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News of the Regal Pill Palace's rebuilding quickly spread throughout the entire human domain. Those invited gave great face and gladly attended the reopening ceremony. No one refused, especially the wandering great emperors who'd been promised a Pinecrane Pill. They rushed there without a care for what they had been doing. 

The sects on friendly terms with Veluriyam also sent representatives to offer their congratulations. Clearly, Jiang Chen's prestige in the human territory had exceeded that of a young genius. He was now viewed as one of the leaders of humankind.

Never before in its history had the Regal Pill Palace seen such a bustling occasion as today. Honored powerhouses from the seven seas flocked to its gates. Everyone wanted to see what was so remarkable about this sect to have produced a genius like Jiang Chen.

Amongst the eight first-rank sects, the Great Yu Skysword Sect, the Celestial Cicada Court, and the Ninesuns Sky Sect dispatched leading figures as a sign of their respect.

As for the Moon God Sect, it secretly sect emissaries in advance to offer its best wishes. They didn't want to burn all their bridges with Jiang Chen. They still remained ignorant of their deep, personal connection to the young man and had sent messengers purely out of consideration for the young lord's youth and talent. At the same time, they also wanted to avoid Pillfire's wrath.

Bluntly put, the Moon God Sect was after two hares at once.

Jiang Chen didn't take offense. He knew their vague attitude was rooted in their geographical proximity to Pillfire City. If they showed a clear alignment with Veluriyam, then Pillfire would undoubtedly show its displeasure.

After all, Pillfire was famous for its high-handed behavior. Even if the Moon God Sect were to lean towards Veluriyam, they wouldn't dare express it in broad daylight.

Perhaps things would be different if Veluriyam suppressed Pillfire, or simply erased the latter's influence from the human territory and consigned them straight to history books.

Otherwise, the sect's attitude would always remain ambiguous. But this hesitation was what Jiang Chen wanted. What truly mattered to him was his mother and his sister. He wanted to propose marriage for his father and give his mother and his sister a triumphant return to Veluriyam. Would the Moon God Sect oppose him then?

If they could agree decisively, Jiang Chen was willing to ignore the small matters.

The Regal Pill Palace had arranged a grand occasion for its reopening.

Palace Head Dan Chi was the sect's public face, allowing the world become acquainted with him. He was barely a century old. For cultivators, this age was barely a starting line, but he'd broken through a few days ago and formally entered the ranks of emperor realm experts despite his youth.

It was an inconceivable feat for the visitors. The Regal Pill Palace was merely a fourth rank sect of Myriad Domain. How could its sect head be this young? And how could he have such an outstanding cultivation talent? Even for first rank sects, only a few top-tier true disciples could break through to emperor realm at his age. The number was small enough it could be counted on one hand.

For Dan Chi to achieve it despite coming from the trivial Myriad Domain was a stunning accomplishment. With his talent, he might spread his wings after obtaining Veluriyam's backing and become a world-shaking figure not far in the future!

Dan Chi gave a welcoming speech on behalf of the Regal Pill Palace. He expressed his sect's resolve to rebuilt itself and also called for former disciples scattered outside to return once they heard the news. Even former disciples from other Myriad Domain sects were welcome to join as long as they submitted to an investigation.

For the sake of reviving the sect, the Regal Pill Palace planned to focus its efforts on selecting the best young geniuses and nurturing them. The goal wasn't merely to go back to a fourth rank sect. It planned to become a key player of the human territory.

Dan Chi gave the floor to Jiang Chen after his speech. The palace head was well aware his guests hadn't come for his sake. Jiang Chen was the one who'd commanded their attention.

The young lord stood up quietly and cupped his fist in greeting. "After the Dragon and Tiger Meet, I've gathered you again in this Regal Pill Palace. Allow me to express my apologies and also my thanks for everyone's kindness. Any friend who came to the ceremony today is a friend of mine."

The crowd offered polite replies.

"The Regal Pill Palace is a place where I once grew up and a sect I value highly. Why? Because standing here, I can feel the sect's unique vitality and spirit. Let me ask you: in this world, how many destroyed sects can rebuild themselves?"

The guests were lost in thought.

"Of course, this isn't the only reason why I treasure the sect. The most important part lies with the palace's outstanding geniuses. For example, Palace Head Dan Chi and Mu Gaoqi. Palace Head Dan Chi, I have faith in your prospects of breaking through to great emperor before three hundred years old."

A stir ran through the visitors at these words. Ascending to great emperor at three hundred years old? That would be a tremendous record! Even many giants of the Upper Eight Regions had joined the ranks of great emperors only after hitting a thousand years.

A three hundred years old great emperor wasn't unheard of, but it was a supremely rare sight. This Dan Chi had little fame. Did he truly possess this level of aptitude? It made the crowd sit up and take notice.

Anyone who knew Jiang Chen knew he never spoke empty words. Of course, there were some who thought the young lord was exaggerating. 

After all, Myriad Domain had historically been the human territory's weakest region. It was too close to the land of the demons, hence powerful cultivators weren't keen to approach this area and even less inclined to establish a sect there.

This led to Myriad Domain's continued weakness. It held no weight in the human territory.

Jiang Chen took clear notice of everyone's expression but didn't elaborate. He naturally wouldn't tell them Dan Chi was wandering cultivator Tan Zhi, the one who owned the ancient method from the Dragon and Tiger Meet.

"Ladies and gentlemen, there must be some who think I'm full of hot air." He smiled leisurely. "Let's make a bet. If Palace Head Dan Chi doesn't become a great emperor before three hundred years old, I'm willing to make the Pinecrane Pill's recipe public!"

The guests erupted in shock. Even Emperor Peerless looked at Jiang Chen in astonishment. The young lord is talking a bit too big this time.

As for the others, they looked at Jiang Chen with deep contemplation.

Jiang Chen smiled. "How about this? It would be a pity to give away the recipe to the whole world. Instead, every great emperor amongst the friends gathered today will be entitled to it. What say you?"

A collective gasp ran through the crowd. Someone asked, "Young lord Jiang Chen, what if Palace Head Dan Chi succeeds? What do you want from us?"

Jiang Chen shook his head. "If Palace Head Dan Chi can break through to great emperor before three hundred years old, it would be proof of my foresight. Why would I need anything from you all?"

All the great emperors beamed in delight. "Young lord Jiang Chen, this makes this bet one without any risks to us.

"That's right, we'd be taking advantage of you!"

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. "Haha, I'm confident you won't be able to enjoy this free lunch. I have faith that Palace Head Dan Chi is at least ninety percent certain to succeed within three hundred years."

Even Dan Chi himself couldn't calm the beating of his heart. He'd never imagined Jiang Chen thought so highly of him. Was it because of his talent or because of the ancient method?

Either way, Jiang Chen's confidence gave him wings.  Whether with words or actions, Jiang Chen had proven himself to be reliable. He must have had his reasons for saying what he had.

"Also, Mu Gaoqi will become a pill emperor celebrated in the entire world before he's a hundred years old. He'll be more revered than most pill emperors in the human territory.

He pointed at Mu Gaoqi with a smile. " With an innate wood constitution of high order and his outstanding talent, he's destined to become a shining pearl in the world of pills. He merely needs an opportunity."

It was Mu Gaoqi's first time being the center of attention in such a big crowd. He was slightly unnerved, but the encouragement in Jiang Chen's gaze roused his spirits. He stepped forward, his head held high. 

"Mu Gaoqi would like to pay his respects to all of the seniors. Seniors and fellow daoists, you have my deep gratitude for coming to the Regal Pill Palace's reopening. If I can one day attain some achievement in pill making, then I would be glad to accept any requests from the friends gathered here today. I will do my utmost to assist you." 

Mu Gaoqi's outstanding temperament had always won him the favor of many. Seeing his otherworldly poise, the crowd gave greater credit to Jiang Chen's judgment. Besides, the man had an innate wood constitution of high order.

"Everyone must have seen by now how highly I value the Regal Pill Palace. Indeed, starting from today, I will do everything in my power to help the Regal Pill Palace rise from its ashes. To give the Palace face is to give me face. To inconvenience the Palace is to inconvenience me." Jiang Chen spoke in a calm voice, yet his tone was full of authority, not leaving a shred of doubt as to his determination.

"I firmly believe that soon enough, the Regal Pill Palace will be a name that shocks the world," he continued earnestly. "Ladies and gentlemen, please wait and see it happen."

The young lord's words shook every visitor present. They could sense he was set on supporting the Regal Pill Palace. If Veluriyam was hellbent on backing the sect, then it wasn't out of question to see it blossom quickly and rewrite Myriad Domain's history.

It seems that Myriad Domain and the Regal Pill Palace aren't to be ignored in the future. All the guests at the scene shared the same thought.

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