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Chapter 580: Meeting Wang Han Again

The advanced Purple Ganoderma was a panacea for most poisons, and an utmost treasure at that. It was almost at the level of sky rank. Regardless, it wasn’t that useful for Jiang Chen, since he was impervious to most poisons

“Take it, Gaoqi. May it be a reminder of the lesson you learned today.” Jiang Chen handed the Ganoderma over to Mu Gaoqi before focusing back on Du Lihuang’s ring. There was a blade of Phoenixwing Grass, another exceedingly rare earth rank spirit herb used for treating injuries. If refined into a pill, it would be worth cities.

Apart from the Phoenixwing Grass and Purple Ganoderma, there were also a few books regarding sword methods and several swords. Jiang Chen wasn’t all that interested in these methods but the swords weren’t too bad. Next were several tens of thousands of upper rank origin spirit stones and some pill medicines. Jiang Chen didn’t spare the medicines a second glance, they were too ordinary. The Sacred Sword Palace was indeed more than a few steps behind when it came to pills. He turned his attention to Wei Qing’s ring.

There were a lot more interesting things in Wei Qing’s ring. All sorts of poisonous grasses, poisons, and methods regarding poisons. Wei Qing could be described as the very epitome of all poisons. There were also many pills in his ring. The Walkabout Sect was also a great sect founded for pills, so the level of the pills in Wei Qing’s ring wasn’t too bad. However, even these pills were of a far too low quality to interest Jiang Chen.

It was apparent Wei Qing had struck it rich in the herb garden. Of the large amounts of spirit herbs within his ring, there were two of the earth rank! In addition, he had three times the amount of true saint and saint rank spirit herbs Du Lihuang had. It was obvious that Wei Qing was quite adept at locating spirit herbs, and that he’d had a much richer harvest.

Jiang Chen was only interested in the two earth rank spirit herbs.He emptied out the ring and returned to Mu Gaoqi’s side. “Gaoqi, we need to go and find a quiet place to get you out of those clothes and get rid of the scent on you.”

The two of them quickly left the clearing. Du Lihuang and Wei Qing were both top geniuses in the Myriad Domain. With both of them dead, it would certainly cause the Sacred Sword Palace and Walkabout Sect to sink into a frenzy. Although Jiang Chen made sure no clues were left behind, he didn’t want to spend any more time here than necessary.

The two had found a remote location. It took Mu Gaoqi a full day to recover and refine the mark Wei Qing had had put on his body. When both were ready, they put on a fresh set of clothes and set off.

“Gaoqi, remember, we never encountered those two. It didn’t happen.” Jiang Chen reminded once again.

“Don’t worry, Brother Chen, I know.” Mu Gaoqi’s mentality had matured greatly after the tempering of several life and death experiences. The two of them traveled as they chatted, heading deeper into the mountain. Although it was their first time in, time was of the essence as there were only three days left.

“Gaoqi, did you run into anyone else from our sect earlier?” Jiang Chen asked.

Mu Gaoqi shook his head when he recalled something. “Brother Chen, I heard that a few elders headed into the deepest area of the ancient herb garden a few days ago. They seemed to have discovered something.”

“Oh?” Jiang Chen’s interest was piqued. “Then we have to go take a look!” They picked up their speed and flew into the depths of the ancient herb garden.

Although the ancient herb garden was broad, it was different from Mt. Rippling Mirage that extended for hundreds of kilometers. It was roughly a hundred square kilometers, rather small in comparison. Even though the two faced some tough situations, they were rapidly closing in on the inner area of the ancient herb garden after roughly six hours.

They occasionally ran into geniuses from other sects along the way, but everyone seemed to be in a hurry and didn’t seen inclined to scheme and plot against each other.

“Gaoqi, it looks like you were right. There’s no other explanation I can think of for why everyone is rushing over there. Let’s pick up our speed!” Jiang Chen was about to increase his speed when he suddenly came to a halt and stared at the slope to his left.

“Scarletheart Fruit?” Jiang Chen was moved. This Scarletheart Fruit was merely a saint rank spirit herb, it wasn’t even close to the true saint rank, but it was exceedingly rare. This Scarletheart Fruit in particular was a bright red within and without, translucent in its splendor. This was a very high quality Scarletheart Fruit.

On any other day, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have paid attention to this spirit herb, even though it was one worth noting. However, it happened to be one of the four spirit herbs needed to cure Ling Bi’er’s father. “Gaoqi, wait a moment, I’m going to pluck that Scarletheart Fruit.”

With a small movement he shot into the air and arrived next to the spirit herb in a moment. He was about to pluck the Fruit when he saw a figure quickly approaching from the front. As the figure weaved to and fro, Jiang Chen saw it was Wang Han from the Sacred Sword Palace.

He was incredibly worse for the wear, his face ashen and mud stained his white shirt. There were even blades of grass and twigs stuck in his hair. Jiang Chen was perplexed by Wang Han’s disheveled appearance. However, a thought came to mind and he instantly sent a silent message to Mu Gaoqi. “Gaoqi, hurry and leave! Go meet up with Elder Yun Nie.”

Mu Gaoqi was caught off-guard and stood in place, hesitating momentarily, when Jiang Chen said with a commanding tone. “Don’t just stand there, run!”

Mu Gaoqi realized with a tremble of his heart that Jiang Chen wasn’t joking. He snuck a glance at Jiang Chen, then stomped his foot on the ground and swiftly flew off.

Back on the slope, Jiang Chen placed the Scarletheart Fruit into his storage ring and was about to take shelter when Wang Han spotted him. The latter was momentarily stunned before boundless hate and resentment floated up on his face.

Jiang Chen!

Wang Han hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen was still alive, and even seemed to be having quite a comfortable time at that. He was enraged and why shouldn’t he be? The two wyverns chased after him for the last few days without break, leaving him in a bedraggled, disheveled state. The culprit was none other than Jiang Chen!

Wang Han would’ve never been hunted down by these two wyverns if not for Jiang Chen. When he saw Jiang Chen, unharmed and enjoying himself, fire erupted in his eyes. Wang Han was about to raise his sword and attack Jiang Chen when a devious thought struck him. He pierced downwards with his sword and sent a strong gust of air with his personal mark towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was greatly experienced and had witnessed the Walkabout Sect deploying the same trick before. How would he be fooled by this kind of trick? He snorted derisively and dived underground.

Wang Han was thoroughly enraged as he hacked repeatedly downwards, carving a path through the air and fissuring the slope with over ten deep cracks.

“Cowering in your shell again, Jiang Chen!?” Wang Han cursed loudly. He’d been hunted down day and night. Stressed and on high alert, he was teetering on the edge of complete collapse.

He’d wanted to leave his presence on Jiang Chen to divert the attention of the two wyverns away from him and onto Jiang Chen. His plans were foiled when Jiang Chen who didn’t fall for the trick, how would Wang Han not be infuriated?

He stomped his feet in great frustration but knew he couldn’t stand still any longer. If he didn’t move, the wyverns would catch up again. Wang Han felt gloomy. Just why did the two wyverns hold such a grudge against him? After his plan to transfer the threat had failed, Wang Han could only rush into the inner core of the herb garden. His last bit of hope rested on the elders of his sect now. If he could run into one of the sect elders, he wouldn’t need to worry about the two wyverns any longer.

Two long whistles rang out from the distance, sounding amongst the hillside like rolling thunder. Wang Han trembled all over and didn’t dare linger another moment. He crushed another transportation rune and vanished. Although the rune wouldn’t take him far, it would slow the wyverns down a bit. Even though it wouldn’t thoroughly throw them off, they would at least have to expend some effort to get back on his track.

Every second was vital. Time was life.

The light from Wang Han’s transportation rune vanished the moment the wyverns came screeching in. It was apparent they were used to Wang Han using the transportation runes since they didn’t lose their bearings. They communicated with each other a bit, then flew off in two different directions. They decided to encircle Wang Han in a pincer movement.

Jiang Chen only revealed himself after the two wyverns were long gone. With a faint smile on his face, he watched the two wyverns dwindle into two shadows before they disappeared from sight. Karma was chasing after Wang Han.

“This kid has some methods to him though. He’s still able to run away even after being chased down for so long. It looks like the Sacred Sword Palace has invested quite a lot on their top disciple!” Jiang Chen knew Wang Han’s speed was lacking compared to the two wyverns. The only way he could still be escaping was if he used vast amounts of treasures such as the transportation rune. Judging from his actions just now, he was using them like scrap paper!

Sacred Sword Palace was more than a little wealthy, and they were deeply vested in Wang Han.

Jiang Chen didn’t dare tarry either. He estimated he wasn’t far from where everyone was converging, and guessed that Wang Han was most likely trying to reach his elders. It would be difficult for the two wyverns to kill Wang Han. Jiang Chen was worried about Mu Gaoqi and quickly chased after them.

Although the wyverns were strong, he wasn’t afraid of them. They were far beneath Long Xiaoxuan in strength. In addition, they could only cower in submission when confronted by Long Xiaoxuan and his lineage of a true dragon. Besides, Jiang Chen had no need to summon the dragon. He could subdue the two wyverns by virtue of the dragon blood Long Xiaoxuan had gifted him.

After traveling for roughly an hour, he could hear the violent sounds of battle in the distance. Jiang Chen took a closer look and saw that a group of sage rank cultivators were circling in the air, engaging the wyverns in an intense fight. The six great sects had the obvious strength in numbers when it came to sage realm cultivators, but the two wyverns’ flight abilities were much more advanced than these cultivators’. So although they were encircled, their lives were in no danger whatsoever.

Jiang Chen advanced rapidly when he saw that Mu Gaoqi and Ling Bi’er were already waiting for him. When the two saw him, they flung their arms high in the air, waving to him.

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