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"He called it the Fallen Immortal…"

Miao Yi shook off the blood stains and sheathed his sword artifact, then briefly recounted the incident that had just happened.

When he heard the story, Sikong Wuwei immediately lashed out, "Son of a bitch. I was wondering why this bastard suddenly dragged us along to take a bath. And while we were bathing, he suddenly said we should be careful then ran off to take up sentry duty. So he was trying to draw the two of us away."

Zhao Fei walked to the table and picked up a cup. He took a whiff and couldn't find anything wrong with it. If it were so easily detectable, then it wouldn't be called the 'Fallen Immortal'.

Then he turned around and walked off, leaving everyone else wondering what he was trying to do. Soon, he brought back a mouse. And only then did they understand his intentions.

He invoked his arts to draw out a small globule of wine and forced it down the mouse's throat.

Zhao Fei was a man who could think for himself. He was not like the ignorant masses who believed everything they heard. Simply put, he was not someone who would believe whatever Miao Yi told him. He only believed in himself.

However, he was being too obvious about it. Sikong Wuwei snuck a glance to see Miao Yi's reaction. Miao Yi didn't react at all and kept his face carefully blank. He allowed Zhao Fei to experiment as he pleased.

Soon, the mouse began trembling heavily on Zhao Fei's palm. It quickly started bleeding out from all its orifices and eventually died. How could a mere rat withstand something not even a cultivator could?

Zhao Fei casually tossed the mouse's corpse aside. His brows creased as he asked, "I have two questions. Since you suspected there was something wrong with the wine, why did you still drink it? Secondly, why are you still fine after drinking it?"

"I only drank it down because I wanted to confirm if the two of you had anything to do with this incident." Miao Yi didn't hide anything and replied truthfully.

Zhao Fei and Sikong Wuwei immediately exchanged glances.

"As for why I'm still fine after drinking it, I cannot divulge that to you." Miao Yi brandished the Mystic Yin Mirror as he said this.

His actions caused Sikong Wuwei and Zhao Fei to jump in fright, especially Sikong Wuwei, who had experienced the terrible effects of the Mystic Yin Mirror. Unexpectedly, Miao Yi tossed the Mystic Yin Mirror over to him.

Catching the Mystic Yin Mirror with his hands, Sikong Wuwei felt puzzled, as did Zhao Fei. They didn't know what Miao Yi's intentions were.

Miao Yi pointed at the Mystic Yin Mirror and told Sikong Wuwei, "Why don't you take a look at this Mystic Yin Mirror and see what profound secrets it possesses?"

Even if he didn't say so, Sikong Wuwei was curious to find out as well. He immediately imbued his arts into the mirror artifact to examine it. As a result, he stood dazed in place.

Zhao Fei looked at him in astonishment—he could feel a deep chill coming from Sikong Wuwei's body. What was even more astonishing was that Sikong Wuwei became encased in a layer of ice in the blink of an eye, and was completely frozen still.

"You…" Zhao Fei abruptly turned to Miao Yi with his Square Sky Decorated Halberd in his hand. He looked cautiously at Miao Yi, thinking that he was trying to make a move against both of them.

"Don't be nervous. I mean no harm!" Miao Yi walked over and took back the Mystic Yin Mirror. He placed a hand on Sikong Wuwei's shoulder, and the white frost surrounding his body instantly melted away.

Soon, Sikong Wuwei groaned, "Ugh…", as he slowly came to. He spat out a breath of cold air as he shivered. Then, he stared at the Mystic Yin Mirror in Miao Yi's hands, a lingering fear within him, as he said, "There such a dense amount of Yin aura within this damned item. No wonder…" His gaze shifted to Zhao Fei, and he couldn't help jumping up in surprise as he asked, "Zhao Fei, why are you wielding your weapon?"

Zhao Fei heaved a sigh of relief and tucked his Square Sky Decorated Halberd away when he saw that Sikong Wuwei was alright. Suddenly, Miao Yi handed him the Mystic Yin Mirror and said, "You give it a try, too."

"This…" Zhao Fei was speechless. On the other hand, Sikong Wuwei's eyes brightened, and he took up the Mystic Yin Mirror and shoved it into Zhao Fei's hands as he urged, "Try it. Invoke your arts and try it."

Zhao Fei didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Why did the artifact that everyone coveted seem so difficult to accept now? However, after he received the Mystic Yin Mirror and briefly looked it over, he eventually gritted his teeth and imbued his arts into the mirror to examine it. He also wanted to figure out the mysteries of this Mystic Yin Mirror.

The result was obvious. Zhao Fei turned frozen, just like Sikong Wuwei had.

"Hehe!" Sikong Wuwei instantly sniggered at Zhao Fei's misery.

Miao Yi hadn't planned on playing a prank on Zhao Fei either. However, it was much easier to convince someone of certain matters through demonstration rather than explanation. He then quickly helped Zhao Fei recover.

Afterward, Miao Yi said, "Weren't you two curious about how I killed Zhao Lingtu so easily? I believe you should understand the reason now."

Both of them nodded. They looked at the Mystic Yin Mirror in Miao Yi's hands and didn't know whether to love it or hate it. Zhao Fei sighed, "Indeed, it seems like only Ghost Cultivators can wield this Mystic Yin Mirror. No, wait…" He turned to Miao Yi and continued, "How are you able to wield it then?"

Miao Yi replied, "Didn't my dispelling of the Yin aura within your bodies earlier serve as an explanation as to why I can wield it?"

The two pondered for a moment, then nodded. Since Miao Yi was unwilling to reveal it, it wouldn't be wise for them to pry into his personal information.

Miao Yi tucked the Mystic Yin Mirror away. Then with a flip of his hands, the Spirit Illusion Greatsword appeared in one hand, while the Mountain Suppressing Hammer appeared in the other. He tossed the former over to Zhao Fei, and the latter over to Sikong Wuwei.

Each of them received an artifact. They exchanged glances, confused as to what Miao Yi planned to do next. Did he want them both to give these a try as well?

"Even though it's better to have an extra artifact on hand, the Mystic Yin Mirror is unsuitable for the both of you. As for the other two, the both of you should be able to use them. There are three transcendent artifacts, so it will be fairer if we take one each," Miao Yi said.

The two were completely surprised by his words. Even Qi Xiuhong looked shocked.

So many had died just to steal these transcendent artifacts. Zhao Lingtu and Lu Siping, as well as their fellow disciples. Even Wang Yuetian had perished because of them. And now Miao Yi was willingly giving them away. One could imagine how shocked the three of them were.

Sikong Wuwei asked cautiously, "Are you really giving them to us?"

Miao Yi nodded in confirmation. Zhao Fei asked curiously, "Why are you giving them to us?"

"Have I not been clear in highlighting the problem?" Miao Yi raised his hand to point at Wang Yuetian's corpse and said somberly, "It's because I don't wish to see something like this happening ever again! At the same time, it's for my own protection. Even if one of you obtain the Mystic Yin Mirror, you won't be able to use it. Even if you somehow managed to steal it, it's nothing but a piece of scrap metal to you two in this Western Star Sea. You will only be able to trade it off once you leave the Sea of Constellations alive. I don't wish to see internal discord between us anymore. If this keeps up, none of us will be able to survive the Sea of Constellations. Should either of you feel that one transcendent artifact isn't enough, and since you can't use my Mystic Yin Mirror anyway, there's no need for the two of you to fight me to the death for it. You might even lose your own life in the process. After all, I'm no pushover either. As such, you can just fight among yourselves. I'll have nothing to do with it. Since I gave you those transcendent artifacts, I will not interfere if either of you decides to steal from one another. You need not be on your guard against me."

Zhao Fei and Sikong Wuwei both broke out in a cold sweat when they heard him. 'You're simply passing your problems onto us! You'll be fine after this, but the two of us will constantly be wary of each other now.'

"Zhao Fei. You wouldn't really think of stealing my transcendent artifact, would you?!" Sikong Wuwei shouted, his eyes wide.

Zhao Fei anxiously waved a hand and replied, "Even though it's a good artifact, it's not as important as my own life. To me, staying alive is my top priority. Nothing is more important than making it out of the Sea of Constellations in one piece. Don't worry. I definitely won't think about stealing your Mountain Suppressing Hammer."

"Are you telling the truth? One should never judge a book by its cover. Didn't he seem like he was getting along with us earlier on as well?" Sikong Wuwei pursed his lips towards Wang Yuetian. Then, he barked, "Why should I trust you? Let me warn you, if you have any vile thoughts towards me, I will flatten you to a bloody pancake with my hammer! You've seen the might of my Mountain Suppressing Hammer. It can suppress your Spirit Illusion Greatsword!"

If Zhao Lingtu were alive right now, he would definitely tell Sikong Wuwei, 'You're overthinking it. The Mountain Suppressing Hammer can't suppress the Spirit Illusion Greatsword at all. I was simply lucky back then!'

'Why would I have any vile thoughts towards a brawny man like you? Even if I did have vile thoughts, it would be for the transcendent artifact in your hands. You can't even phrase your words properly!'

Zhao Fei rolled his eyes, waving his hand as he explained, "Sikong, listen to me. Anyone would love to have three transcendent artifacts in their possession, but it's impossible for one person to unleash the full potential of all three artifacts. At the same time, it isn't sustainable for one person to wield three top-tier Second Grade Transcendent Artifacts simultaneously with their limited transcendence energy reserves. Furthermore, both of us are unable to operate the Mystic Yin Mirror. Brother Miao has clearly shown this to us. If we each wield a transcendent artifact, thereby making up for each other's weaknesses, only then can we truly unleash the full potential of all three. We have the greatest chance of making it out of the Sea of Constellations alive only if the three of us work together. If we can't survive even with the combined might of three transcendent artifacts, what use will there be even if one of us takes all three for himself? In the end, that person would just lose it to someone else. That's why we can never fight among ourselves ever again, nor shall we sabotage each other's strength! To put it simply, even if we were to fight among ourselves, now is definitely not the time. We need to do as Brother Miao said. We will share life and death for nine years, then turn on each other in the last year. Is that fine with you?"

"It's good that you understand!" Sikong Wuwei huffed, but his expression quickly turned to that of joy. He turned around and rushed off after throwing back a single sentence, "I'll go test the might of the Mountain Suppressing Hammer!"

Zhao Fei looked at the Spirit Illusion Greatsword in his hands and felt a little curious as well, so he followed behind Sikong Wuwei.

Watching by the side the entire time, Qi Xiuhong looked at Miao Yi strangely—she'd seen a different side to him. Those were two top-tier Second Grade Transcendent Artifacts, and Miao Yi had gifted them away just like that. How decisive he must be!

Miao Yi slowly heaved a sigh of relief. Anyone would love to possess a transcendent artifact. However, sometimes it was necessary to be willing to part with them for the greater good. His own strength was severely limited, so he needed people he could rely on by his side. With his cultivation, even if he had all three transcendent artifacts, it would be a dead-end either way. In that case, there was no need for him to hold onto them so tightly. He should be decisive and part with them now since they were unnecessary. Otherwise, there would be no end to his distress in the future!

He turned to look at Wang Yuetian's corpse and couldn't help lamenting over it. He was starting to miss Lao Bai a little now. The cultivation art that Lao Bai taught him had proved to be of great assistance several times already. There were numerous occasions where he'd only been able to escape certain death because of this cultivation art. Otherwise, he would've died countless times already, and wouldn't have been able to survive for as long as he had.

When he remembered that exceptionally graceful and aloof man, unperturbed by anything, Miao Yi couldn't help but sigh. In the blink of an eye, so many years had passed. A mortal's lifespan was limited, after all. Lao Bai should have already passed away a long time ago. It was a pity that he couldn't see him one last time.

Boom! A loud earth-shaking sound came from outside and pulled Miao Yi back from his thoughts.

He walked over to Wang Yuetian's corpse and removed his storage ring and other valuables. Then, he turned to Qi Xiuhong and said, "I'll be changing to a different room."

Qi Xiuhong nodded in acknowledgment. The two walked outside the cave and caught sight of Sikong Wuwei repeatedly hurling away then recalling the mighty hammer in his hands. It carried an overwhelming amount of force, smashing entire mountains into rubble. Its might was astonishing.

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