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Jiang Chen gently placed Madame Yun's hand back down after an hour had passed. Her long struggle with her illness had caused the skin on her palms to shrivel and lack luster. 

"Little brother, how is it?" Emperor Peerless immediately asked after Jiang Chen was done taking her pulse. The expressions on his face was not that of a great emperor, but of a young and overly anxious brat. 

"Old brother, It's… a little complicated. It's going to take some time to cure her. I'd recommend letting your wife take the pill first so that she can regain some lifespan and invigorate her blood and limbs. I'm confident in my ability to cure her after she regains some energy. However… we will have to return to Veluriyam Capital."

The emperor was elated. "No problem! I'm willing to climb a mountain of swords and plunge into a sea of flames as long as you can cure her! Moreover, I've always wanted to go to the Capital! Haha! This is truly pleasant news!" 

"Ah Yun! Did you hear what he just said? I told you my brother is a capable man! He's likely the only person in the entire human domain that can cure you! Ah, I've yet to give him a proper introduction. Our brother over here is…" The emperor was interrupted mid-sentence when he noticed that Miss Qing was standing right outside the door. She seemed a little unsure if she should enter the room. "Little sister Qing, why are you standing out there? Come in! It's not like any of us here are strangers."  

One could easily see hints of embarrassment on Miss Qing's face. She hesitated a little before entering the room. 

"Brother, since there are no strangers among us, I shan't hide your secrets anymore. Little sister Qing and your sister-in-law are so close that they're like family."  The emperor was looked incredibly happy. "This is my brother. He's actually quite renowned around these parts. Most people know him as the young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain from Veluriyam Capital. You may address him as Brother Zhen."

The emperor was very excited, but didn't reveal Jiang Chen's true identity as there was no need for it just yet.

"Young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain?" Madame Yun was astounded. "Peerless, is he the same young lord Zhen you so often talk about? The youth who defeated Pill King Ji Lang?"

"Hehe. Yes it is!" The emperor burst into laughter. "Ah Yun, don't you agree that this is such a huge coincidence? I was contemplating if I should travel to Veluriyam Capital to see him, but unexpectedly, we met right after I arrived in Pillfire City! We even became sworn brothers! Mm! This is fate!"

Miss Qing also seemed incredibly astounded at first, but she quickly regained her composure and put on a faint smile. However, her smile contained hints of melancholy.

"Little sister Qing, us brothers will be in your care for a few more days! Haha! We'll leave for Veluriyam Capital immediately after my wife's condition turns for the better! We've been disturbing you for too long…"

"Big Brother Mo, why the formalities between family?" Miss Qing sighed gently. "Don't worry about it. It's lonely here. In fact, I'd much prefer to have you here with me, forever."

"Haha! That would be too much!" The emperor laughed.

"Big brother Mo, Sister Yun, rest some. I'll have to make some preparations. My accommodations are a bit lacking. I hope Brother Zhen will not mind." Miss Qing curtsied at Jiang Chen, to which the latter responded with a faint smile.

"Miss Qing is too gracious." Jiang Chen pondered deeply after Miss Qing had left. For some reason, she seemed a little unreadable to him. He couldn't sense any evil intentions from her, but what she'd said outside seemed a little overboard. One could easily tell that she and Madame Yun were very close, and that Old Brother Mo was also quite fond of her. Moreover, she didn't seem to bear any resentment for an outsider like him. So why had she said all that?

Jiang Chen didn't understand why, but he decided to keep his thoughts to himself. After all, Madame Yun and Miss Qing were as close as actual sisters. He didn't want to spoil their relationship by saying such things. It would leave a bad impression on them.

"Brother Mo, you should hand over the Pinecrane Pill to sister-in-law now. It isn't a very overpowering pill, so letting her refine it slowly shouldn't cause too big of a problem. Jiang Chen headed outside after giving the instructions.

Miss Qing's residence wasn't very big, but it was extremely elegant and tranquil. It was a pleasant place to be in.

Miss Qing showed a complicated gaze when she saw Jiang Chen exit the room, but she didn't comment on it. "Brother Zhen, please pardon my hospitality for my residence is a little lacking." 

"A cultivator like me naturally wouldn't mind such things." Jiang Chen smiled in response. 

Miss Qing nodded and said nothing more.

Jiang Chen walked briskly around the courtyard, but was soon bored. Thus, he decided to stroll around Frostmoon City instead. His mind was fully occupied with thoughts of this foreign land. He didn't immediately seek news of the Moon God Sect. He was worried that others might notice if he immediately did so. He didn't want to attract too much trouble, so the investigation could wait for now.

After a brief stroll, he saw for himself how open-minded the citizens of Frostmoon City were. Many cute and charming girls threw seductive gazes at him. Some even brazenly called out to him. They were finding this foreign youth very attractive. No matter how much he tried to disguise himself, his bearing wasn't something that could be disguised.  

Jiang Chen returned to the residence four hours later as he felt that Madame Yun must've finished refining the pill by now. Upon arriving at the courtyard, he noticed that gate was half opened. He furrowed his brows suspiciously before entering the premises. His nose twitched as soon as he entered. There was a odd smell in the air. It was almost unnoticeable, but he had very sharp senses.

"Old Brother Mo?" Realizing something was amiss, he immediately rushed towards the inner residence. When Madame Yun's room was within sight, he noticed Miss Qing wearing a snowy-white outfit leaning against the door.

Traces of not having the heart to do something appeared on Miss Qing's face when she saw Jiang Chen. "Didn't you go out on a stroll? Why are you back so soon?"

Jiang Chen frowned. "Miss Qing, where is Old Brother Mo?"

Miss Qing responded with a dreadful laugh. "Brother Mo he… will not be seeing you anymore. He has gone into a deep slumber. Sister Yun too… she has joined him in his sleep."

"What do you mean?" Jiang Chen furrowed his brows and took a step back instinctively.

Miss Qing laughed when she saw how cautious he was being. Her laughter carried hints of insanity. 

"Brother Zhen, you shouldn't have come back. I didn't want to involve an innocent person in this. You didn't have to accompany Brother Mo and I. Why do you have to be so insensible?!" Her words sped up. "Leave! Leave while you still have time to! Hurry, before the poison invades your consciousness!"

Color immediately drained from Jiang Chen's face. "You've poisoned Old Brother Mo?"

He sniffed the air and noticed the odd smell again. It was barely noticeable, but he was sensitive to the smell of spirit herbs.

"It has nothing to do with you!" Miss Qing began to sound a little agitated. "Brother Mo and I may not be fortunate enough to be born on the same year, month, and day, but we can ask for death in each other's arms! After this, we'll finally be together! Are you leaving or not?!"

Mental! This woman has gone absolutely crazy! Jiang Chen had caught the gist of what was happening. It was obvious that this woman had fallen in love with Old Brother Mo, but she chose to bottle up her feelings because of Madame Yun. However, she had gone to extremes to be with Old Brother Mo, even if it meant death.

Such was the nature of love. It was often the culprit of envy, jealousy, and insanity. Miss Qing's actions were proof that she'd been deeply poisoned by love.  It was why she had resorted to such extreme actions.

"Miss Qing, do you really think that Old Brother Mo's heart will belong to you if you do this? If you really love him and want to be together with him, why not confess your love to him? Why resort to such extreme measures? Don't you realize what you're doing right now is extremely foolish?" Jiang Chen's heart was torn by anxiety. He hadn't identified the poison just yet, but a poison that could affect a great emperor unnoticed was definitely no ordinary poison!

Miss Qing was obviously not of a sound mind anymore. She began to laugh sarcastically. "Confess? What's the point? His heart is already occupied by Sister Yun! I can only hate myself for meeting him too late! Even if I confess, all he can think about is Sister Yun this, Sister Yun that! He's always finding a cure for her! Time and time again, I've tried showing him my charms, but that blockhead never shows me any response! Must I do it like the whores you so often see in the streets? Never!" Her voice was thick with sorrow. "I know that Sister Yun is a very exceptional woman, but I'm not any worse than her. The only reason I've lost is because she got to know him first. If he had known me first, he would definitely cherish me like how he cherishes her! I already know that I can no longer outmatch Sister Yun in this life, but in the next one, I'll definitely get to know him ahead of her! If I fail, I'll just try again in another life! There will at least be one life where I'll end up the winner…"  

Jiang Chen was so utterly speechless that goosebumps popped into existence all over. Even with his knowledge and experience, he couldn't help but be stunned by what he just heard. Love was the cause of laughter, sadness, happiness, and sorrow...  But to cause such insanity? Only someone extremely deep in the abyss of love was capable of such things.

Was she evil for trying to attain love in her own deranged way?

Obviously not.

Jiang Chen was at a loss for what to do next.

Miss Qing began to laugh ludicrously. "Brother Zhen, aren't you leaving yet? Do you wish to join us in our wretched fate? I heard that the fates of people who die at the same time and at the same place will be entwined even in the next life! Well, it's fine if you choose not to leave. In the next life, you shall seduce Sister Yun so that Brother Mo will be mine…"

Jiang Chen was utterly flabbergasted. This woman was truly too poisoned by love.

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