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Zhao Fei and Sikong Wuwei were struck speechless from the sudden turn of events.

Sikong Wuwei's Mountain Suppressing Hammer was wrapped in chains and so was Zhao Fei's Spirit Illusion Greatsword. Both their transcendent artifacts were held captive by the Demon Refining Gourd as soon as they hurled them out. Out of the three mighty artifacts they possessed, only Miao Yi's Mystic Yin Mirror had never left his grasp.

Everyone had merely forgotten about it. They were all bound so tightly, they thought there were no other options left. As the Mystic Yin Mirror wouldn't be much use at all in this enclosed space, everyone had instinctively cast it to the back of their minds.

And trouble had broken out the moment they forgot about this tiny detail. Despite everyone being stuck in such a desperate situation, Miao Yi had still asked Pi Junzi about ways to negate the demonic aura and continued to boss him around. Having been bullied all this while, Pi Junzi thought enough was enough. Since Miao Yi was going to die anyway, he wouldn't be able to do anything to him, so he figured, 'Why not just vent out all my frustration before he dies?'

And he really did give him a darned good scolding! All the things Pi Junzi had bottled up inside, he let them all out and lambasted him until he was satisfied.

Realizing this, Tao Ruchun had followed suit as well. Little did he expect, before he could vent it all out, he would be left dumbstruck. How could he have forgotten about the Mystic Yin Mirror? How could he have forgotten that this bastard still had it in his possession? How could he have forgotten that even though the person in question was tightly tied up, he could still move his hands, and that it was easy as pie to simply change the direction the Mystic Yin Mirror was facing?

Indeed, the Mystic Yin Mirror did not have much use in such an enclosed space. However, it was enough to shut the dirty mouths of those two up. In fact, it was more than enough. It would be a simple matter to kill two wretched scoundrels, as Miao Yi did not need to move much at all. He simply needed to twist his wrist a little and point the Mystic Yin Mirror down. Since those two bastards were bound in place anyway, all they could do was just sit there and suffer his wrath.

In truth, even Miao Yi had forgotten that he still held the Mystic Yin Mirror. Right after falling into a trap, his companions immediately started bashing and berating him. It was just one misfortune after another. Furthermore, he couldn't do anything to them and thought that all he could do was just sit there and suffer the humiliation until he died.

In his rage, even Miao Yi himself had forgotten about the mighty weapon in his arsenal.

Just then, he only wanted to find something to deal with the two bastards below him. He wouldn't even have minded tossing a steamed bun onto their heads.

However, he was instantly overjoyed the moment he peered into his storage ring. What was he acting all hasty for? As expected, the more one was swept by his emotions, the easier it was to be careless. Not only did he still have the Mystic Yin Mirror in his possession, he also had the tiny mantids. Miao Yi wasn't sure if the tiny mantids could adapt to a place filled with such dense demonic aura, but it was more than enough for the Mystic Yin Mirror. With a vicious grin, he immediately pulled it out.

The two down below watched as Miao Yi slowly twisted his wrist and pointed the Mystic Yin Mirror down at them.

Tao Ruchun's eyes widened in shock and horror. His heart was filled with regret at this point. Initially, he would have been fine. Why did he have to follow Pi Junzi's lead and join the commotion? Wasn't this basically asking for death just because he was itching to vent out his frustration? At least Pi Junzi was able to berate to his heart's content. On the other hand, he had barely said a word and now he had to pay for it with his life. This was not worth it at all.

Not only was Pi Junzi's eyes widened in shock, his mouth was agape equally as wide. He was already on the verge of tears. It wasn't easy for him to get the chance to scold this bastard as much as he wanted, and he hadn't even had his fill yet. In his mind he thought, 'Is this bastard my natural enemy or something? How is he still able to hold the upper hand over me at a time like this? Why is this world so unfair?' 

"What are your jaws opening so wide for? Do you want to bite me?" Slowly adjusting the Mystic Yin Mirror's position, Miao Yi smirked and said, "Go ahead and tell me off then! Why did you stop?"

Sikong Wuwei had chuckled lightly at the turn of events. However, when he saw Pi Junzi and Tao Ruchun's expressions changed from arrogance to one of regret as though they had just swallowed dog shit, the transition was so fast and so smooth that he just couldn't hold himself back and ended up bursting out in laughter, "Hey! Don't be afraid if you are men! Keep on telling him off!"

Zhao Fei couldn't help laughing at the scene as well. These two demons truly couldn't hold themselves back at all. However, he understood where they were coming from. Before this, Miao Yi had treated them both quite harshly. Now that a rare opportunity had presented itself, they obviously had to take advantage of it and vent out their frustration. They just never expected it to come back and bite them so soon.

Tied up at the highest level, Qi Xiuhong also revealed a smile. Initially, when she saw the two demons berating Miao Yi, she was also quite angered by it. But now, all she could think about was how funny it was.

"Lord Miao! I was only joking earlier. Don't take it to heart!" Pi Junzi had always been one to adapt as the situation called for. He immediately humbled himself and put on a forced smile.

Like a little chick, Tao Ruchun blindly followed suit and repeatedly nodded, saying, "That's right! That's right! Lord Miao, we were only joking earlier."

"Lord Miao? I wouldn't dare be addressed by such a lofty title!" Miao Yi said as he continued to laugh coldly. "Who was it that called himself my granddaddy just now? I remember it quite clearly. Whoever said it, repeat it again! I'm all ears!"

Pi Junzi cried as he pleaded, "Lord Miao. This humble one was wrong. Can you please forgive this humble one just this once considering all the hard work I've done for you? This humble one is asking for your forgiveness. I won't do this again!"

"Again? You still think there will be a second time?" Miao Yi roared. "Do you think I will give you the chance to scold me again?!"

"Lord Miao. I beg you, have mercy!" Pi Junzi was practically begging in tears.

"Pi Junzi. I'm impressed. You've managed to keep this to yourself quite well all this time. I see that you've always been prepared to kick me when I'm down!" Miao Yi chuckled, "Don't you wish to watch me die? Now I want to see which one of us is going to watch the other die instead. I'll teach the both of you who exactly has the final say around here. How dare you admonish me, you bastards!"

The two demons immediately wailed and cried as they begged for mercy. Originally, they thought that since they didn't need to fear this demonic aura, Miao Yi would at least die before they would. Now look where it got them. Because they couldn't keep their mouths shut, the situation was immediately reversed.

"Miao Yi! Forget it, don't hold it against them anymore. It's normal for them to feel that way," remarked Zhao Fei from behind him. "Now is not the time to be wasting your transcendence energy. What's most important right now is to focus on protecting yourself against the invasion of the demonic aura and think of a plan to escape."

He was trying to remind Miao Yi that he would be expending a large amount of transcendence energy if he were to use the Mystic Yin Mirror. Earlier on, he had already used it once when they were outside. His transcendence energy reserves wouldn't last if he were to use it again. Now was not the time to lose focus. It was not worth forsaking the greater good for these two demons.

"Yes yes yes!" Pi Junzi and Tao Ruchun repeatedly nodded in agreement as they looked at Zhao Fei gratefully.

Miao Yi was actually just trying to scare them a little. He understood the situation well enough without Zhao Fei explaining it to him. He had truly been a little careless back then. But now that he had the Mystic Yin Mirror in his hand, he immediately calmed down knowing that he had the ability to deal with those two bastards. He wouldn't waste his transcendence energy so rashly at a time like this.

As the saying goes, a cornered dog will jump over a wall. That was something that would only happen if he was desperate. Now that he calmed down, he obviously wouldn't do something rash and risk suffering the consequences.

Miao Yi tucked away the Mystic Yin Mirror, acting as though he did it at Zhao Fei behest. However, even though he was sparing those two, he still warned them, "You two had better pray to the heavens for my well-being. Otherwise, I will be sure to kill the both of you first before I die. I won't give you the chance to watch me die."

"Yes yes yes. Thank you for showing us mercy, Lord Miao." The two of them quickly thanked Miao Yi. They were truly praying to the heavens deep down for Miao Yi to be fine. Otherwise, the bastard would definitely take care of them first. Pi Junzi especially, firmly believed in this, as he had experienced Miao Yi's ruthlessness before.

Survival was more important at a time like this. Miao Yi was no longer in the mood to argue with those two, and quickly invoked his arts to guard against the invasion of the demonic aura in his body.

Unexpectedly, the moment he started to circulate his art source and allow it to come in contact with the demonic aura, starlight started to flicker within it. In an instant, starfire ignited throughout his body and vaporized all the demonic aura it came in contact with.

Miao Yi's eyes instantly brightened. He never expected his cultivation art to not only be capable of eradicating poison and cold Yin aura, but this demonic aura as well. This meant that it was impossible for him to be reanimated into a fiend.

Right when his mind was eased, it tensed back up again as he lifted his head to look at Qi Xiuhong. Her eyes were shut and she had been quiet the whole time. Miao Yi noticed her complexion was oddly a little pale, and thought, 'This is bad. Qi Xiuhong has the lowest cultivation here. It's even lower than mine.'

"Zhao Fei. How long can you two guard against the reanimation effect of this demonic aura?" Miao Yi suddenly asked.

Annoyed, Sikong Wuwei interjected with, "Why don't you just experience it for yourself and find out?"

Miao Yi was speechless. He was not affected by this demonic aura so he couldn't estimate the proper length of time for its effect to take hold.

However, Zhao Fei was clearly more well-mannered than Sikong Wuwei. After pondering a little, he gave a rough estimate. "With Sikong and my cultivation levels, we can probably last about three days. I'm afraid for you and Qi Xiuhong, even one day will be… You two won't be able to hold against it for too long. We need to think of a plan as soon as possible."

Zhao Fei's words verified Miao Yi's suspicions. He looked back at Qi Xiuhong and noticed her eyelids were slowly twitching; her complexion was pale. He knew that she was already feeling the effects of the demonic aura on her body. Only a short while had passed. How could she have a reaction so soon?

Such was a clear display of the difference between a Blue Lotus Ninth Grade and a White Lotus Fifth Grade cultivation. Zhao Fei and Sikong Wuwei could last about three days, whereas Qi Xiuhong could barely endure even half a day. Her situation was considerably dire.

Miao Yi was becoming more anxious. "Do you guys have any ideas?"

Once again, Sikong Wuwei snappily replied, "We would have long since made our escape if we had one. Why would we torment ourselves by staying here?"

"You shut your damn mouth if you don't have a plan!" Miao Yi roared.

"Wow! Acting up again, are you now? Do you think you're all that just because you have the Mystic Yin Mirror? I'm not like those two measly demons. You don't scare me!" Sikong Wuwei was also fuming with rage. No one could be in a jolly mood in such a dire situation.

Zhao Fei looked at Qi Xiuhong's complexion, then turned his head and yelled, "Sikong, shut your mouth for a bit. No one will think you're dead if you just keep quiet."

At the same time, he transmitted his voice over, "Just look at Qi Xiuhong. Her cultivation is too low. I fear she won't be able to hold out for long. Do you want the kid to become even more anxious than he already is?"

"..." Sikong Wuwei raised his head and looked at Qi Xiuhong's reaction, then fell silent. His anger was immediately dissipated as he mumbled, "Fine fine. My opinion was unnecessary. I'll shut up, alright?"

Zhao Fei gravely said, "There are only two ways for us to get out. One, the artifact wielder himself lets us out willingly; two, we are somehow able to break this artifact's base structure from the inside and destroy it, consequently effecting our release. We'll need to think along these two lines if we want to figure out a way to get out. However, neither of them seem very plausible."

Miao Yi's expression was dark. Why would the artifact wielder ever let them out willingly? This place was in a dimension of its own. Even if he wanted to negotiate, the other party wouldn't be able to hear him either way. The only way was to break this transcendent artifact. But how?

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