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Insecurity crept into Prince Huo after the faction heads had left. He couldn't help but glance in the chief warden’s direction. “Old Ding, are they really reliable? They seem dutiful on the surface, but what if they’re just voicing words we want to hear? Won’t they run away if they get the chance to?”

The chief warden shook his head. “I can’t say for sure, but I’ve already planted a few pieces that can be discarded.” He made a throat-slitting gesture.

Prince Huo nodded. “Very good. You’ve done well. But I’m still worried. Under these circumstances, can their men really stabilize the situation?”

“Hmph! we’ll just have to wait and see! They don’t deserve their positions if they can’t even handle a small incident like this!” The chief warden snorted coldly. He snuck a glance at the five aristocratic houses and transmitted a mental message to Prince Huo. “You Highness, the five houses seems very satisfied with our hospitality. Perhaps it’s a good time to ask for their help?”  

After thinking about it briefly, Prince Huo walked towards the aristocrats. “My dear guests. please pardon the intrusion.”

“There’s no need to be so courteous, Prince Huo. What’s happened? Why does it seem like utter chaos has befallen Winterdraw Island?”

“Somebody’s barged into the forbidden area at the Blackwraith Mountains and tinkered with the island’s formation core, destabilizing its foundations. So… umm…” The prince stuttered and stammered before continuing with a thick skin. “This is difficult for me to say, but the situation has grown beyond our control. I plead for your kind assistance. The Rejuvenation Isles will be eternally grateful for your help.” 

“You’re a decent fellow, Prince Huo. Speak. How can we help you?”

“Indeed. We can consider helping as long as the task isn’t too burdensome.”

The prince heaved a sigh. “I’ll start from the beginning…”

He explained the situation at Winterdraw once again. Naturally, he placed emphasis on the island’s importance and the disaster that would occur if the convicts were allowed to escape. Thus, he needed their help to slay all those who attempted to.

“Someone destabilized the island’s foundations?” exclaimed someone. “Who? House Kuang? This is really out of line”

“Agreed! We’re highly satisfied by the hospitality you’ve shown us. Our trip here has been mostly up to par.”

Prince Huo could only laugh wryly. He'd felt that the other three houses had gone overboard as well, but he was in no position to say that.

The five houses had every right to say whatever they want about the other three, but the same couldn't be said of the Rejuvenation Isles and Winterdraw Island. These aristocrats weren't anyone he could afford to offend.

“Alright, enough chatter. Let's hear what plans Prince Huo has in mind for us, we'll help where we can. However, do note that we won’t be able to help if the entire island rebels.”

Winterdraw’s population was simply too big. Even with their abilities, there wasn’t much they could do if an uprising occurred.

“Thank you kindly for the aid. If the situation wasn’t so grim, I’d never trouble you with our matters. Things are still under control for now. With your help here and there, I'm sure the issue will be resolved soon.” The prince was royalty after all. He had a knack for politics and remained gracious even in the midst of an emergency.

First, he reinforced defense at various spots. Then, he stabilized the situation in all areas and formed an all-encompassing web to prevent any escapees from reaching the border. If a large group of cultivators was spotted, it was to be reported immediately.

Prince Huo wasn't the fastest at responding, but he was incredibly resourceful during emergencies.


Jiang Chen was currently in the airboat called Starfate. After spending some time with it, he’d gotten familiarized with the controls and operation. It wasn’t particularly spacious and could probably fit only two to three hundred people. However, there was an enormous library filled with various scriptures and Senior Pei Xing’s lifetime learnings.

Jiang Chen quite admired the senior. This was a great formation master with the purest of obsessions. No fame or glory was intermixed with his belief. His love for the dao of formation was unrivalled.

Many formation masters spent their entire lives researching formations, but most strived for even greater success in martial dao. Pei Xing wasn’t like that. He’d dedicated most of his life to formations, while only thirty percent of his knowledge was martial dao. 

The airboat was frighteningly fast. Before long, Jiang Chen had already flown across the Blackwraith Mountains. It hurtled across the sky like lightning. From above, he noticed that cultivators were lying in ambush at every exit.

However, like a flash of lightning, he was gone with the blink of an eye. 

He continued to observe the changes in the outside world. Upon reaching the border, he noticed that chaos had also befallen the area as well. The formations surrounding the border had completely disintegrated. Torrents of turbulence lined the border, tearing everything into pieces.

“Haha! As expected, the restrictions lining the island are all invalid after the obelisk was completely refined! The traps have all been disarmed as well! It’ll be smooth sailing from now on!”

The airboat was truly shockingly fast. It was faster than any he'd had seen before. He glanced behind him and noticed the three figures that were still chasing after him.

“The three stooges that don't know when to give up!” He smiled coldly. There was simply no way they could catch up to the boat. Since it was so incredibly quick, he decided not to leave and had the boat fly around in circles instead. 

With the advantage in speed, he flew to every corner of the island and informed everyone about the current situation at the border with his dragon roar art. Now was a great opportunity to flee!It was incredibly effective. The violent outlaws immediately swarmed the borders as though they’d caught the scent of blood. 

Flying the airboat was as easy as a stroll in the park for Jiang Chen, but the three behind him were completely exhausted. He slowed down on purpose when needed so they could barely catch up to the vehicle. This frustrated them greatly.

They’d caught on that maybe Jiang Chen had obtained a heaven-defying treasure and that they might no longer be able to catch up. However, they refused to give up.

After a few rounds of this, Jiang Chen eventually found himself circling over Sin City. He swept his consciousness across the city frantically. He was looking for the Tong father and daughter and Commander Yong. They were all excellent people. If they were willing, he wouldn’t mind taking them along. 

It wasn’t long before he found Xing Hui and his daughter among the scrambling crowd. He immediately sent Long Xiaoxuan to them. “Brother Long, bring them onto the boat. Don’t alarm the others.”

Jiang Chen had a great deal of trust in Long Xiaoxuan’s capabilities.

Xiao Hui and his daughter was soon brought onto the airboat. They were elated when they saw Jiang Chen. They’d considered escape after receiving news that the seal had been destroyed. 

However, Xing Tong was simply too weak. Xing Hui was a mighty cultivator, but his wounds had yet to recover. Their chances of escape were simply too low. They were stunned when they saw Jiang Chen at the helm of the airboat!

“Big Brother Jiang! We meet again! H-how do you have an airboat?” Xing Tong’s eyes were full of life when she saw Jiang Chen.

The person in question laughed. “It’s just a coincidence. The restriction at the border has been destroyed. This is our chance to escape. If you're willing, I can bring you along for the ride.”Xing Hui nodded without a second’s hesitation. “But of course! Sir Jiang, we will forever be indebted to you for bringing us along!”

Starfate arrived at Yong Peng’s neighborhood in the blink of an eye. Jiang Chen was quite fond of the loving couple. If they were also willing, he’d bring them along as well. But since Yong Peng was the city lord’s commander-in-chief, it’d be understandable if he’d chose not to come.

Jiang Chen quickly located Yong Peng with his consciousness. The person in question was at home and frantically packing his bags.

“Old Brother Xing Hui, do you mind saying a few words to Yong Peng?” It wasn’t convenient for Jiang Chen to go down himself.

“No problem.” Xing Hui assured.

Today was Yong Peng’s day off. When he received news of what’d occured, escape was the first thing that flashed through his mind. He wanted to go see the world!

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