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"Guys, thanks for your help. We are going to have to deal with a human army later." Huo Yuhao said as he looked at the two huge powerful soul beasts in front of him.

The Tai Tan Snowdevil King nodded and said, "Since the Snow Empress said we should listen to you, we should follow her arrangement."

The Ice Bear King nodded and said, "Yes, grandpa. Whatever you want Little Bai to do, Little Bai will do."


The Tai Tan Snowdevil King's face contorted a little. It was not his first time hearing the Ice Bear King call Huo Yuhao that. Furthermore, the Ice Bear King even intentionally called Huo Yuhao that all the time. He was trying to show how close Huo Yuhao was with the Snow Empress.

Huo Yuhao had tried to correct him a few times, but it was really difficult to stop someone with a one-track mind like him, so he eventually gave up and let him call him whatever he wanted.

Huo Yuhao said, "Like this…" Huo Yuhao started to plan out some arrangements. After going through the Ultimate Soldier Plan, he was able to command a team of elite soldiers in a small-scale war even if he wasn't adept at commanding a huge army.

Of course, the 'small-scale' here referred to the number of people involved, and not…

Over the past half month, the Sun Moon Empire's military base had been extremely busy. Ever since they set up their base, they had already started to take action in full swing. The initial investment naturally needed time. For example, there was the installment of all types of equipment, the detection of the detailed locations of all types of minerals and how to mine them, etc.

It was only after mining all those minerals that they could talk about purification, collection and transportation.

After more than ten days of building the foundation, the basic foundation was more or less up with the help of the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion. After this, it was time to mine the minerals.

Eleven veins were discovered here. These veins intersected one another, and each had a different amount of reserves. However, all of them contained high-quality rare metals. Among them, the rare metals produced by two veins were of especially precious quality.

Given such a situation, the entire mining process intensified. Furthermore, according to some research, among the eleven veins, six extended all the way into the Dou Ling Empire. This also meant that they eventually led to the Dou Ling Empire, where further rare metal veins could be discovered and controlled.

After ten days, the Sun Moon Empire's reinforcements arrived. This batch of reinforcements didn't have any fighting strength, but they were the best rare metal mining team in the Sun Moon Empire. There were more than five thousand of them, and they brought a large number of machines with them. After arriving at the base, they immediately set up tents and settled down. The Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion and more than twenty thousand soldiers coordinated with this professional team and expanded the scale of the foundations. At the same time, they started to mine.

After half a month, a ceaseless flow of rare metals had already been mined, and they were being purified. Twenty-four openings were dug to carry out the mining operations. No time was wasted at all.

The Sun Moon Empire was very aware that the three empires of the original Douluo Continent would also try to obtain more and more rare metals as soul tools became more relevant in the war. If they knew that there were so many huge veins in the Heavenly Soul Empire, they would certainly risk everything to snatch these resources.

This was why Ju Zi's first instruction was that they mustn't alarm those from the Dou Ling Empire and allow them to find out what was going on. Second, they had to mine all the rare metals at the fastest possible speed.

More than three thousand storage-type soul tools were used to transport the large-scale machinery. Under normal circumstances, these machines were sufficient to mine more than three times the number of veins there currently were. The reason why so many of them were brought over was because the Sun Moon Empire wanted it to be as quick as possible.

The entire mining operation was in full swing. Aerial surveillance soul tools were everywhere, to perform strict surveillance on the Dou Ling Empire. Once anything was discovered, the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion would be able to react in the fastest possible time. Given the strength of the Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion, they would be able to resist for a long time even if they met a hundred-thousand-man army. Moreover, they even had the help of a twenty-thousand-man army.

There were many soul formations deployed on the ground. Large-scale soul tools had been fully constructed, and they were sufficient to deal with a long-running war.

Ju Zi also instructed the Sun Moon Empire's army to send more reinforcements. It wasn't that she wasn't confident with the current reinforcements that they had; it was because Huo Yuhao had appeared.

It had been half a month. She had been waiting for half a month, but Huo Yuhao hadn't shown up to cause any damage yet. Ju Zi immediately came to with a conclusion. Huo Yuhao had indeed left this time. But what did his departure mean? It meant that he had gone to get more reinforcements. Not much time was needed to travel from the northeast of the Heavenly Soul Empire to Shrek Academy. When he returned, he might bring many powerful individuals from Shrek Academy with him.

Ju Zi had deployed two soul engineer legions for this reason. These two soul engineer legions were watching Shrek Academy. Once soul masters from the academy were deployed, they would be in charge of intercepting them. At the same time, the troops in the Heavenly Soul Empire were instructed to increase their pressure on the Heavenly Soul Empire.

If the Sun Moon Empire knew that this series of arrangements were for one person, a lot of people would definitely be shocked. However, Ju Zi deeply believed that this was necessary. In her opinion, Huo Yuhao would only pose a bigger threat to them.

At this moment, Ju Zi was gathering intelligence from all directions in the commander's tent.

Compared to the three empires of the original Douluo Continent, the Sun Moon Empire was very particular about surveillance and intelligence. Especially after Ju Zi became the marshal of the three armies, her first order was to expand the production line of aerial surveillance soul tools. More aerial surveillance soul tools had to be produced. At the same time, she requested more funding from Xu Tianran to expedite their research to high-altitude offensive soul tools.

Occupying the sky was a very important component of intelligence gathering. At the same time, it was critical for the war. It was just that simple aerial soul tools were still ineffective in the battle for aerial supremacy compared to soul masters and soul engineers.

Ju Zi sat in the commander's seat and looked at a report. She revealed a slightly doubtful look on her face and muttered, "What's going on? How can there be no movement at all?"

Over at Shrek Academy, she wasn't able to deploy many aerial surveillance soul tools to carry out surveillance. However, she had already sent many scouts to observe the academy's every move.

Shrek Academy was very quiet over this period of time. She naturally knew that the Tang Sect was mass-producing soul tools. Although she didn't know what they were actually producing, she wasn't very worried. The gap in expertise couldn't be closed in a day or two. This was true even for Xuan Ziwen. No matter how strong he was, he was only one person. There were a batch of people who were as talented as Teacher Xuan in the Sun Moon Empire. Moreover, in terms of resources, the Sun Moon Empire was also much stronger. Most importantly, whether it was the Tang Sect or Shrek Academy, they didn't have enough time to close the gap.

"Yuhao, have you given up? No, I don't believe that you'll do that. That's not your character. You must be able to tell what we're trying to do. How can you possibly give up just like this? But where are you? Why is there no movement from Shrek Academy? Don't tell me you've gone to the Dou Ling Empire? You wouldn't do that, given your intelligence! The main forces of the Dou Ling Empire are with the remaining forces from the Heavenly Soul Empire, trying to resist our empire. You should know that they'll be outnumbered if we put more pressure on them. Since this is the case, where exactly are you? Is there something that's more important than stopping me? No, I don't think so. You must be doing something, and I'm sure you'll have something to show me. Unless…"

Her expression changed slightly. She wasn't willing to think beyond that. She also believed that it wouldn't happen. Given Yuhao's current abilities, there are very few who can harm him.

Ju Zi mocked herself and was a little annoyed as she said, "When you left, I kept on worrying that you'd return. However, you haven't appeared for so long, and there's been no intelligence. I started to worry about your safety. I really suspect whether I'll be capable of being ruthless to you when I face you again! Yuhao, you know how much I don't want to lay my hands on you. If you can cooperate with me, that'd be really good. If that were the case, I'd be more confident of conquering this world."

"Where are you? I hope to have news of you. Otherwise, I might really go and find you if this continues."

Ju Zi kept mumbling Huo Yuhao's name in the tent. However, she didn't know that he was not less than ten kilometers away from her. Furthermore, he was in the air. If he wanted to, and if there wasn't any resistance, he could appear in front of her in less than ten minutes.

That was right. Huo Yuhao was in the air right now, and he was hiding in a ball of clouds.

As he drifted in mid-air, Huo Yuhao silently observed the camp.

The weather in the Extreme North was very good today. More accurately speaking, the wind in the Extreme North was very strong today. At a certain altitude, visibility was much greater than inland. It was very difficult to find a cloud like the one Huo Yuhao was hiding in. Furthermore, this cloud was moving at an extremely great speed.

In the distance, many aerial surveillance soul tools were being monitored by Huo Yuhao. These soul tools were very scattered. In addition, they were all different types of surveillance soul tools. There was an all-around surveillance soul tool around a thousand meters in the air. There was also an oscillation detector at an altitude of five hundred meters. There were even thermal detectors at an altitude of two hundred meters.

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