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Chapter 186: 186
Chapter 186: Vol2 Ch84: Beginning of the invasion

With a thunderous incantation-like roar, numerous cracks were forcefully opened up, allowing gigantic dragons to emerge from within .

They had wings that covered the skies, terrifying [Dragon’s Pressure], gigantic bodies, and glittering scales; several dragons soared in from the horizon, opening their terrific maws to unleash scorching flames that destroyed everything in their wake .

Other than the Divine race and Dragon race, there were several other invaders who entered this world through the cracks .

“Stop struggling, my dear ‘Mother’, the Burning Crusade cannot be stopped, lay down and become the fuel for the fire” a humanoid creature declared, full of emotions: “Become a part of the flame”

Both the New Deity and Progenitor Dragon came from the Flame world, as two of the three Gods who originated from the first flame, their understanding of the flame made it so that their powers were thick with the power of ‘fire’ .

At the same time, their [Origin] came from the Black Abyss, so as they released their [Origin], they also gained an understanding of the Black Abyss’ twisted power .

And these were also the two most prominent types of power within the New Deity and Progenitor Dragon’s allied army .

They weren’t willing to stay in the Flame world and become firewood, so they were incited by the Black Abyss to betray the Flame world; at the same time, they had no loyalty to the Black Abyss, so they declared themselves to be flames, vowing to plunge everything they saw into fire .

Their goal for arriving at the Disaster world was very clear: to infect and turn all creatures in this world into their soldiers, the will hidden within their infectious power would ensure their control over these soldiers, thus growing the allied army with every world they conquered . At the same time, the power of the conquered world’s [Origin] would be stolen and turned into firewood for their flames, allowing them to grow ever increasingly stronger .

For some people, their ambition would simply not end with a single world, for example, people like Negary .

Once they found out just how great and vast this universe truly was, how could they agree to subject themselves to a single world, forever bound by its restraints?

It was for that reason that the New Deity and Progenitor Dragon extended their hands to these people, inviting them to be a part of the Burning Crusade, as well as why these ambitious people had chosen to accept that invitation, betraying their own homeworld, and becoming the vanguards in this invasion .

“An Ping, this is true power!” a humanoid declared . He had numerous black patterns all over his body, a pair of draconic wings on his back, a pair of dragon horns on his forehead, and burning flames on both his hands and feet that scorched the ground as he walked .

“You have been brainwashed by the will of the world, humans should not be restrained by the limits of their world, but rather triumph against it! How could you, who has been entrapped by this world still be a worthy match for me?” this greatly mutated humanoid laughed maniacally as he declared .

“Coaster…” An Ping sighed as he watched the live footage . During the second cycle, in order to repel the Apocalypse, he pushed for the founding of the Global Psychic Organization, pooling their collective resources for the sake of scientifically exploring psychic abilities .

At that time, Coaster used to be his strongest nemesis and opposition . From a perspective of talent and skill, the two of them were equals, but as he was working for the will of the world in order to prevent the Apocalypse, Coaster, who became an obstacle to that end was summarily defeated, which eventually led to him pledging his allegiance to the New Deity and Progenitor Dragon’s allied army .

「 Wait a minute, let’s first retreat from this world, something isn’t right 」Samira suddenly said .

Another member of the Divine race came out from the crack . He was clad in a bright red cloak with bulging muscles that exuded a sense of beauty, chuckling to his fellow kinsman: 「 You aren’t afraid of a fight are you, Samira? 」

「 Herlo, this isn’t the time for jokes, the wind is telling me that something is off 」Samira sternly replied . Herlo was the name of the Cauchy people’s God of health and vigor .

「 Don’t think too much about it, the will of this world has already been exhausted, no longer capable of retaliating against the might of the allied army 」Herlo wasn’t too worried about Samira’s warning .

Although they had indeed been weakened from losing their authorities as they left the Flame world, every member of the Divine race had reached at least the second stage of release, each with their own unique ability .

While the truly powerful members of the Divine race had already achieved the third stage of release, not to mention the racial characteristics of the Divine race, which allowed them to surpass humans of the same level .

「 Alright, let’s not allow those dragons to get one in over us 」a person clad in a black cloak while wielding a scepter stepped out from another crack, the dark power of omen drifted around his body, exuding a sense of extreme eeriness .

This was the God of disease and omen Negary, he had two crows perched on his shoulders as he sensed the air of this world: 「 The atmosphere this time is quite refreshing…」

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Although the New Deity and Progenitor Dragon allied themselves, migrating from the Flame world with their entire races in tow and established themselves as the Burning Crusade, the Divine race and Dragon race weren’t actually at complete peace with one another .

Back in the Flame world, the Divine race used to love killing Dragons as a representation of heroism; while the Dragon race loved killing the Divine race, their corpses were top-quality magic materials, while the Divine race’s golden blood could be refined into magic gold .

For this reason, even as they became allies, the Divine race and Dragon race were still at odds with one another . The New Deity and Progenitor Dragon didn’t really care to address this, as a certain level of competition would instead give the allied army more vitality .

「 Wait a minute… those things are—」the Divinity called Negary’s expression changed, he had discovered a kind of biological-mechanical hybrid machine that gave off a familiar yet foreign aura .

As the machine operated, a power started to exude from it . At the same time, every Spiritual Inception practitioner in the world felt an overwhelming will descending on their bodies .

At first, they were silently frightened as they thought it came from those terrifying creatures who appeared from the cracks . They then found their powers being stripped away, or rather, siphoned and converged towards the various machines around them .

A wondrous resonance was created from these machines, disturbing the permeating power of the New Deity and Progenitor Dragon; the cracks in the air, ground, and buildings slowly closed up, while the invaders who had stepped into this world felt pressure being exerted on their bodies .

It was as if the air itself was rejecting them, any power that left their bodies would also quickly become corroded and dissipated away .

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「 This sensation of home, was there a traitor among us? It feels a bit like that of a Dragon, but it is half-real, half-fake 」Samira’s expression was stern as he assessed the situation, from the looks of it, they had been temporarily trapped in this world .

However, they weren’t worried at all, as these mortals would never understand just how powerful their Godfather was, and his power would surely turn this world into a torch .

“Wang Yuan!” the Disaster King of [Solar Storm], Wang Xin Yun slammed the table in anger: “What are you trying to do? Activating the Path of Error so late and letting so many invaders into our world!?”

〖 How regretful, this is the first time I operated this machine, so I was a bit clumsy 〗Negary indifferently smiled .

“It’s ok . The authority of the Source Pool has already been handed over, Mister Wang Yuan, please go ahead and leave as soon as possible!” An Ping stopped the angry Wang Xin Yun and coldly declared .

With just a bit of time, Negary confirmed that he was now able to sense the Source Pool and access it through his Authority . By borrowing its Source Energy, he would be able to activate [Otherworld Invasion] and head towards another world .

〖 There’s no hurry, I’ll wait here a bit longer . There is something I need among those people 〗Negary stood up and started making his way outside .

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