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Jiang Chen didn't bother trading verbal barbs with the Veranda master. He focused all of his thoughts on investigating the secrets of the formation.

The Veranda master snorted disdainfully when he saw that Jiang Chen hadn't panicked despite his predicament. Suddenly, the ghost of a sneer appeared on his face as he stared at the duo. "I'm going to deal with those people first. As for you two ants, enjoy being trapped by an ocean of blood while I'm gone!"

The Veranda master flew away with an ugly chuckle and vanished into the air.

Wei Xing'er didn't feel relaxed in the slightest even though their enemy was gone. She stared anxiously at Jiang Chen in apology. "Sorry for dragging you down in the end."

Jiang Chen didn't give her a response. He simply stared at the formation with calm and serious eyes. Although the corrosive light was deadly, he noticed that its full power hadn't been deployed yet. The Veranda master was able to activate this formation, but it was obvious that it was slightly lacking in energy. As a result, it wasn't able to operate at full power. If his calculations were correct, he should be able to resist the bloody light's corrosion if he pushed his Golden Body of Demons and Gods to the absolute maximum.

"Miss Wei, this formation can only unleash its greatest power after a sacrifice is made. Since Cui hasn't done so, it's still possible to break out of this formation. I'm fast enough that this shouldn't be a problem for us, but I must say that there is still a certain amount of risk involved."

Wei Xing'er was delighted to hear this. "I'm not afraid of risks. Take me away from this place as quickly as you can! I won't blame you even if we're eaten away by this bloody light in the end."

She thought she could die peacefully as long as it was in Jiang Chen's embrace. That was why she didn't hesitate at all when Jiang Chen told her this plan.

Jiang Chen nodded and activated the Golden Body of Demons and Gods. A moment later, a golden light about thirty meters tall surrounded him.

"Are you ready?" Jiang Chen held Wei Xing'er in his arms and dashed forwards with lightning speed. After activating the Kunpeng Meteoric Escape, the duo flew towards the periphery of the formation with perfect form. 

Their speed was that of a loosed arrow. The Kunpeng's arc was nearly flawless. However, this formation was no ordinary trap. Its current corrosive power was less than a tenth of what it was truly capable of, but still extremely deadly.

While Jiang Chen was attempting to escape, the bloody light surged and attacked from all directions. The light of his golden body sizzled ghastly as it was eaten away. The protective golden hue was an incredibly high level defensive aura, but it was devoured continuously all the same. Thankfully, all he needed was a breath's time. He managed to break out just as the corrosive light was about to overcome the golden aura completely.

That was close! Jiang Chen exclaimed silently. Still holding Wei Xing'er, he didn't stop and dashed outside immediately. He might've escaped the deadliest zone, but he dared not linger for long to see if anything new cropped up. The eerie formation scared even him.

It was only after they had dashed out of the underground maze entirely did Jiang Chen put Wei Xing'er down. The woman brimmed with the joy of having escaped certain death. At the same time, she was staring at Jiang Chen with a complicated gaze. It was a look of worship, adoration, concealed resentment, and sorrow.

Jiang Chen had swooped down and saved her from death's grip like a god from the heavens. Such heroism made women most susceptible to falling for their savior. However, Wei Xing'er also knew better than anyone that this enigmatic genius didn't tread the same path as her.

She was a vain woman, but after meeting Huang'er once in the past, even she had to admit that only that angelic woman should be paired together with this unparalleled genius. She herself was unworthy of him. In her opinion, even Ling Bi'er was unworthy.

"Miss Wei, this isn't a place to linger for long. Let me take you away first." Jiang Chen didn't pause along the way. He called upon the Kunpeng Meteoric Escape to the utmost and flew at top speed.

While enjoying the rush of the speed and dense musk of a man, Wei Xing'er struggled to rein in her emotions as her heart hammered. She was hailed as succubus and a beauty with the heart of a scorpion, but she was in fact a virgin. Everything that had happened so far was making her icy heart warm with anticipation. If Jiang Chen decided to do anything to her right now, she knew that she wouldn't reject him. She would even meet his demands and satisfy him in the best way possible.

However, such thoughts were completely absent from the young man's mind. Jiang Chen arrived at the edge of the large formation not long after. No one was guarding this area of the formation at the moment. It might be incredibly hard to invade the formation from outside, but the same couldn't be said about exiting the formation at all.

Jiang Chen summoned the Goldbiter Rat King immediately. "Ole Gold, tell your descendants to guide Miss Wei away from here. Tell them to take her back to Taiyuan Tower first."

Wei Xing'er looked surprised. "You're not leaving?"

The ghost of a strange smile tugged at the corners of Jiang Chen's mouth. "How can I miss such a grand occasion? Plus, the Veranda master has submitted himself to the demon race. It is only a matter of time before he becomes a scourge to humanity if he's allowed to escape."

Wei Xing'er felt very conflicted when she saw the look of confidence on Jiang Chen's face. The reason she didn't consume the powder he gave her was because she didn't want to drag the man into the mess. It was because she didn't think highly of his strength as a Myriad Domain genius.

However, it turned out that she had gravely underestimated Jiang Chen. Not only had he come alone to save her, the amount of skills and trump cards he possessed seemed endless. Even when he was fighting the Veranda master, a seventh level emperor realm cultivator, he looked calm and didn't seem pressured at all. It had only been ten years or so since the destruction of Myriad Domain. Could a Regal Pill Palace genius really grow this much in just ten years?

Wei Xing'er's disbelief was only natural. Even those who thoroughly knew of Jiang Chen's strength were shocked by the speed of his growth.

She felt like saying something, but she also knew that it would only be a pointless waste of breath. Even if she wanted to stay behind to help him, she dared not utter a word considering how serious Jiang Chen was looking right now. Plus, with her level of strength, she would be nothing more but a burden to him.

"In that case… take care." Wei Xing'er sounded a little cautious. "Um, thank you for saving my life. I'll repay this favor even if you want me to serve you as oxen or horse."

Jiang Chen hadn't saved her to enslave her though, so he waved it away. "Everyone's attention is focused inside, so you should be able to leave safely. Remember, this is your one and only chance at rebirth. You won't get another one if you miss this."

His tone was a little stern. Feeling a bit apprehensive, Wei Xing'er hurriedly promised. "Don't worry, I will treasure this chance."

After sending Wei Xing'er away, Jiang Chen looked around the formation again before turning to the Goldbiter Rat King. "How many people have come inside, Ole Gold?"

The Goldbiter Rats covered at least several hundred kilometers of ground. They were everywhere and Jiang Chen's personal spy network.

"Young master Chen, preliminary calculations suggest that around seventy to eighty people have entered the formation. They're all all emperor realm cultivators."

Jiang Chen nodded thoughtfully. "This means that at least half of the experts of the entire Great Scarlet Mid Region are gathered here right now."

Great Scarlet Mid Region was just an average middle region. There might be a lot of emperor realm cultivators, but not so many that one could find such a cultivator randomly on the streets. Compared to the Upper Eight Regions, the number of emperor realm cultivators in Great Scarlet was pitifully small.

"Young master Chen, it is highly likely that Great Scarlet's emperor realm cultivators are not the only ones here," the Goldbiter Rat King said.

"Never mind that, let's head back inside. There must be a powerful earth treasure somewhere considering the earth pulses being generated. These people must have come for it. Ole Gold, tell your descendants look around and find out where it's hidden." Jiang Chen ordered.

There were two reasons Jiang Chen didn't want to leave just yet. One, he wanted to claim the earth treasure for himself. Two, he had to deal with the Veranda master who'd surrendered to the demon race.

As of late, the demon race was popping up everywhere. Although a large scale demonic calamity hadn't broken out yet, it was obvious that the demons were itching to make a move. Jiang Chen knew very well that even he wasn't exempt from this calamity when it truly started. He was ultimately a member of Divine Abyss Continent. No one could escape the demonic scourge when it erupted.

That was why Jiang Chen had no choice but to treat all incidents relating to the demon race with caution, if only to protect himself from harm. This was without mentioning the promises he had made to Emperor Peafowl. He himself was very wary of the demon race. He knew them very well thanks to his past life. It was exactly due to this knowledge that he knew just how bad things could be if the demon race were to revive completely. It wouldn't be a surprise if entire races and species were eradicated as a result.

If the ancient cultivators hadn't risen to the occasion and fought valiantly during the war against demons, if they hadn't barely sealed the demon race with their remaining strength, the demons might have already conquered Divine Abyss Continent. Nowadays, the human race didn't even possess even one tenth of their former martial dao strength or level. It was easy to imagine what kind of fate would befall humans when demons emerged once more. 

Thankfully, Divine Abyss Continent didn't just have humans. There were plenty of other races out there.

Before the demon race showed up, the major races often fought and killed each other out of personal interests. However, they were unusually united against the demon race. They knew that Divine Abyss Continent would become a barren land with no other races if they lost. This wasn't a mere fight for territory or resources. It was a life and death struggle and a fight for all race's survival.

As a member of the human race, he might not be so passionate that he would actively seek out the demon race and thwart their plans. But now that he actually encountered a plot, he had no intentions of letting it take root right before his eyes. He would eliminate this threat even if it was as insignificant as a spark. This was Jiang Chen's bottom line.

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