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Chapter 879: Remember, we're friends

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Mu Dao Xiong left after thanking Lin Fan profusely. Everyone had been shocked beyond words after witnessing Lin Fan curing Mu Hui Min’s illness.

Gradually, their shock turned into respect.

Those that knew Master Lin heaved a sigh at how awesome Master Lin was. He was so extraordinary that he didn’t seem like a normal human.

However, their luck was really good, for them to have met Master Lin here. They knew that Master Lin wouldn’t treat people whenever they requested it. The young lady had been able to receive his healing today because they were fated for it.

A few days later.

Lin Fan had stayed at the Wuxiang Taoist Temple for a few days. He felt as if he had become pretty close to the priests there. He felt that the time that he had spent there had been pretty worth it.

Since Lin Fan had healed the lady of her illness, the ‘Silent Priest’ never played Weiqi, wielded his sword or even treated illnesses anymore. He just stuck to reading the fortunes of tourists occasionally.

However, when Lin Fan pointed out some information that the ‘Silent Priest’ missed out, he stopped reading fortunes too.

He decided to just meditate from then on.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan just accompanied him as he wanted to get closer to the ‘Silent Priest’.

Now that he had the major class of wuxia knowledge, he had to master the art of Buddhism meditation and he would be able to improve on it by sitting with the ‘Silent Priest’.

Initially, the ‘Silent Priest’ had been unhappy with Lin Fan for daring to meditate with him. He decided to compete with Lin Fan to see who could meditate longer. But in the end, he gave up as well and decided to open up his mind.

He felt that this youngster wasn’t even a human. Who would be able to meditate for that long?

Lin Fan had sat there for an entire day and hadn’t even moved. The ‘Silent Priest’ couldn’t even manage such a feat.

Lin Fan wanted to stay at the Wuxiang Taoist temple for a longer period of time. After all, he couldn’t rush to make friends with the people there.

However, he suddenly received a call from Fraud Tian who told him that if he were to continue staying there, the shop would be destroyed.

Then, Lin Fan thought about it and realized that he had been out for some time. If he were to continue staying, things might really go wrong back in Shanghai.

On this day!

At the exit of Wuxiang Taoist Temple.

“Friends, I am leaving now,” Lin Fan said.

The ‘Silent Priest’ was so happy that he felt like crying. This man was finally leaving.

This period had been a torturous one for him. It had been totally different from what he was used to. In the past, things had been better for him as he could live freely without any worries. He could play Weiqi, treat illnesses and wield his swords. In the eyes of others, he had been a virtuous and respectable priest.

Also, he had been really proud of himself. However, he wasn’t proud anymore after meeting Lin Fan.

Then, he thought of a saying.

‘There will always be someone better. One must not be too boastful and arrogant.’

When he looked at Lin Fan who was leaving, the ‘Silent Priest’ nodded. He had finally been enlightened.

Lin Fan sighed. “My friend, I wonder when I will be able to see you again after I leave today. Don’t worry, I’ll be in Shanghai. If I have time, I will surely visit you again.”

Visit your sister instead… The ‘Silent Priest’ had started to learn the way of a priest when he had been less than twenty years old. He had only managed to learn the ropes after years of experience. He really didn’t want Lin Fan to be back again.

He felt that he wouldn’t be able to take the blow.

During this period, he had been the only one who felt the suffering due to Lin Fan. He felt that Lin Fan had trumped him in all the aspects that he was good at. Furthermore, he hadn’t even had any chance to retaliate.

It was disappointing.

Lin Fan waved his hand. “My friend, do not miss me. We will meet again if we are fated to. Remember, we’re friends.”

He was really afraid that the ‘Silent Priest’ would forget him. Therefore, he reminded him that they were friends.

The ‘Silent Priest’ was the one that he had to depend on if he wanted to become an immortal.

The ‘Silent Priest’ just stood there quietly and looked at the silhouette that moved further and further away. Then, he teared and said, “He finally left.”

Then, he was dumbfounded.

The ‘Silent Priest’ opened his eyes and realized that he had broken his rule.

Then, he turned around and realized that there weren’t any disciples around him. Therefore, it wasn’t counted as a failure. Anyway, he had already broken the rule few times throughout these years but he had been lucky that nobody had seen it.

He had to continue training.

The ‘Silent Priest’ felt that he was really smart. He looked in the sky and thought that his mentor must have been proud of him for what he had done.


Mu Dao Xiong was interviewed by a lot of reporters when they found out about his daughter’s tragedy.

In order to protect their interests, none of the reporters found out about the secret.

However, the secret had been exposed by Mu Hui Min’s friends. She told them about it and got the video from the bodyguards. She even sent it to her friends.

The video slowly became viral online.

To the reporters, it felt as if they had found a new land.

‘The entrepreneur, Mu Dao Xiong’s daughter contracted a terminal illness but she suddenly recovers. What is the hidden secret behind that?’

‘Master Lin appeared at Wuxiang Taoist Temple. What’s the meaning behind that?’

‘Shanghai and Wuxiang Taoist Temple are almost 1000km apart. Master Lin went to such a far place. What is the hidden secret behind this?”

‘Magical. A medicinal pill healed her back to health.’

Every news platform started to post about it. Even Mu Hui Min hadn’t expected it.

However, she didn’t really bother about it and immediately posted online to thank Lin Fan.

‘Previously, I contracted many complicated illnesses and I had a mental condition. My body couldn’t be moved. National and international hospitals saw me but they didn’t find a solution to my problem. I thought that I’d be like this forever in the future. However, I met Master Lin at Wuxiang Taoist temple. He is the one who saved me. I really want to say that I love you a lot, Master Lin. I will be a fan for life.’

“666… Speedy recovery!’

“Master Lin saved our goddess, how amazing!”

“Haha, Master Lin will probably be over the moon to have such a hardcore fan like you.”

“I’m so envious that Master Lin healed you personally.”

“That’s really powerful. What have you been hiding? How did you recover in an instant?”

“That can’t be acting. How could it be so good?”

The discussion online started to become more intense. After all, it was really extraordinary.

Furthermore, a lot of netizens were curious as they didn’t know why Master Lin would be at the Wuxiang Taoist temple. After all, the place was really far from Shanghai.

At a certain hospital.

Specialist Mao had been investigating the medicinal pill that Yang Huan had consumed. Furthermore, he wanted to know who had given it to him.

These were his greatest doubts.

He looked at his phone and read the news.

Suddenly, when he saw this piece of news, Specialist Mao was dumbfounded. Then, he clicked on the video and he finally understood it.

Medicinal pill!

It’s a medicinal pill again!

Then, he quickly left the office. He needed to verify something.

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