth level origin realm Jiang Chen. He might not even be able to escape from them, much less steal the thousand blades of Grass.

Wang Han coldy interjected. “Don’t be confused by this kid everyone. This kid has some sort of method to escape through the ground and avoid the wyverns’ sight. I’ve seen this with my own eyes. If this is a lie, then may I be struck by lightning!” Wang Han had hardened his heart to kick Jiang Chen while he was down, and didn’t hesitate in swearing such a fierce oath.

Those assembled had started to waver, but their doubts were dispelled upon hearing this oath and they all looked at Jiang Chen again.

“I did see the thousands of Sage Fledging Grass. However, Wang Han attacked me before I had a chance to harvest any. As for what happened after I fled, I have no idea. Wang Han, do you dare swear an oath to the heavens that you personally saw me pluck any Sage Fledging Grass?”

Wang Han sneered. “Wouldn’t you go back and harvest them when I was being pursued by the wyverns?”

“Tsk tsk, is it possible that your Sacred Sword Palace’s framing method is all about assumptions and ‘could haves’ and ‘would haves’? I rather suspect that it was you who harvested all the Sage Fledging Grass and thus caused the two wyverns to chase after you. After all, I left the scene before you did.” Jiang Chen argued with great aplomb.

Wang Han’s face darkened. “I can swear an oath that I absolutely did not obtain any Sage Fledging Grass. Jiang Chen, do you dare swear such an oath?”

Jiang Chen answered indifferently. “I can’t be bothered to. Do I have to swear an oath every time you try to frame me? Why?”

Elder Tan Lang from the Tristar Sect laughed slyly, “In my opinion, there’s no need to keep arguing. Innocence or guilt is very easy to prove here, just take out your storage ring and show everyone!” These words resulted in great agreement.  

“Right, the two of you should take out your storage rings and show everyone! This is clear and simple. We can stop wasting time this way.”

“Yes, let’s do it this way!” Everyone nodded and agreed with Elder Tan Lang’s suggestion.

Wang Han smirked after his own sect’s Elder Chen glanced at him. “I’m fine with this. Jiang Chen, why don’t you show us your storage ring? Don’t say you can’t be bothered with this. Otherwise we’ll assume it’s because you have a guilty conscience!” With this, the pressure seemed to now be all on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s heart was full of rage as his eyes flashed coldly. This world was truly crass. Everyone wanted him to cooperate, checking this and checking that just because of a single claim from Wang Han. It wasn’t that Jiang Chen didn’t dare, it was that Jiang Chen was pissed off.

“Jiang Chen, are you feeling guilty now? Since even Wang Han has agreed, what’s a mere fifth level origin realm cultivator like you putting on airs for?” Elder Chen ridiculed.

Jiang Chen coldly glared at Elder Chen, “Elder Chen, why must I cooperate every time your Sacred Sword Palace tries to frame me? Where’s the justification in that?”

“Do we need justification?” Elder Chen’s tone was apathetic, as if this was only just and right. He suddenly laughed and said, “But since you’re asking so ignorantly, let this old man give you an answer. The justification is that you aren’t strong enough. The justification is that you’re merely a junior. What right do you have to monopolize thousands of Sage Fledging Grass?”

Jiang Chen snorted angrily. “Then I’ll only say this. If you are unable to find the thousands of Sage Fledging Grass on me, will you go eat shit, Elder Chen?”

Elder Chen’s expression froze when he heard this. “How impudent!”

The Sacred Sword Palace’s people all burst forth with killing intent, ready to unsheathe their swords. Those from the Regal Pill Palace did not shirk away and Elder Yun Nie’s aura flared as he stepped forward to protect Jiang Chen. The atmosphere had become very tense, as if another wrong word would cause outright fighting to break out.


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