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Since it was a great meeting of wandering cultivators, it made sense that the titans' opinions were sought. Even the sect heavyweights wouldn't find this to be a reason for jealousy. They were just here for the show, the wandering cultivators were the true stars. Thus, when they heard that the young lord residence of Sacred Peafowl Mountain was hosting a banquet for the wandering cultivator titans, the sect representatives were slightly envious but didn't raise a fuss.

They were more worried about the young lord recruiting all of this wandering great emperors to his banner. Veluriyam Capital would truly be able to dominate the Upper Eight Regions then.

But after some careful thought, they all realized that this was impossible. Subduing all of the wandering cultivators in the world had been the longstanding ambitions and goals of many sect experts, but no one had ever realized it.

When the wandering great emperors heard that young lord Zhen wanted to throw a banquet in their honor, they decided not to put on airs and attend, even though some were suspicious or outright wary.

Jiang Chen had always sought efficiency on everything he did. The banquet was ready that evening. Twenty-three wandering great emperors arrived, including Emperors Wellspring, Inferno, and Reliance. Of them, Emperor Wellspring was without a doubt the strongest and highest placed of them all.

These great emperors had seen much of the world in their many years of wandering. They could sense the strong presence of the Ninesparks Petalstorm Formation as soon as they set foot into Sacred Peafowl Mountain.

The mountain had strong foundations alright! Just a singular formation was enough to awe them. Even the most unbridled amongst them had to admit that this formation wasn't anything that they could break through.

After being taken down a peg by the formation, the sense of belittlement in their hearts reined in somewhat. They understood that Sacred Peafowl Mountain's reputation of first in the capital was well deserved.

"Haha, the arrival of so many great emperor seniors brings glory to Sacred Peafowl Mountain. On behalf of the mountain, I'd like to thank you all for coming." Jiang Chen wasn't shy at all and walked up with a booming laugh.

His appearance instantly drew everyone's gaze. Their thoughts were all the same at the moment. Does this famous newcomer really have three heads and six arms?

Jiang Chen's expression didn't flicker at all, despite the convergence of 23 pairs of intent eyes on him. He smiled genteelly. "Everyone, this way please. Old Brother Mo, these are all titans of the great wandering world and some of them are your old friends as well. You'll have to make sure for me that they're treated well."

"Crouching tigers and hidden dragons abound in the wandering cultivator world." Mo Wushuang grinned. "I only know the general majority of the fellow daoists here today. However, to meet once is to become friends the second time around. Everyone, this way please."

Emperor Wellspring chuckled. "Ole younger brother Mo, I must congratulate you first that your wife's injuries have finally been healed and your heart sickness dispelled. Let's go! We need to drink to this!"

Emperors Wellspring and Peerless had a good relationship. They'd sparred against each other before and exchanged moves, so they were rather admiring of each other. Although Emperor Wellspring had been a hair stronger than the other back in the day, he still felt that Emperor Peerless was a friend worth making.

"Old brother Hui, thank you for your thoughts."

Emperor Wellspring was named Jingzhong Hui. Most of the wandering cultivators called him Senior Hui or Senior Jingzhong. Even Emperor Peerless, the same generation as the great emperor, called him old brother Hui.

Since all of his guests were great emperors, everything had to be of a certain exquisite level. Jiang Chen invited them to take their seats after a carefully thought out routine.

"Everyone, I've invited you here today to speak your minds and see what kind of suggestions you might have for the Dragon and Tiger Meet."

Emperor Inferno was in a robe festooned with blazes and projected a very strong personality, like a personified ball of flame.

"Young lord Zhen, this gathering is being held by your Capital. I thought you'd already set the agenda. Why are you asking us instead?" This great emperor was a straight shooter and his words equally so.

"As one of the six titans in the wandering cultivator world, I have long been acquainted with your name." Jiang Chen smiled. "You indeed live up to your serious reputation. We do have an agenda for the meet, but since this is being held for everyone, we want you all to be satisfied and feel that this trip was worth it. Only then will this gathering be hailed a success!

"In order for it to be a success, we need to know what's on everyone's mind and what you'd like. Only then will this gathering have not been held in vain."

Emperor Peerless smiled off to the side. "Old brother Hui, why don't you start?"

Emperor Wellspring chuckled again. "I came partially for you, and partially for young lord Zhen's reputation. And also… well… I'd like to know if the rumors about the Pinecrane Pill are true."

The most compelling rumors couldn't be believed unless verified by one's eyes and ears. This summed up the thoughts of mostly everyone present.

"Please, take a look." Jiang Chen had anticipated this and decided to respond with action. When he next opened his hand, there was a pill resting on it. It was the Pillcrane Pill.

The translucent jade pill seemed to have just simply popped into being, formed by nature, giving one an infinitely strong visual impact. A high rank, unique pearl had its own allure. This was even more apparent with something like the Pinecrane Pill. It instantly attracted everyone's attention, making pulses quicken.

Emperor Peerless smiled. "I can swear on my internal demons that the Pinecrane Pill does exist. My dao partner received a new lease on life because of it."

The truth couldn't be refuted. No matter how wild the rumors were, nothing was as real as the pill in front of them.

Even Emperor Wellspring looked at the pill for a long moment, a light dancing in his eyes, before sighing softly. "A greater talent always appears in the world. I bow to you, young lord."

"Young lord Zhen, can this pill be mass produced?" Emperor Reliance suddenly asked tenderly.

Jiang Chen shook his head. "It wouldn't be a sky ranked pill if it could be mass produced. Its ingredients are very difficult to gather and the refining process is quite arduous as well. Even the strongest pill king won't be able to refine this pill. Only pill emperors can give it a try, but their chances of success aren't too high either.

And that was the truth. Jiang Chen could refine the pill not because he was already at a pill emperor level, but because his foundations from his previous life were too strong. Although the Pinecrane Pill was a highly sophisticated pill, it was still just a mundane creation when placed in front of Jiang Chen. It could just barely reach the level of the empyrean planes.

But for the pill masters of Divine Abyss Continent, the difficulty of this pill was akin to scaling the skies. It came down to the differences in foundation in the end.

Emperor Reliance seemed like an ordinary person, but her every word and smile was filled with friendliness. Her voice was so soft that it melted the heart.

"Young lord Zhen, how much will this Pinecrane Pill go for?"

It was the question on everyone's minds. Although the were all great emperors, that didn't mean they were immortal. Their lifespans were still limited at the end of the day. Since the ancient times, there had been precious few great emperors who'd lived past ten thousand years. Even empyrean cultivators didn't live forever. Therefore, no one could withstand the temptation posed by the Pillcrane Pill. Who would ever feel that their lives were too long?

Being able to live another eight hundred to a thousand years was an utmost temptation for these cultivators. It was likely the great attraction apart from breaking through to empyrean realm. They all started fixedly at Jiang Chen, ardently wishing to know a concrete answer.

"Everyone, I've actually never calculated the value of this pill in terms of spirit stones. I'm truly stumped by this question." Jiang Chen laughed.

This pill was too precious, after all. He didn't feel that its worth could be measured in spirit stones at all. If the Pinecrane Pill could be purchased, then he felt that all cultivators in the world would bankrupt themselves to buy a single pill.

"Young lord Zhen, did you invite us here today to sound out how much the pill can be sold for? To test what's the anticipated market reaction to the pill?" One of the wandering great cultivators suddenly asked coldly.

Emperor Peerless' expression instantly sank when he heard this. "Friend, such speculation is uncharitable and rather narrow-minded."

Young lord Zhen however, smiled. "I would indeed like to see how everyone will react to the pill. As for seeing how much it can be sold for… that's not necessarily the case."

Emperor Wellspring asked, "Young lord Zhen, how many of these pills do you have?"

This was the critical question, and Jiang Chen met it head-on. "Very few of them, and not enough for everyone here. I'm only offering one for the auction this time, and maybe one or two more for a transaction."

"Oh? A transaction? For what?" This piqued Emperor Wellspring's interest.

"Something that everyone can offer." Jiang Chen smiled.

This made the great emperors blink blankly. Some faces immediately darkened and they looked towards Emperor Peerless.

"Heh, well isn't that nice, young lord Zhen? Do you think that a mere Pinecrane Pill will be enough to make us swear fealty to you like Emperor Peerless?" An unkind tone shot out from one of them.

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