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Chapter 1598 - Level 10 Berserk

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With an explosive sound, the light exploded!


"Long Fei!"

Long Fei looked at the mess around him, saw that the seven king kongs's face was pale white and blood was hanging from the corner of his mouth, and then, when he saw that only the seven king kongs was present, he immediately asked.

"It's in the ruins in the distance. I don't know what's happening now …"

Without waiting for Li Yuanba to finish.

Long Fei's anger instantly ignited as his entire body turned scarlet red. His rage was boundless as he stared at the battle letter and shouted word by word, "Move, I, brother, brother, die!"

Every word was filled with killing intent.

Moreover, at this moment, the killing intent on his body burned crazily.

It was sinister and terrifying to the extreme!

Xuanyuan Lie sneered, and said: "Long Fei, you dog finally came!"

Zhan Xin laughed coldly and said: "Long Fei, I didn't think that you would actually dare to come back? "What a suicide."

Long Fei did not speak.

His right hand moved. "Boom!"

The Sword of Destroy fell into his hands.

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The flames began to burn.

A sneer still hung on Zhan Xin's face as he said, "You overestimate yourself!"

"With just you?"

"Long Fei, you are just a little ant. You don't even have the qualifications for me to attack you, yet you want to fight against Zhan Clan?"

"Fight with Wushuang?"

"Do you think you're qualified?"

Long Fei still did not speak.


The aura around his body suddenly became different.

Zhan Xin's gaze froze. "This aura …" There's a sense of déjà vu. "

Xuanyuan Lie smiled slightly: "Elder, let me handle this brat."


Xuanyuan Lie walked forward, stared at Long Fei and gave a cold snort, then said: "Brat, back then you gave me two tight slaps, today I want your life!"

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With a burst of power, Xuanyuan Lie's Semi-realistic Realm's aura was released.

He took a step forward.

He rushed to Long Fei's side and thrusted his sword towards Long Fei's throat.

Long Fei stood in place without moving an inch!

Xuanyuan Lie laughed out loud and said, "Brat, go and die for me, hahaha …"

His speed increased once again.

Countless figures charged towards Long Fei as Nangong Yan gave a loud shout, "Long Fei, be careful!"

"Why isn't he moving?"

"Has he gone mad?"

"Trash is trash. They must have been crushed by the clan leader's pressure and were unable to move."

"Hahaha... You will soon fall to the ground and become a dead dog! "

"Serves him right!"

"Look at how arrogant he is!"

The surrounding crowd burst into laughter.


Just as Xuanyuan Lie's Thousand Transformation body was about to enter a strange gust of air, it was as if a meat grinder was suddenly operating very quickly in the air.

"Kacha, kacha kacha …"

"Bang, bang, bang …"

The thousand changes and ten thousand illusions of his body had been completely twisted to pieces. Real Face Xuanyuan Lie's body had also instantly turned into a cloud of blood fog.


Xuanyuan Lie didn't even let out a single scream.

This power … Too terrifying!

The surroundings were completely silent.

No one could make a sound, all of them stared at Long Fei with their mouths wide open, even the battle letter could not understand what kind of power it was.

It was just a stream of air. How could there be such a powerful force?

I don't understand!

He didn't understand at all.

The battle letter's forehead tightened. He felt that this current of air was very familiar, but he just couldn't remember when he had seen it before.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Xuanyuan Lie' for obtaining 100,000 experience, 10,000 Holy Source points, and 10 Energy Values points!"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining …"

A series of notifications sounded.

Long Fei didn't mind in the slightest.


Just then, the system beep sounded out again.


"Special reminder: Your Striking Energy Value has reached the tenth level!"


"Special reminder: Your Striking Energy Value has reached the tenth level!"


"Special reminder: Your Striking Energy Value has reached the tenth level!"

The system beeped three times.

Long Fei's heart trembled, "Level 10 Berserk …. F * ck, they're finally here! As for the berserk amongst them, they're already at level 10! "

He hadn't used his Striking Attribute for a long time.

Because Long Fei had been waiting, waiting for Level 10 Berserk, he wanted to see what exactly this Level 10 Berserk would do.

Now. It was finally full!

Level 10 Berserk, full state of Striking Energy Value.

Long Fei stared at the battle letter and laughed sinisterly: "I'll test you first."

It was also at this time.

Xuanyuan tribe's man reacted, a few clan elders immediately rushed over, "Kid, return our clan leader's life!"

"Today you will die here."

"Long Fei, go and die."

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Several figures flew up. They were all high ranking elders of the Xuanyuan nationality and they all wanted to show off in front of the Zhan Clan at this time, because if they were recognized by Zhan Yi, they could very well become the next Battle Clan Patriarch.


They had forgotten how Xuanyuan Lie had died.

Just as their figures entered the range of Long Fei's airflow, they immediately went on a killing spree. They were just like Xuanyuan Lie, who could not even make a sound.

It could be said that it was an instant kill.

If you go in, you die!

There was no chance at all.

Battle Letter's forehead sank. He had always been thinking, constantly thinking, just what kind of power was it?

At this time.

One of the Zhans elder whispered, "Elder, I will try!"


He flew straight up into the air, and pierced down towards Long Fei's head, when his sword was three metres away from Long Fei's head.



"Kacha …."

After turning into a cloud of blood mist, he was different from Xuanyuan tribe's man. He let out a loud roar and said with a heavy voice, "Sword Qi, sword Qi …"

And then …

Instant kill! Death!

The system sounded out.

To be able to kill a Divine in an instant, this power was too terrifying.

"Sword Qi?"

With these two words, Long Fei's body did not have any sword qi at all, it was only the air flow. Could it be that the air flow was the sword qi?

Ye Zichen frowned.

Long Fei did not have the slightest bit of sword intent.

How could there be sword qi?

But it was impossible for that elder to deceive him.

"Sword Qi, sword Qi..." The war letter kept on going through his mind, but suddenly … The center of his brows shook as he thought of the stream of air in the sky. He suddenly became alarmed and looked at Long Fei, "Could it be … Have you comprehended the true meaning of sky shatter sword? "


The sky exploded.

A thunderous roar rang out.

At this moment.

The elders in the clan hall of the Xuanyuan nationality flew out one after another.

Long Fei grinned coldly, and said: "Now you know?"

Battle Letter's expression sank, and said: "sky shatter sword is a huge lie, so what if he exists? You want to kill me? "Hahaha..."

He did not put any sky shatter sword in his eyes at all.

He could kill gods?

The strongest in Chaos Realm is a god, it is impossible to kill a god.

"Can't kill you?"

"Then let's give it a try!" Long Fei roared, a powerful energy brewing out. The Heaven Decimating Sword in his hand moved, "sky shatter sword, cut for me!"

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