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This was where Jiang Chen fully resembled Jiang Feng. Thus, instead of reprimanding his son, Jiang Feng approved of his actions.

“I hear that your cultivation has reached great heights, brother. Shall we spar to check your progress?”

Xu Qingxuan always loved to fight with Jiang Chen, even though she knew it wasn’t a reasonable request. She couldn’t rival her brother at all. However, she couldn’t help playing with him.

Jiang Chen smiled and turned to her. “You’re my little sister. Why should we fight? I wouldn’t defeat you even if I could.”

Xu Qingxuan huffed. “I don’t want you to let me win.”

Jiang Feng chuckled. “Stop that, Qingxuan. Emperor Coiling Dragon just told me that your brother has reached fifth level empyrean and is going to break through to the next level soon. No human cultivator can rival him. Aside from you, not even the heads of your Moon God Sect measure up to him.”

Xu Qingxuan pulled a long face. She knew her father was right.

Jiang Chen laughed. “How can the sect heads compare to my sister? Qingxuan is much more talented than they are. Maybe my little sister will ascend to empyrean in a year or two.”

Xu Qingxuan perked up, her eyes shining brightly as they fixed on Jiang Chen. “Brother, I hear that you have something called the Taiyi Skymender Pill, that it can boost the success rate of ascending to empyrean to ninety percent for peak great emperors.”

“I do have such a pill.” Jiang Chen chuckled.

“Do I get a share?” Her eyes shone with vibrant light.

“What do you think? You’re my little sister. I’m not going to give other people the pills if you aren’t going to get one.” Jiang Chen laughed. “Don’t worry. I set aside the best things I have for you. Remember, Qingxuan, we are family. I always keep you in mind.”

Xu Qingxuan pouted and turned away, her eyes reddening. She wasn’t going to let Jiang Chen see it, of course. A warm feeling wrapped itself around her heart.

She had to admit she was happier in Veluriyam Capital than she was in the Moon God Sect. Though she cultivated with her master day and night, she still wasn’t at ease with her master. Her master was too strict, almost to the point of being harsh. 

Now, in Sacred Peafowl Mountain, she still cultivated as hard as ever, but no one was there to demand anything from her. But not only hadn’t her progress been hindered, she improved even faster.

That was largely thanks to the cultivation regime her brother had designed for her, and the resources he’d given her.

Over time, Xu Qingxuan had started to see Sacred Peafowl Mountain as her home. Staying by her parents’ side, she could both take care of them and cultivate more efficiently. Even though sometimes she did miss the Moon God Sect and her master, she was no longer willing to leave the mountain and her parents behind.

She felt welcome here, not because of intentional hospitality, but because of the warm atmosphere created by everyone and everything around her. She yearned for that warmth.

Her brother was especially crucial to making her feel welcome. Although she often like to be minorly at odds with him, he showed her great care and tolerance.

Xu Qingxuan couldn’t fully turn away from the comforting sense of belonging.


Jiang Chen spent the next two days with Huang’er, Dan Fei, and his daughter. He also took time to check on Gouyu, Xue Tong and the others. He was pleased to see their great progress.

Jiang Chen had brought them here from the Eastern Kingdom. They were his earliest followers and had remained loyal all this time. He was naturally going to repay them for their devotion.

Ye Chonglou and other old friends had also settled down in Veluriyam Capital instead of returning to the Precious Tree Sect.

In addition, Jiang Chen’s underlings, including Lin Yanyu and Pill King Bu, were doing very well in the capital. They hadn’t disappointed him.

Jiang Chen tried his best to visit everyone, to be updated on their current situation. Afterwards, he returned to the Six Palaces of Heritage to take on the fourth and fifth palaces.

According to the rules, the fourth palace required initial empyrean realm, or half-step empyrean at a minimum. And the fifth palace, intermediate empyrean.

Jiang Chen was about to ascend to sixth level empyrean. He’d long since reached intermediate empyrean and was more than qualified to take on both the fourth and the fifth palaces. He planned to do if the circumstances allowed it.

The sixth palace was the only one that was beyond his current ability.

He’d waited until now because he’d been otherwise preoccupied in Myriad Abyss. He’d never let anyone in on the secret of the Six Palaces of Heritage, except for what little he told the Vermilion Bird and Long Xiaoxuan.

Jiang Chen entered a secret chamber and activated his spacetime seal. Not only would it teleport him into the Six Palaces, it would discern which palace he should enter.

As he expected, he was sent to the fourth palace.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he could tell it was different from the three previous palaces. Every palace had their own unique features.

The atmosphere in the fourth palace was distinct. The air was turbulent and troubled like roiling clouds. There was an edge of insanity to the way it moved. Jiang Chen kept his guard up. He had a strong feeling that he was going to experience something here he’d never come across before.

He remained composed. He wasn’t who he’d been since he last came.

If he was at half-step empyrean, he would’ve been more cautious, but his cultivation level met the fifth palace’s requirements and far exceeded that of the fourth’s. That gave him a sense of security, allowing him to be as calm as a still lake.

That didn’t mean that he would get careless. On the contrary, he expanded his senses to take in every minute change in the air. The unhinged energy was still there, and seemed to be growing more and more intense over time.

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