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Jiang Chen wrung quite a bit more information about House Xiahou. The man wasn't able to go into details, but he had quite a good overview of the clan.

The young lord struck the man in the dantian with his palm after he was done.

"Half of your cultivation in return for your life. I believe that's fair." After knocking the man out, Jiang Chen threw him aside, and left him to fend for himself.

Losing half of one's cultivation was still better than death.

Jiang Chen was in a better mood now that he'd finally gathered intelligence on his enemy. However, he still couldn't help but scowl when he was reminded of House Xiahou.

On the bright side, the people behind the Order of Wind and Cloud had finally been exposed.

The Order had ever been in the shadows while he was in the light. He'd no choice but to watch from the sidelines as the sect cast its shadow upon the entire domain. Grasping their background had boosted his confidence by a long mile.

House Xiahou! I don't care how prominent you are in Myriad Abyss Island! If you harm a single hair on Huang'er's head, I'll bury all of you myself! 

Jiang Chen wasn't a ruthless tyrant, but neither was he a pushover. He would never show mercy to those who crossed his bottom line.

If Huang'er was harmed in any way, he would destroy this blasted clan and wipe them off the face of the Divine Abyss Continent! 

Meanwhile, Elder Mo could barely hang on against the combined attacks of six golems. 

Third Stone and Forth Stone were almost done with the stragglers as well. The dozen or so elites stood no chance against the two brothers.

"It's time to end this." Jiang Chen picked up his bow with a cold glint in his eyes. This time, his sights were set on Elder Mo.

With his current abilities, he shouldn't be able to fatally wound the elder. In fact, Jiang Chen wouldn't even be able to fend for himself in a direct face-off.

However, the old man was hanging by a thread, while the young lord burned with rage and killing after learning about the Order's background. His emotions affected the Holy Dragon Bow as well. Unknowingly, his affinity for the bow had developed to the next level.

Without a doubt, this was a fantastic development. Only by increasing his affinity with the bow could he uncover its true potential and might.   

His mind was calm as still water as he nocked an arrow to the bow. The Evil Golden Eye and his consciousness also harmonized into the same rhythm.

The bow burst into a deafening dragon roar when the arrow was let loose. Jiang Chen was so inspired and emitted a dragon howl as well.

For a brief moment, the bow seemed to have released all of its hidden potential. The arrow was a meteoric beam of light that could pierce through the sky, sun, and moon!

It arrived in front of Elder Mo in the blink of an eye.

Horror ran down the elder's spine when he noted approaching doom. Unfortunately, he was pinned down by Stone Golems and didn't have any leftover strength to deal with the arrow.

Horror and terror flashed but for an instant as the arrow pierced through his head, leaving a gaping hole in its wake!

His body instantly petrified as though a spell had been casted on him. Even his soul was destroyed before it could attempt escape.

The shot was so frighteningly powerful that Jiang Chen was rendered speechless by it. It was the most powerful shot he'd ever made in his life and wholly unintentional! That he'd actually managed to pierce a hole in an empyrean expert's head was entirely inconceivable!

He was merely sixth level emperor, a hair away from seventh realm. A cultivator of his level could never deal this kind of damage to an empyrean expert, even if said expert was standing stock still. But not only had he caused an injury, he'd taken the elder's life!

He also keenly recalled that,  in that moment, a deep rage had rampaged inside his sea of consciousness. His arrow was made even more powerful because of it, but he was succinctly aware that this strength very likely came from the seal inside his mind.

The seal had always been present and protected his mind from outside harm. It'd thwarted multiple attacks on his consciousness, saving his life over and over again, but this was the first time it'd ever reinforced his attacks.

It hadn't done so in a direct manner, but Jiang Chen was certain that it had everything to do with his unnatural, sudden burst of strength.

The stone golem brothers exchanged glances. They were clearly flabbergasted by what had just occurred. They'd joined Jiang Chen's side and addressed him as their savior, but they were well aware that he was only emperor realm.

Logically speaking, such a cultivator could never pose a threat to someone like Elder Mo. After a long battle, the brothers also knew full well that the elder wasn't an easy target. 

And yet, their savior had miraculously pierced a hole in the enemy's head! 

Even simple-minded creatures like the stone golems could understand the significance of this. This was clearly far beyond the boundaries of common sense.

Thud! Elder Mo's body kicked up a plume of dust as it crashed onto the ground.

"Brother Long, Xiao Bai, don't let empyrean life essence go to waste!" Jiang Chen yelled.

Long Xiaoxuan and Xiao Bai were already furiously absorbing Elder Peng's life essence. They jumped for joy and dug in when another fresh dish was served.

"S-savior! That was an incredible shot!" Big Stone finally came back to his senses and led his brothers back to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled playfully. "It was just an accident. I don't think I can pull off such an incredible shot again."

He wasn't being humble. There were many unexpected factors and coincidences that not even he had foreseen in that shot.  It might not be possible to be in the same zone again. However, it did leave a lot of inspiration that surged through his mind. I… I feel that I might break through!

"Big Stone, keep a look out! I'm about to break through!"

"..." Big Stone and the others were completely speechless. As one of the great primordial tribes, they'd seen and experienced all kinds of things. However, they couldn't help but gape at the speed of their savior's growth. How could he be having another breakthrough already?

Guided by inspiration, this ascension was relatively quick and effortless, taking only a few hours.

Advanced emperor realm! Jiang Chen was absolutely delighted and utterly surprised. This was the most effortless and comfortable breakthrough he'd achieved so far in the emperor realm! Most previous progress had come as the fruit of tireless labor, But this time, it'd showed up at his door by itself!

Like an unannounced visit from a long-anticipated friend, happiness had come too suddenly and was so very pleasant.

Advanced emperor realm is such a wondrous leap! My body has become much stronger than before. As expected, a battle of this caliber is most beneficial!

Jiang Chen didn't dilly-dally after his breakthrough.

Cleanup was mostly done at this point. Long Xiaoxuan and Little White ended up gaining the most out of the fight. As if they were competing, the two spirit creatures were making breakthrough after breakthrough.

The Stone Golems couldn't help were equally impressed with the divine creatures. In their era, true dragons and white tigers were equally as strong, if not stronger than Stone Golems. Yet somehow, the two beasts had also become Jiang Chen's companions.

Well, not strictly companions, but more like followers.

"Big Stone, you and your brothers have achieved a great merit. Your achievements today will not be forgotten." Jiang Chen praised them greatly.

Big Stone laughed guilelessly. "It's all thanks to you, young lord. The battle was over before I could even break a sweat! The folks from Myriad Abyss Island are too weak!"

"That's because they fell for our plans and were ambushed. The battle would be a lot more arduous otherwise." Jiang Chen answered solemnly

Jiang Chen wasn't looking down on his own forces. In a direct face-off, Elder Mo, Elder Peng, and their team of elites would definitely put up a strong fight.

Unfortunately, they'd fallen for the young man's tricks and had been completely wiped out!

The golem brothers chuckled. They stood by their opinion that the enemy was too weak.

"Alright, we mustn't delay matters any further. Our departure from Veluriyam Capital is still riddled with risk. The situation at the capital might sour if we continue to linger here. Let's return." Jiang Chen's plan had been extremely successful, but it also put Veluriyam in danger. Having the Vermilion Bird protect the city by itself was extremely risky. But thankfully, in eliminating Elder Mo and Elder Peng, he'd wiped out nearly half of the Order!

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