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Lv Xin, Youshui and Qiuyun were shocked by the "big appetite" of Hua Qiyue. However, they did not see Hua Qiyue growing fatter at it. It was indeed very strange.

That night, Hua Qiyue let Caiqing gift two Long Reds to the Emperor. The Emperor was extremely surprised, as the man who had obtained the miracle medicine would naturally be extraordinary.

Even a powerful man like the Emperor dared not use power to snatch Long Red away from her, as he was afraid of the man behind her.

He was definitely extremely happy that Hua Qiyue had gifted him two Long Reds, and thus he gifted twenty thousand pounds of gold to her, which was much more than the twenty thousand pounds of silver tickets previously.

Hua Qiyue collected all that without remorse.

Within the Qingchun Palace, a family meeting was in place. The Emperor was present this time, together with Consort Mei and the Eleventh King. The soft sound of bamboo music made the atmosphere much gentler.

The gloomy haze that Princess Huizhen had brought about had dissipated. Or rather, the Emperor had never cared for this girl. Now, she was smiling and talking to the Queen.

The Queen also smiled and she did not seem to be hurt at all by the loss of a girl.

"It is the final competition for Ji family tomorrow. Emperor, do you want to watch it together?" The Queen smiled and the Emperor nodded in agreement. "Naturally, the finals are the most exciting. How can I miss it?"

"Indeed, Emperor, I shall excuse myself and prepare me for the outing tomorrow." The Queen explained and said calmly and peacefully, without a single eccentric look on her face.

Consort Mei was at the Emperor's right side. She was extremely popular now and the Emperor's care for her exceeded that of the Queen. However, the Queen didn't seem to be jealous at all.

The Queen retreated and Princess Huiling retired too. The Queen did not talk to her for the past one and half months.

Princess Huiling went behind the Queen and whispered, "Queen..."

The Queen turned around and looked at her faintly. "Come and talk to me."

Princess Huiling was overjoyed as she helped the Queen to walk towards her palace. Inside the palace, she asked for all the servants to leave. The Queen sat on the long bench and waved at the floating tea leaves off the surface of the tea. "I want to hear you speak by asking you to come."

The Queen's words made Princess Huiling pause as she squeezed a smile out. "Queen mother, I had not seen you for a while and I misses queen mother."

The Queen sipped on the tea as she stared at Princess Huiling with indifference.

Princess Huiling's heart hurt. As daughters, her sister was cared immensely by her mum but she could only stare at her with such indifferent eyes!

Carefully, Princess Huiling moved to one side as she attempted to touch the Queen's hand. Unexpectedly, the Queen threw her hand away and Princess Huiling's left face was slapped to one side.

As Queen Liu was wearing a thick jade ring that had the round moon and spring mood curved on it, a bloody scar appeared on Princess Huiling's face, shocking everyone.

Princess Huiling screamed as she touched her painful left cheek, staring at the Queen with shock.

It wasn't the first time that her queen mother had beaten her.

Princess Huiling's eyes reddened as she stared at Queen Liu with great grievances. With her voice shivering, she asked, "Queen mother, what did I do wrong?"


Queen Liu chided mercilessly, forcing Huiling to kneel instantly. Tears fell from her eyes like a dense thunderstorm.

"You sent Wang Yu... right? Huiling, you disappoint me too much. With the fight between the two sisters, and I dared not to even avenge the death of my own daughter!" Queen Liu's eyes reddened too as she had believed that Princess Huizhen would be obedient after surviving the first catastrophe of her life, understanding that life is precious.

However, she had placed too much trust in her and had arranged for her to stay far away. Despite that, she ran into the imperial city and lived in Dong Hai Restaurant, eventually felling into her tragic death there!

"Queen mother, please do not blame me... I am tricked by a demonic woman, please... queen mother... please forgive me!"

Princess Huiling knocked her head hard against the floor and screamed.

"Who is it?" Queen Liu was furious at it, she hated the girl for being useless and hated herself for not having a good grasp on Princess Huizhen!

"Is... is Hua Qiyue! She asked me to use Wang Yu and separate Zhou Zhicheng and my sister!" "I was confused for a moment and wanted to test for the loyalty of a peasant like Zhou Zhicheng... Furthermore, I always believed that he was unsuited for my sister and had wanted to deliberately destroy their relationship!"

Princess Huiling cried, with her eyes welled up with tears.

Queen Liu became even more furious upon hearing it. She didn't expect that a small legitimate daughter of Hua's Mansion can allow Princess Huizhen to end her life!

However, what Princess Huiling said touched her heart. In the heart of Queen Liu, Zhou Zhicheng was not a good match for Princess Huizhen too. Thus, she did not plead with the Emperor for Princess Huizhen.

"Hua Qiyue! I didn't think that she would be so vicious at such a young age! Alright! Since you dared to oppose me, oppose the Liu family..."

Queen Liu said coldly, making Princess Huiling shiver involuntarily.

She raised her hand and slammed it hard on the desk, spilling tea on the white jade tabletop.

Queen Liu calmed down and saw the scar on Princess Huiling's face, which made her consumed by grief.

Anyway, Princess Huizhen has already died and she had been heartbroken for losing a daughter.

However, Princess Huiling was her own flesh and blood as well. Her heart pained too as she beat her up, only because she was angry and sad that she was not smart enough to let Hua Qiyue trick her.

"Ling'er, let your queen mother deal with Hua Qiyue. Don't intervene. If you intervene, everything will go to pieces, understand?"

Queen Liu suppressed the anger in her heart as she returned to her calm state.

Princess Huiling believed that she had mistaken the emotions of queen mother. She was obviously fuming one moment ago but she became instantaneously better now.

"Yes, I understand. I'll remember that by heart." Princess Huiling didn't argue at all, choosing to instead agree in a low voice.

Between the brows of the Queen shone a light of confidence. Tomorrow would be the day of the finals, then... there will be a good show dedicated to Hua Qiyue!

On the day of the finals, more people crowd around the tournament grounds, even a few times more than the preliminary stages. Guests filled up the restaurants nearby as they struggled to find a place anywhere else to join in the commotion.

Hua Qiyue sat on her seat. Tianci was beside her while Caiqing and Caining were behind her.

Hua Qiyue knew that this final competition was of immense importance. Firstly, she needed to win the game to obtain the Purple Lotus Phoenix Ice righteously.

Secondly, she needed to showcase her strongest power, defeating her enemy in merely one move instead of using the suspected Qi Accumulation Tactics last two times.

Only by showing true strength will those who wanted Long Red be scared and wary of the consequences.

Even if they wanted to deal with her, they needed to be wary of the Emperor. Furthermore, the Emperor will definitely look at her differently if she performed outstandingly today.

Hua Qiyue noticed that many were sizing her up in silence around her.

Luckily, Long Red is a miracle medicine that no one could compete with. Hua Qiyue was sure that she could auction a single Long Red for five million pounds of gold!

While Hua Qiyue was in deep thought, a servant of the imperial family came and whispered to her, "Are you Miss Hua Qiyue? The Queen wanted to invite you to the stand there."

Hua Qiyue raised her brows. Even though the servant did say polite words, she held a condescending tone. It was apparent that she cared not about this princess, refusing to even address her as one.

It was apparent that the servants followed the nature of their master, the Queen.

"Alright, I will head there at once." Hua Qiyue smiled lightly. The servant glanced at her coldly before walking towards the platform where the Queen resided.

The seating plan was still the same as the preliminary stages, where Hua Qiyue sat opposite the imperial family.

"Lv Xin, Youshui, take good care of your young master." Hua Qiyue ordered faintly. She was glad that it was a cloudy day or she would not be able to bring Tianci here.

In fact, the finals might be a bloody mess but Hua Qiyue knew that her days in the future would not be peaceful. Tianci needed to be accustomed to the cruelty and harshness of his enemies soon.

Furthermore, it was still a question to whether Tianpi was an enemy or a friend. It was also a question to whether she could grow stronger, and to how much longer she could live.

Tianci's mind needed to be strong before he could become physically strong.

Lv Xin was a little worried. "Miss, why did the Queen want you for?"

Hua Qiyue's eyes shimmered in cold light. She knew that the Queen wanted her to be there for a particular person.

"Nothing much, probably just to gossip. I'll go ahead. Tianci, stay here." After speaking, Hua Qiyue walked towards the imperial grandstand.

This time, soldiers and archers were all around the grandstand, with a layer of barrier above to prevent assault by arrows.

Hua Qiyue walked slowly pass the grandstand of Ji family. Everyone was examining the woman in white as her horror and straightforwardness in the preliminary stages were gone, replaced by endless calmness.

On her beautiful face was a coldness that resembled a thousand years old iceberg.

Such a beautiful woman was like the first sunshine in dawn, stunning, dazzling, striking!

Countless people were secretly surprised. It did seem that the legendary loser Hua Qiyue was nowhere as useless as the rumors.

At the same time, Ouyang family, Xia family, Liu family and Baili family all had their key characters' eyes fixated on Hua Qiyue, monitoring her every move.

First Prince Huangfu Changyu noticed Hua Qiyue too as his eyes lit up upon seeing her. That woman was dressed in white, without any further decorations and accessories. However, her stunning look attracted everyone's glance on her.

Noticing the where the First Prince was looking at, Hua Xiaoyi clenched her fist.

Hua Mengshi looked calm but had actually squeezed her hand so hard that her nail wraps broke.

Hua Qiyue came in front of the Emperor and was about to kneel when the Emperor excused her from the etiquette. "Princess Jinghua, I have high hopes of you! I hope that you can shock me again this time!"

Changlong Emperor smiled together with Hua Qiyue, who seemed like a blooming flower. Even though she lowered her gaze, she still seemed to bear a condescending and prideful aura.

"I understand, and will not disappoint the Emperor!" Hua Qiyue smiled. All her actions carried the confidence of a general's daughter.

The Emperor was delighted, nodding profusely. The First Prince had no wife yet, it did seem that Hua Qiyue was a good choice.

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