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Chapter 159: 159

“That direction!” while riding in a modified jeep, Fang Ze abruptly looked up . His eyes were sharp, almost as if he could see through the scenery from far away .

As a Disaster King and someone who had achieved the first stage of release, Fang Ze’s perception was extremely strong, immediately able to find the epicenter of the reaction right as the first Disasforce fluctuation manifested .

After pointing to the exact location on the map, he sat down in the jeep with a heavy heart .

Fang Ze had already fought Negary once before . Now that he had time to think about it, the flow of their battle at the time was completely dictated by the other party, and that was when his Disasforce was still vastly inferior to his own . After some analysis from the D . E . R division’s experts, his Authority should have already been promoted to grade F, becoming a Disaster King just like him .

If the two of them fought again, assuming that their Disasforce were at the same level, Fang Ze found himself helpless to win against him even with his newly acquired [Starforce] ability .

The D . E . R division had also shown him footage of his 3-winged dragon form destroying their fighter jets . That ridiculous presence and overwhelming destructiveness wasn’t something he was capable of .

Wang Yuan’s essence is that of a super virus from another world . Unless we have the help of the Disaster King Black Death, there is no real chance for us to defeat him and return this world to its original appearance

Fang Ze fell into thought . Disaster King Black Death was another name for the Disaster King who held the Authority [Super Plague], based on one of the most famous plagues in human history, the Black Death .

Because the infected zone was completely covered in the [Spiritual Inception] germs, those who came into the infected zone in search of Disaster King Black Death were all Authority Holders .

Authority Holders had the ability to destroy any [Spiritual Inception] germs that came into their respiratory tract with their Disasforce and ensured that they wouldn’t become infected .

“Let us speed up, Disaster King Black Death had only just manifested and is unable to use Disasforce, they might run into danger in such an environment” Chang Xia pushed up his glasses and commented .

As the 6th domain had completely fallen into chaos, as the section chief of the 6th domain D . E . R division, he was naturally to blame . Furthermore, Seven who sneaked away from her responsibilities was nearly brought to military court .

Naturally, if Seven hadn’t come to help Chang Xia when he was fighting against Wang Zhao in the Yue Bu university battle, he might not have won against the other party and made it in time to help Fang Ze defeat the leather jacket man .

“We’re already going very fast” the Authority Holder of [Traffic Jam] was the one at the wheels . Now that the entire city had fallen into a half-paralyzed state, he was the only one capable of finding a route without any blockage in this huge domain .

If he still couldn’t find a path, then they would forcefully make one . With a press of a button on this modified military jeep, two guiding rails appeared on either side of the jeep with a couple of small ballistic missiles equipped .

Sitting on the passenger seat, Seven took aim through an electronic device and fired, blasting a number of cars that were blocking the road ahead of them away .

The modified jeep continued through the flames, quickly making its way towards the point marked on the map .

Several terrifying zombies were also swiftly moving through the streets, some of which had even taken on the appearance of liquid that was constantly moving on the ground, as well as other zombies with even stranger mutations .

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For example, a few zombies had grown a pair of black crow wings, flapping as they made their way towards where they were being directed . Another zombie had attached itself onto a bicycle and had almost fully fused together with the vehicle, leaving only a thin mass of germs pushing the pedals forward, making it look as if a ghostly bicycle was making its way through the collapsed streets .

Under Negary’s summoning, having adapted to their environments, the mutated germs were not on their way to attack the little girl Lan Shan, but rather to get into the way and prevent Fang Ze’s group from being able to reach her .

Negary was sure that if he actually sent monsters to attack Lan Shan right now, Fang Ze’s group would miraculously make it there just in time to save her . In fact, under the effects of his [Protagonist Aura], this maneuver would somehow fix Lan Shan’s trauma as well, just a cup of meaningless chicken soup would fix her right up and gain Negary another powerful foe .

In this world where even the smallest chance occurrence could happen with inevitability as long as it was necessary, that would be nothing but child’s play .

With a slight wiggle, a streetlamp abruptly turned into liquid and fell onto the roof of the modified jeep . Under Negary’s interference, this mass of liquid germ began to change its property and gained the characteristics of metal-eating germs .

As the ear-screeching sound of metal being consumed resounded from above, Fang Ze looked up to see the warped roof of the car . He knew that Negary had finally begun to act, Disasforce surged forward from his body to disintegrate the germs as well as the roof of the car .

However, immediately after that, a small bump on the ground abruptly shot up to the bottom of the car, sought out every small gap it could find and started to destroy the vehicle from the inside .

“Damn it, the mimicry of these things is ridiculous!”

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Before the germ shot up towards the car, none of the people on it had managed to discover the disguised germs at all .

They simply had poor compatibility, the only person in the car that could briefly sense the germs was Fang Ze who had achieved the first stage of release, unfortunately, he didn’t know how to drive .

An Authority Holder’s ability was mainly to destroy . If you wanted them to create or prevent a disaster under their control, they’d naturally be able to do it, but the only person who had an Authority that had anything to do with vehicles was [Traffic Jam] .

After being attacked by a mutated germ, this jeep’s journey had essentially come to an end .

The group had no choice but to stop the car, seeing how badly the underside had been eaten through by the germs, they could only give up on this jeep and look for bicycles in order to reach where they needed to .

While riding on the road, a fire hydrant abruptly moved and turned into a mass of liquid as it attacked Liu Shi on her bike .

A mass of Disasforce surged forward and smacked this mass of liquid away, under the ‘intense heat’ property of the Disasforce, the germs completely lost its activity .

The burnt germs gave off an extremely nauseating smell, when they thought of the fact that this creature that looked like a mass of liquid used to be a human, they felt even more nauseated, but also further solidified their faith of defeating Negary .

On their way, they continued to suffer the attack of various germ creatures that disguised themselves as mundane things on the road . Although they could easily dispatch these creatures with Disasforce after detecting them, they still needed to locate them first .

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For this reason, they couldn’t help but slow their pace and carefully observe their surroundings in order to prevent themselves from suffering another ambush .

If they still had their car, even if the road was blocked, they’d be able to reach Disaster King Black Death in just half a day, but after being forced to give up their car for bicycles, it took an entire afternoon for them to make 1/3rd of the journey .

“It’s already getting late, those monsters’ camouflage ability would only become even more terrifying at night” Chang Xia said with a serious expression: “Furthermore, we’ve been on constant guard for the entire afternoon, our spirits won’t last at this rate . We need to rest”

“What’s the current situation?”

Due to the continuation of this large-scaled plague, both Disaster King Black Death and Negary still gave off a constant Disasforce fluctuation .

“Wang Yuan had been constantly moving about, but Disaster King Black Death had stayed in a single place without moving” Fang Ze reported after briefly sensing .

“Then, let’s find somewhere for us to rest for the night” .

As the group randomly picked a hotel to enter, Fang Ze felt like something amiss as he entered, although he was unsure if it was only his imagination .

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