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When he returned to the moon, Yu'er was waiting for him.

She didn't even move a step, afraid that Long Fei wouldn't be able to find her.

Long Fei saw the Space Ring take it out and said: "There are a few things here that should be able to help you cultivate. These pills are filled with powerful energy, so you must be careful when you swallow them. "

Yu'er took it and said, "Mm, I'll remember."

Long Fei looked at Yu'er. He had a lot of things he wanted to say and a lot of things he wanted to say, but at this moment, he couldn't say them out loud. He held her tightly in his arms and said softly, "I will definitely return to Earth to see you.

Yu'er's eyes were filled with tears as she said, "Big Brother Long Fei, I believe you!"

After a long time.

Yu'er looked at Long Fei seriously, then slowly walked to the other side, where Long Fei was unable to go.


Yu'er left the moon on a small satellite and flew to Earth.

Looking at the blue planet, Long Fei tightly clenched his fists, "I will definitely return."

… ….

Earth, China's secret base.

Seeing the Holy Maiden's figure, the entire base cheered.


The bases in other countries were silent,

China's protection meant they had no hope.


What they did not know was that even Long Fei himself did not expect this, because of his help this time, it was able to bring Earth's trajectory to the other side.

Smelting under high technology.

Alchemy under high technology.

Refining a divine treasure.

Everything was like production on an assembly line.

The next time they met, the Earth Realm would be terrifyingly powerful.

This was the power of technology!

That was a long story.

Long Fei would never have thought that the Earth would change due to his sudden appearance.

… ….

Back to the underground prison.

Long Fei heaved a heavy sigh, and once again, stepped into the second stage.


Before he could even react, his entire body suddenly exploded. Without any warning, he was instantly killed.


"So fierce?"

"Huff …"

Once again, Long Fei died and returned to the Immortal's Hut.

"He's too strong. He won't be able to make it in a short period of time." Long Fei had given up in a short period of time. He had been busy earlier with Yu'er, and had not even seriously studied the items that the boss had dropped.

"The martial saint's artifact — — long-handled falchion!"

Weapon: long-handled falchion

Attack: 9 stars

Initiative: Eighteen levels of Blade Qi, attack with one slash, lock onto target.

Description: Possessing a heaven-defying Blade Qi, able to lock onto the target, able to kill from afar, and even have a 5% chance to instantly kill (Ignore level)!


"Ignore level and instkill." Long Fei held onto the long-handled falchion with one hand, and a dragon slithered up. That kind of feeling was extremely strong, as if it was possessed by a Martial Saint.


"System Notification: Cultivating success!"

"The long-handled falchion combined with the Azure Dragon's crescent moon beheader is too powerful!"

The aura on Long Fei's body moved slightly, and the long-handled falchion immediately released Blade Qi that was like flames. Thinking about the berserk beast's instant kill, he couldn't help but become excited, "The Dragon Sword is not here, and can be replaced by you."

"Heh heh …"

The long-handled falchion withdrew, and Long Fei turned his gaze towards the 'Replication Technique'.

Secret Skill: Replication (Unique)

Consumption: 20 million true spiritual value s

Description: Possesses the ability to duplicate. Success rate is 40%. Success rate is 100%.

"Sure enough!"

"The success rate is also shockingly high. If anyone were to see it happen in the future, they would immediately copy it. The heck..." Long Fei became excited, "emperor Xuan, you have millions of ancient inheritance s?"

"You have the power to defy the heavens?"

"You have the strongest power in this world?"

"I'm sorry!"

"Brother has a copy!"

"Hahaha... to copy everything you have. " Long Fei replied seriously: "I only have one question, who else?"

This' duplicate technique 'was too awesome.

Only one thing!

The consumption was too much, and with Long Fei's current true spiritual value, he could barely use it once.

However …

Long Fei was not worried at all. With Level Increase up, it wouldn't be a problem!

"Huff …"

Long Fei picked up the fairy order and muttered, "A single fairy order gave me so many good things, if all eighteen of them had instance dungeons."

"That would be great."

"I need to think of a way to get past the second BOSS. Killing the second BOSS will be even better." Long Fei was a little excited.

"Wait until I break through the Royal Realm. I'll definitely try again." Long Fei made up his mind.

He walked out of the room.

Two defence presbyter s immediately walked forward, and said: "Little Ancestor, what orders do you have?"

Long Fei said: "Elder, please just call me Long Fei. Little Ancestor makes me flustered, I am not that old yet."

"Just call me by my name."

"Err …"

defence presbyter said: "It's too disrespectful to call you by your name, let's call you Master Yong Master Long, do you have any instructions?"

Long Fei asked: "What happened recently?" defence presbyter said: There are no major events in fatry sect, but quite a few things have happened in western regions. For some reason, seas sect has become stronger quickly and has consecutively annexed ten first-rate sects, possessing more than ten Overlord Realm powerhouse s. Currently, seas sect has already become an Overlord level existence in western regions.

The sect's strength is even stronger than the fatry sect. "

"seas sect?" Long Fei's heart trembled, "Didn't blood monk die?"

"I clearly blew him up?"

"Why is it like this?"

How could a sect that didn't even have a sect head suddenly become strong?



It had only been a few days, yet dozens of first-rate sects had been annexed. Even hegemon-level sects couldn't do it, as there were more than ten Overlord Realm powerhouse s in the air. An absolute hegemon of the western regions.

The defence presbyter continued, "Furthermore, the western regions is in mourning. Over the past few days, hundreds of millions of people have died."

"This is all done by the seas sect."

"The current seas sect is even more cruel than the current Devil Sect."

Long Fei's heart trembled again, and said. "Why kill that many people?"

Ordinary people are innocent.

In just a few days, it had reached several hundred million. This number was simply too terrifying.

However …

The Universal Realm did not have much other than the number of people.

Even if it was several hundred million, it would not attract the attention of many sects. On the contrary, the speed and power of the seas sect s made many hegemon level sects a little worried.

defence presbyter said: "seas sect seems to have risen to complete domination of gathering of heroes."

"gathering of heroes?" Long Fei was startled.

The defence presbyter said: "It is a sparring competition between the elites of the various sects in western regions. The only difference from the past is that the Sky Sect of Ling Clan has an extremely high chance of choosing the victor!"

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei's state of mind sank, his fists involuntarily clenched tightly, "Sky Sect of Ling Clan, god's tribe!"

A strong killing intent immediately appeared in his eyes.

Long Fei hated the god's tribe to the bone! The reason he entered the Universal Realm was for … Overturn the god's tribe!

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