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Huang'er was silent. She knew that Elder Xi wasn't voicing empty words. If anyone else from her family came, they might really make a move against Jiang Chen. If someone from the Xiahou clan was here, they would certainly slaughter all of Veluriyam Capital! The city wouldn't be able to resist at all if House Xiahou made a move. Even a monstrous genius like Brother Chen might not make it out alive from the assault.

Having grown up in Myriad Abyss Island, she knew that the island was so much stronger than the human domain. House Xiahou in particular was an undeniably vicious clan. Why else would they have put this curse on her otherwise and make her the cultivation cauldron of their family?

Elder Xi seemed to have an innate disdain for those of the human domain. He flicked a mocking look at Jiang Chen. "Young man, if you're smart enough, you should recognize the situation you're in and come to your senses. You should at least loosen the dirty hand you have around Miss Huang'er.

"No need to glare at me. Your fury in my eyes is the tragic wails of a trash. Remember, don't borrow Myriad Abyss Island's name in the future. The island is heaven and and represents the paramount heavenly law. It's not a place where an ant in the dust like you can take its name in vain!"

A mocking mirth shone in the elder's eyes and he pointed carelessly at the sky. "I've sealed off this area and can undo it any anytime. You may summon all of your followers and I can teach you a lesson if you don't accept this. I'll teach you the difference between heaven and earth…"

Jiang Chen balled up his fists tightly. He could feel the elder's hostility and strength, and could even vaguely sense that the old man was purposefully trying to provoke him so that the elder would have an excuse to commence a slaughter.

And yet, this wasn't what irked Jiang Chen the most.

What irritated him the most was that the old man dared shamelessly talk of heavenly dao in front of him, as if he were the heavens!

"Brother Chen, promise me, don't do anything, promise me!" Huang'er maintained a death grip on Jiang Chen's arm as anguish and pleading filled her eyes.

Jiang Chen's overflowing wrath dissolved into a light sigh at the end. He hugged Huang'er lightly, his fury slowly quieting down. He knew that she was doing this to protect him and Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Except, was he the sort to roll over and play dead?

He stared coolly at Elder Xi. "Even if you're Huang'er's elder, I can tell you clearly that you! Do not! Represent the heavens! The heavenly dao is boundless, how much of it do you know? How dare you shamelessly speak of it? The heavens will come claim you after you've committed sacrilege against it today. Remember, I'll let you know one day just how ignorant you are in talking of the heavens, and how ludicrous you are!"

Jiang Chen's every word was crystal clear and as sharp as a frosty dagger.

Elder Xi was an exceedingly noble personage. Although he was largely dismissive of Jiang Chen's response, he was also somewhat irritated. He snorted coldly and sent a spear of aura towards the young man.

"Little brat running his mouth." Elder Xi didn't think much of Jiang Chen's words. He'd promised Huang'er that he wouldn't kill anyone, but that didn't mean he couldn't use his aura to injure. This aura flare was a bullying move. Mountains would collapse and earth crack if they came in contact with it!

This twitch of consciousness was faster than lightning and travelled to Jiang Chen in the blink of an eye.

"No!" Huang'er flew into a panic and pounced to stop the elder.

Alas, she was too late. The consciousness was formless but more frightening than any sharp knife. It shot straight into Jiang Chen's sea of consciousness, obviously to churn it to pieces. In this way, he would become a drooling idiot even if he didn't die!

A twitch crossed Jiang Chen's mind as a heretofore unfelt sense of danger surged inside of him. By the time he reacted, the frightening mind attack had roiled into his consciousness like ill winds from hell.

This is bad! An inborn sense of resistance flared within him.

"Heh heh… you know not your limits!" Elder Xi smirked coldly when he saw that the young man wanted to resist. He obviously didn't think it was possible. A mental attack from an empyrean cultivator was stronger than anything. The kid was dead without a doubt even if he was ten times stronger!

Ringing explosions went off in Jiang Chen's mind, feeling like it would explode and crumble at any moment. The silent seal in his consciousness, a chain link circling nine droplets of water, suddenly shuddered violently.

It rotated at a high speed in the next instant, forming a starry vortex that was an unending, celestial river from the primordial depths. It sucked in the mental attack like a hungry man slurping up noodles, leaving nothing behind. A second later, it reverted back to its inert state.

The seal again… The thought flew across Jiang Chen's mind. The seal circled in his sea of consciousness like a cloud of skies. It wasn't the first time that he'd felt its existence. It was ancient, mysterious, strong, unfathomable, and hid boundless possibility.

It had been the culprit behind the stunning natural phenomenon when he'd broken through in the Precious Tree Sect, making it seem like an emperor realm cultivator had broken through. Later on in the tests of the nine obelisks with the Veluriyam Pagoda, it had been this seal that'd saved his almost collapsing consciousness. And it'd been the seal again that had protected him this time.

In this moment, Jiang Chen was even more certain that an enormous secret was hidden within this seal, one having to do with the cycles of life between his current and past life.

When he thought of his past life, untempered confidence soared in Jiang Chen's heart. So what of Myriad Abyss Island? As strong as it was, the island was just composed of refugees from the ancient times! They were descendants of the cowards who ran away from the ancient demon war, their origins questionable to begin with!

So what if these people were stronger than those in the human domain? What was there worthy to boast about? What right did they have to represent the heavenly law?

"Brother Chen, how are you? Brother Chen… Brother Chen, wake up!" Huang'er was highly frantic. Her world had spun and darkened when Elder Xi fired off his attack. Jiang Chen staring blankly and then laughing was making her very fearful that her lover's consciousness had been destroyed.

Jiang Chen came back to his senses when hearing Huang'er's voice. He smiled faintly and patted her back. "Don't be startled, Huang'er. I said before that the skies won't cave in. Even if they do, I can hold them up for you. Don't forget, I'm born of the heavenly dao. No one knows the heavens better than I do!"

Huang'er brimmed with joy and flung her arms around Jiang Chen, her eyes red again. In that moment, she'd experienced how it truly felt to lost everything in the world. She'd only wanted to die.

But, her lover had once again proven what it meant to be a genius and pulled her back from the depths of despair. He was fine!

Yes, he was fine!

She suddenly recalled what he'd once said to her, something that was a secret between the two of them. Her lover wasn't an ordinary person. After being beaten in Eastern Kingdom, he'd awoken a heritage that exceeded the level of the Divine Abyss Continent!

This was a white lie that Jiang Chen had told Huang'er, but it wasn't too far away from the truth.

She gained some more confidence when she thought of this. That's right, her lover had awoken his heritage and so his level might be even higher than Myriad Abyss Island! He might even be at the heavenly planes!

"Hmm?" Elder Xi was flabbergasted to see Jiang Chen laughing and chatting, completely at ease. How could this be? Had he missed?

But, how was that possible? How could an empyrean realm cultivator have missed with a mental attack on an emperor realm youth? He was lost in a perplexed haze for a moment.

"Elder Xi, do you really want to break your word and force Huang'er to lose her life here?" Huang'er hectored when she saw that Elder Xi's expression was unfriendly, seemingly wanting to stir up more trouble.

"Don't be scared of him, Huang'er. As a family elder, he's supposed to look after the juniors of the clan. This kind of elder commands no respect and will never protect the family in critical moments." Jiang Chen smirked coldly at Elder Xi. "Do your worst! Mental attacks can't kill me and physical attacks won't end me either! You won't be taking Huang'er away today unless it's over my dead body!"

Although the old man hadn't mentioned his purpose in coming here, it was obvious that he was here to take away Huang'er. After all, he'd mentioned that there was hope for the two of them if Huang'er's illness had never been cured, but none at all now that it had. He was going to take her back and hand her over to be House Xiahou's cultivation cauldron!

Elder Xi was indeed losing his reason due to anger. He'd never thought that he'd lose so much face in front of an emperor realm kid. He itched to start a slaughter in this moment and wipe Sacred Peafowl Mountain clean!

Huang'er was of House Yan after all, she was quite familiar with the house elders' personalities. She interjected remotely, "Elder Xi, you can do whatever you'd like if you want to end up destroying the clan."

Her tone was indifferent, but full of threat.

Elder Xi's heart trembled. Huang'er was protecting this kid so fully that if he really did start a slaughter, she would answer with her death. If she died, House Xiahou's fury would descend on their family and it might even be their ends!

The possibility of losing something great for something small was highly possible!

Elder Xi was a well versed old monster and cackled. "Huang'er, am I really that type of person? Although I may not care as much about you as Elder Shun, I watched you grow up after all. Would I do all this if it wasn't for the circumstances?"

So the old fox was submitting.

"If this is the case, then please depart the premises. I know what I'm doing. My Brother Chen will be inviting an expert from the island to answer some questions tomorrow. You might as well fulfill the role."

"What? Me?" Elder Xi was gape mouthed, completely stunned.

Jiang Chen however, shook his head. "No need, Huang'er. I can handle it!"

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