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Indeed, if the Pinecrane Pill could be mass produced, it would definitely cause many emperor realm cultivators to defect to the Capital. However, the ingredients for the pill were simply too precious. Emperor Peafowl felt that it was a beautiful idea not destined to happen.

"Honorable guests, the appearance of an eighth great emperor is cause for great celebration. I've decided that once Emperor Coiling Dragon comes out from seclusion, we shall immediately perform the coronation, start the construction of his palace, and formally bestow him the title of great emperor. I trust that everyone is fine with this arrangement?" 

To be granted the title of great emperor, one had to reach the required cultivation realm and be recognized by other great emperors. It wasn't difficult to find a great emperor to recognize his ascension in a city like Veluriyam Capital. There were seven great emperors in this capital alone. It was unlikely that the clan lord would face any obstructions. However, the formation of a new emperor faction couldn't be completed overnight. First, his sacred grounds had to be cleared, the palace built, authority granted, and news of his title publicized.

"The ascension of an eighth emperor is definitely good news for the capital." Emperor Void laughed. "We titled emperors should offer our full support. Emperor Peafowl, if you need money or labor, just ask and I shall give!"

"Haha! This is good news indeed! Count me in as well!" Emperor Mountaincrush followed.

"My faction has always preferred the simple life, but for a momentous moment like this, we wish to offer our assistance too." Emperor Petalpluck smiled. 

Emperor Skysplitter was the seventh great emperor and had ascended roughly a millennium ago. The other great emperors had provided him with a lot of support at that time. Therefore, it would be a bit unseemly if he chose not to contribute. "The foundations of my faction have yet to solidify, but I will also offer full assistance, as it is the tradition of our Capital." 

Emperor Vastsea had no choice but to agree, "Since it is tradition, the Vastsea faction will not be stingy either."

Emperor Peafowl smiled brightly. "Very good! Our fortune will continue as long as we remain united as citizens of Veluriyam Capital."  

News of the clan lord's ascension to great emperor spread throughout all corners of Veluriyam Capital just a few hours after the five emperors had paid a visit. The news spread to even the most remote areas of the capital and to all the other great powers in the Upper Eight Regions. Veluriyam Capital had become even mightier than before.

Great emperor cultivators were few in numbers in even the most powerful sects. A powerful first-ranked sect might have three or four great emperors, while the weaker ones would have two at the very most. The quasi-first-ranked factions had great emperors as a proof of might. Only factions with great emperors could be considered as part of their ranks. There were many powerful factions in the Upper Eight Regions, but there were only so many that were as powerful as the eight foremost sects, Veluriyam Capital, and Pillfire City. In fact, it was actually possible to count the total number of great emperors in the Upper Eight Regions on one hand.

There was only around two hundred great emperors in total if one counted those that were in powerful factions and ignored the recluses. If the hermits and ancient wandering great emperors were added to the count, the numbers might go up to three hundred.

The middle region was much worse off. It would be incredibly impressive if they even had one or two great emperors. The great emperors in the middle regions were all reclusive patriarchs that didn't meddle with worldly issues. The only exception was the Great Scarlet Mid Region. Nobody knew for sure if they even had a great emperor. Most had the impression that the strongest cultivators in the middle regions were only at the peak-level emperor realm. Great emperors were the stuff of legends in that region.

One would only be certain if there was a great emperor if a middle region was on the throes of destruction, and even then it might still remain a mystery. Great emperors were often apathetic to worldly issues by the time they ascended to that realm. They remained solely focused on the study of the heavens and earth so they could make their next breakthrough.

Everyone had different desires and pursuits once they became a great emperor, but none of them were willing to give up the study of the law of heavens and earth. It was the only path they could take. They wanted to understand the heavenly dao and ascend to the empyrean realm. There wasn't much else that could affect them once they had become a great emperor.

Veluriyam Capital was a very frightening force due to its eight great emperors. It was definitely one of the top three most powerful factions in the human domain. The entire Coiling Dragon Clan was over the moon when they heard the news. They had been quite anxious in recent years because they knew that the clan lord was on the verge of losing his cultivation. Their stable future had become fraught with uncertainty. The clan lord had seemed fine during the Veluriyam Pagoda gathering, but matters were worrying. They wondered if the clan lord was only holding on with a final burst of his lifespan.

It didn't help that he had immediately went into seclusion after returning to the manor and no longer handled any household matters. This only further intensified speculation. The number of pessimists increased with every passing day. They had witnessed the strange phenomenon in Sacred Peafowl Mountain as well and figured that it was Cloudsoar Monarch who had ascended to great emperor, but they were astounded by the news they received.

It wasn't Cloudsoar Monarch; it was the clan lord! The atmosphere in the Coiling Dragon Clan instantly reached a new high. Their repressed emotions were unleashed all at once. The sudden reversal of their moods sent them into a frenzy. The entire manor was in a celebratory craze. Even someone as austere as Ji Zhongtang was bawling his eyes out. He knew full well that he had young lord Zhen to thank for all of this. The emotions and excitement had made him an even more resolute believer in young lord Zhen.

Ji San had no clue that this was happening, as he was still in closed door cultivation. The clans and families under the Coiling Dragon banner, especially House Wei, were also in high spirits. But the families that had been on the verge of switching to another great clan were filled with fear and anxiety. They were worried that the clan lord would see through their wavering hearts. Correction, he was now Emperor Coiling Dragon. 

The entire Veluriyam Capital was seized in a festive mood yet again. The five great emperors returned to their respective territories with different moods. Emperor Void was happy from the bottom of his heart, Emperor Mountaincrush was excited for the future, Emperor Petalpluck felt gratified, and Emperor Skysplitter felt neither happiness or grief, but his mind was filled with questions. Emperor Vastsea was in the most complicated of moods. He was equally as suspicious as he was envious. Logically, there should be nothing for him to be envious about, as he was a seasoned great emperor. But for unknown reasons, his heart was always filled with envy and jealousy. He envied the Coiling Dragon Clan and Sacred Peafowl Mountain.

"Brother Shura, It seems your plan has become even harder to realize." Emperor Vastsea didn't conceal his emotions one bit when he met Emperor Shura. "The Coiling Dragon clan lord has become Emperor Coiling Dragon. Like a tiger that has grown wings, Sacred Peafowl Mountain has become even more powerful."

Emperor Shura wore a somber expression. "Brother Vastea, does Sacred Peafowl Mountain possess some kind of magical power? Their heir is already as formidable as they come, and now you tell me that their subordinate clan is just as outstanding too?!"

Constantly comparing oneself with others would only result in anger and disappointment. The Majestic Clan of yesteryear was as powerful and influential, but was now in ruins and destitute. Rumors had long circled that the Coiling Dragon clan lord was at the end of his lifespan, and the clan was at its knees. Yet, their clan remained the foremost clan in the capital after all these years. They didn't rest on their laurels, and in the blink of an eye, the clan lord had become Emperor Coiling Dragon. Words could not describe how depressed Emperor Shura was by the unexpected change.

Was Sacred Peafowl Mountain blessed with great luck? Emperor Peafowl had already ruled for a few thousand years. It should be his turn now. But this luck was simply too indomitable. If this went on, they would likely still be the ruling faction for the next few thousand years. He couldn't accept this. His ambition had already taken root in his heart and grew stronger with each passing day. The flower of ambition couldn't be stopped after it had bloomed.

"Brother daoist, maybe it is time that we resort to backhanded methods." Bloodthirst flashed across Emperor Vastsea's face. 

"Backhanded methods? What kind do you speak of?"

"The most extreme kind, of course. Normal methods would never be able to topple Sacred Peafowl Mountain's luck." Emperor Vastsea carried a somber expression. "Emperor Peafowl is stronger than both of us. In other words, he is the main pillar of Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Without him, young lord Zhen or Emperor Coiling Dragon would be no match for either of us." 

"Are you saying that we should start dealing with Emperor Peafowl?" Emperor Shura was shocked by the proposition.  

Emperor Vastsea laughed coldly. "Neither of us are a match for him. Even if we team up, it isn't likely that we'll defeat him. Fortunately, he's an overambitious person who always puts up an altruistic act. Because he wants to be the world's savior, he believes that us humans are in danger and that the demonic calamity will soon be upon us. We can take advantage of this."

Emperor Shura mused deeply. He understood that the discrepancy between their strengths was simply too big to be made up with ambition alone. Even if he teamed up with Emperor Vastsea, they would be evenly matched at best. However, there was a lot more they could do if the demon race was added into the calculations.

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