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Chapter 576: Jiang Chen’s Rich!

Wang Han didn’t dare take a second to hesitate. He frantically leaped into the air, blurring into a streak of light as he sped for the thick woods on the left. A quick look back confirmed his fears as two enormous wyverns were diving at him. These wyverns were interestingly designed, as their wingspans were abnormally large. A full nine meters wide, the fleshy wings on their back seemed like they could cover the skies.

Wang Han had just evaded the first blow, but the two wyverns hadn’t planned on stopping at all. A quick flap of their enormous wings, and they were speeding in Wang Han’s direction. Their maws gaped wide as bolts of terrifying purple electricity arced towards Wang Han.

Wang Han was scared out of his wits. These two were thunder wyverns! Judging from their demeanor, they were at least as strong as a human sage realm cultivator. How would Wang Han be able to evade their attacks all by himself? His thoughts spun furiously and came to only one conclusion, flee!

The several thousand blades of Sage Fledgling Grass were indeed highly tempting, and could even change the Sacred Sword Palace’s destiny. But compared to his life, of course his life came out on top as more valuable.


Wang Han spurred himself onwards with a gust of chilly air, activating a transportation glyph as he hurtled through the air. It was obvious that he knew he had no way to match the wyverns in speed. He would be caught if he was even half a step slower, and that would lead to only his death. In addition, he had already come up with a plan, so he couldn’t keep the wyverns on his tail any longer. He had to leave them where they were so they could turn back to Jiang Chen.

Wang Han was well aware that killing Jiang Chen with these wyverns around was near impossible. If he led the wyverns away from here, that would actually be making things easy for Jiang Chen. He would never willingly help Jiang Chen harvest the Sage Fledgling Grass by luring away the wyverns. Wouldn’t that be just peachy, hmm? Therefore, Wang Han was very decisive and activated a transportation glyph, breaking through the air in a burst of speed, and throwing the wyverns completely off his trail. He would leave the two wyverns to Jiang Chen. He’d still have a chance to come back for the spirit herbs as long as the wyverns destroyed Jiang Chen. When he died, the secret of the Sage Fledgling Grass would die with him, and Wang Han would be able to pick up this treasure.

One had to say, Wang Han had made quite a good plan on the spur of the moment. The two wyverns were hot on his tail when they suddenly witnessed a flash of light, which completely wiped out any traces of their enemy. The two wyverns looked at each other, unsure of what to do. They were the guardians of this area. As humans hadn’t entered this ancient herb garden in three thousand years, that meant that they hadn’t had any opponents in three thousand years either. That meant they’d almost never had any run-ins with any enemies.

The two wyverns butted their heads against each other and conversed, eventually coming to the conclusion that they wouldn’t be able to catch up to this slippery enemy. They could only turn and head back dejectedly.

They’d only been gone for ten breaths of time to chase Wang Han, but they were shellshocked upon returning. The several thousand blades of Sage Fledgling Grass had all gone missing in that short period!

The wyverns were incensed beyond rationality. The Grass was their food, and someone had stolen it all before they’d had time to enjoy it.



The two wyverns threw their heads back in a long howl to the sky, venting their extreme rage.

“Boss, these humans are too wicked!”

“The person who stole our Sage Fledgling Grass must be the comrade of that human in white! We only need to find that human to be able to find the person who stole the Grass!” Another wyvern lowered its head and growled, looking at the devastation on the ground and how not even half a blade of Sage Fledgling Grass remained behind. They were near to crying tears of flame in their rage.

“Right, it must be that human’s comrades. I remember his face, let’s go! We’ll go hunt him down!”

“Let’s go!”

The two wyverns were obviously not very intelligent as their mind had yet to truly open up. They had no other thoughts other than concluding that it must be Wang Han’s comrade who’d stolen the Grass. Far away, the person in question had just rematerialized out of the light of the transportation glyph and sneezed suddenly as chills ran all over his body. Wang Han had no idea at all that the two wyverns had invoked a death grudge against him.

He stood where he was and smirked proudly. “Jiang Chen, I hope those two wyverns show you a good time. Champion of the Pill Battles? Let’s see how cocky you can be in front of those wyverns!”

He was strutting in pride when a cold light suddenly flashed in front of his eyes. Two spots of black suddenly appeared in the direction that he was looking in, making straight for him. Wang Han widened his eyes and trembled all over with shock. “Damn it, I even used a transportation glyph, but they’ve caught up so quickly?”

His eyeballs almost fell out in his fright and he didn’t dare linger, immediately speeding off in a ball of cool light. Wang Han had one more transportation glyph, but it was a life-saving treasure. He didn’t want to just waste such a precious thing.

Compared to Wang Han’s agonizingly stressful circumstances, Jiang Chen was quite relaxed. When the wyverns had chased after Wang Han the first time, Jiang Chen had called upon a thousand Goldbiter Rats and cleaned up the entire patch of Sage Fledgling Grass. The strength behind Wang Han’s stroke just now had been enormous enough to force Jiang Chen to take cover beneath the ground. As a result, he’d remained hidden from the two wyverns. Therefore, when they’d taken off in hot pursuit of Wang Han, he’d stolen all of the Sage Fledgling Grass and shifted all the blame to Wang Han. According to the two wyverns, whoever had stolen the Sage Fledgling Grass was certainly Wang Han’s comrade.

Jiang Chen’s pockets were now bulging after obtaining several thousand blades of Grass. He wouldn’t have any regrets even if he was forced to leave the ancient herb garden right then. He escaped the area through the ground, popping up about roughly fifty kilometers away, only when he was certain that there was no danger. He knew that the wyverns hated Wang Han with a passion now and would chase after him relentlessly, sworn to kill him.

Jiang Chen looked around and noticed nothing more of value around. At least, he couldn’t be bothered to collect ordinary spirit herbs anymore. He took a few steps forward to get his bearings, deciding to head deeper into the ancient herb garden. The further one traveled, the higher the levels of the spirit herbs were and subsequently, the greater the chances of high level spirit herbs appearing.

With the Goldbiter Rats emptying out every place they crossed, Jiang Chen only needed three days to fill up his storage ring to a third of its capacity. After these three days, Jian Chen noticed another group of people entered the ancient herb garden. It seems like the third batch has also entered.

He kept low profile these last few days, proactively evading others as much as possible. With Elder Wu Hen’s personality, he would never give up on the Cloudpine. Jiang Chen didn’t want to reveal his tracks and attract his attention. He wouldn’t have been afraid of ordinary old monsters, but those of the Walkabout Sect were all scheming, devious, and quite adept at poison formations. He wouldn’t be guaranteed of victory under this setup even if he summoned Long Xiaoxuan, not to mention the dragon was a trump card he shouldn’t reveal under any circumstances.

Jiang Chen came here to harvest spirit herbs, not to engage in pointless conflict. As for Elder Wu Hen, there was no rush to deal with him. There would be plenty of time to settle the score once Jiang Chen raised his strength.

On this particular day, Jiang Chen was getting ready to set out at the first ray of dawn when the light of a transportation glyph touched the ground three hundred meters in front of him. A distraught figure coalesced before fleeing with great speed.

“Gaoqi?” Jiang Chen discerned the identity of this figure at a glance! He was about to open his mouth and call out to Mu Gaoqi, when he noticed the bedraggled state Mu Gaoqi was in; grave injuries covered his body and it seemed he would collapse any moment now from exhaustion. It was obvious someone was chasing after him, and he had used the transportation glyph to shake off the enemy’s pursuit.

Jiang Chen was about to greet Mu Gaoqi but forcefully restrained himself. He judged from Mu Gaoqi’s posture there was a mark placed on him, so even after using the glyph he was unlikely to escape his pursuers.

Mu Gaoqi leaned against a big tree and swallowed some pills, taking a moment to recover . He grit his teeth, stood back up, and sprinted off into the depths of the shrubbery.

Two more figures arrived at the tree a few breaths after Mu Gaoqi left—they were Du Lihuang of the Sacred Sword Palace and Wei Qing of the Walkabout Sect.

Wei Qing walked around the great tree and smiled sinisterly. “He was here just a moment ago. He can’t be far.”

Du Lihuang looked at Wei Qing with some admiration. “Brother Wei, your tracking skills are simply amazing! You’re even able to find him even after he used the transportation glyph?”

Wei Qing chuckled. “My Walkabout Sect has a secret art of tracking. Once we have a mark, it’s rare for us to lose it.” When these words left his mouth, he felt his heart spasm. He recalled that one anomaly, Jiang Chen! Their exclusive tracking mark had somehow failed on Jiang Chen back then. Not only was it seen through, but it was even exploited by Jiang Chen who scattered his clothes in every which way to make fools out of Elder Wu Hen and Elder Wu Qi.

Fortunately, it was evident Mu Gaoqi didn’t hold a candle to Jiang Chen. Wei Qing scanned the terrain and pointed in the direction of the thick growth. “The kid’s gone in there. Heh heh, looks like he’s at the end of his rope.”

“Heh heh, let’s go after him!” The two looked at each other and charged into the thick growth

Those two seem really determined on killing Mu Gaoqi. The Sacred Sword Palace and Walkabout Sect even seem to be cooperating to achieve their evil plans. Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered as he looked at their departure, killing intent exploding in his heart. Above all else, Mu Gaoqi was his first good friend in the Regal Pill Palace, how could he let these two hunt his friend down so blatantly?

Mu Gaoqi had finally ran out of ideas. He had even used the transportation glyph to escape his pursuers, but he couldn’t shake them. He tried to send a message glyph to Elder Yun Nie to request for help, but with his cultivation level he was unable to bridge the distance! He considered asking Jiang Chen for help too, but dismissed that thought quickly. Although Jiang Chen was strong, Du Lihuang was at the peak of the origin realm and Wei Qing possessed great skills in poison, they weren’t easy to deal with. He would only be dragging his brother down with him if he asked for help!


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