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Chapter 1030 - The Security Attack

Looking at Su Fei's bashful expression and her white and tender thighs, Qin Chao couldn't help but drool.

Su Ji's thigh could be said to be top-notch, there was no point in touching it.

It was time to try out her sister's touch.

Just as Qin Chao reached out his hand and was about to make a move with his thigh, a red figure suddenly flew out from the side and kicked his body.

Qin Chao's body was like a broken kite, flying straight out, smashing into a tree at the side.

"Aiyo, who is there to give such a ruthless kick!"

Qin Chao stood up awkwardly, just as he was about to go berserk, he saw the person who kicked him and immediately quietened down.


Su Fei also opened his eyes, and when he saw Su Ji dressed in a red windbreaker, he could not help but push his glasses, "You're back too."

"Yes, Qin Chao and I finished our business and came back together."

Su Ji was looking forward to it, he chuckled, then went forward to pull his sister's arm.

So close, I almost let that damn pervert take advantage of me!

Elder sister is also right, she's already such a big person, yet she still believes in his tricks!

Looks like in my sister's heart, she is indeed not defensive at all against Qin Chao!

"Eh? Qin Chao, didn't you want to touch his bones?

Su Fei had closed his eyes just now, and only opened them after hearing Qin Chao's shout did he not see the scene of Qin Chao being kicked flying.

"Ha, no, it's fine."

Qin Chao jumped in place twice, "This is before I touch my bones, I want to warm up, to warm up."

"Warm up while touching the bone?"

Qin Chao's ability was becoming more and more mysterious in Su Fei's eyes.

"Of course we have to warm up! This was a professional sport! "Ah, no, it's a professional photographic technique."

Qin Chao saw the terrifying look in Su Ji's eyes and he spoke randomly.

Su Ji was his nemesis!

"Alright, then are you done warming up? Let's continue. "

Su Fei urged.

"Ah?" I really, really want to touch it! "

If Su Ji was not here, let alone touching her legs, she could even touch her entire body!

But now that his own female tiger was standing here, Qin Chao did not have the guts to do so.

"Of course I have to touch it!"

Su Fei said anxiously, "This matter concerns the entire Su Family, and my father as well. Hurry up! Do you feel embarrassed about this place? Why don't we change to a less populated area and touch it? "

If he was in a place with less people, he would feel …

If it was just a moment ago, then Qin Chao would have died a blissful death after hearing those words.

But now, looking at Su Ji's eyes that were filled with killing intent, he wanted to cry.

"Hehe, no, there's no need. Let's just leave it here …"

Qin Chao laughed awkwardly.

In this place with so many people, Su Ji at least could leave him a chance of survival, and wouldn't beat him to death.

"Then hurry up."

"I, I haven't warmed up yet!"

Qin Chao sneaked a glance at Su Ji and realised that the little girl was smiling at him.

There was a hidden dagger in his smile! This was what it meant to have a knife hidden in one's smile!

Although Su Ji looked very generous normally, he didn't even mention how he spent it outside.

But this time, the person he wanted to touch was no one else but her, Su Ji's twin sister!

As the saying goes, a rabbit doesn't eat grass by the side of its nest.

Ai, let's drag it out for a while.

"Then hurry up, I still have work to do."

Because it was related to the safety of his family, Su Fei did not dare to delay, and could only temporarily suppress them.

But Qin Chao, you are way too slow!

What warm-up? You clearly started doing the eighth set of broadcast gymnastics!

"One, two, three, four …"

Seeing that Qin Chao was even able to jump, Su Fei finally could not stand anymore.

"Hey, Qin Chao, what the hell are you doing? Are you messing with me?"

Su Fei couldn't afford to anger her either.

"No, no!"

Qin Chao hurriedly said, "It's almost over! This matter is very serious, you must be patient! Mental state is very important! "

"Then hurry up!"

"Yes, yes. I will be fast. I will be fast."

Su Ji did not expose Qin Chao, but just watched by the side with a smile on his face, causing Qin Chao's heart to skip a beat.

She was probably planning to cripple him the moment he extended his hand.

When the eighth set of broadcast gymnastics ended, just as Qin Chao was thinking about whether he should do another set of eye exercises, an acquaintance suddenly ran over to his side.

"Wuuuuuu, you're heartless. You're finally back."

Hearing this person's crying, Qin Chao was shocked.

Who was it that called him heartless? Who had no conscience!

The Su sisters were also shocked. They thought that Qin Chao had once again provoked them.

But after a closer look, he felt relieved.

That bastard Chen Yingyang.

"You have no conscience. You left for so many days already. You've cheated us brothers to death."

Chen Yingyang held a handkerchief in his hand and covered his face.

"Eh?" What's wrong? "

Qin Chao reached out his hands and pushed away Chen Yingyang's warm embrace.

Looking at a black circle under Chen Yingyang's right eye, Qin Chao said, "Keep your distance from me, or you might cause your other eye to go black as well … Come to think of it, who did this? "

"Wuwuwu, you have no conscience. Even the underworld do not dare to provoke you because of your ability. This time, you have to help us!"

Chen Yingyang cried miserably, "If you don't help, then I'll die for you!"

Qin Chao and the Su sisters broke out in a cold sweat.

"If you have something to say, then say it properly..."

Qin Chao immediately advised.

"Yes, tell me, how did you do that with your eyes?"

Su Fei asked.

He was the boss of this school, and there was actually someone hitting his employees? How could this be allowed?

"Sigh, isn't he that young master Si who just entered the academy?"

"young master Si?"

Qin Chao and the Su sisters looked at each other.

"Actually, I just found out about this person."

Chen Yingyang said, "I only heard rumors about it in the past, but I heard that he was very domineering amongst the freshmen. I thought to myself, our school has such high expenses, it's normal for a few students with backgrounds to spend it, so I didn't take it to heart. However, I was patrolling with Tension today when I suddenly saw young master Si ordering his bodyguards to gang up on two students. "So, I decided to go up to mediate the conflict. To think that even the two of us would be beaten up, wuuuuuuuuuuu …"

"It's actually that bad!"

Su Fei immediately frowned and pushed his glasses up, saying, "It should be Clan of Si's Si Longkang, I have some impression of him. I never thought that the people of Clan of Si would actually be so arrogant and despotic, this is too much. "

"Wu wu wu, it's not over yet."

Chen Yingyang cried miserably, "He even left a message with young master Si saying that I was nosy and did not give him any face. From now on, he will have people beat us up every day until we resign. "

"F * ck!"

Qin Chao waved his fist and broke a tree beside him with a broken fist, scaring both Su Fei and Su Fei into a jump.

"Daring to hit my brother, I want to see how arrogant and despotic he is!"

"Calm down!"

Su Fei hurriedly said, "This Si Longkang, is the Eldest Young Master of the capital's Clan of Si. I don't know why, but he came to our Sunan city to study. The capital of the Clan of Si was very powerful, even more powerful than the Su Family. So, it's best if we don't provoke him. "

Someone from the Clan of Si? The capital's Clan of Si?

Qin Chao laughed coldly in his heart, this Clan of Si was truly becoming more and more arrogant.

"boss Su, do you remember when we first met?"

Qin Chao suddenly asked.

"Ah?" "What's wrong?"

Su Fei didn't know what Qin Chao wanted to ask.

"At that time, it was the Fang family's Fang Hua who was acting arrogantly. In the entire academy, no one dared to offend him."

Both of Qin Chao's hands were in his pockets as he said, "Only I, Qin Chao, would dare to stop him when he's beating someone up. I'm not stupid or impulsive, I just understand one thing. "

"What kind of logic is that?"

"I'm a security guard. I'm holding the school's money."

Qin Chao said, "Every student here paid to go to school. I took the money from the school. I took their money. I took their money and gave them a fair, clean, quiet environment to study and live in. Otherwise, I'm sorry about my salary of four thousand yuan a month. In the past, Chen Yingyang and the others did not do anything, but used the money to close their eyes. Now that they have started their work, how can I, as their leader, let them go as they please! "

Qin Chao said as he turned around and said to Chen Yingyang, "Don't worry, you won't get beaten up for nothing. And the tension, how is he? "

"At that time, his resistance was more severe, and he was beaten up pretty ruthlessly. There was a cut on his face, but it was scary. He just came back from the infirmary and is now recuperating in the infirmary."

Chen Yingyang said with lingering fear as he thought about the tension between them.

"boss Su, I'll help you loosen your legs when I get back. I'm going to take a look at the tension now."

Qin Chao held back his anger for a while, then turned and walked towards the defense center.

"Slow down, I'll go with you!"

Su Fei was afraid that Qin Chao would be rash, hence he quickly chased after him.

Su Ji also followed behind, thinking that this student called Si Longkang, was probably going to suffer.

When Qin Chao just returned from Hongmeng Taoist Assembly, if she failed to get the number one under the heavens as she wished, she would probably be angry.

And now it had come again …

The four of them returned to the security post.

The security office was very lively right now. A group of security guards were surrounding them and shouting loudly.

"Fuck him, isn't he just a young master? Why are you acting so viciously?!" This won't do, let's go settle our scores with him! "

"Slow down! Don't mess around! If we really start fighting with that student, wouldn't that mean we are creating more trouble for Su Dong?! "

Some of the guards that understood the situation said.

"Then what do we do, we can't just let the tension be wasted!"

had already gotten used to these guards' tempers. If there was nothing to do, they would not cause trouble.

"Of course not, let's wait for Brother Qin to come back and let him help us think of a plan, he's really capable!"


Tension waved his hand, "It's best not to let Brother Qin know about this matter."

Several stitches had been placed on his forehead due to the tension. A huge piece of gauze was wrapped there. If the gauze was torn off, a distorted scar would appear, similar to that of a centipede.

The tension between him and the handsome young man had been completely broken.


The other security guards didn't understand.

"Brother Qin is already very busy, don't disturb him with such a small matter. Didn't they say they were going to beat me until I quit? I will not resign. I don't believe that they will beat me to death! "

The tension was also very angry, but he could not find trouble with that student, otherwise he would just be discrediting the school and causing trouble.

"Damn it, I can't swallow this resentment!"

A security guard said, "Why do we have to be bullied!? We are security guards, not the student's punching bag! F * ck you! "

"It's better to not put up with it."

The tension was also saying to himself, "It's better not to mess with the school."

"I can't bear it any longer, I don't have to!"

At this moment, the security post's door was pushed open.

Qin Chao led the Su sisters and followed behind Chen Yingyang as he pushed open the door and entered.

"Brother Qin!"

"Su Dong!"

The security guards were all shocked.

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