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Ye Lingtong naturally also saw him, although initial being hostile to has been short. But little girl memory is actually very good, a little bears a grudge, especially she clear remembering at that time Lan Xuanyu had also said does not like her words.

She somewhat was stubborn, in the heart is thinking at that time what is, don't you like me? I have not liked you. Who cherishes!

The Lan Xuanyu stature is not outstanding, but is long absolutely is noticeable. Therefore in the crowd, Ye Lingtong saw him.

„Runs three regarding training ground(s), then moves freely." teacher(s) has issued the duty.

First Grade, just entered a school, definitely will not give the children too big load.

training ground(s) actually in underground, underground of Purple Luo City branch institute building. electronic screen Imitation blue sky and white clouds can bring normal sunlight energy. Good ventilation system will not make anybody feel oppressed.

One is 400 meters, three, although is too not far, but regarding the 6 years old children, was is not too near.

Four Main and Deputy Class Teachers of two classes all stand in the ringside, in the hand is taking recording instrument. Jogging monitors the physical ability best way. New student who they must better understanding these just enter a school first.


Issues an order along with teacher(s), Ye Lingtong first flushed, her speed really quick, therefore, when her rush out period, had a scare including teacher(s). This likely is not a child's speed.

Her runs, other children's efforts also naturally got up, several student(s) are also following on the heels fast.

Lan Xuanyu in the First Grade Class 2 central location, with students at a moderate pace is running.

He has not noted Ye Lingtong high speed actually, at this time in his mind was recalling father's words, „do not display themselves excessively, do not use right hand Blue Silver Grass."

On the leg has the strength, this at a moderate pace jogging simply is not anything to shoulder for him. After all, he already 11 levels of Soul Power! Before having soul ring, is 10 Rank, after unfathomable mystery white soul ring appears, naturally on complete breakthrough, 11 levels.

After Ye Lingtong ran one -and-half , sees Lan Xuanyu, has no way not to see, because Lan Xuanyu not far away in front of her.

It is not the Lan Xuanyu speed slow, but was her speed is too quick. Runs had in the rear student by her ferrule.

Her fierce acceleration once more, behind previously can also follow her other students to cast off. She arrives at side Lan Xuanyu quickly, desirably almost scratched his body to run.

Lan Xuanyu had a scare, looks at the Ye Lingtong back, muttered: „Bravery comes out of the feeling of shame, good!"

Ye Lingtong just from his side process, the nature clearly heard his words, under the foot to staggerer.

„What did you say?" She turns head to look angrily at to him.

„? You look at the road." Lan Xuanyu surprised pointing the front.

„Aiyu." The free time who is turning head, Ye Lingtong has run upon front student(s). That student(s) was running out of running up to with her to staggerer immediately.

Lan Xuanyu furrows the brow, muttered: „Father has said that walks period that and jogs unable to lose concentration. Especially cannot look at other thing. Really makes sense!"

After several seconds. Ye Lingtong overtook from behind.

„My ferrule do you, you understand?" She somewhat breathless called out to him.

„. I have not paid attention." Lan Xuanyu blinked.

„You lost!" Ye Lingtong arrogant saying.

Lan Xuanyu visits her surprisedly, „who compared with you?"

„You..., Does your point win heartless? Are you a boy?" Ye Lingtong looks angrily at him.

„What relations wins heartless and boy has?" Perhaps is comes under the disposition influence of father, Lan Xuanyu really did not have any victory to be heartless.

Ye Lingtong wants to trample his foot,

The students but who following previously was dropped by her pursued. She stared his one eyes ruthlessly, „you are waiting!" Then accelerates to run forward. Two classes and grades, more than 50 students, Ye Lingtong is first complete, but Lan Xuanyu is 32 nd. Does not calculate that quick, is not too slow.

Qiu Yuxin and Deputy Class Teacher said: „This Lan Xuanyu is a little how slow! He broke through 10 Rank, properly speaking, should not be this speed."

Deputy Class Teacher is old teacher(s), said with a small smile: „Although slow is very steady, he as if intentionally has not striven for quickly. This child's disposition looks like very steady. Also is the good deed. The 7 years child, is rare. Well, that is Class 1 Ye Lingtong. Heard that is the Ye Feng Commander daughter, she looked for Lan Xuanyu probably."

Qiu Yuxin also noted. Lan Xuanyu just now runs, Ye Lingtong walked toward him. Moreover somewhat imposing manner agitated appearance.

„Is their this must fight?" Qiu Yuxin said with a full interest say/way.

Primary Soul Master Academy regarding fighting this matter always does not regard as important, particularly Heaven Luo Academy this Heaven Luo Planet Best Academy, their teaching ideas unearth children's natural talent as far as possible, but school fights, or is duel, often can stimulate children's effort, in their opinion is the good deed. Especially has teacher(s) to nurse in side, not appears anything danger.

Ye Lingtong truly looks for Lan Xuanyu, the stations of her some asthmas in front of Lan Xuanyu, „I must compete with you."

Lan Xuanyu has gawked staring, shakes the head, „I do not compare with you."

„Why?" The Ye Lingtong sound is somewhat loud, two class and grade other children were attracted the attention immediately.

„Fine-looking man does not fight with the female! The mother said that cannot bully the girl." Lan Xuanyu said earnestly.

„You? Can you also bully me? Do not think that your 10 Rank had anything to be great." At the same time was saying, Ye Lingtong raised the hand has referred to itself, „is I bullies you to be right."

At the same time was saying, she flushed to Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu may not have any experience of fighting, subconsciously on move back, puts out a hand to keep off.

Before Ye Lingtong fast arrived at his body, right hand lifts, holds right hand that Lan Xuanyu has lifted, fierce entrains to own direction, then the taking advantage of opportunity right foot kicks to the left leg of Lan Xuanyu, the body half revolution, must the shoulder fall to him.

Even if already in the Qiu Yuxin eye that catches up with, Ye Lingtong this series of movements are similar to moving clouds and flowing water are common, not only quick, but also the movement is quick, looked that has practiced.

But Lan Xuanyu except for flustered outside, simply has not made any corresponding response, obviously regarding actual combat not any experience. Lan Xuanyu is a little truly hurried, by Ye Lingtong such, body that he retroceded is stopped, then Ye Lingtong took advantage of opportunity to turn around, his right arm naturally built on the shoulder of Ye Lingtong.

The strength transmits from the Ye Lingtong shouldering place, Lan Xuanyu and her height are similar, the whole person was taken away the ground immediately.

But this period, Lan Xuanyu was a little afraid. He has not met this situation! Completely is body subconsciously self-protection, he in this flickers is only thought that oneself right arm seemed to be hot.

heat flow spreads over the whole body. sense of fear along with it vanished.

But the feeling of Ye Lingtong was entirely different. When she holds Lan Xuanyu wrist period, actually in the heart started happily, in Lan Xuanyu eye is startled she naturally to see, from his response also feeling, this fellow simply anything actual combat has not experienced.

Can this little while is thinking actually, such fell to be able him to be too heavy, receive strength finally?

Also at this moment, Lan Xuanyu body was brought by her, must throw off shortly, complete this perfect the shoulder has fallen.

But, making situation that Ye Lingtong could not think of absolutely occur. originally all normal Lan Xuanyu, body suddenly single layer. Specially heavy, to is turning around to prepare to fall his Ye Lingtong heavily only to think that carries on the back has mountain probably. under the foot one soft, the person downward has lain then.


On training ground(s) was peaceful.

Class 1 and Class 2 students encircle in the surroundings. Falls on the two people of ground shortly.

Ye Lingtong below, lies in the posture of ground is very uncouth, but Lan Xuanyu lies in her carries on the back. unfathomable mystery of face.

teacher(s) also looked scared. Hits the strength with the strength, crosses shoulder to fall, perfect! How this?

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