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Chapter 539: Champion of Fire Control

As someone who sat as the head of the Walkabout Sect, how could Wei Wuying not see the intricacies of Jiang Chen’s movements? A single look was all it took for him to be enthralled by Jiang Chen’s techniques. Stunning technique, and a flawless rhythm, even Wei Wuying himself might not be able to replicate this process perfectly, let alone all the young geniuses present. The most frightening things was, not only was this Jiang Chen completing everything fluidly, he was far ahead of the others.

As a direct comparison, Wei Xing’er, his hopeful champion with the innate fire constitution was actually quite a ways behind Jiang Chen!

Dan Chi laughed leisurely, “I don’t know about anything else, but the champion of fire control absolutely won’t be coming from your Walkabout Sect today!”

Wei Wuying was speechless, and his gloomy, darkened face became incredibly sinister.

Another commotion started in a different area. “Everyone, look! That Tristar Sect disciple is actually stronger than even Zhu Feiyang?!”

Everyone looked over after this exclamation. It seemed that the fellow named Ding Tong had a mastery of fire control that allowed him to to exceed Zhu Feiyang’s speed by a hair. One could even say the former had a clear advantage.

Dan Chi had originally only been paying attention to Zhu Feiyang, and had seen that his speed was comparable to Shen Qinghong. But Ding Tong was even faster than Zhu Feiyang, and even more mind bogglingly faster than Wei Xing’er. Although he was a little behind Jiang Chen, there wasn’t much of a gap between the two!

“Tsk tsk, this is a huge dark horse! It looks like Ding Tong is going to lock down the champion of the fire controlling competition without a sound!”

“I hadn’t believed the rumors beforehand about the rise of the Tristar Sect, but who would’ve thought that Ding Tong would be this extraordinary? Where did he come from? Everyone, have you heard of his name before?”

Tristar Sect Head Zhu smiled demurely. “You don’t need to guess randomly, everyone. Ding Tong is a genius that my sect happened to chance upon. His emergence as a dark horse this time was something we anticipated as well.”

It was obvious that no one had paid attention to Jiang Chen’s performance.

However, at this point, Honored Master Tian Ming from the Dark North Sect suddenly grinned. “While Ding Tong may be good, he’s not the best today. The true dark horse is in the Regal Pill Palace.”

“The Regal Pill Palace?” Everyone turned their attention to that area and were instantly dumbstruck. Much like Wei Wuying, their expressions showed varying stages of petrification and amazement.

Two thirds of the time allotted had passed by now, and Jiang Chen was wrapping up. He’d already ignited thirty of the thirty six flames! And judging from his momentum, the remaining flames weren’t going to slow him down at all. He even seemed like he would light them up all in one go.

This pace was absolutely monstrous. Every single person present was an expert; how could they not understand the significance of what they beheld?”

“What.. What is that youngster’s name?” It was obvious that not everyone knew Jiang Chen, and many sect heavyweights looked curiously at Palace Head Dan Chi.

He smiled, “You all should be familiar with this child. He hails from the Precious Tree Sect and is now one of the most exemplary pill dao geniuses of my Regal Pill Palace.”

Dan Chi purposefully emphasized “one of” as he was also thinking of Mu Gaoqi.

“He’s that Precious Tree Sect disciple? Jiang Chen?”

“No way? The Precious Tree Sect can raise such a genius? Have you gotten something wrong?”

“Are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes, Dan Chi?”

Honored Master Tian Ming spoke up, “This is indeed the Precious Tree Sect disciple. I can bear witness.”

Tristar Sect Head Zhu had attended the alliance ceremony and could recognize Jiang Chen after careful scrutiny of his features. He spoke with a darkened face, “It is indeed that Precious Tree Sect disciple Jiang Chen.”

A hubbub broke out after Sect Head Zhu confirmed his identity. They obviously hadn’t thought at all that this young man would be from the Precious Tree Sect.

“The Precious Tree Sect has such heaven defying pill dao level? I don’t believe that!”

“Perhaps this one had stunning pill dao potential and only improved tremendously after entering the Regal Pill Palace?” Several sect heads looked skeptically at Palace Head Dan Chi, anticipating his response.

Palace Head Dan Chi smiled, “He does indeed have superb potential, and we have been focusing our attention on cultivating him since he has joined our Regal Pill Palace.”

He naturally wouldn’t say much more, glossing over the situation with a few words. As their conversation continued, Jiang Chen had already started tackling the last three flames.

“This boy’s fire control techniques are verging on the ridiculous. Ole brother Dan Chi, are these the unique techniques of your Regal Pill Palace?”

Palace Head Dan Chi laughed heartily. “I’m truly not at liberty to say.”

As everyone watched in astonishment, Jiang Chen lit the last three flames with a finishing touch of his seal sequence. The instant all thirty six flames were lit, they began to resonate with each other, streams of fire whirling around the formation. The entire formation was activated as a majestic pillar of flame roared into being, a grand finish to his display of prowess..

Each flame was unique in their attributes and abilities, yet all thirty six flames danced in unison.

“All thirty six have been awakened?”

“Formation resonance?”

“This child’s potential in fire control is beyond the level of the Myriad Domain! He’d be competitive even if he was placed in the Upper Eight Realms!”

“Incredible, absolutely incredible! Ole brother Dan Chi, you’ve really happened upon a treasure from the sixteen kingdoms this time!”

“Congratulations ole brother, this is absolutely a supreme treasure! Even I’m a little green-eyed with envy!”

When those assembled looked back over at Ding Tong, he’d only ignited thirty flames, and his speed was dropping with each additional flame he lit. Wei Xing’er was just a step behind Ding Tong, with only one flame separating the two.

Tristar Sect Head Zhu stared fixedly at Ding Tong, mightily encouraging him inwardly. As time counted down, he naturally hoped that Ding Tong could complete summoning all thirty six flames before time ran out. If this was the case, the first competition would end in a draw.

The Pill Battles rankings were determined solely through points. If the points were the same, then the rankings would be determined by the rankings of the previous Pill Battles. Whichever sect ranked higher in the previous Pill Battles would then rank higher this time. If they were in the same sect, then rankings would be based off one’s number. The higher one’s number was, the higher their ranking.

However, Sect Head Zhu’s wishful thinking fell flat. When time was up, Ding Tong was still one flame away from completion, and his frustration was obvious to the crowd. He smacked his right fist viciously into his left palm, angry and dejected. He was plainly quite depressed about not activating the final flame.

Wei Xing’er was in third place, as she’d activated thirty four flames and was second only to Jiang Chen and Ding Tong. The next couple of rankings, which included those participating in the bet, had all only ignited thirty three flames. Ling Bi’er had also produced thirty three flames, with Mu Gaoqi just a single flame behind.

In this way, Jiang Chen’s name was guaranteed to be far out in front after the first competition ends. He was also the only one to complete summoning all thirty six flames and according to the rules, he’d be able to receive another forty points. In this way, he’d just received 400 points for the first competition, placing him solidly in the lead. Ding Tong was in second just behind him, ranking at number two with three hundred and fifty points. Wei Xing’er was third with three hundred and forty points.

The scores for those placing fourth to tenth were all the same. They were Shen Qinghong and Ling Bi’er from the Regal Pill Palace, Wei Qing from the Walkabout Sect, Zhu Feiyang from the Tristar Sect, Lin Hai from the Dark North Sect, Yuan Yuan from the Sacred Ape Family of the Great Cathedral, and Wang Han from the Sacred Sword Palace in that order. They were all at three hundred and thirty points. Mu Gaoqi from the Regal Pill Palace came in eleventh. There were a few others with similar number of flames, but the Regal Pill Palace disciple’s ranking still outstripped them.

Overall, the Regal Pill Palace had performed the best in the first competition. Jiang Chen’s sudden rise had left a huge dent in the Tristar Sect and Walkabout Sects’ plan to challenge the Regal Pill Palace’s position.

When he’d first brought up the idea of a fifty thousand upper rank spirit stone bet, everyone had felt that this Regal Pill Palace rookie was merely fearless in his ignorance. It wasn’t until the first competition ended that they’d come to understand that he was hiding his talent. Masquerading as a pig to eat a tiger! He had taken full marks in the first competition, and now he was far in the lead! This first competition topic alone had been enough to give him a boost of fifty points ahead of the first runner up.

“Old brother Dan Chi, your Regal Pill Palace really keeps its cards close to the chest, huh!” Tristar Sect Head Zhu’s voice held a sour hint of jealousy as he spoke. The overall strength the Regal Pill Palace had displayed had robbed him of his confidence and left him a bit despondent. Even the weakest of the four disciples from the Regal Pill Palace, Mu Gaoqi, was ranked at number eleven after the first round. This display of prowess was quite frightening!

Wei Wuying of the Walkabout Sect was even more dejected. On the whole, his sect had acquitted themselves well. But, his two trump cards of Wei Xing’er and Wei Qing had been his greatest guarantee at seizing the championship, and to their credit, they’d performed well. However, this Jiang Chen’s sudden emergence from the Regal Pill Palace had completely thrown their plans on its head! Then a bizarre freak occurrence like Ding Tong had surfaced from the Tristar Sect, pushing Wei Xing’er, someone who he thought was slated to win, down to third. His plans crumbling before his eyes, it was natural that he was depressed.

While others celebrated, there would be always be those wallowing in sorrow. The Tristar Sect took second place overall after the first round, and the Walkabout Sect third. When they left the fire control hall, Wei Qing’s gaze was permafrost cold as he sized up Jiang Chen, not hiding his killing intent towards this mysterious disciple. He had to admit that he’d underestimated Jiang Chen. He’d treated this disciple as an unknown nobody before, thinking that Ling Bi’er was purposefully using Jiang Chen as a shield. But now, it seemed that things weren’t that simple!

“Don’t get cocky yet kid, you were just lucky in the first round.” Wei Qing snorted coldly.

“Is that so? Then, I hope you get lucky in the next round and show me.” Jiang Chen’s smile was just a bit disinterested. His thoughts weren’t on Wei Qing at all, because there was an even more frightening source of hostility that he had to stay guarded against. Ding Tong had been a hair’s breadth away from him, on the verge of receiving full marks as well. This had greatly surprised Jiang Chen, and he was almost certain that this Ding Tong was definitely beyond the level of the Myriad Domain. Jiang Chen had received full points purely because of the knowledge from his past life and his heaven defying techniques. But Ding Tong had almost received full marks in an equal amount of time, and had only been  the barest difference away from him! In Jiang Chen’s eyes, this wasn’t something that a Myriad Domain level genius could handle. This conclusion was clear just from looking at the the other geniuses. Even the best of the Myriad Domain, Wei Xing’er with an innate fire constitution, had only activated thirty four flames.

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