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The good news from the Pagoda spread like wildfire throughout Veluriyam Capital. Someone had passed the eighth Veluriyam Obelisk and broken the record Emperor Peafowl had held for nearly five thousand years! Emperor Peafowl's apparent intention to advertise this success only caused the news to spread even faster. The three words "young lord Zhen" were brought up again and again amongst the citizens of Veluriyam Capital. People were of the mindset that the greatest star of Veluriyam Capital's young generation of cultivators had made his appearance. Young lord Zhen was absolutely the best candidate to succeed Emperor Peafowl. His achievements and the fortune he carried were proof of his qualification.

For the past three thousand years, Emperor Peafowl had been the absolute authority in Veluriyam Capital. He was the totem and protector god in most citizens' hearts. Young lord Zhen breaking through the record that a young Emperor Peafowl had set meant that young lord Zhen was even greater than the emperor. In addition, his excellence was acknowledged by Emperor Peafowl himself.

The student surpasses the master and the new replaces the old. There was nothing the martial dao world loved more than this saying. A genius' improvement meant that the citizens under their protection were safer. No one wished to see their territory being handed to a coward or a mediocre ruler in the future. Young lord Zhen was without a doubt a candidate that truly satisfied everyone's hopes and wishes. Young lord Fan had been completely forgotten by the citizens of Veluriyam Capital. They believed from the bottom of their hearts that the young lord Zhen was superior in every way.

The powers under Emperor Peafowl's command were greatly inspired when they received this news. The Coiling Dragon Clan and House Wei in particular could hardly contain their joy. They wanted nothing more than to announce to the world that young lord Zhen had made his way to the peak from under their wing. This was especially true for Wei Tianxiao, lord of House Wei. He stood tall and proud before all others, and his status in House Wei rose like never before. His words were now law in the entirety of his family, and the family elders were also utterly loyal to him. No one dared to even think about betraying the family. Everything they had now was thanks to young lord Zhen. Introducing young lord Zhen to Sacred Peafowl Mountain alone was enough to secure great riches and honors for the Wei father and son duo for generations to come, to say nothing of anything else.

Judging from how things were moving right now, even House Wei's enemies were sitting on pins and needles. Those who had stomped ruthlessly on House Wei when the aristocratic family were down on their luck were especially worried of their future. House Wei was going to rise meteorically with young lord Zhen's rising status. At this rate, it was entirely possible that House Wei would want to take revenge against all those who offended them in the future. For a while, many of the powers that had offended the aristocratic family in the past wondered if they should repair their relationships with them before it was too late.

Similar joy had erupted over on the Coiling Dragon Clan's side as well. However, they were rejoicing because of young master Ji San. He had also broken Emperor Peafowl's old record when he successfully grasped the seventh Veluriyam Obelisk. To the Coiling Dragon Clan, his success brought about an unprecedented level of glory. No one, not even the most outstanding clan lord in clan history had ever been able to obtain such an illustrious achievement. Young master Liuxiang might be the only person in the entire Coiling Dragon Clan who was unhappy with the news. As Ji San's rival, he had no choice but to sorrowfully admit that he had been surpassed by Ji Ole Third. In fact, Ji Ole Third was so far ahead right now that he almost couldn't see the other's back. Surprisingly, Ji Zhongtang was doing very well despite the news. Ji San's impossible performance had only fanned his passion for martial dao and inspired a greater drive in him.

Taiyuan Tower was more popular than ever. All those previously unfamiliar with the establishment made for the pill shop. They wanted to see just how amazing the Taiyuan Tower that had nurtured a genius like young lord Zhen truly was. Thankfully, the powers under Jiang Chen's personal command weren't present in Taiyuan Tower right now. Otherwise, they might not even be able to set foot outside their door.

Those at work were awash with both pleasure and stress. While the attention was perfect for business, the building itself was seriously going to break under the immense amount of attention and pressure it was receiving. As long as young lord Zhen's performance continued, so too would this level of public enthusiasm. 

"Your Majesty, do you think young lord Zhen will continue to challenge the ninth Veluriyam Obelisk?" Cloudsoar Monarch asked softly. The other three monarchs also turned to look at Emperor Peafowl with great interest.

Emperor Peafowl smiled leisurely. "From what I know of him, I'm sure he'll continue the challenge. As for the exact timing, I think that'll come later. After all, he has so much time in the Veluriyam Pagoda."

With Jiang Chen's successful attempt at the eighth obelisk, his time limit was extended by another two years. That was enough for him to do many things. Naturally, Emperor Peafowl thought that Jiang Chen wouldn't give in to petty impulses. However, something shocking soon happened. The young lord actually started on the ninth obelisk three days after passing the eighth! His firm and resolute attitude caused the seven great emperors to explode with great furor. 

Even the depressed Emperor Shura's faction was absolutely bewildered by Jiang Chen's choice despite their dislike of him. A frisson of hope suddenly arose in Emperor Shura's heart. The dejection he felt after Li Jiancheng's defeat had lessened slightly. An impulsive attention seeker like him must be a rash person. Geniuses like him normally don't last long. Emperor Shura had seen countless young geniuses like him in the past. They were all people who had grown smug and conceited just because of a bit of success.

"Seriously? This young lord Zhen is too impulsive. The ninth Veluriyam Obelisk is the last challenge in the Veluriyam Pagoda. It's said that it's key to opening a new world in the Veluriyam Pagoda!"

"Yes, everything beyond the ninth Veluriyam Obelisk has been a blank canvas for the longest time. Will Pill King Zhen be the one to bring us this pleasant surprise?"

"I doubt it. He's been too proud this time. He only waited for three days to begin his challenge, when he has at least two years left in his time limit. Why didn't he stabilize his strength first before attempting the challenge?"

"It's hard to say. Maybe he's thinking of doing the challenge in one go while morale is high? He's in a good and inspired frame of mind right now. It's not necessarily a bad thing to challenge the ninth Veluriyam Obelisk like this."

"Anyways, I think that he's acted a bit too hastily this time."

Even Emperor Peafowl looked a little worried when he received the news. Of course, he wasn't worried because Jiang Chen had overturned his earlier prediction. He had a different view regarding Jiang Chen's risky choice.

Everyone knew that the main pagoda contained nine Veluriyam Obelisks, but no records of the world beyond them could be found. Emperor Peafowl himself wasn't sure why this was the case, as he didn't know that the teleportation formation at the entrance of the main pagoda had the ability to wipe a cultivator's memory. All those who failed to enter the Six Palaces of Heritage would have their memories related to the nine Veluriyam Obelisks wiped when they left.

Therefore, no one including Emperor Peafowl knew what secrets were hidden behind the nine Veluriyam Obelisks. With that being said, the emperor often mused about this despite his puzzlement. He deduced that the nine Veluriyam Obelisks were probably a test to the geniuses of Veluriyam Capital. Only those who had passed through these tests were qualified to access more of the Veluriyam Pagoda's secrets. Naturally, those who failed to do so were forbidden from learning those secrets.

Following this line of deduction, Emperor Peafowl deduced that the Veluriyam Pagoda was likely hiding even greater secrets in its depths. Moreover, these secrets were so important that every measure of secrecy were taken to ensure that they weren't revealed. Therefore, all those who failed to conquer the nine Veluriyam Obelisks were unqualified to uncover these secrets. Not even he, Emperor Peafowl, master of Veluriyam Capital, ruler for three thousand years, knew much about the Veluriyam Pagoda. His knowledge in this regard was as limited as everyone else who had participated in the Veluriyam Pagoda gathering. Today, he felt very conflicted to see Jiang Chen act so recklessly in trying for the ninth Veluriyam Obelisk.

On one hand, the emperor knew Jiang Chen well enough to know that he wouldn't loose his arrow until he had his prey in his sights. He would not have acted this way if he wasn't confident in his chances. On the other hand, Jiang Chen was in the prime of his youth. The emperor was worried that Jiang Chen had been blinded by his recent success and made the wrong choice during a critical moment. It was entirely possible for one impulsive move to ruin all of his efforts.

Emperor Peafowl very much hoped that Jiang Chen could uncover the deeper secrets and greater inheritances that were hidden behind the Veluriyam Pagoda's walls. In fact, it would be best if the lad could surpass him and the upper limits of the entire Upper Eight Regions. It was the only way to better ensure Veluriyam Capital's survival during the demonic calamity that was sure to come. It was also the only way to ensure that the fate that held Veluriyam Capital together wouldn't break. Emperor Peafowl possessed the All-Seeing Eye, so he didn't think that he was mistaken in his choice. He didn't doubt in the slightest that Jiang Chen was a man of great fortune.

But he was worried that Jiang Chen's youthfulness would cause him to grow so careless that he might miss out on the inheritances hidden in the deeper levels of the Veluriyam Pagoda. This was something he least wanted to see. The four great monarchs looked dumbstruck. It was obvious that they were bowled over by the news too.

Chronobalance Monarch slapped his own head. "This young lord Zhen seriously does not play by the rules. Why is he acting so hastily when he has so much time?"

Plumscore Monarch said coldly in anger and disappointment, "He's a young man who just obtained great success and has ultimately failed to keep his cool. If he were to fall before the ninth Veluriyam Obelisk, it will not be due to a failure of talent, but a failure of character. If he doesn't change his frivolous attitude, his so-called fortune will only become as transient as clouds in the end."

Wildfox Monarch also sighed. "Impulsive, how impulsive. But he's a youngster, isn't he? Who didn't have moments of impulse when they were young?"

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