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Third Master Jing tried his best to keep Jiang Chen, but the young lord was firm in his decision and departed from the Moon God Sect early next morning. The night before, he summoned all of his powerful companions for a meeting.

His journey home was going to be completely different from his trip to the Moon God Sect. Back then, he'd wanted everyone to journey separately because he didn't want any mishaps to affect his father's marriage proposal, but this arrangement was no longer suitable.

"Congratulations, young lord Jiang Chen. Have we completed our mission now that your parents are reunited?"

"Yeah. What do you plan to do next?" The crowd glanced eagerly at Jiang Chen. He had mused long and hard on his answer as well. 

"Everyone, we arrived at the Moon God Sect separately, but I believe it'd be more appropriate if we travel together on the way back." Jiang Chen raised a cupped fist salute. "After receiving such staunch support, I'll definitely expedite the refinement of the Pinecrane Pill when I return. Sectmaster Han and Courtmaster Su, there's one for you as well."

Han Qianzhan burst into a hearty laugh. "There's something for me as well?"

Su Huanzhen's eyes shone. She'd helped Jiang Chen simply because she was fond of the young man and because of her past relationship with Emperor Peafowl. She cherished those memories greatly and was why she'd maintained a close relationship with Jiang Chen and Veluriyam Capital.

Unexpectedly, her fondness was rewarded with a Pinecrane Pill. Anyone would be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected gift.

"To be frank, I'm worried that something might happen during the journey home. Thus, I sincerely ask all of you to join me in traveling together. I seek your strength in case anything happens." Jiang Chen stated openly. 

Emperor Wellspring laughed. "It's only fair that we escort you home safely after taking your Pinecrane Pill. Everyone, young lord Jiang Chen has been very good to us. Surely we can do him this small favor?"

Emperor Reliance chortled. "I don't see why not! The journey will be fun and lively with so many people around! We can take good care of each other."

"Leaving alone or in a group, it's all the same! A forthright person like young lord Jiang Chen deserves a forthright answer! Let's be off!"

"Agreed! Let's go!" The wandering cultivators' minds were completely occupied by the Pinecrane Pill. Naturally, they wouldn't refuse Jiang Chen's request.

The young lord raised a cupped fist salute when he noted no objections. "Thank you all for giving me face. Please make your preparations. We'll depart at dawn."

"Chen'er, is this really necessary?" Jiang Feng couldn't help but ask after their return to Third Master Jing's manor.

Jiang Chen sighed gently. "Father, I have a gut feeling that something will happen on our journey back."

Jiang Feng retorted immediately. "Why are you afraid of them when you have so many powerful companions? Which faction in the Upper Eight Regions can possibly go against your group?"

Jiang Feng learned that his son had prepared a disguise for him and his wife and arranged Gu Xintang to escort them back to Veluriyam Capital that very night. He didn't think it was necessary as countless experts were in their party. What could possibly go wrong?

However, Jiang Chen insisted on this arrangement. Jiang Feng couldn't comprehend why.

"My darling, don't blame Chen'er. He's achieved so many great things over the years. He must have his reasons." Xu Meng attempted to mollify the situation.  

Jiang Feng sighed. "I'm not blaming him! He must have his reasons for making these arrangements. So be it, let's do it his way."

Jiang Chen wasn't stingy with his father at all and bequeathed a bunch of protective items. Jiang Feng survival was guaranteed as long as they didn't encounter any particularly perverse opponents.

He was going to stay in the light to keep his parents safe in the shadows. No one would target his parents after they were disguised. Moreover, they were going to take a different route back home with Gu Xintang. There shouldn't be any mishaps.

Gu Xintang had risen to the higher echelons in the Moon God Sect. Nobody would give him any trouble unless they had insider information.

"Xintang, this matter is very important. You do it well," Jiang Chen forewarned.

Gu Xintang was extremely grateful to Jiang Chen. He never would've been able to wed his wife if not for the young lord and Emperor Peerless. Moreover, the young lord had also given him a Pinecrane Pill. Since he was also Emperor Peerless and Madame Yun's foster son, he was the most trustworthy person present.

"Young lord Jiang Chen, leave it to me! This will be handled properly even if it costs my life!"

Jiang Chen smiled. "Don't say such depressing words. You'll arrive safely as long as you follow my route and avoid the danger zones. I'll try my best to hold them back on my end."

The young lord was accompanied by a great number of powerful great emperors, but that didn't put him at ease. He still opted for the unexpected and sent his parents on their way that very night.

This was all done with extreme secrecy. No one noticed that the young lord's parents had left under the cover of the night sky.

The next morning, Jiang Chen suddenly announced that he'd stay in the Moon God Sect for two more weeks to refine some pills for his sister. The wandering great emperors didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. But for the sake of the Pinecrane Pill, a two weeks' wait was worth it.

The Moon God Sect was a territory rarely explored. Staying a few more days to sightsee wasn't the worst thing in the world.

During this time, Jiang Chen really did enter closed door cultivation to refine the pills. This set of pills catered to a vast listing of needs and purposes. They were made specifically for Xu Qingxuan and extremely suitable for her constitution.

Of course she knew that one of the greatest pill masters in the world was spending two weeks in isolation to refine pills for her. No other person in this world had ever received such treatment.

Xu Qingxuan might not show it, but her heart was filled with warmth. She'd always felt like she was cursed by the fates and constantly caught between her master and mother. But now, she finally realized that she was actually a blessed by the very fortunes she once hated.

Her parents were alive and she was loved by an extremely eminent older brother. She'd never thought that being pampered by an older brother would feel so blissful.

The second sectmaster naturally wouldn't object. In fact, she secretly rejoiced. Just because she had some prejudices against Jiang Chen didn't mean that she didn't recognize his abilities in pill dao.

Having Jiang Chen take care of his sister was a good thing, especially since said sister was her personal disciple.

Back then, her greatest worry was that Xu Qingxuan had fallen for Sir Shao. It was why she was so prejudiced against Jiang Chen in the first place. She'd rather Xu Qingxuan fall for Pill King Ji Lang than Veluriyam Capital's young lord.

After learning that the young lord was actually Xu Qingxuan's brother, she no longer felt a need to be as cautious. Thus, she silently rejoiced for her young disciple's great fortune.

Two weeks later, Jiang Chen exited closed door cultivation and handed the pills over to his sister. "Qingxuan, you have outstanding talent in martial dao. Your potential is limitless. Take these. If the fates allow, we shall meet again."

Xu Qingxuan twisted her sleeves gently. "Are you leaving today? What about mother and father? I want to send them off," she asked downheartedly.

"Don't. There'll be waterworks all over again if they see you. You should remain here and focus on your cultivation. I'll visit you when I'm free, or you can come to us instead. At your level, travelling to Veluriyam Capital shouldn't take too long. Just look at it as training."

Jiang Chen didn't tell Xu Qingxuan that he'd already quietly sent them off two weeks ago because he didn't want her to worry. If word got out, it'd be lifting a stone to smash his own foot.

After saying his goodbyes at the Moon God Sect, Jiang Chen returned to Frostmoon City, summoned the great emperors, and departed for Veluriyam Capital with his "parents".

These "parents" of his were decoys that Gu Xintang had prepared beforehand. They'd put on a simple disguise, but no one was to the wiser. After all, Jiang Feng and Xu Meng weren't eminent figures. It was only natural that no one would recognize them. Execution of the plan was flawless.

The group promptly left the Moon God Sect soon after. They were traveling at a rather relaxed pace since the "parents" were with them.

The Jiao brothers led the way while the others accompanied Jiang Chen at the back. To ease the group's boredom, the young lord held discussions on pill dao as a reward for their patience.

The young lord's lectures on pill dao was extremely enticing. The great emperors were completely absorbed in his teachings. They wouldn't have been willing to leave even if the young lord chased them away.

Jiang Chen's lectures didn't simply touch on the basics. He discussed the profound mysteries of pill dao in the great emperor realm. It was a great source of inspiration for these emperors.

At their current pace, it'd take at least two to three months to reach Veluriyam Capital. But because of Jiang Chen's pill dao lecture, the eminent figures couldn't help but wish that they could travel even slower.

The group soon made their way across Sublime Chord Temple territory.

"Young lord, we'll be in Eternal Celestial Capital territory after this point. Shall we avoid them by heading east and head towards the Skysword Sect instead?" The Jiao brothers came back to report.

Jiang Chen made a sweeping gesture. "Change my path for the Eternal Celestial Capital? No need!"

It was a given that he would refuse to change course. After all, he'd routed his parents towards the Skysword Sect. He'd rather not lead the group to the same direction as any mishap might implicate his parents.

Thus, he decided to keep a high profile in his trespassing on Eternal Celestial Capital territory. He wanted his enemies to focus all of their attentions on him.

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