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Such thoughts dissipated as quickly as they emerged. Many immediately scrambled for the item. Good treasures were desirable everywhere. Even the representatives of first rank sects participated in the scramble. The powerful experts didn't have any use for the treasure themselves, but disciples were aplenty in first rank sects.

The crowd roared to action, everyone trying to one up each other.

Jiang Chen was witnessing first hand the incredible wealth of the leading great sect figures. The 60 million starting price quickly rose to over 100 million. He didn't even have to fan the flames. The price soared through hype and momentum alone.

Utilizing his immense wealth, Shangguan Yianqing won the glove for 120 million in the end.

"Congratulations friend, the glove is now yours." The bidding had gone on for fifteen minutes. It had been incredibly fast paced with plenty of back and forths. 

"Alright, the second item is an anti-poison sachet. It's extremely old and believed to hail from the ancient ages. It renders the wearer immune to over a hundred poisons except the extremely rare varieties. It's a must-have item for all explorers, and thus the starting bid will begin from 80 million saint spirit stones!"

Another fine item!

The anti-poison sachet was undoubtedly better than the glove. Although the latter was a fine item, its functions were a bit too simple. An anti-poison sachet that rendered the wearer immune to hundreds of poisons was simply too monstrous. Poison experts were aplenty in the martial dao world. Moreover, the world itself was filled with poison gas, mist, and more. Owning the amulet would make one's life so much easier.

"I bid 100 million!"

"110 million."

"120!" The price soared frantically, fully displaying the wealth of tycoons.

Jiang Chen held the auction hammer loosely. Even a child could host an auction like this one. He didn't need to rile up the crowd because of these opulent moguls. They were so wealthy that even he was taken aback.  

Is an anti-poison sachet is worthy of such madness? Won't I be swimming in wealth if I make something even better with Golden Cicada blood? 

Of course it was only a passing thought. Golden Cicada blood was too precious to be squandered like that. There were plenty of other ways to create wealth. However, it would make a good protective amulet for his subordinates. An idea immediately came to mind.

The bid for the anti-poison sachet actually rose all the way to 180 million before finally ending up in the hands of the Moon God Sect's third sectmaster. That faction seemed to value the amulet very much.

Jiang Chen shook his head with quiet disapproval. Money wasn't an issue for first rank sects, but spending 180 million for an amulet was clearly not worth it. But he naturally kept those words to himself.

A successful auction would only expand the Dragon and Tiger Meet's influence. Money wasn't an issue for the attendees. He would never feel heartache over how they spend their money.

The third item… the fourth item… One by one, the items went up for auction. They were all incredibly desirable, with every item being sold for at least 120 million and above.

Such an astonishing record left the audience flabbergasted. No wandering cultivator had ever taken part in such a prestigious auction. Auctions were normally held in private. Other than the participants, there was no other audience involved. And yet, Jiang Chen had gone against convention by setting up an auction in the middle of the arena, allowing wandering cultivators to watch from all sides.

Martial dao cultivators had clear vision from up to thousands of meters away. They were completely dumbfounded by the scale of the auction. A wealthy man's world was completely different from theirs! Some gasped in admiration, some hung their heads in depression, while others grit their teeth with envy.   

Even the wandering great emperors were feeling extremely uncomfortable, let alone the common folks. A total of twenty-three wandering great emperors was in attendance, including a few titans like Emperor Wellspring. Unfortunately, they hadn't even acquired a single thing after so many rounds. Time and time again, they were defeated by the great sects' overwhelming wealth.

It wasn't that they couldn't afford these items, they just simply couldn't bear to spend their wealth like the great sects. Dissatisfaction started to appear on their faces. Meanwhile, the auction continued…

One by one, the items were snapped up by the great sects. Jiang Chen had finally gotten first hand experience of how big the wealth discrepancy was. Wandering cultivators simply couldn't compete with this pure abundance.  

"The twelfth item on auction is the Thundernote Fruit. It's a fruit that always comes in pairs. It might not familiar to most of you, so allow me to introduce it. First of all, it can't be categorized. It isn't meant to be consumed by great emperor, emperor, sage, or even origin realm cultivators. Rather, it's meant to be consumed by those in the true qi and spirit realm.  


"Why's something like that on auction? Young lord Zhen, surely this is a joke?"

"Is this an item from Sacred Peafowl Mountain meant to make up the numbers?"

"Emperor Dragontyrant, do you have a feud with the young lord? Why does it seem like you're always looking to cause him trouble?"

"Hah! Why would I have a feud with a kid that's still wet behind the ears?"

The crowd speculated fiercely as they simply couldn't understand why such a thing had been chosen for the auction.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. "As expected, there aren't many that recognizes the fruit. The Thundernote Fruit is meant to be consumed when one is achieving a breakthrough to the spirit realm. It changes one's constitution to one that attracts and can condense heavenly thunder, allowing one to cultivate the dao of celestial thunder. Once the constitution has fully developed, one will be able to cultivate various ancient thunder techniques and call upon thunder during the cultivation process. Once the genius steps into the emperor realm, he'll be invincible against opponents of the same level."

The crowd instantly fell silent.

A thunder constitution? That was an extremely rare constitution! 

Experts that cultivated the dao of thunder were few and far in between. The few that did had only a grasp of surface basics. They didn't truly walk on the dao of thunder. However, Jiang Chen was talking about a genuine thunder constitution! 

"Also, once the cultivator reaches the sage realm, the fruit grants the user the ability to cultivate both the thunder and wind elements. The combination of speed and ferocity will decimate all same-tier opponents and maybe even a few levels above. Of course, that's assuming that the cultivator can breakthrough to the sage realm. The fruit will be a complete waste if it's given to someone with subpar talents in martial dao."

The leading figures of various sects brainstormed strategies amongst themselves to get their hands on the treasure. It'd be a sin to let an item of this caliber slip through their fingers! First rank sects like them had plenty of talented disciples. Breaking through to sage realm would be a cinch! Finding a suitable candidate to consume the fruit would be the least of their problems.

"The auction for the Thundernote Fruit fruit starts at 130 million!"

"150 million!" Someone immediately yelled after Jiang Chen declared the starting price.

"The Skysword Sect bids 180 million!" 

"The Heavenly Dragon Sect bids 200 million! Sectmaster Han, we will not back down."

The competition was much fiercer this time. The price rose at an extremely exaggerating rate. 20 to 30 million raises were the norm.

The owner of the Thundernote Fruit was standing just a few meters away the arena. He didn't think that his treasure would be chosen when he'd initially registered. And to think that it was actually such a precious item! 

He started to regret his decision. However, he quickly realized that he'd passed the opportunity to take it. Keep it for his descendants? He didn't even have a dao partner, let alone children. Moreover, there was no guarantee that his descendents would be able to reach sage or emperor realm.

The martial dao world was cruel and unrelenting. A wandering cultivator was always one step away from death. Exchanging the fruit for spirit stones was clearly the most logical choice.

The first rank sects were scrambling to cast their bids. Even Emperor Petalpluck could no longer keep his composure and joined the fray.

Emperor Dragontyrant immediately protested when Emperor Petalpluck placed a bid. "Young lord Zhen, didn't you say that your men will not join the auction? Why have you gone back on your words?"

"Emperor Dragontyrant, why go through so much trouble if all you wish to do is stir up trouble? Emperor Petalpluck is a great emperor from Veluriyam Capital true, but he has very little to do with Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Why are you so fervent on raising dissent? Any more nonsense and I'll expel you from the auction. I trust that none of the others will object." Jiang Chen remarked coldly.

Emperor Dragontyrant had offended a lot of people due to his overzealousness during the auction. The crowd immediately burst into laughter, clearly delighted by his misfortune.

The Heavenly Dragon Sect had always taken pride in their reputation as the greatest among the first rank sects, but not even Long Baxiang could afford to offend Jiang Chen despite his tendency to do whatever he wanted.

His face turned green and purple, but somehow, he managed to keep a hold on his anger. He glared at Jiang Chen hatefully, but said nothing else.

The crowd took great pleasure in Long Baxiang's misfortune, but at the same time, they couldn't help but fear Jiang Chen more and more. Young lord Zhen is already so dominating at such a young age. Even an overbearing person like Long Baxiang doesn't dare fool around in front of him. His influence is truly to be feared.

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