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For what purpose did School of Blue Jade's disciples seek to curry favor with Yang Qing, Wasn't it all for the sake of the Orbs of Will? Song Fu's matter was immediately cast to the back of his mind. He needed to first confirm whether this Cave Master was speaking the truth about such a generous offer.

After hesitating for a while, Wang Zifa cupped his fists and asked, "Cave Master. Perhaps you are making jest of us. You should know that if this happens then you yourself will be left with only three Orbs of Will. If we..."

Before he could finish speaking, he had to swallow back the words that were about to leave his mouth. Moreover, he also swallowed his saliva deeply. Everyone's eyes widened as they looked at Miao Yi. To be exact, they were eyeing the item he held in his hand.

An Orb of Will roughly the size of an ordinary pearl, sparkling and translucent, pure and crystalline, was emitting a faint white glow that looked utterly conspicuous in the night. As it twirled between Miao Yi's two fingers, it was extremely soul-catching, causing everyone's eyes to gleam brightly.

They were not blind, and their eyesights were far better than mortals. To their surprise, this was an Orb of Will gathered from ten thousand people over the span of a year!

"Orb of Will? Two or three of them, don't count as very much", Miao Yi flipped his finger over and the Orb of Will was already kept inside his storage ring.

Excited, each and every one of them brimmed with excitement, their eyes shining brightly!

It could be said that they still held some suspicions in the beginning, but after seeing that their dear Cave Master could unexpectedly and easily take out an Orb of Will around the size of a pearl, their hearts immediately palpitated. An Orb of Will of this grade would not be the product of a small city. No matter how generous Yang Qing was, they surmised that he wouldn't suddenly bestow it to this Cave Master. Perhaps dear Cave Master really has other ways of obtaining Orbs of Will.

Logically speaking, with a small abode of Immortals like East Arrival Cave, the cultivators who served as vassals did not bother with the grade of cultivation one has . If you didn't have a good relationship with the Cave Master, he could give you only one Orb of Will per year, and you couldn't be angry either. Yan Xiu was a prime example back in the days at Transient Light Cave.

Now in accordance with Miao Yi's words, if the supply of the Orbs of Will were to be given in two folds or three folds, then the White Lotus Third Grade cultivators would only need to cultivate for one hundred years to cover three hundred years worth of cultivation. A White Lotus Second Grade cultivator would also only need to cultivate for one hundred year to cover cultivating for two hundred years. So what would this mean? By increasing the supply of Orbs of Will by many folds to substantially reduce the time required to cultivate, one would be able to quickly raise their own cultivation base and strength.

Some of them even began to harbor wicked thoughts, why not risk a moment and snatch the Orb of Will from Miao Yi's hand.

But when they thought about it again, they quickly discovered that it would be foolish . If they acted alone, they would not necessarily be Miao Yi's match. Yet, if they acted together and snatched it, then who would the prize belong to?

Even if they managed to accomplish it alone, the Orb of Will would only be worth ten granule-sized orbs. According to Miao Yi's promise, they could obtain that amount within a period of three years or more.

It must be borne in mind that to cultivators, a trifling three years in the cultivation life would not be a long period of time. After they snatched it this time, then what would happen three years later? Wouldn't they be cutting off their own livelihood?

After restraining his thoughts from running wild with deliberations of losses outweighing the gains, Wang Zifa summoned up his courage, before cupping his fists and asking respectfully, "Will Cave Master keep his word?"

Miao Yi asked back with downcast eyes, "You disciples from the School of Blue Jade act in collusion. If I don't keep my word, do you think it will be advantageous for me?"

Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbiao gazed at each other, eventually casting a glance back to nod at their own sect's disciples who were looking at them in anticipation.

Shua! Shua! Everyone immediately returned the swords in their hands back to their sheaths, and stood aligned in two neat rows. They shouted out loudly in unison, "Your subordinates are ready to obey Cave Master's orders!"

Miao Yi sat upright. The situation unfolding before his eyes now truly appeared as if he were the one in command. This kind of East Arrival Cave was now truly his domain!

But anyone could just shout out empty words , Miao Yi was not a person who was so easily convinced. He voiced out, "It isn't enough to just say it with your mouth. You will need to actually take action."

Everyone looked speechlessly at each other, Wang Zifa once again took the lead, and cupped his fists to ask for instructions, "Cave Master, please shed some light on your meaning!"

Miao Yi then said coldly, "Song Fu displayed insubordination and ignored the orders of the East Arrival Cave!"

Everyone understood his meaning, he intended to make everyone declare their positions on this matter. As expected, it wasn't easy to simply reap the profits.

Wang Zifa let out a sigh and said, "Actually, we also felt that Senior Brother Song was at fault. We did try to persuade him a number of times, but Senior Brother Song refused to take heed. We were also helpless since he was still our Senior Brother. A nation has its own laws, and a mountain has its own rules. Cave Master has punished him according to the law, we have no objections!"

The rest also followed suit, cupping their fists in salute and responding with, "Cave Master has punished him according to the law, we have no objections!"

The expressions of Yan Xiu and the rest twitched. They looked at each other, grinding their teeth. Before when these bastards bullied the three of them, the disciples weren't being this compliant then. Now each and everyone of them were very much obedient, pushing all the blame onto Song Fu.

The gazes that the three of them casted at Miao Yi became distinctly revered. From this Cave Master, they had seen his methods of casting clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with the other. In one turn of the hand, he was able to cause the entire sky of East Arrival Cave to change. No wonder Manor Head Yang Qing stood his ground against the opinion of the masses to station Miao Yi at East Arrival Cave!

"Although Song Fu was vile and deserved to die, he was still a disciple of the School of Blue Jade. Now is the time when the South Edict Manor and the School of Blue Jade are working to cooperate as one. Destroying the two clan's relationship for the sake of just Song Fu is not worth it. It can't be avoided that this incident needs to be reported. There is a need to explain to the superiors."

After explaining till this point, Miao Yi paused for a while as he swept his gaze through the group. He then gradually uttered, "I am afraid my words alone would still sound suspicious to the School of Blue Jade. However, if you all from the same sect agree to bear witness, it would naturally erase School of Blue Jade's doubts. I am not certain that everyone is willing to write down a testimony and report it to Mountain Chieftain along with me for her to grasp the situation?"

Upon hearing that, Yan Xiu and the rest couldn't restrain their lips from curling while trying to stifle their laughter. They all thought that the Cave Master was extremely ruthless.

Wang Zifa and his group twitched. They finally understood what it meant by leading the life of a whore and expecting a monument to one's chastity. This guy killed a man of the School of Blue Jade and didn't want to take responsibility. He even wanted to make the School of Blue Jade's men say that their sect's fellow disciple deserved his death. Didn't he claim he was not scared of the School of Blue Jade and that he didn't attach importance to the School of Blue Jade?"

Seeing that not one of them uttered a word, Miao Yi sighed, "All of you don't want to write so I won't force you to. But there is one thing you all need to think carefully about. Once someone from the School of Blue Jade comes to investigate this matter and hears that every year you can obtain two or three Orbs of Will, I'm afraid that no one will look into my responsibility, since the Orb of Will's face is bigger than the Cave Master's face. If they choose another to be the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave, he won't be as generous as me. On the other hand, there may be some from your sect that will plot to transfer you guys away, and exchange places to work for me. I wouldn't be able to stop it when the time comes, what do you think?"

What he said stabbed into everyone's weak spot. The matter that Miao Yi raised as not just a possibility, it was a definite. When the time came, there would definitely be others who would plot to transfer them away. The School of Blue Jade's disciples who were dispatched to do these low level jobs were originally without any prestigious background. They would not be able to prevent their fellow disciples with connections from pulling some strings.

Nan Sisi, who is quite the beauty, couldn't help but mutter, "Senior Brother Wang. Senior Brother Song did not listen to Cave Master's orders, causing the mountain gates to be destroyed. He should definitely bear the blame."


Immediately a few of them also responded in low voices. They didn't dare to say it out too obviously, but essentially, they meant the same as well, they were sure Senior Brother Wang would understand.

Wang Zifa of course knew what everyone was thinking. They did not want their own gains to be taken by others but if they really did this, then it would be lying to their sect. Once they were aboard Miao Yi's deceit, they would not be able to alight. Even refusing to be his slave would not be allowed.

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