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Jiang Chen wasn't surprised that the demon emperor had recognized him.

"You shouldn't have awakened. You escaped death during the ancient cataclysm, and should've been obediently stayed hidden in your seal. Why are you in such a hurry to die? We are no longer in the ancient times, and you no longer a demon emperor that can rampage through the lands!"

Emperor Bloodmalva smiled angrily. "Human brat, how dare you insult a demon emperor when you still reek of your mother's milk? You're merely a half-step emperor! I've slaughtered more half-step emperors than I could possibly count! Ignorant child, you should know better!"

Jiang Chen laughed coldly. "This half-step emperor shall be your maker. You've left your home and crossed countless planes just to die in a foreign land. Is that really worth it?"   

The demon emperor was taken aback. "Brat! You know about the planes as well? When did the humans from the Divine Abyss Continent become so knowledgeable?!"

"Hmph! How could a foreign invader possibly know about the depths of our knowledge?" Jiang Chen answered mockingly.

The demon emperor suddenly flashed an odd smile and nodded. "Brat, you're clearly stalling for time! Sadly for you, whatever you have up your sleeves won't be effective against me. Killing you will only take a second. Your hard work thus far will be all for naught. You've single-handedly foiled my plans and ruined my feast! I have no choice but to have you as appetizer. Something tells me that your flesh will be tastier than those cows or lambs!"

Jiang Chen snorted coldly. "You want to feast on my flesh? At your current strength?" 

The demon emperor burst into laughter. "You're a mere half-step emperor! I could easily slaughter you with just a tenth of my power! Killing you will be as easy as squashing a bug!"

"You sure talk big." Jiang Chen decided to stop stalling as the enemy had seen through his plans. 

If an earth-shaking and tremendous fight was what the enemy wanted, then an earth-shaking and tremendous fight it would be. No one else was around. It was a good opportunity for him to flex his muscles.

Jiang Chen had fought many powerful experts ever since embarking on the path of martial dao, but not a single one was as frightening as the enemy he was currently facing. Fortunately, the demon emperor was still far from top shape and seemed to only possess a rough third of his true potential. If the opponent was in prime form, Jiang Chen would have no choice but to run. If his speed wasn't enough, he might not even make it out alive.

He immediately drew out his strongest weapon, the Pentecolor Divine Sword. He wasn't confident enough to take on his opponent without a weapon.  

Demon Emperor Bloodmalva cackled oddly. An enormous wave of bloody mist suddenly shot forth. The demonic clouds were much more frightening when the demon emperor was wielding it. The clouds converged into an enormous vortex that sucked in all of the surrounding air.

Jiang Chen was dumbfounded. This must be a demon emperor's unique domain power. He never thought that a domain formed out of demonic clouds could actually be so powerful.

He was nearly sucked in with his surprise and couldn't believe his eyes. The demon emperor had dealt a strong attack right from the start! Fortunately, he was prepared for such an occasion. He executed the Kunpeng Meteoric Escape and turned into a bolt of lightning, piercing through the bloody vortex.

"Mm?" The demon emperor was mildly surprised. His demonic miasma was much weaker than what it could've been at his peak, but it was still an combination of his strength and domain power. It seemed powerful, but only contained a tenth of his true power. However, he didn't think that it'd fail to restrict the young cultivator. He was rather taken aback by this.

Jiang Chen could feel cold sweat running down his back. He grabbed an Imperial Advent Onslaught Talisman and contemplated using it. The talisman was roughly equivalent to a great emperor's attack power.

Using it was one of the best ways to exterminate the demon emperor, but activating both talismans at the same time would impose an enormous burden on his body. They were both extremely heaven-defying talismans. Even a single use meant a great amount of stress on the cultivator's body.

Cultivators with insufficiently tempered bodies could even implode if they used talismans that were too strong. It was extremely dangerous act. Just one talisman was uncomfortable enough, so Jiang Chen wasn't completely confident that his body could handle two. However, he knew very well that there was no going back. In order to deal lethal damage to the demon emperor, he'd have to rely on the Imperial Advent Onslaught Talisman.

And so, he stopped hesitating and immediately activated the talisman. A fierce and domineering beam of light poured out from Jiang Chen's body. His body was roiling with power. It almost felt like he was in a berserk mode. The talisman's power flowed into Jiang Chen's body and formed a link with his own energy.

The demon emperor furrowed his brows. "You're using a strength enhancing talisman?"

He had been sealed for countless of years and thus knew nothing about the Imperial Advent Onslaught Talisman. However, he was certain that it was some kind of strength enhancing talisman.

"Hmph! A mere half-step emperor human dreams of defeating a demon emperor with just a strength enhancing scrap?" The emperor snorted coldly. He tightened his grip to materialized a crimson red blade in his hands. The blade was shaped like a curved moon and was wreathed with an eerie and terrifying aura. It projected a bloodthirsty and cruel presence of having devoured countless ferocious beasts.

"Brat, I'll send you off with my Bloodmalva Demon Blade. Don't worry, not a single drop of your blood will be wasted!" The demon emperor flashed a sinister smile. A scarlet tidal wave immediately crashed down on Jiang Chen.

The frightening blade shimmered a the blood-red cosmos. The blade strike felt like a ravenous beast prepared to ravish its prey. It was so brutal that it split the air in half and pierced through the void to appear right in front of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen leaped and turned into a flash of light to avoid the sword strike. Even though he was armed with the dual talismans, he wasn't willing to take the blade strike head on. The strike wasn't just incredibly lethal, it was also immensely corrosive. This power was the blood demons' most frightening ability. It could eat away a cultivator's bloodline, weapons, pills, and many more. Almost nothing was immune to the power of corrosion.

The Pentecolor Divine Sword was legendary, but Jiang Chen wasn't going to take any risks.

"Hmph! Your speed is impressive, but my blade will not be hindered by it! I'll dice you into pieces!"

Another strike! This time, it descended as a powerful meteor and was accompanied by a torrent of blood that quickly formed a threatening vortex. The surrounding air was immediately drawn into it. 

It was a strike that moved the heavens and shattered the earth, cleaving seas and mountains! The enormous vortex blotted out the sun, sucking in the surrounding air in its vacuum. Jiang Chen was incredibly solemn when he experienced the momentum. Countless rays of blade qi abruptly shot out from the vortex and furiously laid siege to Jiang Chen like ghouls and ghosts that wouldn't be chased away.

Materialization of the blade stroke? Jiang Chen noticed the profoundness of the strike. He knew that he'd die a very gruesome death if he met it head on. That was tantamount to suicide.

He immediately took out the Featherflight Mirror and flashed it on the relentless blade qi. At the same time, he used an escape art and flung himself towards the outer regions of the vortex. Unfortunately, the restrictive power of the vortex was simply too intense. After multiple tries, he failed to pierce through the vortex even with the Kunpeng Meteoric Escape, 

"Brat, do you really think that you can pierce through my ultimate sword intent with a simple escape art? You're too naive!" The demon emperor burst into an eccentric cackle.

Jiang Chen kept on trying, but the thick killing intent only became thicker as time went on. This surprised him greatly. He never imagined that his opponent's blade strike would contain such a profound formation. Blade and formation had merged into one.

The demonic miasma was truly a toy in the Veranda master's hands. Only the demon emperor is capable of harnessing its true might and frightening power. After a few more attempts, Jiang Chen realized that the vortex was regenerating too quickly for him to pierce through it with speed alone.   Without wasting any more time, he grabbed the Pentecolor Divine Sword and chanted the incantation. 

"The first strike shocks the heavens, the second strike moves the earth.

"The third splits the yin and yang, and the fourth encroaches on the sky.

"The fifth condenses all five elements and coalesces thunder. Torrent of Ten Thousand Swords, pierce through the heavens!"  

The Pentecolor Divine Sword drew in the five thunders of heaven and earth to form an ultimate thunderclap. Natural phenomena danced in the sky and condensed into incredibly frightening sword intent. Like a ferocious ancient beast freed from its cage, the sword intent immediately charged towards the demonic miasma.


At the great emperor level, the Divine Five Thunderclap Sword Technique was an unbelievably powerful technique. Even Emperor Peerless would struggle to receive the attack head on. Boundless sword light and thunderclaps merged to form the most powerful attack. Light erupted from the sword, narrowing into a small dot, and shot towards the miasma.


A large hole appeared in the miasma. Jiang Chen immediately turned into a flash of light and flung himself through the hole.

"Well met!" The demon emperor was incredibly taken aback when Jiang Chen pierced through the clouds. However, a demon emperor wasn't to be trifled with. Although he was surprised, a counter response was already at hand. With a palm strike, he slammed an enormous, red mountain shape down upon Jiang Chen's head.

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