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Chapter 775 – 775 – Bi Ji’s Influence

775 – Bi Ji’s Influence

Bai Xiuxiu’s spear materialized in her hand, and she stabbed out. The short humanoid soul beast did not collide with her, but skittered around her body, a pair of foot-long sharp claws looking for a breakthrough, constantly attacking Bai Xiuxiu from all sides. At the same time countless figures appeared, not giving Bai Xiuxiu the chance to lock it.

“Devil Claw Rat. At least 50,000 years of cultivation, his speed is too fast. His attack power is also extremely strong. It also has the wind attribute enchantment.” Lan Xuanyu’s brows knitted together.

At this moment, the speed of the battle in the field was too fast, Bai Xiuxiu’s ice spear and that Devil Claw Rat’s attack, both transformed into pieces of residual shadows.

With her combat experience, Bai Xiuxiu waved her ice spear, constantly blocking the attacks of the Devil Claw Rat, but she also had no counterattack power.

She could still use her Deep Blue Gaze, but that was only if she had her hands free.

Because of the gap in cultivation, she would be able to control this kind of soul beast with a cultivation level of over 50,000 years for only a short moment. The Devil Claw Rat was so fast that Bai Xiuxiu had to at least recognize its direction to have a chance to control it. But apparently, the Devil Claw Rat would not give her such an opportunity.

The defect of soul power had been fully revealed in this moment.

If Lan Xuanyu and his team had the level of soul power of the Federation Central Academy team, with their powerful Spirit Soul, Bai Xiuxiu would have no problem defeating the Devil Claw Rat. But after all, she only had five rings.


This also showed the power of the previous Yuanen Huihui and Tang Yuge in front of her, especially Tang Yuge, who faced only soul beasts with 30,000 to 50,000 years of cultivation during her eight victories. Her soul power consumption was also not small, but she was able to win back-to-back battles. There was indeed still a gap in soul power for the others.

Under the continuous attacks of the Devil Claw Rat, Bai Xiuxiu was eventually defeated. However, at the last moment, she still forcibly used her Sky Demon Reversal, causing the Devil Claw Rat’s attack to leave deep wounds on his own body, leaving a traumatized opponent for Lan Mengqin behind her.

Bai Xiuxiu was returning to the rest area with her head down.

Until now, she was the one with the least number of wins, having defeated only one opponent. Although everyone knew that the opponents were stronger than one another, she was still very ashamed to have won only one.

“It’s okay, leave the rest to me.” Lan Xuanyu gently patted her shoulder.

Bai Xiuxiu looked up at him with a bit of stubbornness in her pretty face, “If there is a harvest of soul bones this time, I don’t want any of it.”

Lan Xuanyu knew her well and did not say any more words of persuasion at this time, just nodded gently and then quietly held her hand.

Bai Xiuxiu struggled for a while, but couldn’t break free. And she found that when Lan Xuanyu held her hand for a moment, her heart sank much quieter.

The Devil Claw Rat was at the mercy of Lan Mengqin. In terms of close combat ability, Lan Mengqin was definitely inferior to Bai Xiuxiu. But she had the Emerald Jade Phoenix Zither.

She played her Strong Interference at her entrance, so that the speed of the Devil Claw Rat slowed down at once. Then she summoned her Emerald Phoenix, a large ice fog cover, and the surrounding field became freezing cold !

In front of the ultrlow temperature, coupled with the trauma suffered previously. The Devil Claw Rat conceded defeat and retired after five minutes of perseverance.

Twenty-seven wins now. Seven more away from breaking the record. However, Lan Mengqin’s face also became grave.

Bi Ji’s soul skill could help her recover her strength, even her soul power. However, mental energy was hard to recover. If every one of them was such a powerful soul beast as the Devil Claw Rat, she wouldn’t be able to last long.

However, a surprise occurred at this time.

Lan Mengqin stood in the center of the field and waited for five minutes, but none of her opponents appeared on the battlefield.

What the hell is this?

It was only at the ten minute mark that the Golden Lion Tiger, who had faced Qian Lei earlier, arrived late and walked onto the battlefield.

Lan Mengqin’s eyes slightly narrowed, she recognized at a glance, this was the same one than before. Golden bloodline soul beast, a species with at most only one individual.

“Can you soul beasts participate multiple times ?” Lan Mengqin asked.

The Golden Lion Tiger shook her head and said, “It’s not like that. There are people on our side ready to go out to battle. However, Senior Emerald Swan Bi Ji has greatly contributed to the soul beast lineage, and no one is willing to make an enemy of her. So, let’s reach a compromise. Count your winning streak all the way to thirty-three. Then you will be asked to step down. You still have one last person. As long as he can beat one more of us, you will have broken the record.”

Lan Mengqin was stunned that there was such a good thing. Only then did she realize that Bi Ji’s influence in the soul beast world, even the soul beasts of the Senluo lineage, actually held her in such high esteem.

However, this mission of hers was really a bit simple to accomplish! But as simple as it seemed, it was not. The Golden Lion Tiger let her win directly to tie the record number of games, so the next soul beast that Lan Xuanyu had to face would definitely be extraordinarily powerful.

So she subconsciously turned around and looked in the direction of the rest area.

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu had already walked out from within the rest area and nodded to Lan Mengqin in agreement.

In fact, concerning the strength of soul beasts, their judgment was still inadequate. Soul beasts that had reached a cultivation level of 50,000 years or more were far more powerful than they had predicted. In the face of great strength, Lan Mengqin may not have been able to hold out for long.

In terms of comprehensive strength, Lan Mengqin was certainly not weak. But the Emerald Swan Bi Ji was after all not specialized in fighting, unless it was facing those dark attribute special existence, her ability was more inclined to healing and buffing. Although Lan Mengqin’s own Twin Martial Souls were strong, it was still a huge drain to unleash a powerful Martial Soul Fusion Skill like the Emerald Ice Phoenix. It was already nice to get two or three victories.

And now with the Golden Lion Tiger stepping in to coordinate, it’s equivalent to giving them a few more victories. Of course, the pressure was all on him alone.

But as the captain, how could Lan Xuanyu be timid in the face of such pressure, he had to rise to the occasion.

“You worked hard Mengqin, you go back first, we will proceed as Senior said.” Lan Xuanyu came in front of Lan Mengqin.

“Captain ……,” Lan Mengqin called out.

She was arrogant by nature, and usually called Lan Xuanyu by name, rarely directly calling him captain, but not this time, so that Lan Xuanyu could not help and glanced at her.

“Don’t go too far.” Lan Mengqin nodded to him.

Lan Xuanyu spread his face and smiled, “Don’t worry.”

He was indeed good-looking, this smile left Lan Mengqin dumbfounded for a moment, but she quickly recomposed herself and stepped back in quick stride.

The Golden Lion Tiger looked at Lan Xuanyu, who had come close, nodded and said, “The next one I will send on the field will be the strongest among us.” After saying that, she turned around and walked out.

“Send on the field”, Lan Xuanyu suddenly dawned, so all the previous soul beast’s formation was done by this one. Worthy of the Golden bloodline clan ah! Not only was the strength strong, her wisdom was also outstanding. And from the way she addressed Er Ming, it was clear that her status among the soul beasts was definitely not low.

He retracted his thoughts, Lan Xuanyu as much as possible tried to let himself quiet down. No matter what kind of opponent he would face next, it would be a great test for him. In fact, he also knew that it would be difficult for him to win.

For the soul beasts of Senluo Planet, if the record was broken, it would be them losing face. What’s more, the Golden Lion Tiger had already reminded him that the next one to be sent up would be strong. Even she said it was strong, naturally it must be very powerful.

Let’s do my best, consider it as training.

Putting down all the mental baggage, Lan Xuanyu made himself as calm as possible and adjusted the bloodline vortex in his body. His whole person entered into his optimal state.

On the soul beast grandstand, Da Ming turned to look at the back row and said in a deep voice, “Chi Qiu, you go.”

“Yes, Boss.” A figure in the back row stood up and took a step out into the air. One could only see his arms spread out, with wings under his armpits opening up with him, gliding towards the center of the competition field.

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